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Google Maps Update Includes Simpler Navigation Menu, Take a Look

A new Google Maps update is available for you in the Google Play store (how weird is it still to say that?). The update is minor and only includes some visual tweaks to the Navigation side of things. We have photographic evidence to prove that there was indeed a change too, as it took us a minute to figure it out. The menu button is now more than just the 3-dotted button that came with ICS. It has been built into the UI of the app, something that should stand out to users and be much more easy to press while driving. While in the menu, you will also find bigger buttons that are easier to read than the listed version that we have been stuck with for months.  

Google Play Link

Cheers Kendal and everyone on Twitter!

  • Somehow, I feel like this post really pertains to me.

  • wow thank god… i hated the old menu navigation there were like 10 options. hard to press while driving

  • Kurosakiuzu

    The need to just fix the problem thats happening on phones

    • Calculatorwatch

      Haha, and the nonspecific comment of the week award goes to…

  • Silver91354

    Can anyone help with this question. Why did my voice navigation stop working? I think it may have been affer the last update?

  • cizzlen

    thank god because that old menu is ****ING horrible 

  • JaySee08

    : Rarely do I not approve of Googles moves, however… I liked the previous version better. I do not like the new menu button.

    • I think it’s a good move; the old menu three dots is way too hard to press while you’re driving.


    This might seem like a silly question but how do I get the 3d buildings while in navigation?

    • Zoom in to an area that has them (downtown of most major cities, at the moment). Then slowly swipe downwards with two fingers to tilt. You can also use two fingers to ‘twist’ the view instead panning.

      • SKAVENG3R

        Thanks, I’ll give out a go..

  • Fred Flinstone

    I’m glad they put the icons on the menu bar again. That’s one thing I don’t like about ICS’s simplicity.

  • love this app,use it everyday

  • Michael_NM

    Google Nav: the longest beta in history. 🙂

    • It’s not atypical of Google.  GMail was in beta for 5 years.

    • Google stuff stays in beta forever, and is still better than all other alternatives.

      • Maybe that’s their point. “our BETA is better than their stable”

        tried using Waze cause i like the game aspect. cant navigate down a straight road -_-

    • EvanTheGamer

      Fine with me…if “beta” means it’ll stay forever free, than I hope its beta status stays attached to its name until the end of times.

  • ddevito

    No one loves ICS more than me, but Google really fubar’d the new menu button.

    • ddevito

      Now they made it even more confusing by changing the menu button icon. Now it doesn’t match the others.

      Quite inconsistent.

      • I am also quite disappointed in the non-holo design of Navigation.  It doesn’t look like any other ICS apps.

  • snowblind64

    I wonder when will navigation be out of beta? It’s been in beta since I got my OG Droid back in 2009.

    • kulanapan

      Who cares? It works better than anything else out there.

  • Michael Forte

    Every time you make a post about an app and say it’s in the Google Play Store, I cringe.

    • WCDave

      You might want to get that seen to, since it’s not going away.

      • If only some pot-smoking trash mouth owned the twitter handle

  • Q

    This looks better.  One thing I dont like on ICS is when apps have menus, buttons, settings, etc at the top of the screen.  It’s near impossible to reach them with my thumb on a device like the GNex.  Everything should be near the bottom

    • Michael Forte

      Even worse is the inconsistency of the location of the menu button, even within Google’s own apps.

      • Q

        Yes, I do find myself searching.. sometimes it’s at the top, sometimes it’s at the bottom.

        • kulanapan

          I hope you don’t lose yourself on that search, it can be quite demanding.

    • Angelrod111

      This is why I LOVE the soft key mods, I have a large permanent menu button, but I don’t have an issue with one handed operation, so maybe the GNEX is too much screen for your small hands.

      • Q

        I never thought I had small hands.. Maybe you have large hands.  I have to shift the phone in my hand to reach thing that are in the top left corner of the screen.

        • cizzlen

          This is true. I’m sick of people using the “you have small hands” card. 

  • Rick

    can’t wait for Google Maps navigation will get mph option.

    • TomZ

      99.9% of the cars on the road already have this built-in.

      • Sometimes speedometers are broken or aren’t accurate.  Or maybe you’re on a bus or walking or you’re not the one driving.  Plenty of reasons it’d be nice to have.

        • the app in the  ( play store )  lol is very good,has compass also
          had it on my og

        • OhAaron

          As someone who does an insane amount of mapping on Google Map Maker, this feature will not be available for a LONG time.  While a road is supposed to be marked with the speed limit, when it is added… In practice, the default mph of 35 is normally left.  I’d say that 80% or more of the roads don’t have this data entered.  

          EDIT: I just realized that you guys aren’t talking about the speed limit. Nevermind.

      • I really want speed limits.  My 6 year old garmin has that and it’s very accurate.

        EDIT: Just noticed OhAaron’s comment below. I can only assume you’re correct, but I’d never noticed it being wrong very often.

    • there is an app for that, and it works great,just cant remember the name of it

      • SKAVENG3R

        Ulysses speedometer,I think. Out also has a cool ass HUD option so you can put your phone on your dashboard and your MPH will be on your window. Really neat.

    • HuskerHog

      The Moto Car Dock app shows mph in Nav mode but loses it when you go to Google Maps.

    • Boblank84

      My tracks shows mph and works very well. Not quite the same as being integrated into navigation, but a great app.

  • RWW

    Careful!  You posted pics from your ICS/Nexus phone.  All the anti-Nexus whiners will get in a tizzy!

    • The Anti-Nexus people are bad, but I think some of the Pro-Nexus people are worse. 

      • hey now, dont get me started  lol

  • Nonya

    What, no Google Play Maps? I’m so sad.