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Samsung Fascinate Gingerbread Update EH03 Ready, Possibly Rolling Out Now

Wow, look at Samsung go. Just yesterday the DROID Charge started to receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3), and now today, the Fascinate is getting some love. It’s build EH03, the same one we were told would be the final build by a source a few weeks back. Click the image above for the full view on the changelog.

One of our readers has reportedly received the update already.

More info.

Cheers ScottM!

  • Anthony Vella

    I have a Droid Charge and have yet to get the update. I am about to call Verizon and ask for their manager of the supervisor. This is the worst business I have ever seen.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a staggered update, so they can find any bugs before everyone has it.

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  • zerocool_418

    Just finished downloading, all went smoothly no issues, love it.

  • Caddy197

    All of 3 people?  Hell…..I have it and just bought it a month ago.  Great phone.  I am saving my upgrade for the Nexus.  I had an Incredible, shattered the digitizer.  Replaced that only to find out the LCD (Sony version) was bad also.  $70 for that.  Used a friends Droid 2 for 2 months……worse phone i have ever used!  Wanted a phone less than $100 used so picked this one up on ebay.  Well worth the money to me!

    • the Droid 2 is unbelievable! Such “similar” specs to the Fascinate, but the Fascinate still blows it out of the water in usability. Love my Fascinate now

  • zerocool_418

    Downloading update as I type, lets see how it goes : )

  • bmay

    My girlfriend tried to update with the OTA and she went to a Samsung screen. It’s been about twenty minutes on this. 

    • Anonymous

      Same here on one of our company phones. Everything was stock except for it being rooted via Oneclickroot

      • bmay

        thanks for the reply, the phone was completely stock, no root, so it shouldn’t have had any issues. I got it into recovery, and then it wouldn’t leave recovery lol. I ended up forcing it into download mode and using Odin to flash it back to Froyo, and then updated from there to GB. It’s running well now though. She is a little pissed she lost all her settings but the phone works again.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing I could do to recover it so I used Odin to flash the tar of this update and clockwork recovery then I just installed a clean version of this Rom de-binged since I was forced to wipe anyway. If you need reference links let me know. Booting to recovery and wiping will not fix this issue or get it to boot.


    Thats sweet, just pulled the update and am downloading. Thanks

  • Guest

    Keep feeling Fascination
    Passion burning
    Love so strong
    Keep feeling Fascination
    Looking learning
    Moving on

  • Way to wait one week before ICS to update firmware. F*ckin VZW.

  • Sbenson1189

    Downloading ota now

  • Anonymous

    is it 2.3.4? or 2.3.3?

    • 2.3.5 EH03 build that has been leaked for the last week now. It’s on XDA if you need an ODIN backup. 

  • booboolala2000

    Chalk up another x for the Galaxy Nexus.

    Yes I appreciate a solid build, but they never give you one because of the skins. A year after GB was released and this just is getting it now, and the Charge yesterday!?? Insulting.

    Am glad for the owners of these phones though to finally get last tears security upgrades.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Color me impressed. Samsung might actually improve their reputation with regards to supporting their products longer than 6 months!

  • updating now….the nexus can’t get here fast enough. This is like getting sweaters for Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    If you own a Fascinate please get rid of it already. You can buy a used phone for pretty cheap on swappa.com or ebay that is much better than the worse Android phone ever made.

    • 0silentmage0

      I’ve got a fascinate and it kicks ass. It is currently running a 98% functional ICS build and is smoother than many newer phones out there.

    • why the hate bro? What phone is better than it for the price right now? Seriously? I wanna know. Cause I can’t think of one on Verizon. Droid X is locked down, Droid 2 is as well. Incredible would be fine except I love the Hummingbird CPU + PowerVR GPU + SuperAMOLED > Incredible. chill man! The support behind this phone is mad impressive

  • Jerry Wilcox

    Well i have this cell for a little bit, untill Verizon releases the Galaxy Nexus. So it kind of made my day for now..

    • Edwin M

      I truly am sorry that you have this phone. I feel your pain, I had the Droid Eris for a while too.

      • Blackheart

        The phone really isn’t that bad.

