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SwiftKey Now Has Built-In Bing-Powered Web Search

The latest SwiftKey update includes a dedicated search bar that allows you to look up things on the web via Bing, then share those things if you so choose in a very expeditious manner. For example, you can Bing flights, then screenshot and share flight times...
Halo Stickers for SwiftKey

SwiftKey Adds Exclusive Halo Stickers for Android

If you consider yourself a Spartan, you may want to check out the latest update to SwiftKey. Inside, you'll find an exclusive Halo sticker pack, with a mixture of the stickers being animated and non-animated. From what I can see, you'll find a Master Chief...
download swiftkey android

Swiftkey 7.0 Brings New Toolbar, Editable Stickers

Swiftkey, the second most popular keyboard on Android behind Google's Gboard, received a big update today. In fact, Swiftkey is calling this the biggest update since they were bought by Microsoft. That's a weird way to announce an update, but let's move on....