Samsung Looks To Beef Up Batteries And Tweak Radios In 2012 For Extended Life

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Are we starting to realize that many of the features we request for in our smart devices are finally catching up with us and killing our batteries?  We have more powerful cameras, huge screens, 4G LTE, and now we have come to an age of quad-core processors.  In an interview with CNET, the VP of product innovation at Samsung said they plan on doing as much as they can to help beef up their handset’s batteries to last a full day of moderate to heavy usage  by tweaking radios including WiFi and 4G so they won’t consume so much battery.

With companies such as Motorola busting out whopper batteries such as the 3300mAh one found in the RAZR MAXX, Samsung should have no problems marketing a smartphone that will last its users all day.

Via: Engadget



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