      • this phone is great, the software on it just f*cking blows. get CM7 stable on there or try out the alpha ICS build. The dev support outside of VZW/Samsung is terrific. And Sammy left the bootloader unlocked so you can get this kind of awesomeness unlike the Droid X or Droid 2. I sold my Droid 2 after a month cause it was driving me insane. lol

        • Edwin M

          I had my old Droid eris running gingerbread and CM7. I know exactly what you mean. Verizon loves crapifying their phones with bloatware. I like the Rezound but man I am rooting this right away.

  • bigrob60

    Well look at that. The old laughing stock of android,shipped w/ 2.1 while 2.2 was everywhere, is now receiving Gingerbread. Combine this w/ Mobile Odin & Samsung is looking like a go to phone. 

  • Some of us are not money bags that can upgrade at the filck of a dime. There are severaly people out there with the Fascinate that will be thrilled by this, ie my wife. I still have my Fascinate however I am running CM7 so I could care less. 🙂

    • Fulaman

      Same I’m running SuperClean 3 V0.5 so I could care less as well.  Good for the people who want mediocre phones.  I personally like my phone rooted.

      • Same. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I have no idea why this phone gets so much hate. Sure it sucks on stock but its awesome with any other rom. I’m running Ice Cream Sandwich on mine and it flows beautifully. Normally I use Pwerwashed GB though.

  • Jason Purp

    Anybody remember the DROIDX or DROIDX2 or DROID Pro? lol

    • I sadly have the X and I hate it…. I’m about to sell it on eBay and use the money to get a better phone….. I cant wait for my upgrade. I hate the fact that Verizon doesn’t have the 1yr contracts any more.

      • get a fascinate and make some cash! dev support is great, better than droid x fo sho. fascinates are only ~$100 on ebay. 

  • Anonymous

    Why is this not in android life? I hate it when my reader app shows me a new story alert for Droid life only to find out that the phone is not related to the Droid brand…


    • Anonymous

      if you did that there’d be not much left on this site, including people.  they’d all be at android life waiting for nexus rumors

      • Anonymous

        I see your point but the sites name alone is misleading in accordance to whats been presented to the readers. Especially after how many people rant that others wrongfully call Android devices “Droid” phones Kellex has made this comment on several occasions. Why not lead by example?

    • bigrob60

      You have to see it as Android OS phones on VZW now-a-days. Everything else usually will be on android-life. Before, the only android phones were Droid branded phones. Now that Android has evolved Droid-Life has to evolve. Best thing to do is just go with it.  

      • Anonymous

        while i definitely agree with having to co-evolve with verizon, i think the split between the sites is pretty stupid and wish they’d just combine all into one big android site here.

        • bigrob60

          A part of me does wish it was one site but am glad it’s in two. I don’t think I’d like the DL timeline overloaded w/ An-DL stories. I think a daily An-DL recap on DL would suffice. 

          • Anonymous

            yeah but there’s like one, maybe two articles a day over there and none on weekends usually.  it doesn’t feel like its own site, it feels forgotten about half the time.  poor android life.

      • Anonymous

        While I completely agree with “just going with it” I wish there was more “order” to the way the news is handled on Droid-Life

    • Because Droid Life covers all Verizon Android devices, while Android Life is for Non-Verizon devices.

    • Anonymous

      usually anything verizon related is on droid life.

  • Edwin M

    Sweet, I bet all of the 3 people who own the phone are thrilled.

    • Dhsudson

      Are you sure 3 people own this? 

      • Edwin M

        Well, now that you say it like that, the number may be too high.

    • Jason Purp

      My friend is one of those 3!

      • Dhsudson

        poor kid

      • Anonymous

        My girlfriend used to have it and my mom still does.

    • And 2 of them are my parents…. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        lol my mom has one and hates it

      • Droid_Does

        lol- my Mom & Dad have them too- I got them the white versions from Best Buy!

      • Earleepa

        I’m the other one. I had to buy this when my og droid quit. Now I’m just holding on and waiting for some ice cream sandwich.

    • Me, my wife, and both of my wife’s parents both have one… so that’s more than three.

      Was a free phone at Best Buy.  Great deal.

      • Mr_Droid

        Yep, black Friday 2010- free Fascinates for my parents!

      • durtoffmyshoulda

        My wifes sister has one

    • Anonymous

      thrilled no my fascinate is running ICS=)

  • Anonymous

    still waiting for gb on my charge…