Verizon: Carrier IQ is NOT on Verizon Wireless Phones

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So if you follow the security arena of this tech world at all, then you probably saw the name Carrier IQ brought up a time or two in the last couple of days. Just last week, we reported on one of Android’s security gurus receiving a C&D from the company for pointing out that it along with carriers essentially practice shady business. (That C&D has since been pulled, by the way.) It has not been pretty for CIQ, and rightfully so. As a software company that specializes in tracking your every move without your clearance, you can imagine that they aren’t on everyone’s favorite list these days. And when we say “your every move” we mean what apps you open, where you are, what keys you press, texts received, and so on, all without you saying “Sure, I agree to let you track that stuff CIQ!”

What about your Verizon phone? Is there CIQ software on it? According to @VZWJeffrey, one of their PR representatives, Carrier IQ will not be found on any of their phones. We will have to assume that Jeff is in the know, since this is a topic that no one should be reporting false information on. So that should relieve you.

And what about the Galaxy Nexus? No, it won’t have CIQ software embedded inside it. It’s a Nexus, folks.

Via:  The Verge



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