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Verizon In-Store Ad Shows Off HTC Rezound Ahead of Announcement – Red Soft Keys, Beats Earbuds and Joe Jonas Included

First off, the community here is the best on the planet. I know I say that all the damn time, but it’s just so true. When I received a tip that Verizon stores were running ads for the HTC Rezound, I quickly jumped on Twitter to see if anyone was near a store and would be down for a stealth photo mission. Almost 30 people stepped up and delivered. So awesome.

Anyways, there it is in the ad-flesh. The Rezound with its super sexy red soft keys, Beats by Dre earbuds, and wait…Joe Jonas? We are still waiting for Verizon and HTC to announce this phone on Thursday (which we will be at by the way), but this gives us comfort in knowing that it’s the real deal. And sorry folks, no last minute name changes back to the Vigor or Incredible HD.

Random tip in our inbox tossed out the idea on Friday that Big Red may try to slip this phone in on the 14th (which is a Monday) since the DROID RAZR is expecting to be in stores on the 10th followed by the Galaxy Nexus on the 17th. Not sure I’m fully ready to believe Verizon would change up its release schedule to a Monday when they have gone with Thursdays for at least the last couple of years, but it almost seems like they should. This is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest months in Android history.

Close up shot after the break.  

Cheers Uraquan, TheAd3pt and everyone else!

  • Justin Kos

    thank god the gnex didnt sell out with joe jonas on the add

    though i would take a big shot of geddy lee on the add for the gnex

  • Anonymous

    oh great, instead of bloatware we get awful music? they may well throw in some “jbiebs” too.

  • Bbrutcher
  • Bbrutcher

    just read an article that said google confirmed the nexus will launch in europe on the 17th and isn’t expected in the us for a week or two after that at the earliest!!  🙁

  • Bionicman

    i dont get the name. is it like snoop dog saying wiiizack instead of wack. Reeezound instead of sound. either way its a stupid name

  • I don’t see all the hate. Only HTC phone i owned and hated was the IMAGIO, but that’s only because Microsoft and Windows Mobile is weak sauce. I had issues with the eris, (specifically it’s lack of RAM and sometimes it wasn’t responsive..and took forever to delete messages) but once i rooted it, then those problems were eliminated and for the price i got it (lower of 100 off conract) it was a dream phone. I love HTC and Sense is actually one of the better interfaces IMHO. If you don’t like sense, then you probably are better off getting the g-nex over the razr and the rezound just based off personality. 

    • Anonymous

      I like HTC and Sense also, and this phone looks pretty nice. But HTC made a dud when it made the Thunderbolt. A lot of TB owners are angry at HTC for this. Hopefully they can redeem themselves with this. IMO HTC has Not made as many bad phones as Samsung has, but everyone wants a G Nex all teh sudden.

  • still marketing the Revolution as a netflix phone, which now every device can have. lol.

    anyways great job on the secret there Verizon, this is why you dont send promo stuff out to stores BEFORE you want it said.

  • I will never buy a phone with HTC’s Sense on it.  Sooo awful.

    • Raskell

      Root it and load up a nice ROM. End of that problem.

  • 学习学习,增加知识

  • Anonymous

    all the hate. I love them all. As long as they’re Android phones i love them. my co-worker has the bionic. I don’t make fun of him. I say “nice phone, you are the man”.   I love HTC they have always been great. And Sense is the best launcher there is, PERIOD. (if you want a launcher).

    I couldn’t wait for the vigor. I almost bought the extended battery. But i’m going Gnex. I hate Samdung but i have to have ICS.     But i’m not going to go hard on Rezound buyers. that phone is sweet. No matter what anyone says.       Still Gnex for me though.    but i need it now !!!!!!!!!!

  • had a thunderbolt, learned my lesson.

    Want a intrusive and very fat UI?

    Buy an HTC.

    Want inferior radio bands and reception?

    Buy an HTC.

    Want crappy cameras?

    Buy an HTC.

    Want horrid battery life?

    Buy an HTC.

    Want poor update support, and non-existing device support?

    Buy an HTC.

    Want lag?

    Buy an HTC.

    Want randoom reboots, bugs and generally poor performance?

    Buy a Rezound.

    Want kevlar, an ultra light ui overlay, superier reception and a SAMOLEDA screen?

    Buy my RAZR.

    • Anonymous

      since when has Motoblur been a “ultra light ui overlay”? Every time someone mentions Moto/Ninjablur its always negative.

       This is coming from a Thunderbolt owner who agrees with just about everything that is listed in your post.

      • Motoblur is still not ideal, but it’s MUCH better than it used to be and really doesn’t change much.  Sense, however, changes pretty much everything for the worse.

        • what I am referring to is the general intrusiveness of the UI. Sense changes nearly everything from the appearance, to the widgets, to the bloatware. MOTOblur has become fairly lightweight due to customer demand and complaint, and will continue to do so in the future as their newfound relationship  with google develops. This combined with motorola’s superior radio tech, quality of hardware, and rapid update and support history will mean a superior android product in almost every way. Its the reason I’m skipping the gnex and getting a razr.

          Sure it’s not pure google, but in reality I don’t think it will be long before we see something that is vanilla from moto. Probably by late 2012 im guestimating.

        • Anonymous

          MotoCrap sucks hairy donkey ba lls. Sense is ok, and TouchPiz is another joke. They all need to offer Vanilla or at least the choice of vanilla

          • Anonymous

            it wouldnt matter to the average consumer who doesnt know what sense, blur or stock is.

      • Anonymous

        i have used both a droid incredible and a droid 2, so i have experienced both skins.
        blur is ugly, slow and it lags and bugs constantly.
        htc sense is quite nice looking and noticeably smoother then blur but has a lot of stupid crap, like that carousel scrolling, skins and lock screen themes etc.
        so although sense has downsides i would still take an htc over a motorola anyday.

    • Anonymous

      Half of the things in the list also describe Samsung

    • Anonymous

      I bought a droid 2 and learned my lesson.

      want locked bootloaders?

      buy motorola

      want mediocre software?

      buy motorola

      want your device to randomly reboot and lag on a daily basis after waiting almost a year to update to gingerbread?


      want a perfect phone?


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Anyone else find it strange that this ad shows an unannounced phone (Rezound) with an outdated phone (Bionic instead of RAZR)? Who handles Verizon’s marketing? 

    • hatethanet

      Yeah, I was thinking that as well.

    • Anonymous

      You’re outdated.

      • LiterofCola

        Don’t know why, but this made me chuckle.

      • Anonymous

        Haha, nice come-back 😉 Whether you like it or not, the Bionic is now outdated as the RAZR has already been offered for preorder and will be in stores before the Rezound. I know you love the Bionic and all, and I wasn’t trying to dis the Bionic–just saying, if I were Verizon I would want my latest and greatest advertized, not sure why they would put an older phone on the same advertizement as an unannounced phone. It makes no sense. Don’t worry though, your phone is still cool….

        • Anonymous

          And you somehow missed the Revolution on the picture?  I’m not arguing the Razr isn’t an upgrade on the Bionic but it’s a nominal improvement. I happen to like the Bionic’s design more as well as its removable battery but that’s just me.

