Asus Transformer Prime Promo Video Released, Get Your Bibs Ready (Updated: December 19 Confirmed)

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According to the title of this video, the Asus Transformer Prime “has arrived!” Today’s rumor suggested that the world’s first quad-core tablet would be available in Taiwan starting December 1, so technically, it could have arrived. All we know for sure though, is that this video had us drooling all over our pretty white desks. You get the full experience here – high quality production, a spec walk-through, and beautiful angles of this remarkable device.

I know that it may be tough to top the Galaxy Nexus video that we just posted, but this comes pretty close.

Update:  Our buddies over at Android and Me heard from Asus tonight who confirmed that the Prime should be in the states December 19 or later. I guess Gamestop was right after all.

Cheers Jacob!



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