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Seidio Releases 3800mAh Galaxy Nexus Battery, Your Tank Has Arrived Sans NFC Support

2100mAh at $25 not enough to get your Galaxy Nexus through a day? Seidio has you covered with their newly released 3800mAh behemoth that puts the DROID RAZR MAXX’s 3300 juicer to shame. OK that’s a lie, since Motorola actually maintained a sleek and minimal size with theirs. This Seidio extended battery will give your G-Nex a lovely lady hump. Again I lie, this thing is not lovely, but it will last a long time.

Oh, it also doesn’t support NFC.

Comparison shot of the thickness below.  

Via:  Seidio ($69.95)

Cheers MrPicolas!

  • Kingaremu

    Galaxy Nexus.. …i don’t know about you guys, but this battery cant handle the task…i am killing this thing..i have followed this steps as far as getting it circled up..and charging it an extra  2 hours and all …still killing it…i have the original battery that came with my phone, killed it, then the 2800 killed that too, now this one…I start early at about 7 with videos and emails and phone calls etc and i end up needing a charge around 5pm and thats when i really crank things up…so i end up changing to the 2800 for extra life on my phone …I hate carrying about an extra battery …plz help if im doing something wrong… oh and i all turned my 4g off too…Help me out guys..!!!   

  • Erez Moshe Amit


  • Maiwald160

    I just got my battery in and to be honest i love the way it makes the phone feel. i have really big hands and im on my phone alot so it makes it much better to hold. The manufactor extended battery only lasted half a day for me so im hoping this will last all day. Will post after awhile to see how battery life is also i hot the case from them to that fits with the battery

  • Stevec127

    Ok Who cares about the stupid logo the question is does the battery work and the answer is yes. I have had this for the last couple of days and it greatly extends time between charges. If you are a moderate to heavy user of your nexus this is a must have.

  • Duyquang Ha
  • Enoel69

    I wish they can make an extended battery that will utilize a back cover that isn’t that fuggly. Something like say a 2800 to 3200mAh battery with a cover that will have a smooth profile even though bulky, say like that of the Verizon GNex with the 2100mAh battery or RAZR MAXX without the fuggly protrusion at the back. Design an extended battery with enuf juice and back cover even with the added bulk to give the semblance of a smooth enuf profile.

  • that looks god awful, and uncomfortable to hold.

  • Lavi

    Ugly! So ugly!

  • Taglogical

    But how are people going to steal my infos while my phone is in my pocket without NFC?!?!? /endsarcasm

  • Hilarious! Just buy a extra reg battery and swap them out when needed and you get 3700 mah this way and you phone doesn’t deserve to go on the Biggest Loser show!

  • Guest

    very fugly

  • Jdstell

    Looking for a good extended battery, the 2100mah Samsung one is not a real improvement over the stock battery. Then you have this ridiculous thing, which is pure overkill. Why not a 2600-2800mah battery?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, check out that ass!!  Who doesn’t like lady lumps like that?

  • I saw this thing and almost spit out my protein shake!  L-O-freaking-L.  WOWZERS

  • spickle


  • Matthew Rosidivito

    I just tasted dinner in the back of my mouth.

  • Umm Hell No. How about make a battery that doesn’t look like a brick.

    • Anonymous

      Moto did that.

  • T4rd
  • Scott Webber

    I admit, I’m a light user, but the key to getting killer battery life is to use wifi instead of 4g. It’s really that simple.

  • Jim McClain

    ugliest thing i have ever seen 

  • Anonymous

    No thanks!! I am okay swapping between extended and regular battery once a day (if at all required).

  • Sporttster

    More reasons to be pissed at Moto for releasing the Razr with such a small pitiful battery and then coming out with a “Maxx” with a huge one. Not to mention their locked bootloader bs…never again with Moto…..hope others follow suit till they do the right thing and unlock….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that is a little huge and ugly.  Tempting though…

    I would like to know how Motorola pulled off a 3300Mah battery in a phone 9mm thick. I’m not sure if it is just because it is a sealed in battery or if there is something special about the battery itself.

  • LionStone

    Maybe it won’t look that bad in person?…



  • SteveTango

    That picture is a joke, right? Wow….