          • Anonymous

            OK, I give up. You’re right, the RAZR is not being released and the Bionic will still be the LTE flagship device when VZ is marketing the Rezound.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think outdated means what you think it means. Has nothing to do with bias, I’m not saying the Bionic is better.

  • 第一次来 踩踩

  • Jikhead

    The Rezound is one of three phones I’m considering purchasing, but if they’ve preloaded some Joe Jonas crap onto the phone, I will seriously mark this phone off my list.  It’s not enough with the bloatware, and now I have to listen to some gay-ass Jonas Bros. that can’t sing!?!

    • Raskell

      I am sure that if its a preloaded MP3, it should be easily removed

  • Just move along people nothing to see here lol 😛

  • Booboolala2000

    Gonna be funny as hell if they put bing on it. Sad but funny. VZW can’t not ruin one of the big four devices.

  • boo Jay

    I’m definitely giving the GNex a shot, but safe bet is the Rezound.  HTC phones are tried and true, not to mention sexy as hell.  Sense is by far the most attractive skin around.

  • Anonymous

    How is this “old” tech? 4.3″ 720p HD screen, with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear cam, 2MP front. Looks like it equals or beats every G Nex spec except for ICS. And the battery life on my Incredible 2 has been great.

    • Kelson Sebring

      Somebody is going to come in here and tell you that its processor or GPU are “old”, pretending they can tell the difference.

      Somebody else will tell you that it has terrible battery life, pretending they have used it.

      • LiterofCola


  • eazy

    What is the deal with all the hate towards other android devices seriously you sound like isheeple. Thats the beauty of android, you get your choice. I am going for the Galaxy Nexus, but that doesnt mean i wouldnt consider any other phone. Quit the Apple talk people and lets all get along

    • I only hate HTC.  Its their battery life, and skins.  They’re teh worstest.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong try Samdung with its TouchPiz, thats worse

  • Anonymous

    what did I miss over the weekend? why are people talking about the Galaxy Nexus to be released on Nov. 17th?? 
    If that is true.. I’m gonna browse online for a place that can cryogenically freeze people. I can’t take this anymore.

  • 17th for the nexus? Wtf.. that just ruined my birthday.

  • Raskell

    Does anyone know if the Rezound has Gorilla glass? Or just the RAZR?

    • Corning is not the only manufacturer of scratch resistant, flexible glass.  Dragontail glass is one of those that is being highly touted and probably at a fraction of the cost of Corning’s gorilla glass.  Don’t worry, I made the same assumption that you may be making.  I assumed if it wasn’t gorilla glass that it would be shattering glass like the iPhone 4S.

  • Hmm I’m trying to decide if I don’t like this phone because I’m a male, or because I’m not 13… or because its HTC.  So back to the Nexus Hypebeast.

    • You probably don’t like it because you have no need for it. I fell in love with the specs, and being a musician the prospect of having a pair of beats headphones. But, overtime i have naturally leaned towards the g-nex being a phone geek, but i’ll probably end up getting the rezound rooting it for a while, then trading it later for a g-nex. 🙂 


        Do yourself a favor if you are indeed a musician…stay away from beats headphones. However, if you are a rap artist (and I use the word artist while stifling a giggle) you’ll probably love them as the only thing clear is the bass line. Which is all you need to hear amiright? 

        • You P Diddy, bro?

          • CEO_of_BADBOYRECORDS

            Nah, P. Diddy is my fluffer. 

        • Actually, I’m a musician, if you knew anything about a lot of rap artists….they are muscisians. They play instruments like the piano, snare, timpani, violin etc. They also use synth instruments to create a lot of the streame line advertisement songs you hear on commercials, that being said, if you tune your equalizer correctly, or download an audio APP that does the same thing, you’ll be able to hear what you need. For example, i was listening to my Classical Music playlist on Grooveshark, and i could actually hear the woodwinds sharper than i have in recent times. So i’m not sure where you’re coming from at all. (these were on the top of the line beats, i’m not sure what the lesser versions soundlike, i will make that disclaimer) 

          • CEO_of_BADBOYRECORDS

            I prefer my headphones to work minus software enhancement. I’ve yet to meet a producer who would use software enhancement when mastering. Hell, I’ve yet to meet a producer who uses headphones when mastering…. but to each his/her own. If you want to pay top dollar for headphones that require additional software to barely even hold a candle to industry standard cans, be my guest. 

            I agree some are musicians. Most are not. And those that are musicians should try composing vs. ripping off samples so they can give the genre a better reputation. Or maybe something out of 4/4? 

          • These aren’t even headphones, they’re earphones.  They plug into your ear.  As an audiophile I assure this is a gimmick and might, I repeat, might be slightly improved over stock earphones.  Lets keep in mind the fidelity is limited by the micro-stereo jack and the extremely tiny resonance box, your ear.  Sound waves require more space to fully develop, but as musicians you probably knew that.

        • Booboolala2000

          I use beats with my Droid Charge and iPod nano, and my Bise in ear headphones have much richer bass. Save your time and money. Beats is a lot of hype.

          • Booboolala2000

            Shitty spellcheck. Bose not Bise and used not use.

          •  But its Dr. Dre, it has to be the best?  Another group of people that are lemmings instead of research.  I don’t know much about the headphone game.  However, if anyone in their right mind believes they can hear true bass out of headphones, they are crazy.  The wavelength at those frequencies is something like 16 feet.  In order to hear the true sound, you have to be at the right distance.  It ain’t happening with earphones.   Just look at people that overspend on booming car systems.  The sound better to people in other cars because it is the right distance from the source. 

      • Might as well get the laptop with beats on it because this HTC will spend most of its time plugged in anyway.



    • MOTOX

      this has better specs…screen, battery, beats, sense version, and android version wise… 

    • DJstinkDIK

      Why are you yelling at me?!

  • Anonymous

    Love it! Bring me the Vigor! (thats it name!)

    • Anonymous

      yup Rezound just sounds retarded. i know i will be calling it the Vigor, or Incredible HD, anything but Rezound…Yuck


    actually i could guess one reason why their using that joe jonas pic… its the new album… it just showed it on spotify… no i didn’t listen to it… and on the bottom it does say “Fast life” … lol… never know..

  • Anonymous

    G Nex on the 17th? Hope I didn’t just read that. I am on the last legs with my Droid. This week alone it came sooooo close to having two bullets put in it at the range, thrown under the bus at 70mph, slammed on a slab of concrete. I am SOOOO ready for a new phone. So incredibly ready. Sick and tired of lag with everything I do or system FC’s or can’t run Nav because there’s no memory left. Very very very ready for a new phone….very…..can’t wait much longer….

    • Anonymous

      WTF? What happened to the November 10th date for the Nexus?

      • LiterofCola

        Probably pre-order

    • Anonymous

      Same here… really hope I’m not waiting till mid November now.

  • Anonymous

    I think I would’ve preferred IncredibleHD or Vigor over Rezound.

    Regardless, I have used both the Incredible and T-bolt and I like HTC’s products.  But this time, I’m going G-Nex.

