AI-Powered Bing Now Easily Accessible in SwiftKey Keyboard

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Microsoft announced this week that it has integrated and rolled out its AI-powered Bing service directly into the SwiftKey keyboard app for both Android and iOS. This puts the AI goodness that the tech world can’t get enough of right at your little fingertips.

Microsoft outlines three unique ways you can use Bing via SwiftKey — Search, Chat, and Tone. For searching things, let’s not forget the last time Bing-powered search came to SwiftKey, years ago in 2018. This time, there’s AI and what should be a much better flow for the whole experience without the need for switching apps.

The more interesting stuff is Chat and Tone. As explained by Microsoft, with the Chat functionality, “Bing can help if everybody’s cracking jokes in a chat thread and you need a clever pun, or you’re new to the area and are texting some new friends to propose a good local restaurant.” It’s extremely contextual in that sense, so essentially, Bing can make you seem like a much funnier/wittier person than you actually are.

For Tone, Bing can help you write messages in real time. For example, it can help you communicate with colleagues in a more professional manner or can simply help you find the right word for a particular situation.

Whether you struggle to be formal in your work emails, or you’re learning a new language and want help with the nuances of word choice, the Tone feature has got you covered, with tones to make your words sound more professional, casual, polite, or concise enough for a social post.

I’m pretty dug into my Gboard, but I could see myself giving this a try to see if this AI stuff is all its cracked up to be. It does sound useful.

This update is available now.

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