  • KNG60ft


    • Anonymous

      First off, I can read without caps lock on. Thanks though. Second off, it’s not about making a “cute” phone. It is A. Common sense that it is absolutely hideous compared to what a stock GNex looks like and B. It doesn’t offer NFC (one of the big features of this phone). So I recommend “YALL” take your pathetic comments elsewhere. There is a comment section on this website so people can discuss and compare everything Android. If you don’t like it, I recommend the Tampax pearl. My girlfriend says they are the beez neez of tampons.HA!

  • Andy-roid

    Now I know why I see so many duplicate posts on this site.  When you post there’s an error window that opens and makes you think your comment didn’t get posted. 
     I think Samsung should have included the 2100mAh battery with the GNex from the beginning.  Now I don’t want to put my measly 1850mAh back in!

  • Anonymous

    no thanks.
    Extended works fine for me and it’s at the perfect thickness IMO, at least for me.


    eww eww eww eww eww… eww!! no. if your using your phone more than the 2100 mah can provide with things turned off.. then go get a life… lol.


    eww eww eww eww eww… eww!! no. if your using your phone more than the 2100 mah can provide with things turned off.. then go get a life… lol.

  • Anonymous

    This battery ruins the entire look of the phone

  • Anonymous

    what are you doing with your phone on a daily basis that requires you to need this much battery life? The 2100mAh battery is perfect.

  • Andy-roid

    It looks like the side-view of a flat bottom fishing boat.  Oh wait, the boat is thinner! 

  • Andy-roid

    It looks like the side-view of a flat bottom fishing boat.  Oh wait, the boat is thinner!

  • Andy-roid

    It looks like the side-view of a flat bottom fishing boat.  Oh wait, the boat is thinner!

  • Anonymous

    Holy fat ass batman..The Nexus put on a few LBs..

  • Dbarden31

    That thing is hideous!

  • appdaddy

    If anyone finds a battery NOT like this but has more juice than the 2100mAh AND nfc support, PLEASE put it.on DL so we can put this monstrosity behind us…. Although we may never fully recover….

  • Anonymous

    : Let’s do 3300 mAh and include NFC. That’s more negotiable Seidio. 🙂

  • Is that an extended battery in your phone or is it just happen to see me?

  • No thanks, this looks horribly ugly. I’ll just keep carrying a 2nd battery with me.

  • fartbubbler


  • Wow, thats huge! I think i would rather carry an extra battery than resort to this.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this is compatible with my case…..

  • Anonymous

    Why not just go get an iBrick if you’re going to do this to your super sexy Nexus?  No thanks. 🙂

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw
  • I’ve always wanted a phone equipped with a Jetpack!

  • Baby got back….

  • I blame Samsung for the way the designed the battery cover.  I have a Droid Bionic, and I think the extended battery style Motorola has chosen was the right one.  

    • I went to the G-Nex from the Bionic with an extended battery.  The Bionic’s extended battery and cover is the best I’ve seen and used.

  • Jon

    looks ugly as sin, but If I had a G Nex I would buy one of these in a heart beat. I would rather have a phone that can go all day no matter how much I use it, then to have the thinnest, prettiest phone. 

  • Anonymous

    uhhmm…why not just get two extended batteries for less money and less ugly?

  • Anonymous

    It almost looks like they were trying to make it look ugly. Pathetic.

  • rather just get a replacement battery and just alternate in between the one i have and the replacement, lot less money and i would never need that much power

  • ddevito

    No NFC = no,thanks.

    I use it almost once a day

  • bikerbill

    That is hidious hell HTC does better than that and no nfc .. I’ll root and get better battery with my 2300

  • PC_Tool

    Damn.  Ugly, but…3800mAh….

    If they had a decent looking case for it….(to hide the nastiness), I might consider it.  NFC isn’t a deal-breaker for me.

  • J Trayer

    This is the power pack for people that want extra power for the phone it is 5000 MAH. I have been using it for a year with my droid and sandisk mp3 player.  Highly recommend it.  
    Link:   http://www.cinchpower.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=57

  • crack

    L.A. Face with the Oakland Booty. 

    • EsotericPunk

      I kind of love you for that remark.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to order two of these when are they on sale and return them courtesy of return to sender. I get great battery life on Codename Android rom and recommend it to anyone along with Franco Kernel with hot plug enabled.