    • Anonymous

      Isnt the Gnex Samdung?  Will it be Vanilla? if not no way i will be looking at it


    ugh joe jonas?… why not dr. dre… its his earphones and beats by dre’s partnership with htc… would definitely not pick joe jonas to be on the front cover of an amazing phone like this… no offense, i just don’t think he’s that big or matters at all… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was leaning towards the G-Nex, but now if Joe Jonas is endorsing the HTC Rezound well that changes everything.  I am DEFINITELY getting the G-Nex….. I am not some 12 year old girl.  Definitely HTC’s way of trying to get the iPhone crowd’s attention lol.  

    • Anonymous

      Don’t even know who Joe Jonas is,lol! But don’t pass up the phone because of him. I could care less who endorses these things,as long as they’re beasts that don’t have a lick of lag,have a fantastic screen, lots of memory and I’m happy, I’ll buy it. It’s either this or the G Nex for me.

  • Anonymous

    So much infighting.

    The Nexus people are starting to sound like the iPhone people.

    • Anonymous

      Android fanboys!?  Preposterous!

    • XDD

    • LiterofCola


    • Anonymous

      Starting to?

  • Next

    Soft keys are sooo…September.

    • Jonathan Levin

      more like 2 weeks ago

  • I agree it’s fugly, but I’ll be upgrading my Thunderbolt to this on release day.  I like HTC sense and am looking forward to the improved screen, Sense 3.5 and overall faster phone.

  • Anonymous

    I cant think with you yelling…



  • Anonymous

    Bottom line is the G-Nex is an IT / Dev phone, RAZR is a business phone and Rezound is a phone for the “masses”… different target groups completely. Example, G-NEX = unlocked bootloader, new OS… crap most people dont care about (sorry, but true). RAZR = encryption, Motocast and Office apps REZOUND = Beats by Dre, headphones and entertainment…. To each his own.



    • JetmanFL410

      HTC boRing design? It’s what all the smartphones have looked like since the evo! What do u what it in a triangle or circle shape?

      • Anonymous

        I agree.   They all look the same now.   Not a good dig…..

        Theres not too much you can do with a square

  • Just that ugly verizon logo…is enough to make me forget it.  I’m using a cellphone not a racecar.  enough of the bs

  • Fudgeman

    ttwtwo g in jonas

  • Fudgeman

    Htc is there to G’s. In faggot

  • hatethanet

    Two mistakes in Verizon’s and HTC’s advertising strategy are evident in this pic:
    1. The lousy “Rezound” name they ended up going with.
    2. Using Joe Jonas to advertise a $300 smartphone that supposed to appeal to tech savvy adults and not pre-teen girls.

    • Anonymous

      Tech savvy adults are a limited market and they probably already know about this phone. 

      • hatethanet

        That many 10-12 yr old girls buy high end smartphones?

        • Anonymous

          A hell of a lot of 10-12 yr old girls’ daddies buy high end smartphones.

          • hatethanet

            And what a great way to advertise to these men in their mid 30s-40s than Joe Jonas!

          • Anonymous

            You missed the point completely. It’s not that men in their 30s-40s will decide which phones to get for their daughters, it’s “Daddy, Daddy, buy me that phone with Joe Jonas on it, PLEASE!!” “Sure thing, honey, whatever you want.”

          • hatethanet

            Haha, you miss the point. I doubt most dads are getting high end smartphones for their young daughters. They’re getting them for themselves. A ton of those sales of low cost Android phones go to kids and people who can’t afford them.

          • Anonymous

            I would bet that at least half of the students in my kids’ middle school classes have high end smart phones – the vast majority the latest iPhones. 

          • Yep. The high school my wife teaches at is in the same boat. Most of their kids have smartphones, both iPhone and Android. Not many regular phones.

  • The G- Nex almost made me decide to get it, had been waiting on this phone for a while, but the lack of news made me lean torwards the g- nex, but. It does look like it’s predecessors, but that’s more of a manufacturer familiarity and not really an issue. The rezound looks nice, especially with the red accents, and if it’s being shipped with the beats headphones, than it will be a great phone for casual customers, and for phone geeks like me. I’ll have to see how the hardware performs hand on, before i decide how this phone stacks up as stock though, can’t wait. 

  • Anonymous

    What’s this about November 17th as the G-Nex release date? I thought November 10….

  • Joe Jonas?!  Did Dr. Dre approve this?!

    • why did you post this twice, or is it just me?

      • Dominick DeVito

        Yeah sorry about that – having firefox issues

  • i listened to beats solo the other night and they honestly sound like crap. why would anyone waste $100+ on those, a $50 pair of sennheisers are infinitely better for any kind of real music listening.

    • I bet you didn’t adjust the equalizer to maximize your experience either……..I bet you actually don’t know appropriate settings depending on what you’re listening to, i’ll wait. 

  • Joe Jonas?! Did Dr. Dre approve this?

  • King Dong

    Ugh…..Verizon branding on the front= so ugly

    • Dominick DeVito

      Then (almost*) every Verizon phone must be ugly to you then   🙂

  • Anonymous

    3 more weeks till Nexus.  Actually all 3 phones should be released on the 10th but I bet Verizon would not be able to handle all the activity.  

    The Rezound is the backup plan just in case.  Been sitting on a upgrade since June.  

  • People need to cherish this next month, i do not think that VZW customers will experience a better selection of phones for a while. I am all for the G-Nex right now, but the Rezound and Razr are very close seconds. I can not wait to try out each phone on Black Friday. I am going to wait for a three phones to drop. I actually have 3 upgrades available for the rest of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! It looks like that one other phone they just released! And the one before that… and before…

  • Naergoth

    Joe Jonas? lol.. verizon and htc are trying their best not to sell this aren’t they?

    • Anonymous

      Tween girls are the target demographic for this phone I guess.

      • think they reused that image of Jonas from the Rhyme

    • Anonymous

      They are not targeting your demographic.  More than android lovers buy phones. 

  • Anonymous

    and you fandroids argue that iphones all look the same? wtf is this outdated POS -___-

    • Anonymous

      Its no argument that the Iphones look the same… They do..Who would argue that?

  • Leroybrute30

    This maybe a dumb question. But I wonder how that poster would look if the rezound came out after the Razr? I bet it comes out with the announcement Thursday the 3rd. Unless they ad a picture of the Razr to it after the Razr release.

    • Cjphil01

      i was thinking the same thing.  with the razr and galaxy nexus coming out and already announced, it’s silly to show off the rezound, which hasnt been announced yet, with a couple of older phones…

  • Dominick DeVito

    Kellex – where are you getting Nov 17th for the G-Nex? UK? US also?

    My heart skipped a beat

    • There’s a rumor of a 17th launch in Verizon. The Europe one has been confirmed for the 17th though

  • Jac_White

    I know I am going to wait for the Nexus……but I do have to say…..My OG droid has about bit the dust so I borrowed an Incredible from someone I work with to get me by and Im liking it a lot……HTC sense is actually pretty nice….Makes me halfway think about getting this phone….halfway….

  • John

    I might think about this phone instead of g nex I love my incredible

  • *yawn* Bad timing on HTC’s part.

    Old OS
    Old Hardware Design

    Nexus what?

