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White Galaxy Nexus Headed to Verizon With 16GB of Storage

We received word from “friends” of ours in the industry that have confirmed that there will be a white Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon in the very near future. For whatever reason though, Big Red is making it a 16GB model rather than the 32GB that we have seen for the  metallic silver version. This likely means that the price will come in at around $199 as we have seen with the DROID RAZR. The current LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus on VZW is priced at $299 on 2-year contract. Accompanying the white 16GB Nexus will be a 16GB metallic silver version though. Options, folks.

Cheers ___!

  • Rauldavila82

    I get up to 40mbps at times have a beautiful screen and its super light and durable. I droped my GN from shoulder length and not a scratch on concrete! Definitely getting the white one also

  • EC8CH

    How ’bout you let us buy a dock for our old grey ones first, then come out with a white version for the 

  • Anonymous

    Why the white phones?!? Once you put these in a case (Otterbox, etc) it really doesn’t matter what color the frame is. Especially the GNEX. Using it bare is just asking for a broken phone.

  • well at least i can get the white battery cover to put on my LTE nexus now.

  • Zebra

    $100 for 16GB of storage. Gotta love it…

  • Anonymous

    16GB with a MicroSD slot?

  • Jim McClain

    id just like a nexus that works like its supposed to, fix the damn problems with the original nexus first

  • Booboolala2000

    Perfect for the mom.

  • Lol. Figures, 2 days after i upgrade. Oh well, I wont see any white with a case on it anyways.

  • Anthony Palumbo

    OMG  look at all the phones samsung is planning on releasing where is all the hate that is normally directed at motorola for doing this…..i mean really….. but in the end motorola released 4 phones in 2011 and a few variations in color of one of them bionic, x2, droid 3, and razr

  • Anonymous

    Don’t do it.  32gig is enough for a phone with no SD card but 16gig is pushing it for a phone meant to be played with.  I just looked and only have 10gig left.  

  • me

    damn between moto and samsung verizon is going to have to build a new warehouse to store all these phones

    • Anthony Palumbo

      i know but you dont see the samsung hate for all the phones like you do with moto

  • Jake

    Going to get one whenever it comes out! My upgrade is March 2nd and I’ll wait. I am getting used to ICS onmy Xoom that I bought last week, hen I’ll have the phone I want with the OS I want!

  • Stiwrx07

    how about improve the camera, remove onscreen buttons and increase hardware performance instead of producing new colors for a phone thats about to be outdated

    • ?  I understand the camera, but what do you mean “Remove onscreen buttons” and “Increase hardware performance”? The controls are right where they should be, and the phone flies (in fact, the processor is underclocked). Not sure what you’re talking about.

    • Anonymous

      how ’bout you go troll over at Mac-forums?

  • betadroid

    I wish these phone makers would upgrade phones to fix real world issues (HEAR US SAMSUNG AND MOTO?) but instead they use their resources to keep releasing basically the same phones with cosmetic enhancements.

  • Davidukfl

    where was this 2 months ago!?!

  • Anonymous

    Will Samsung or Google or Verizon please make a car mount that uses those three little contacts on the side of the phone.   Please take my money…

    • Anonymous

      i tried throwing my money at the screen but it doesn’t work…

    • I even tried pole dancing for VZ’s CEO. Did work either.

  • Anonymous

    Why you no make white 32gb Galaxy Nexus, Verizon??

    • Anonymous

      I guess if one were so inclined they could make one… but i dunno…

    • Too busy finding way to make more versions of the razr

    • Anonymous

      why not get a black one that’s 32 GB, then slap a white case on it? problem. solved.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t use cases. Problem. Not. Solved.

  • Anonymous

    hallelujiah! Keep my movies on my device. Upload my music to the cloud. No biggy!

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Until you wanna hear some Pink Floyd on a 12hr flight to Madrid. Less is never better.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, your right. I’m just happy to hear they are making a white version.
        I’ll be a little upset if they make a 32 gig white version right after though..

        • You know it’s coming. It’s easily predictable.
          I’d wait if I were you.

          • Anonymous

            but! but!! I’ve waited so long already!!!

      • Because I make 12 hr. flights to Madrid on a daily basis….

        I’m lucky if I leave my city once a year 😀

        • Anonymous

          thats me too..

  • Irrational Man

    So glad they came out with a white version, how will people know I upgraded if it looks the same!

  • I’ll wait for Nexus Maxxx

    • i want the nexus developer edition… Trolololol 

      • EC8CH

        nah…. better to wait for the Verizon Special Edition

  • Tom

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  • manny108

    When is this coming to Verizon?

  • Manuel Olague

    any details on launch date yet?

  • Tony Allen

    :-/ – I was holding out for the white one, but I really wanted 32GB of onboard, I almost seen this coming as I was pondering the other day how Verizon would release it but for some reason it’d only be 16GB.. ugh.. looks like I’ll have to buy a silver one instead 🙁

    • If you still have the unlimited data, you really don’t need 32GB. I have absolutely nothing on my “sd card”, so really, if you like the white, I say go for it. You can just access everything on the cloud.

      • Anonymous

        thats what i plan on. Use the cloud, keep my movies. 

  • This would mean OEM white battery covers, right? I’d be interested in getting one of those.

  • Anonymous

    “This is the new it! Anyone who doesn’t have this phone is a fail. The black gnex is outdated….”

    Bunch of white phone toting tools!

  • Why don’t they take off the seashells? THEY DON’T EVEN USE THEM ANYWAY.