  • oh hey look, its my bionic

  • Ewww.  No thanks.  I’m never that far from a wall plug.

  • QtDL

    It looks like the GNex’s obese cousin. 🙁

  • Tim Swann

    no thank you

  • thefullritz

    Looks like a keel on the bottom of a boat.

  • Rickysiebold

    can we just get some 3 pin car and home docks please?   this is thunderbolt extended battery territory, except the nexus doesn’t need it. 

  • Korey Page

    It looks like a spaceship… 

  • I’ll have to wear suspenders and a belt to keep my pants on if I have this in my pant pocket

  • Baby got back

  • Superior1

    Damn!!!! That is so ugly. Why?????

  • Caveman419

    How does the camera focus from inside that deep cavern of a hole?

  • Destroythanet

    I’m not wild about huge extended batteries. Tried one on my TBolt and never put it back on again after about a week.

  • Lizz.0

    Wow, that’s ugly…

  • I actually don’t have bad battery life on my phone with the standard battery. I know theoretically, it should be terrible, but mine last me all day, even though I stream music a lot, I tether (wirelessly) for at least a little while every day (because my cable company hates me), I text a lot, I catch up on news while on the bus, I have an occasional phone call, and I have sync turned on for almost everything. The standard battery still lasts me all day long though — I still haven’t taken my extended battery out of its packaging.

    • QtDL

      Same here. I actually returned my extended battery b/c I didn’t end up needing it. I can go most days w/o charging but have cables all over the place in case I need more juice. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!! that looks U….GLY!!!!

  • Ambro

    WOW!!  That is ugly!!!!  Would much rather go with the RAZR MAXX with a 3300 battery.

  • What is the point of a battery soo large???  With a combination of the extended battery and any one of a number of ROM’s, one can easily expect a day+ of battery life.  No need for this, especially without NFC compatibility.

  • Anonymous

    The horror!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Nfc hardware is in the phone, the antenna is in the battery pack.

  • Fuuuuggggggllllyyyy

  • Anonymous

    Save yourself some money and buy this! 

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Gonna get you, get you drunk, on that hump, that hump that hump that hump. /Black eyed peas

  • And no NFC. No thanks.

  • Anthony Palumbo

    im sorry but i was wondering ur saying it wont support nfc why is that is nfc in the battery or back case or something

    • J Scott Savage

      In battery pack.

      • Anthony Palumbo

        so there isnt nfc in the phone then it is in the battery does the phone just send the battery a signal then…

        • Evan Knofsky

          The battery holds the antenna 

  • Trophynuts

    wow that is ugly. 

  • Anonymous

    that’s freaking hideous.  and for a split second until the picture loaded, I was kind of interested.  maybe a 3000mah would be the perfect combination of hump and juice?  haha

  • J Dub

    Makes me sad because if there was one company that I thought would make a massive extended battery for the G-Nex that would also have NFC it would have been Seido. My gosh it’s so ugly.

  • J Dub

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. DID NOT taste like an ice cream sandwich.

  • Butters619

    That is so ungodly big.  Pretty sure if I saw somebody with this I would start laughing.

  • MRBattery

    Wast of money I bought one for my droid inc. They are cheap lithium polymer batterys so after 3 months they don’t hold a charge.

  • Anonymous

    There are a ton of adjectives that describe this battery: ugly, pug ugly, fugly, pug fugly…and even the dreaded ugly ugly

  • Chris G

    Sticking to my two batteries instead of this thing

  • ad78
    • Anonymous

      this is not for verizon’s g-nex

    • The description specifically says it cannot fit in the Verizon version of the phone… not that anyone was thinking of buying it anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Chicks will dig it…it’s big and will last a long time.

    • Anonymous

      not just big but black too

  • EC8CH

    Hey Seidio… that this is ugly.

    Now hurry up and make me a 3 pin landscape dock cause Samsung won’t take my money.

  • J Scott Savage

    When I look at that photo, why do I keep hearing John Merrick screaming, “I am not an animal!”

  • duckphan

    $70?? hahahaha. riiiiiiiiggggghhhhhht. I would rather carry a charger in my pocket

  • Prime7

    Holy hell!