    • comando

      I’m tired of people saying that this phone is going to be a failure because it isn’t running ics, its not the galaxy nexus, NFC, on screen buttons, blah blah blah…the fact is only about 2% of Verizon customers are even aware of what these things are.. fact is, the galaxy nexus will more than likely fail, because the mass market is mostly if not completely ignorant to what those even mean, much less actually care about them. They will choose the rezound or the razr, because of the looks and familiarity of sense or moto ui, not the nexus just because it’s running “the newest and greatest android operating ICE CREAM SANDWICH” .So this whole “fail!!! give me the galaxy nexus” horse crap needs to stop.

      • Anonymous

        If they’re going to buy the best looking phone, then it’ll be the Nexus, without a doubt.

        • LiterofCola

          of course, thats up for opinion

      • Are YOU in this 2% that you describe?

        Who cares if the majority doesn’t know about the G-Nex. WE know it’s better. Just because the mass market buys it doesn’t make it a success (see: Windows PCs)

        • comando

          I am, but at the same time I’m aware that people just don’t understand what it means to have an unlocked bootloader, root a phone, flash a rom, or anything of the sort. Now I know all these things mean the world to people of websites such as droid-life, but what bothers me is they don’t seem to realize it’s just that: it’s only really them. Whenever i see one of my friends with what is an obviously outdated os on their phone, I’ll ask “Hey have you updated to the latest o.s. on you phone” “What?” “You know, Gingerbread?” “What the hell is that?” they just don’t get it, and they’re not going to take the time to sit down and research it, when the phone is already running fine for them. We need to understand that we are a vast minority when it comes to what we want from our phones.

          • Ask any “average” Android user who’s had their phone over the last year. I bet you’ll hear gripes about NOT GETTING UPDATES.

            Gee, won’t have that problem with the Nexus will they?

          • JetmanFL410

            I gotta stick with comando on this one. I’ll take the better hardware and specs with the HTC over the Nexus. From what I’ve seen on YouTube videos, ICS doesn’t look all that. And HTC is probably in second place as far as updates go. Not a fan of Samsung hardware as I currently have the Charge. The Beats by Dre will help push this phone a lot farther than ICS for the nexus.

          • Dominick DeVito

            “The Beats by Dre will help push this phone a lot farther than ICS for the nexus.”

            I sure hope you’re wrong. I think Google, Verizon and Samsung agree.

          • My wife’s not a geek. She owns a Droid Charge. She wants to video chat with me (when I get a new phone) – will she be able to? Not anytime soon (unless we use a crappy 3rd party app, but we prefer GTalk)

            Why? Because Samsung (andor Verizon) has completely (seemed to) forgotten about her phone – and you know what – she’s PISSED OFF. She asks why a $300 phone gets no updates or fixes.

            There’s your average user. Wake up.

          • comando

            Ok I think you’ve completely missed the point in what I’m talking about…. First of all i was talking the openness of bootloaders, rooting, and custom roms. Second, if it is a bug-fix update like what you’re talking about with her charge or like the thunderbolt when it was first released, of course people are going to be pissed off: because a feature that should or was advertised to be working isn’t. People aren’t complaining because they don’t have the latest and greatest operating system, but because there is a bug that interferes with the day to day ease that should already be on their device. On that note I will agree with you, Google does a damn good job of keeping their phones updated, as all manufacturers should do.

          • Agreed.

            I love HTC – so please don’t label me as a hater. Back in the day I used to “root” HTC Wizard phones running Windows mObile (oh how far we’ve come) and I used to call HTC themselves for support! How great is that? They used to answer questions about flashing ROMs on non-branded HTC AT&T phones – loved it (and can’t leave out XDA for that matter).

            I just wish OEMs would be a little more “aware” of what is going on. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if the Rezound was optimized withfor the new OS and features? Honestly, wouldn’t it be a batter phone then?

          • comando

            I agree with what your saying 100 percent, but I think that htc just realizes that there was no plausible way of releasing this device with ICS. It will have  ICS eventually ( and i use that word extremely loosely, I’m no idiot) but I don’t think that makes it a bad phone. Put it this way, would you rather buy a laptop that you kind of like that runs windows 8, or buy a laptop that you absolutely love everything about, except that it runs windows 7 and you have to wait a month or to for the windows 8 installiation disc to mail in with it. Personally I just like design of the rezound, and I’m just tired of people bashing it because it doesn’t run an os that’s not even out yet.

          • Dominick DeVito

            So 1 of 2 things are possible:

            1 – they could have delayed this phone and relaunched it with ICS


            2 – they ARE releasing an ICS based phone soon and the Rezound will be a distant memory (see: Motorola and the Bionic in comparison to the Razr) – this is more likely

          • comando

            I agree with what your saying 100 percent, but I think that htc just realizes that there was no plausible way of releasing this device with ICS. It will have  ICS eventually ( and i use that word extremely loosely, I’m no idiot) but I don’t think that makes it a bad phone. Put it this way, would you rather buy a laptop that you kind of like that runs windows 8, or buy a laptop that you absolutely love everything about, except that it runs windows 7 and you have to wait a month or to for the windows 8 installiation disc to mail in with it. Personally I just like design of the rezound, and I’m just tired of people bashing it because it doesn’t run an os that’s not even out yet.

          • LiterofCola


        • Anonymous

          “Who cares if the majority doesn’t know about the G-Nex. WE know it’s better. Just because the mass market buys it doesn’t make it a success (see: Windows PCs) ”

          Umm, wait. Isn’t that actually the definition of what a success is? A commercial success anyway, and I am pretty sure these companies aren’t looking for critical praise as much as they are money. What I don’t get is everyone is acting like they already know whats going to happen and they don’t. No one can predict the future and the actions of human beings will always be a mystery.(especially since logic can have very little to do with people at times) There are pros and cons to all these new phones and beauty is definitely subjective. Which ever phone people want they will get and I wish them happiness with their choice of product.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Thanks dalai lama. LOL

          • LiterofCola

            Couldn’t have said it better myself

      • Anonymous

        You don’t think the in store salespeople won’t be telling all their customers about the Nexus and ICS?

        Whatever a salesperson says to a customer goes a long way towards what they buy.

        • comando

          If it were a Google representative, I’d agree with you, but it’s not. Verizon reps more or less can just read the spec sheet, not give a detailed difference between phones. I went to the store to get a replacement phone because the touch screen was acting, and they tried turning me away because i “hacked” my phone…. Literally the only thing i had done to it was have go launcher on it. They aren’t android junkies like us, and even the few are wont rationally be able to persuade a costumer to buy it against another for the reasons given.

      • The Galaxy Nexus success depends on how much marketing Google puts towards it.

        • Google never puts much into the marketing of any of the Nexus phones. Actually all three partners in this phone (Google, Samsung and Verizon) will not put much into marketing this phone.

      • Leroybrute30

        I agree . And its amazing how idiotic some of these nexus clowns are acting. They seem to think the Galaxy Nexus is the rebirth of christ. Sad thing is they know nothing about the htc rezound. The fact the hardware higher in specs including a better gpu with the rezound. They have no idea what the battery life will be in it either. Funny they can say all this bull knowing they dont have to worry about eating their words.

        • I know enough to know that if you pay the same I pay for the Nexus you’re already doing yourself an injustice.

