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Google Plans On Opening MP3 Store In The Coming Weeks?

Some great news looks to be on the verge today, as talks start surrounding the recent rumor that Google intends on opening up its very own MP3 store. The service is said to go hand-in-hand with Google’s Music Beta naturally and users will be buying all their favorite music then streaming it all from the cloud. Info provided from anonymous music executives states that launch is said to be within weeks – just in time to compete with Apple’s new iTunes Match service.

Could we expect an announcement of their Mp3 store along with Ice Cream Sandwich next week? And what will this spell for Amazon? Will Google use it as a native music store like Apple uses iTunes? So many people, like myself are already invested with Amazon’s Cloud Drive that switching over could be a pain. But hey, it’s Google. Everyone else willing to switch everything entirely over to Google now?

Via: NY Times, CNET

  • zack

    i’d like a music organizer like, itune – itunes store, so we could sync music and make it easier to play music on androids

  • Anonymous

    Here comes the boom! Google everywhere! Next we will see google boom boxes and speaker docks!

  • KevinC

    Paying for inferior mp3s is dumb.

    It’s like paying hardcover price for a book printed out on computer paper.

    FLAC or CDs for me.

  • Anthony Armando

    my zune recently broke and i cant place the DRM music on google music beta. if they start a service similar to zune pass i will be ALL over it.

  • Anonymous

    Good thing I already dumped 20GB of MP3 on GMusic….

  • Jon

    I stayed away from Amazon’s service because of Google Music, and I figured I’d hold out till Google works out deals with studios. In the mean time, I buy songs from Amazon, and then just upload them to Google Music. 

  • Anonymous

    How is it that hard to switch to google? you have all your music either in itunes, or window media player, or a folder? Google has an application that syncs it all to it for you.

  • Ccchoncek

    I bought the $20/year package from Amazon for unlimited music cloud storage, but the Android app caches way too much data and causes FC’s constantly. I have over 18,000 songs. Google Music and it’s app work perfectly. Never had any problems on wi-fi or streaming.

  • One Google music Beta invite available to first responder.  Post email below.

  • Flippin’ sweet!

  • Me

    How do you get invites for google music?

  • Kianhjudah

    Boom. Yes. I’m more than ready to switch over to Google MP3. 

  • Anonymous

    I buy music on Amazon, it gets downloaded and picked up by the Gmusic manager then uploaded to my Gmusic cloud.

    Amazon’s player stinks.

    • Anonymous

      When/if Google starts charging for music storage for music not purchased through them it may not be a free setup.  Though storage through Google is dirt cheap.

  • Rob Becker

    I already use Google Music on my phone, my computer at work and at home, and tablet. Oh and I don’t have to sync anything. It’s all just there. Also, one less thing I need to think about backing up. 
    Oh and I have 4 invites if anyone wants one.

  • Bernie

    Ive been using Googles cloud music service since it launched. Im happy they are opening an mp3 store!

  • Furgentetter

    This sounds like some execs are trying to kill the service by publicizing it before the deal goes through.

  • Fd2blk78

    can anyone hook me up with a google music invite?

  • pezjono

    Google and Amazon need to start joining forces instead of butting heads! Imagine what they could do together!

    • Dominick DeVito

      I don’t think Amazon wants anything to do with Google.

      • pezjono

        I don’t think it will ever happen, but it would be cool to think about the innovation behind two juggernauts in Amazon and Google!

    • Anonymous

      Google doesn’t need Amazon. Hell, having them as competition keeps some of the lawsuits away.

  • Sounds like good news, as long as they let you download DRM-free versions of the files from the store.

    So far I’ve been doubling up: buying from Amazon and storing in Cloud Drive, but also downloading and immediately uploading to Google Music…

  • jimbob

    V0 or GTFO.

  • Dominick DeVito


  • fartbubbler

    I, for one, welcome our new Google Overlords. 

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I, in this case, could not care less and plan to use it this much… zero

  • Booboolala2000

    All you have to do is download your amazon mp3 purchases from the cloud to your computer and upload to Google Music Beta. That’s what I have been doing. I am sure it will cost just as much as Amazon.

  • Mctypething

    Until Google Music increases it’s file support, I’m not interested. Half of my music collection downloaded from iTunes doesn’t work on Google Music. Not worth the trouble.

    • Warden Chinbach

      Isn’t that because of DRM though?