  • Nmkaufman

    looks like it may cause some vignetting..

  • Apparently, based on the picture, the Seidio battery also adds a volume control to the phone.  🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha just saw that lol

    • Anonymous


    • Sirx

      I submit for your approval my “LOL”s as well X-D

  • J Scott Savage

    That is hideous!  If i wanted a disgustingly large humpback phone I would get an i*hone in an otterbox case…

  • Zack Morris phone

    • Anonymous

      Guessing a lot of people don’t know who Zack Morris even is, lol.  But I do, rofl…..

  • This is unreal. I wonder how much longer the battery will last

  • Scott

    Once it drops in price a little bit…SOLD!

  • Erkleehoo

    Not happening, I carry a spare, that’s fugly!!!

  • Twinriches

    That’s just ugly #nootherwords

  • The only real positive here is you loose the verizon branding on the battery cover

    • Had to “like” this one. 😛

    • Michael Forte

      But you get Seido branding instead. Why do people the Verizon branding so much? It’s on the back of the phone and we should be glad Verizon didn’t get their logo on the front. Even the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is going to be branded.

      • Agree. The GSM version has the Google logo instead of the Verizon one, and frankly, I don’t find it look any better.

      • Anonymous

        While I don’t like the Verizon check mark, think it’s a dumb logo, I agree that we’re just so lucky they didn’t put it on the front.  It would have ruined the entire look which really makes the Nexus stand out from the rest. 

    • zUFC

      I’m proud to show off the Verizon logo. I want Verizon tattooed across my face !!!!!

      If you’re not on Verizon, you DON’T have a cell phone. It would be like taking Ferrari emblems off the car.

      What, do you want people thinking you have T-mobile or something? I laugh at people if I don’t see the Verizon logo.

      • WHoa Nelly! Calm down there fanboi – Verizon is definitely awesome and all, but this is a bit much. Was fun to read tho lol

        • Colmusstard


    • Jack
      • EC8CH

        nice, but for $25 shipped I think I’ll just look at the back of my phone less.

        • Jaymoneyman100

          For 25 bucks you could get the extended battery lol

      • JackTheRipper

        Those don’t actually fit, I received one today and the nubs on the back don’t come close to matching up properly.  This is my second one I’ve ordered.

        • Blootzm3

          right doesn’t fit…made for gsm version is why.

    • John


  • Anonymous

    The Samsung extended works fine.  I charge every night anyway… so there’s no point for this.

    • J Dub

      With the extended will it go all day (7am – at least 9pm) on a charge on LTE?

      • Anonymous

        Easy.  Even on a heavy day I can get 16 hours without a problem.  On a normal day I get about 18 hours and on a light day I could probably get 24 hours.

        • Anonymous

          I must have bum handsets. Just took it of the charger, and it’s 15% down after 40 minutes. This is actually my second handset too. Only way to go 18 is to pretty much not use the thing. What are you doing that I’m not?

          • Fillyo

            You need to be rooted, running custom kernals to see that battery life, but it can be obtained.

  • Hamster12696

    Darn that thing is ugly! I pass!

  • 1) It’s a monster.  2)  No NFC.  3)  None of their cases support it, and I’d have to get rid of my Verizon belt case (which I actually like a lot.)  I’m not feeling it, and I had a Droid extended battery for most of the time I owned it.

  • my00si

    Holy Sh*t

  • I just keep extra batteries with me….you can get 2 generics plus a charger for around $30 shipped

  • That’s one ugly booty

  • Ugly AND no nfc?  Sorry Seidio, please try again.

  • Amazing how sometimes a little plastic surgery can make beauty turn revolting.

  • Anonymous

    It’s also worth noting that using this battery means no more NFC support. (Not that anyone would actually buy this…)

  • Anonymous

    I like big butts I cannot lie.

  • Anonymous

    lol ew…

  • ad78

    PASS! no support for NFC…

  • My god, that looks awful.

  • Danny

    70 dollars lol!

  • Looks very effective but.. Damn, it sure does make the phone ugly.

  • No NFC support. 😛

  • Hunchback of Nexi

    That is so ugly it should be banned!!