          Settle for an old OS with a tired hardware design – go ahead. Then in April when HTC makes a phone based on the NEXUS you’ll know what us G-NEX “idiots” are talking about. 

          • Anonymous

            Why do you care what other people buy? You sound like the iPhone fanboys. Let people buy what they want and let them choose since that is what android is about. I am prob gonna grab the nexus but I wouldn’t belittle others because they want the razr or rezound. This place is getting worse than isheep sites. Smh

          • LiterofCola


        • Sheabyrd1

          Well hold on with the “Higher specs” talk…….An old A(blah blah) core is in the rezound and a new TI OMAP 4460 is in the NEXUS. Just like AMD and INTEL CLOCK SPEEDS DO NOT CORRELATE TO INCREASED PERFORMANCE. The NEXUS DOES HAVE A BETTER SPEC LIST.

          • Anonymous

            And the fact that the 4460 is down clicked (yes, I know underclocked is correct, but by reading some of the posts, I felt I needed to dumb it down a bit!). Not sure the reasoning to this, but it us. I guess that leaves us gnex clowns/idiots/fanboys plenty of room to overclock (make it faster for all those “not in the know”).

            I am ready for my plastic gnex!

        • Dominick DeVito

          Calling all NEXUS CLOWNS!!

          HONK if you want a G-Nex!!

          • LiterofCola


      • Customer walks into a store and asks about the differences between the Rezound and the Nexus.

        Sales Rep sayd “this one has a newer OS, no physical buttons, curved display, it’s unlike any other Android phone” “The Rezound has the old OS, etc” “Yes, they’re the same price”

        Gee, what the hell do you think the average customer would pick?

        • vernon

          Keep in mind when the verizon rep says “THIS COMES PRELOADED WITH SO MANY USEFUL APPS” they will immediately lean towards that.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Yeah like Blockbuster, VZCast, VZ Navigator, Let’s Golf, and my all-time fav City ID.

            Yeah can’t live without those apps

          • I think City ID is finally gone.. a few hands on videos had all the usual Verizon bloat like VCast and Blockbuster but no City ID

          • rjskalet

            lets be honest though many verizon reps dont even know the true specs on these phones like we do. for example i remember when the thunderbolt came out and they told me it had a dual core processor. and like vernon said the average customer uses the verizon bloatware because they are accustomed to it. people have to realize that we are on a different level than the average consumer when it comes to a phone, and people have preference of sense over pure android. you have to look at more than our community and look at the real world here. sometimes i feel like people are stuck in this little box.

          • Anonymous

            I agree we’re on a different level, but looking at the Nexus, it is dead sexy looking, I can’t see someone choosing another phone over it right now when they look at the screen.  I bet a huge percentage of average consumers buy a device simply on it’s looks.

          • Anonymous

            As I pointed out above, the Nexus is born a beautiful gimp compared to the Rezound:

            – Poor GPU in Nexus for tasks other than video (4 years older than Rezound’s, which is one of the top 3)

            -Less MP for camera (5 vs 8 in Rezound), and likely worse optics

            -Nexus’ PenTile Screen actually shows a lot of banding in colors, which matters a lot if you like to look at still pictures/photos

            – Rezound is a Worldphone: for travelers, this means EVERYTHING.  Having to leave your phone at home for business trips is not an option.

            – Beats by Dre for music on the Rezound.

            – Wireless charging on the Rezound sounds neat…

            The Rezound may not look as good, but it’s -vastly- superior in specs, and definitely has my vote over the Nexus.  Truth is, with CortexA15 chips and Nvidia’s Tegra3 A9 quad-cores now shipping, this is an iffy time to be investing in the last gen tech.  Still, I figure I’ll take good care of a Rezound, then sell it online after 6mo. and get in on some of the high-power fun.

          • Anonymous

            A gimp?  I think you’re stretching a bit there.

            The GPU is overclocked and quite capable of any graphically intense game available. Other than games a GPU is worthless.

            Megapixels mean nothing compared to the lenses being used, software ect…That’s why most high end cameras are actually reducing their MP to reduce noise in images. Look it up.  The Galaxy Nexus’ camera is said to be one of the best ever used in a phone.

            Nexus’ Pentile screen is 720P, at that resolution you’re looking at 316 PPI which is near Retina display’s density, don’t blame Pentile screens because Motorola uses terrible ones.

            Worldphone, only needed for people who leave the country.

            Beats by dre lol.

            Wireless charging I like, but the back plate makes it even thicker, which I don’t like.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right, to say “gimp” was overly inflammatory.  My bad.

            “Other than games a GPU is worthless.”
            Not so.  It has a tremendous effect in video playback, and also other media; I’m a Flash developer, and I very much appreciate the levels of hardware acceleration support the new cards offer.

            Camera:  I hear conflicting things about the Nexus’ sensor, so I choose to disregard them until I know the make/model.  Might have to wait for them to actually launch and be torn apart.

            PenTile may not be an issue.  But I’ve been burned by them, so I remain skeptical until I see them.

            Worldphone:  I leave the country a few times each year, and that’s the specific reason I discovered the Rezound in the first place.  It may only apply to a few people (though I think that’s a shame), but for those of us who use it, it’s everything.

            Beat by Dre:  Yeah, I’m laughing too.  But it will sell phones, especially since Lady Gaga put her name with it too.

            Honestly, I don’t think there’s software out that will be that distinguishable between the two devices (fingers crossed that Flash will run a little better than I’m used to on the Rezound, but probably not).  I’m not really that excited about the Rezound, seeing the tech in the new CortexA15s on the way, but I’m underwhelmed by the Nexus in every respect other than the OS.  But it’s an awesome OS, and worth getting excited to play with as soon as possible.

            So either is fun/valid to be excited about, but neither is anything to go crazy over, especially this close to the end of the lifecycle of this gen of SoCs.

          • RJ

            The G-Nex has one superior spec that makes it better than all android phones coming out in the next year- ITS A NEXUS

          • LiterofCola

            Missed his point, you have.

          • Anonymous

            Rezound gpu is older. Same as what’s in Evo 3d.

          • Anonymous

            The sgx540 gpu was in the Nexus S.   It came out November 2007.  There’s no comparison in terms of age; the Adreno 220 is one of the newest to market.

          • Anonymous

            No, the Rezound uses an MSM8660 which has an Adreno 220 GPU.  The Adreno 220 is NOT faster than the SGX540 in the OMAP4, in fact it’s slower.

            We haven’t seen enough of either phone to come to any sort of conclusions about their cameras.

            AMOLED screens do NOT have color banding, LCDs do.

          • Anonymous

            ” The Adreno 220 is NOT faster than the SGX540 in the OMAP4, in fact it’s slower.”

            Making a blanket statement isn’t going to convince anyone.  Do you have the slightest bit of evidence to support that?  Not to mention, the sgx540 was looked down on for lacking 2d hardware acceleration, which is arguably more important, since more mobile graphics focus 2d than polygons.  In terms of polygon processing, they’re rated about the same, (88 million/s for 220, “about 90” for 540), but then, the Mali-400MP4 apparently is pretty terrible with polygons, and manages to get a lot of the best benchmarks anyways due to its memory/bandwidth and ability to chug through sprites.

