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Video: White Galaxy Nexus Gets Brief Unboxing

The white Samsung Galaxy Nexus starts shipping today overseas and with that, we get one of the first semi-unboxings to drool over. It’s brief, but damn does it look pretty in its pale skin. I’m almost positive that the G-Nex could look good in almost any color, including puce. Oh, and if you need to have this phone here in the States, you can jump on a variety of resellers like Negri Electronics and order yours today for around $650 unlocked and off contract. 


Via:  XDA

Cheers Curtis!

  • So this is why Apple is suing. Because they own the color white 😛

  • I wonder if we could put the galaxy note battery in there? to improve the battery life for the Galaxy nexus

  • Jim McClain

    what idiot would  pay 650 for it

  • Jim McClain

    I think they should fix all the problems with  the original nexus before they waste time releasing this one

  • UncagedChipmunk

    Im sure someone will offer conversion kits….4 pieces is all that is needed.

  • Anonymous

    It looks much cleaner in white, if I had a choice at the time I would have went with the white model.

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  • Manuel Olague

    Why can’t they just release the different colors all at once. Any word on when this will come to the states on Verizon. My upgrade is in mid-March.

  • Anonymous

    I have never been a fan of white phones, and wasn’t a fan of a white Galaxy Nexus, until now. I have to admit I think this looks pretty good in this video. Someone stated it before, but with the screen off, the front of the phone looks almost like it is all screen. If a white version comes to Verizon, I would definitely consider buying it when the time comes.

  • Jose

     Nice Nexus for the ladies.

    • not just the ladies. this thing is sexy

    • Anonymous

      Insecure about your masculinity much?….it’s not like the phone is purple or pink…IT’S WHITE…I don’t get why some people always think that white phones are for girls..white phones always look sexier IMO

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        Oh man, you really took that one hard.

        • Anonymous

          Well it is called “Chic White” after all. See the video at 0:14

          If “Chic” doesn’t scream feminine to you, well…

  • Myfacetube

    why does this need an “unboxing” video.  its the same phone as the last just a different color..

  • Serpico

    Perhaps he can spend more time showing us the USB cable and the Earphone buds … that’s still the best part for me. … . .  …  .    .     …   .

  • Anonymous

    Ok. So where is the Verizon version?

  • yadiyadiyadi

    Someone should tell this guy that in an “Unboxing” video, we could care less about the box. Show us the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Is negri a reliable source? They have the galaxy nexus unlocked for a cheap price

  • Anonymous

    It’s cool if your into white, I just feel the “White Phone” thing is so Appelish!!!! I’d rather see a cool polished Brushed Aluminum or some type of stainless and or brushed steel type of color polished as well. 

    That would be cool  🙂

    • Jboogie1289

      Indeed!!!! Well said friend.

      • Anonymous

        LOl Just keeping them honest lol It would be great to see a more metallic look or something different from the Appelish style of colors 🙂

  • Tim242

    I’m no fan of white phones. However, white phones should be…white. Why are white Android phones only white on the back???? They look awful. The white Droid Razr is the worst, only having a white trim.

    • Dog

      Thank you. I personally don’t like white phones but if its white make it white. A white battery cover doesn’t magically transform a Galaxy Nexus into a White Galaxy Nexus. Now the reason is because Apple had tons of problems with light escaping or entering(can’t remember which) due to the white front so i am sure Sammy is just having problems making an actual white phone pass quality control. However, there is a solution for that. Don’t release the phone until it is right. 

    • i think it’s sexy with the all black screen and bezel. it would look stupid with a white bezel.

    • Glv407

      This phone is nice! White bezel?? It would ruin the look of the phone!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Got my hands on a white Galaxy SII last week from T-mobile. My buddy was asking what I thought of that compared to my Nexus. I told him if they had that phone on Verizon, I would trade it right now. What a beautiful phone. Not just the white, but the build quaity is so much better. Realy made my Gnex feel like an overpriced Droid Charge.

    • I upgraded yesterday to the Galaxy Nexus (from the OG Droid) and I think the build quality is great. Feels like a solid phone to me.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I went from a Droid X to a RAZR and then to the Gnex. You definately notice the plasticy body and whatnot. Then, handling the SII, you notice the thinner metal body, high polished glossy materials, and the screen is just spectacular. I am not saying the Gnex is bad, it is just a bit dissapointing that they cheaped out on the build quality of this phone. 

        In the car world (in terms of build quality) the RAZR is like a Ferrari, the GSII is like an AMG edition Mercedes, and the Gnex is closer to a Camaro or Mustang. Nothing to laugh at being a Camaro or Mustang but you wouldn’t even think they were in the same ballpark as a Ferrari.

  • John

    they show dirt too easily

  • Anonymous

    Just an FYI it’s yakjuxw, not AOSP, yakju so if you want one and (likely) decide to stay all Google, flash on over.

  • Andrew Elliott

    i like it but god forbid a phone company actually release all the colors at once so the guy that waited in line to buy ur damn phone doesn’t have to feel the slightest bit of regret…just frustrating…yea i can buy a case but that adds bulk

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. They shoulda made it all white. Just buy a white plastic case. Easier.

    • No, they shouldn’t have.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely.  Looks like it just has a hard white case on it.

      • Anonymous


    • There’s a few white cases out there that add little bulk, and look AMAZING. Cruzer lite being one.

    • Michael Forte

      No…one of the best things about AMOLED screens are their deep blacks. By keeping the front of the phone black it makes it hard to tell where the screen ends and the bezel begins. This along with the dark UI of ICS looks very nice. I think this would be ruined if the whole thing were white and it would make the bezel look huge.

      • Anonymous

        I see what youre saying and you have a point but…..the screen would still look amazing if the bezel were white. Just like all future ICS phones with an HD screen and white bezel that are going to cone out soon. Just saying 🙂

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Looking for a nice white body to throw this white theme on though.

        • Anonymous

          Dear Lord, I hate to see what battery life is with that, looks cool, but you know how bad AMOLED battery life is with white pixels right?

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            About 14 hours.. 😛

            AOKP Build 22 *edit (23 not 22) – Nice thing about white, I can set screen brightness to the lowest setting and everything contrasts clearly. I cranked it up for the screenshot. At 50% brightness, I get about 14 hours of battery with moderate use. Rooted, rommed, kernel tweaked, and updated notifications and toggle 4g/3g regularly.

            Love me some white though.

          • Jslafarr

            wow major fail.the back of the phone being white will have no affect on the battery life. Especially when rooted.

          • Anonymous

            LOL really??? had to NOTHING to do with this phone itself, @Philip A. Kaiser posted a shot of his currently running theme which is 90% white. #YouFailHarder

    • Rick Darson

       That’ll make the large top and bottom bezels too noticeable. Makes it look weird.

  • White phones aren’t my style, but it looks good for what it is.

  • beautiful