  • Jamaicawind

    As much as i love and respect my galaxy nexus isnt it kind of pointless for only the back to be white? I mean not like anyone would notice it at all if you have a case on it. 

    • LionStone

      But not everyone uses a case…I know I don’t anymore.

  • Rick

    now with sprinkles…give me a break 

  • it would be cool if my nexus was white, but these phones that say theyre white arent in my opinion. well, this one more than the razr, but the front is still black and i dont like that. 

  • lalalalala

    Any other credible device rumors?  I’m about to pull the trigger and get the Razr Maxx, but I still hold onto hope that HTC might make a decent phone with good battery life that isn’t a brick. Perhaps I want too much.

  • Anonymous

    great!  ics, best screen…sucky reception, lousy speaker, hot as hell with normal use…and now they managed to up their storage to 16gb from 32gb.  i’m happy that i returnded my 32gb for a razor.

    • Azndan4

      You’re so cool

    • Anonymous

      i experience none of those problems.. i can’t stand motorola

      • Anonymous

        I love my Nexus but the speaker is a POS. Not only is it low but I’ve had numerous people tell me they hear themselves down a hallway in a loop. I basically can’t use it on speakerphone. 

        • Anonymous

          I use it on speakerphone every day… but I flashed android 4.0.4 with Volume +

          • Anonymous

            Good for you man, mine’s on 404 too but the fact you need an app to try to help just shows it’s full of fail.

          • Jamaicawind

            maybe its just my phone but the speaker is so loud -_-

          • Definitely a downgrade compared to the OG Droid with the speaker. An extreme upgrade in every other way though. Im totally happy with mine. Im extremely impressed with my wifes Razr as well, It actually exceeded my expectations more so than the GN.  

        • Anonymous

           i didn’t realize the speaker was that bad until i used the gps.  i know eventually, there’ll be updates and/or new roms that would fix some of the issues that i mentioned, but i’d like to use my phone right now.  i guess everyone had different user experience for each device, and i’m glad you love the gnex….i guess what i’m trying to say is if they would just put an ics and gnex screen on the razr and unlock it, that would be a super phone.

    • Razr doesn’t have ICS and won’t even see it until summer time I bet. Enjoy your updates.

      • Anonymous

        my first phone was the original droid and i loved it.  i initially upgraded to the razr (positives: fast response, good signal, good speaker, battery drains at a lesser rate than the gnex) and (negatives: locked bootloader, blur, older os, non-removable battery, ok screen).  after one week, i returned it for the gnex (positive: ics, unlocked bootloader, amazing screen, removable battery, nova launcher, roms, chrome beta) and (negatives: seemed slower response than razr, signal drops frequently up to the point where i could not get any data or making any phone calls, running very hot where i could feel it thru my belt – maybe the antenna searching for the signal, using gps i noticed a terrible speaker, battery drains at a high rate).  i tried liquid and 4.0.4 roms, yet the signal and battery drain did not improve even setting it to 3g only.  finally, i returned the gnex back for the razr, and i’m happy that i could use my phone again for making phone call, checking email/internet, watching videos, playing games, etc.  from my own experience, besides it being a developer friendly phone, gnex is overrated for a typical user.

        • Bionicman

          great story bro

        • Maybe its a software issue. 

        • droid208

          you are so cool, you dont even know how cool you are droid209

    • Anonymous

      I bet you’re the life of parties.

    • Eric

       My wife would love the white Nexus.

    • While this is all true, but the stock Android 4.0 experience makes it all worth while.

    • Anonymous

      I see you trolling, but you won’t catch me riding Moto

      • Alex Goodwin

        I see what you did there.

    • Anonymous

      Shenanigans! The reception is fine and the phone does not get hot with normal use. Who buys a phone for the speaker phone?!? Enjoy your Razr but give us a break from your sour grapes. 

      You are probably a fanboy coming here to stir up poop anyhow. 

      • Anonymous

        i get it that ppl have different experience for each device because of other variables involved.  from my experience, i used both phone with the exact same condition, and the razr just worked out better for me.  i do care about the speaker when i’m looking for direction.  i gave you pros and cons of my experience, and if that’s considered a fanboy, let it be. when i said it gets hot, i mean really hot. i went into a 1-hr meeting with 100% battery, and came out with 27% left and still searching for signal. while the razr did not have this issue.

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  • Droid-LifeReader

    lmao…  a fake “nexus”

  • This is what I wanted to replace my bionic with. Gave up and got the 32 gig nexus instead.

  • Anonymous

    must be a slow news day.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Best Buy gets this.

    • Tony Allen

      I do too, but I hope not ONLY best buy gets this :-/

      • Anonymous

        I just hope they get it because I signed up for that $50 gift card.

  • Anonymous

    With Gmusic I only need about 8gb of storage these days and thats only for ROMs and backups. Might grab the white one and give the grey one to the wife. or do I wait for a phone with a good radio and camera in the fall.

  • KevinC

    i’ll stick with my 32 GB.  i’m just gonna put it in an otterbox anyway.

  • Im officially mad.

  • TAchoboiiiiiiiiiiii


  • Dreedy Android

    Does the GNex have a SD card slot?

    • Jason Purp


    • No.

      • Dreedy Android

        Damn, that sucks.  I’m up for a upgrade and I’m liking the idea of a white GNex but 16GB isn’t enough for me

        • just get the 32 gig. its wonderful 

  • Smtxom