            I’m going to assume you don’t really know these chipsets.  But if you do, and just decided not to bother supporting your previous statement at all, then maybe you can actually point out some reasons.  The only good thing I’ve heard about the SGX540 is that it has a separate unit to help decode video, and therefore produces very smooth playback.  Since I don’t use my phones for video, I don’t think that’s much help.

            AMOLED screens with PenTile have color banding.  I’ve been using them for years. I see banding.  TN LCDs also have banding, but IPS/PLS ones tend to be very good about avoiding it.  My Galaxy 10.1 has extremely little banding.

          • Anonymous

            You mean like the evidence you provided to support your claims?  Oh….wait.  I find it funny you post the polygon count which lists the SGX540 as being faster yet still claim it’s magically much slower.  Lacking 2d hardware acceleration?  What the hell are you talking about?  2D hardware acceleration is implemented via software to make use of the GPU for GUI animations which can render far faster than the CPU, has nothing to do with the hardware.  ICS added 2d hardware acceleration and guess what processor Google chose as the platform default to implement it on, the OMAP4.  Not only was the SGX540 the fastest GPU last generation (easily 50% faster than the fastest from the competition even at only 200 MHz) but it’s also among the fastest against the current generation only bested by the Mali-400 and SGX543MP2 (imagine that).  Don’t confuse synthetic benchmarks with real world experience, Quadrant is a joke heavily dependent on system IO performance and easily manipulated, Linpack and Neocore were both designed specifically for Qualcomm processors and include optimizations that make them appear faster than they are.  Go check out some of the benchmarks on Anandtech.  At 1.5 GHz the S3 Snapdragon is roughly on par to a 1-1.2 GHz OMAP4.  Furthermore, the OMAP4’s dual A9 configuration is faster clock for clock than Qualcomm’s custom Scorpion cores.  Don’t assume.

            AMOLED screens do not color band, they have far greater color gamut than LCDs.  Like I said, if you see color banding on an AMOLED panel it’s due to software limitations, usually through forced 16 bit color for performance reasons.  IPS LCDs reduce banding but it’s still very much there.  Besides, the Rezound’s screen is a super LCD panel, that’s marketing for S-PVA which have among the best contrast for LCDs but poor color gamut.

          • Anonymous

            [deleted]*edit* misread beginning of post, argument was moot.

            I don’t get why you keep saying “faster”. I could agree that most benchmarks aren’t representative, but look at the Vellamo Benchmark results, which “produces its scores directly from frame counters”, and shows the 220 scoring far higher in 2 tests, scoring more than 10 frames faster, and only falls behind in one one, where the 540 beats it by 0.24 frames (published on Anand Tech and Qualcomm site).  If not even that benchmark satisfies you, then either you’re talking about architecture, which is never going to be fully taken advantage of before obsolescence, or personal experience with a particular device, which is just irrelevant.

            “Furthermore, the OMAP4’s dual A9 configuration is faster clock for clock than Qualcomm’s custom Scorpion cores.  Don’t assume.”

            I didn’t, you did.  I know that Scorpion uses a 13-stage pipeline with in-order processing at the front end, and only 512KB L2 cache, compared to the A9’s fully OoO 9-stage with 1MB L2 cache.  But you just can’t help but look down on others, eh?  I know damn well that the benefit of the Scorpion architecture (which is admittedly older, inferior, and I don’t recall ever talking it up anyways) was that it allows independent operation, which can be used for power optimization, should HTC get the drivers properly tweaked.  The same kind of drivers which need to be independently considered for every GPU to ensure proper 2D acceleration, which the 540 didn’t have available.  You’re saying they will be in ICS.  Fine, but that’s not out now, is it.

            I don’t get why you love the 540 so much.  Fine, enjoy it. I’m not the one deluding myself into thinking either of these phones are that impressive; I’ll consider getting the Rezound, keep it in good shape, then trade up for the first S4 or Tegra 3 chipset that comes out.  Just stop trying to convince me that lead is gold.

          • Anonymous

            You made an incorrect statement that the Adreno 220 is much faster than the SGX540, that is simply not true. Why are you bringing up the Vellamo benchmark as if it matters one iota? Do you even know what that benchmark measures? It’s a browser benchmark, it tests the performance of the stock android browser and its javascript performance. I don’t know what test results you’re looking at or what devices they are comparing to make any further conclusions but the performance results of that test depend on the version of android the device is running and the version of the browser it is using. Not to mention OEMs modify parts of the system which affects performance. I don’t “love” the 540, I’m simply presenting the facts as they are, the 540 happens to be one of the better GPUs currently available. There’s always faster stuff coming. Why are you so concerned with having the fastest when the dual core processors aren’t even a year old and run everything out there without issue?

          • seeing you guys fight about polygon something makes me want to say this:

            “NERD WARS BEGIN!!!! Please let all of us get popcorn first”

        • Vaporware

          Nope,sorry. It doesnt work that way. Perhaps you have never been to a Verizon store. They are told to say exactly what to say by Verizon. They are their to sell phones not operating systems. Its actually going to work more like this, You should get the iPhone, its better than any Droid you can get but if you are set on a Droid you should get the Razr. That phone in the corner there, thats googles new phone made by Samsung. Yes it does look like every Samsung phone made in the last two years and yes its made from cheap plastic but it does have Android 4.0. Oh, your not interested, then lets go ahead and purchase that iphon or razr then. 

          • That is completely backwards at the store i work at. We sell and push Android over iOS all the time. The cost for iPhones is stupid high compared to android devices. NOTE: this is not a corporate store, I work at an Indirect Store so we get our phones from distributors. Example: Droid Bionic costs us $579 we sell it for $249.99 and then get commision from Verizon for getting a 2yr contract. iPhone costs us $649 we sell for $199.99 and we get that same amount back for the contract. Again this is not a corporate store but a premium retailer. We actually get quite a few people that ask what will they get out of an iPhone that Android doesnt have. You would be surprised how knowledgeable some people are and im just in a small town. I get at least 1-2 people a month that live in my area that are root users, just Friday i had a guy that flat out told me hes got GB on his Eris and he was wanting to know more information about the Rezound vs Razr vs Galaxy Nexus.

          • lucas johnson

            I too work at an indirect store. Iphones are terrible for business… we pay the same price for one that a consumer would, and end up making much less than we would on an android. the only time i sell someone an iphone is when they’re dead set on it or they have no idea how to work a smartphone and i know they’ll return an android.

        • Missthetrain

          Doesn’t matter what the Rep says, one look at the Nexus and people will buy the HTC.
          Android without Sense looks like something from Fisher Price…from the 60s, Fugly.

          • palomosan

            Not ICS my friend, now for the average customer, they’ll probably pick up the HTC.

          • Anonymous

            Opinions are like assholes.  I myself think sense looks kind of ugly and HTC’s designs are tired and boring.

        • Anonymous

          In all honesty….the Droid Razr. That’s what this phone is really competing against…and misses.

          • Anonymous

            Um…the Rezound has a better screen, better processor, and NO BLUR. That’s not a miss for lots of us.