    • I agree. I literally said, “Dear God!” out loud when I opened this that is how ugly it is. Maybe a 3100mah battery will provide enough boost with much less of a hump? It seems kind of weird the battery selection is 1850 stock, 2100 manufacturer extended or 3800 aftermarket extended? 2 batteries so close that its basically useless then one so far away from the other 2 that it makes the phone a hideous hunch back.

  • Anonymous


  • Lito31

    That is UGLY AS HECK

  • Tony


  • holy crap. i’ll just stick to a spare extended. too much beef.

  • Too much junk in the trunk! 

  • Anonymous

    Whats next, car batteries?

    • Michael Forte

      Battery backpack.

      • Anonymous

        Car battery backpacks.

        • Anonymous

          With Jetpacks for an extra boost

          • Verizon is already a step ahead with its design! http://bit.ly/AcjLAx

        • TC Infantino

          Just give me the Tony Stark Special, an internal arc reactor.  I won’t even mind the necessity of the operation to install it, considering the nice benefits.  I would be able to chage my phones battery in minutes. 

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Was just about to post that! Lol..

    • Anonymous

      Inductive charging pack in your pocket?

  • Michael Forte

    No thanks. I don’t want my phone looking like a behemoth. The regular extended battery is fine and makes the phone feel even better than the stock battery.

    • Anonymous

      BUT…. how much longer does it really last? (mine is waiting on my doorstep i’m sure so I’ll find out eventually)

  • Man that thing is big. But the Samsung extended battery is a joke. Guess this will have to do.

    • Yea but it is 50% off and is actually cheaper then getting a second regular battery. But yea that thing is hugh.

      • Ekkclay

        Samsung needs to at least make a 3000 may OEM for all of us that bought this phone to only realize we got screwed on battery life the 2100 only last about a half hour longer and if u say u get over 5 hours on your battery u don’t use it much then this thing sucks the juice I love my gnex but it only requires a small nuke plant to run it

  • My phone would last about a week with that battery since I get 2+ days on the current extended

    • does your phone even ever leave your pocket? I can only get 18ish on a light day

    • Michael Forte

      I don’t understand how people get battery like this. Airplane mode? Do you even use it at all? I usually go about 10 hours with moderately heavy use, and can go maybe 16 with light use.

      • Anonymous

        I could get an easy 20 to 24 hours on a light use day if I let it go, but I charge my phone every night anyway, so it really doesn’t matter.

      • Anonymous

        i get 2 days on the standard battery! LOL. this thing would last me a week easy.

        i used the @#$% outta my phone yesterday and still had 35% charge left after 16 hours. right now…8 hours of light to no usage and 71%. it would be better but signal strength in my office building is sketchy.

        if you’re not in the custom rom/kernel and root game, time to get in. the devs have made this device an absolute beast (and we’re still in nightlies).

        • J Scott Savage

          No *%&$!  If you have this phone and are not running a custom ROM and kernel, you have no idea what true battery life is.  This screenshot is from moderate use with the normal extended battery.  Enjoy!

          • Anonymous

            my record so far on the standard battery with light usage is 42 hours and put on the charger with 5% remaining. seriously…all these bozos want a LTE toggle….LTE is always on for me. i never turn it off.

          • Flyinion

            You guys have any recs for a custom ROM?  There’s soo many to choose and coming from the OG Droid I don’t recognize any of the devs, though I know they’ve been around for other newer phones.

          • There are a lot of good ones and most have only slight differences. I use Axi0m 2.4 and realllly like it, because it took the best things from a bunch of places (and credited them), but the guy since has withdrawn.
            Personally, I’d recommend just waiting until CyanogenMod 9 gets completed, unless you want a ROM that let’s you change voltages.

          • curios which custom ROM/kernel you using, because I need to jump on if what you say is true. 

          • J Scott Savage

            Currently using Codename Android 1.1.1  with stock kernel on hotplug governor.  Was an Axi0m 2.4 refugee when DroidTh3ory left.  I was a huge fan of Project Elite on my D1.

      • Anonymous

        yeah seriously, i have the extended, and by the time I get to work in the morning I’m down to 85-90%.  that’s looking up a few websites on my 5-minute walk to my car, mainly.  this thing chews through battery.