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Seidio Releases 3800mAh Galaxy Nexus Battery, Your Tank Has Arrived Sans NFC Support

2100mAh at $25 not enough to get your Galaxy Nexus through a day? Seidio has you covered with their newly released 3800mAh behemoth that puts the DROID RAZR MAXX’s 3300 juicer to shame. OK that’s a lie, since Motorola actually maintained a sleek and minimal size with theirs. This Seidio extended battery will give your G-Nex a lovely lady hump. Again I lie, this thing is not lovely, but it will last a long time.

Oh, it also doesn’t support NFC.

Comparison shot of the thickness below.  

Via:  Seidio ($69.95)

Cheers MrPicolas!

  • Kingaremu

    Galaxy Nexus.. …i don’t know about you guys, but this battery cant handle the task…i am killing this thing..i have followed this steps as far as getting it circled up..and charging it an extra  2 hours and all …still killing it…i have the original battery that came with my phone, killed it, then the 2800 killed that too, now this one…I start early at about 7 with videos and emails and phone calls etc and i end up needing a charge around 5pm and thats when i really crank things up…so i end up changing to the 2800 for extra life on my phone …I hate carrying about an extra battery …plz help if im doing something wrong… oh and i all turned my 4g off too…Help me out guys..!!!   

  • Erez Moshe Amit


  • Maiwald160

    I just got my battery in and to be honest i love the way it makes the phone feel. i have really big hands and im on my phone alot so it makes it much better to hold. The manufactor extended battery only lasted half a day for me so im hoping this will last all day. Will post after awhile to see how battery life is also i hot the case from them to that fits with the battery

  • Stevec127

    Ok Who cares about the stupid logo the question is does the battery work and the answer is yes. I have had this for the last couple of days and it greatly extends time between charges. If you are a moderate to heavy user of your nexus this is a must have.

  • Duyquang Ha
  • Enoel69

    I wish they can make an extended battery that will utilize a back cover that isn’t that fuggly. Something like say a 2800 to 3200mAh battery with a cover that will have a smooth profile even though bulky, say like that of the Verizon GNex with the 2100mAh battery or RAZR MAXX without the fuggly protrusion at the back. Design an extended battery with enuf juice and back cover even with the added bulk to give the semblance of a smooth enuf profile.

  • that looks god awful, and uncomfortable to hold.

  • Lavi

    Ugly! So ugly!

  • Taglogical

    But how are people going to steal my infos while my phone is in my pocket without NFC?!?!? /endsarcasm

  • Hilarious! Just buy a extra reg battery and swap them out when needed and you get 3700 mah this way and you phone doesn’t deserve to go on the Biggest Loser show!

  • Guest

    very fugly

  • Jdstell

    Looking for a good extended battery, the 2100mah Samsung one is not a real improvement over the stock battery. Then you have this ridiculous thing, which is pure overkill. Why not a 2600-2800mah battery?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, check out that ass!!  Who doesn’t like lady lumps like that?

  • I saw this thing and almost spit out my protein shake!  L-O-freaking-L.  WOWZERS

  • spickle


  • Matthew Rosidivito

    I just tasted dinner in the back of my mouth.

  • Umm Hell No. How about make a battery that doesn’t look like a brick.

    • Anonymous

      Moto did that.

  • T4rd
  • Scott Webber

    I admit, I’m a light user, but the key to getting killer battery life is to use wifi instead of 4g. It’s really that simple.

  • Jim McClain

    ugliest thing i have ever seen 

  • Anonymous

    No thanks!! I am okay swapping between extended and regular battery once a day (if at all required).

  • Sporttster

    More reasons to be pissed at Moto for releasing the Razr with such a small pitiful battery and then coming out with a “Maxx” with a huge one. Not to mention their locked bootloader bs…never again with Moto…..hope others follow suit till they do the right thing and unlock….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that is a little huge and ugly.  Tempting though…

    I would like to know how Motorola pulled off a 3300Mah battery in a phone 9mm thick. I’m not sure if it is just because it is a sealed in battery or if there is something special about the battery itself.

  • LionStone

    Maybe it won’t look that bad in person?…



  • SteveTango

    That picture is a joke, right? Wow….

  • KNG60ft


    • Anonymous

      First off, I can read without caps lock on. Thanks though. Second off, it’s not about making a “cute” phone. It is A. Common sense that it is absolutely hideous compared to what a stock GNex looks like and B. It doesn’t offer NFC (one of the big features of this phone). So I recommend “YALL” take your pathetic comments elsewhere. There is a comment section on this website so people can discuss and compare everything Android. If you don’t like it, I recommend the Tampax pearl. My girlfriend says they are the beez neez of tampons.HA!

  • Andy-roid

    Now I know why I see so many duplicate posts on this site.  When you post there’s an error window that opens and makes you think your comment didn’t get posted. 
     I think Samsung should have included the 2100mAh battery with the GNex from the beginning.  Now I don’t want to put my measly 1850mAh back in!

  • Anonymous

    no thanks.
    Extended works fine for me and it’s at the perfect thickness IMO, at least for me.


    eww eww eww eww eww… eww!! no. if your using your phone more than the 2100 mah can provide with things turned off.. then go get a life… lol.


    eww eww eww eww eww… eww!! no. if your using your phone more than the 2100 mah can provide with things turned off.. then go get a life… lol.

  • Anonymous

    This battery ruins the entire look of the phone

  • Anonymous

    what are you doing with your phone on a daily basis that requires you to need this much battery life? The 2100mAh battery is perfect.