          • Anonymous

            Nope, worse screen, equivalent processor and Moto’s new software is not like their old blur so please stop.  Now you’re going to say ‘but but the Razr’s processor is only 1.2 GHz vs the Rezounds 1.5 GHz’.  Processor speed does not equal actual performance, every processor is designed differently and the OMAP4 is faster per clock than the MSM8660.  AMOLED screens are absolutely superior to LCD in image quality, color, contrast and viewing angles.

        • Anonymous

          Or they might mention that the Rezound is the most powerful Worldphone on the market
          Or they might know to point out that the Nexus uses a PenTile screen and displays more banding,
          Or they might point out that the HTC Rezound has both a higher megapixel camera, plus better optics
          Or they could point out that the Rezound has better audio via the Beats by Dre inclusion

          Or hell, they may even point out that the Nexus has a nearly 5-year-old GPU, which doesn’t hold a candle to the Rezound in terms of specs for the latest games.

          But sure, if looks, a barometer(?) and NFC payments are the things you care about, then take the Nexus.  I can think of about 5 phones I’d prefer over that though.

          • Tyler

            WTF are you smoking.
            Yes its a world phone.
            No the Galaxy Nexus has a SAMOLED HD display utilizing PenTile which means nothing to the average consumer.
            Megapixels mean nothing my Droid has a 5MP camera and so does the iPhone 4 and Motorola Atrix but yet those both shoot much better pictures and videos, and the optics for the Galaxy Nexus are among the best and will probably be better than the Rezound.
            The average consumer wont hear any difference between the two, especially in a store best speaker wins in store.
            Are we talking about a 5 year old gaming computer graphics card, because HTC has shit graphics card and it shows in benchmarks. The OMAP processors are on par with Snapdragon and benchmark better at a slower clock speed.
            But yes you can have fun looking at your washed out screen in the sunlight and wait for 6 months for your next OS update and sliding your finger to unlock your phone while we enjoy the great features that the Nexus will bring over in the next couple of years to come along with the hardware acceleration it get right now. But don’t forget the extremely popular modding community that comes along with the nexus(which wont matter to the average customer btw).
            I cant wait to hear about your thunderous(bolt?) battery life, and how thick your phone is.
            Btw i like the nice red highlights on the Rezound 🙂

          • Anonymous

            ” HTC has shit graphics card and it shows in benchmarks.”
            Do you know which card you’re talking about? The Adreno 220 washes the floor with the SGX540.  The SGX543MP4 is currently the best on the market, but that’s in the PSVita, not in the Nexus.

            You then say “OMAP processors”, apparently talking about CPU (which OMAP doesn’t modify, they’re as close to stock as it gets so you can’t give them accolades on that).  HTC’s CPU does have slightly lower performance, but it also allows cores to operate independently – something they admittedly messed up with the Thunderbolt, but now they have it under much better control, and it’s an asset.

            As for the Optics in the camera, of course the sensor matters as much or more than MP.  But you talk about them as if you know which they are, which you don’t, so that’s total BS.  We have to wait and see.

            “But don’t forget the extremely popular modding community”
            Dude, you’re so full of it.  The modding community supports Android, not the Nexus.  The Rezound will be rooted, and have availability to all the same modding support.

            Seriously, it’s you who comes off as crazy, and obviously not at all knowledgeable about these phones.

          • Tyler

            You make the graphics cards sound light years apart, so yes after looking it up a little you are right about the Adreno 220 being better but its not that far off. Im just looking at the past phones and how they have compared to their competition to base information off of.
            As far as processors goes, you say that the cores operate separately being an asset, why doesn’t this make the processor faster than? Even if OMAP doesn’t modify their processors, something has to be going for them to be faster then a lot of equally speced processors. Also modifications leads to errors which can decrease performance (or increase as well) leading you to the mess with the Thunderbolt.
            Rezound will probably have the same camera as the Amaze 4G because I don’t see HTC using a bunch of different camera sensors(unlike Motorola which can’t find a good one to work with but that’s a whole different story) for phones that are coming out within months of each other. We have leaked pictures from the SGN so there is a good idea what those look like too. So why don’t you have a peak and see for yourself.
            Which phones tend to have more developers supporting them nexus(might as well include the droid too because its a stock experience) or HTC phones. Almost every phone gets rooted, locked bootloader (even if its later) or unlocked and there are always a developer that works with each phone that is semi-popular. “have availability to all the same modding support.” Just because something is available doesn’t mean that it will be used or in this case be supported. As for being crazy, it is 3am so my brain isn’t working at its maximum. As for not knowing the exact graphics card models, ill try harder next time, but yeah i could care less about the Rezound due to the fact that I will have a great phone to be supported for years to come(my droid still have devs working with it and its going to be 2 years old soon with the most ancient hardware out there).

          • Anonymous

            It’s late for me too, so yeah, I understand and admit that the Rezound isn’t a wonder phone.  Neither is the Nexus though; they’re both nice models, but with Tegra 3s and CortexA15s around the corner, there’s jucier stuff to go nuts about.

            You ask a good question about the cores operating separately:  that dosen’t make them faster, it just allows better power optimization.  HTC actually screwed up the software when they launched the Thunderbolt, and accidentally made it *waste* power, so that’s why I put in that caveat.  The battery life issue is more directly in regards to LTE.

            So yeah, if you’re not into the Rezound, that makes sense.  It’s the best option out for me, so I’m looking forward to it, but there’s plenty of people (probably more people) who will appreciate the Nexus more.  If you’re looking for the stuff in the Rezound, it’s there to be used though, so that’s nice.

            I hope you have a blast with your Nexus either way.

          • cortex a15s aren’t “around the corner”. for the next year or so you will only see dual cores and quadcores utilizing the cortex a9 architecture.

          • Anonymous

            Qualcomm’s “Krait” SoC is based off of the Cortex a15, and is scheduled to be available for sampling in the next month or so, with implementation in devices by late summer next year.

            OMAP and Samsung are not looking to implement them for a while, true, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a lot of the benefits.  Nvidia went with more cores of a9, but they will be along with their a15s at the very beginning of the next year (as per their annual release schedule).

        • Anonymous

          You brought up a good point…what majority shops for phones at a store?  the ‘elderly’ and the ‘elderly’s children’.  by this i mean they have no idea what they are looking for until they get to the store and look around.  of course they will listen to the rep and who knows what the rep will say.  They will push whatever phone their manager tells them to.  are they going to say, “hold out for the nexus, it’ll be here in a few weeks”…hell no!  They need sales.  The ‘average’ customer has no clue, so they will get what is popular or what the store wants them to buy.
          When i go to a store to check things out, i always find a customer and let them know the ‘real deal’ about phones…ps – i love using ‘quotes!’

          • Only one time in my life I bought a phone without first checking it out in the store. It’s when I bought the Incredible. Not necessarily a mistake, but I feel it was a dumb move on principle.
            If it’s at the store, it’s probably got accessories you can at least look at to see what they are, how they look, and more.
            If it’s at the store, you can see how slow it gets after 1000 stupid people touched it (consider it a simulation of owning for 6 months and installing 100 apps).
            If it’s at the store, you can see whether or not it really will be cumbersome in your pocket
            If it’s at the store, you may actually run into a rep who is a true phone geek, and can tell you something interesting based on his knowledge of the phone and consumer reaction.

      • Naergoth

        fail! give me the galaxy nexus!

        • comando

          ha in all seriousness i got a chuckle out off that

    • Anonymous

      Say what you will about them, but these beats headphones sell. A lot of people will see it as a deal to have a hundred dollars set of headphones included. Especially when they ask, what kind of headphones come with the RAZR or the galaxy nexus?? Just saying. People like a deal.

  • WTF Verizon, we really don’t give a shit about this device. All the community is asking for is the damn Nexus. It’s not that hard at all, why must you make it complicated? Please be the 10th or 17th pleaseeeeeeeee

    • Vaporware

       Because Verizon doesn’t give a rats ass about the community. They care about the other 99% of the customers that buy their products. This phone WILL outsell the Galaxy Nexus without question. The sooner your realize the Nexus devices are niche products the better off you will be.

      • WE ARE THE 99% 😉

        • Vaporware

          If only that were true……

      • Anonymous

        Some people prefer Sense and other UI’s to stock android, I am one of them but I am going to give the GALAXY NEXUS a go, and if I don’t like it, I’m getting the Rezound, there some big improvements on both the NEXUS and the Rezound that are worth taking a look at.

        • Vaporware

          I agree 100%, though I would go as far as saying that the majority of average consumers prefer the skins to Androids UI. That may change with ICS but I am doubting it until I see it happen. I have some close people working for Verizon and their informal polling has shown that the average consumer prefers the skins to stock Gingerbread at almost 10 to 1 with most saying stock Android is just plain ugly. So even though its only a group of a couple of hundred its still pretty staggering. 

          • Anonymous

            again I agree with that too, Gingerbread adds a little more color and better improvements in looks but its not exactly the best looking UI, I’ve always hated stock Android because of its ugly looks, (yeah i’m a UI lover before functionality LOL)  ICS has changed the game i think, it looks very nice and well layed out. Plus i’ve grown tired of the same Sense look with little change over the last few versions.

            A reason why I want to give ICS and the NEXUS a chance is because i loved stock honeycomb it looked very nice and the fact it will be unlockable and alot of devs will get there hands on it, and there are no decrypting m10 files like on Sense 3x, makes me interested in it for theming. While I won’t be able to bring my Incredible clocks to it, i can bring some new design ideas to it along with some others thanks to the new virtual buttons on screen and maybe some other elements.  I got some good ideas i wanna try with it, and I can’t wait to see that gorgeous Super AMOLED.  I loved my AMOLED on my OG Incredible, still do, SLCD sucks compared to even just AMOLED, users with an eye for detail and colors will say the same.

            Its another reason why “itsTheMostInterestingDevice”  lol (you twitter folk will understand that)

            but who knows, i may even get both @_@ lol

  • Longdong

    Wtf… did I miss something? Rumor was 17th UK. Not us. Now galaxy is 17th??? Verizon wants to ouch their turd loaded phones first. Sick of this waiting. Had four bionics to go back to my of Droid. Sick of the games

  • Anonymous

    And the typical shitty HTC battery life

    • LionStone

      Aaaand the typical hTc battery gripe….

      • Anonymous

        Well until they get some better battery life you are going to keep hearing it.

        • The Rezound has better battery life.  My Pre-Production model gets 32 hours on WiFi, ~18 on 3G and about 10 on 4G/LTE…  all on the stock 1620 mAh battery.

          • Anonymous

            Under what circumstances? I remember the bionic was getting more than that from testers yet once the public got it it was much worse. Just saying.

    • phoenix

      U holding a grudge bro?

      • Anonymous

        Nope just being honest:)

        • LionStone

          Well keep complaining because I’m sure that will help 🙂  Have you tried writing a letter to HTC to get it off your chest? You know iphones are supposed to have some of the best battery life, right? Well, I’ve seen my buddy have to charge his up in the middle of the day, and a few times his phone died while we were talking. How then, am I getting as good of battery life than him?

          To me, crying about bad battery life isn’t really worth it because it’s so relative, everybody’s usage is different. Also I take into consideration of what my phone is capable of, and for the supercomputer that it is, as long as everything works like its supposed to when it has power, that’s what concerns me. I’m not a tech geek but even I can manage my TB with no problems.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      rumors thus far are that the Nexus is no real power house in the battery realm either

      • Anonymous

        HTC is notoriously bad with battery life though.

  • JD

    Eh. My sources told me to expect the Nexus on the 11th (a Friday). Not clear if that was the release day, pre-order day, or announcement day.

    • ummm the 11th is a friday if anything it would be the 10th and i doubt it very highly considering it’s in testing still

      • Ummmmmmm, he very clearly acknowledged that the 11th is a Friday?

        • so……….? when has a verizon device ever been released on a friday?……………… oh yeah that’s right never kthanxbai

          • Anonymous

            iphone 4s but that is a whole different story.

          • Anonymous

            Black Friday sometimes see’s a new phone on Verizon, but not every year it has happened.  Back in 2007, November had 3 LG phones in the same month, the LG Voyager, LG Venus and LG Chocolate, complete with large marketing campaign and teasers up until release.

      • Anonymous

        The phones are tested up until about a day before. Nothing new here.

    • Anonymous

      Well my sources told me the 10th=P

      • Anonymous

        I hope your both right (but would rather Chris’s date)….   I know the 17th isn’t too much further but I can’t wait any longer. All the talk. All the hype. Just give us the gnex please…….Then we can stop hitting ‘refresh’ every second of the day.

        • Anonymous

          Agree the phones are ready quit playing favorites and sell the Damn phone lol.

  • Anonymous

    There’s some kind of optical illusion going on with the Bionic. Looks like it’s bezels are lopsided.

    And WTF?! I was expecting my G-nex on the 10th! Curse you Verizon!

  • Kevoskee

    And it comes with a purity ring also. Any waiting for the G-Nex


    Joe Jonas? Are you F’N kidding me? For God sakes, put an artist on the who doesn’t SUCK.

  • Billy Jenkins

    This phone has like 4 different names. I won’t know what to ask for if I ever actually went to buy it.

  • user01

    Why the 17th for the Galaxy Nexus?  Is that just b/c of the “1 new phone per week for the rest of the year” or is that based on the announced UK release date?

    • Anonymous

      Probably because the RAZR was marked in Verizon’s database exactly a week before launch for pre-order, the fact that the Galaxy Nexus is marked in the same database for Nov 10th availability, and if it launches on the 17th, it will coincide with the world release date.

  • whoa, throwing Galaxy Nexus release dates out there Kellex?! ha… think the UK one is going to be the same as the US one? or did I miss something?

    Back on-topic: I’m curious to see how this phone sells, and also how all 3 of these big phones are going to sell altogether.

  • was looking forward to beats headphones, fail again vzw

    • JetmanFL410

      Why is that a fail? The phone comes with Beats headsets are u kidding?

      • Jim Ortmeier

        Not sure if he’s disappointed that they aren’t headphones (like over the ear studio ones) or he didn’t see the earbuds in the photo.

  • Austin Tindle

    lol joe jonas? really HTC?