    • Billy Jenkins

      Its not up to Google. Its Itunes fault. Thats why I never download any media from Itunes. Because anything you download from Itunes can only be played on Apple devices like ipods and iphones. I heard this might change though but I’ve never had any problems uploading all of the 5000 songs to my google music account

      • Warden Chinbach

        it used to be that way, however Apple removed the DRM from it’s music over a year ago

        • Billy Jenkins

          I thought so. But I think the DRM is still on the music u already downloaded. and it might e a problem with your music. Because I’ve been able to upload 5000 songs to my google music. Some of the songs were even downloaded from different websites. I only had a prolem uploading a few songs that i downloaded online but they were all in the same format of songs I already uploaded. So I still doubt it has anything to do with Google

      • Mctypething

        Well, half of my iTunes songs uploaded to Google Music just fine, and the other half didn’t because the file type isn’t supported. Unless Google can find a way for people to seamlessly transition from iTunes to Google Music, nobody will.

        • Billy Jenkins

          what file formats are your songs in? Because I’ve never had any problems with any of my songs which is over 4000

          • Keith Sumner

            what file formats are your songs in? Because I’ve never had any problems with my power level which is over 9000.

          • Billy Jenkins

            I think all my songs are mp3

          • Yeah!  I have never had any problems and I have 9001 songs.

          • phoeni3265

            His music collection is over 9000!!!

          • OreoMan

            Wow!  I feel music nerded out.  I’ve uploaded over 12,700 songs to Google Music.  I’ve had problems with about 375 of them, which were also problem children in iTunes though.  I still have about 4,000 left to upload.  Oh, and I DJ, so that’s why I have so much music!

        • Anonymous

          You supported bro?

        • Furgentetter

          That’s probably due to iTunes DRM, if your songs are old enough, Google probably can’t import them thanks to Apple’s kowtowing to the music industry. Just convert those songs, there are many programs out there, or you can burn them to CD and reimport them again. There’s nothing Google can do about them since the Music labels won’t allow them to import DRMed music.

          You can also pay extra (that’s the Apple way) to have your Music DRM free, and import that to Google Music.

      • Anonymous

        Cool story bro!

        You can actually convert your iTunes purchases to MP3 and play them on any device that is MP3 compatible (which is everything).

        • Billy Jenkins

          whats your point? Apple still sucks bro. and yes I know u can convert the itunes songs. I downloaded just 1 song for $1 from itunes and removed the DRM using a program i downloaded online long before Apple removed them

          • Anonymous

            What’s my point?

            “anything you download from Itunes can only be played on Apple devices like ipods and iphones”

            That’s what you said.  If you knew that Apple did away with DRM (a long time ago) you wouldn’t have said that.  My point was that you’re talking out of your ass.

          • Billy Jenkins

            I was able to remove the DRM from songs purchased on itunes before Apple even removed the DRM. and I’m jw. where can I convert my itunes pruchased song to mp3?

          • Anonymous

            “where can I convert my itunes pruchased song to mp3?”

            IN ITUNES!

          • Billy Jenkins

            ok. But its still easier to just download them online for free. Thats how I got 3000+ songs. idk if u r trying to defend itunes or not but itunes still sucks in my opinion. I prefer google music over itunes since google music can be used on any computer or android device. all u do is sign into your gmail account which every android user has and all your music is instantly streamed to the computer or phone with no buffering. Up to 20,000 songs which is way more then enough

          • Anonymous

            I prefer Google music as well.  I obviously can’t do much with iTunes on my OG Droid (soon to be a Galaxy Nexus).  I was simply correcting an inaccurate statement.  There are plenty of things to bash Apple for…let’s not make stuff up.

          • Whatsthepoint

            Speak for yourself.  When I signed up for Google Music, imagine my horror when I realized I have 40k+ songs.  I had to sort through all the artists, and figure out what I can do without.

    • pezjono

      File support? What files are you uploading from iTunes? Pre-2009 DRM infested files?

  • Billy Jenkins

    As long as Google doesnt start charging people to use the music beta cloud services then I like the idea of a Google mps3 store.

  • Keith Sumner

    Just curious guys, has there really been no Bionic news to report lately? No new ROM’s, hacks, tips, tricks, apps, or exploits? Just curious because this is my primary source for this information and I’ve seen hardly anything since launch….

    • Billy Jenkins

      The Bionic has been out for a few weeks. You actually expect people to still talk about the over rated bionic? lol.

      • Keith Sumner

        The Bionic is an amazing phone, it’s a shame that it gets so much hate. People cry that the screen is horrible and I think it’s fine, people cry that the battery sucks and here I am getting 14-16 hours on the standard battery, on 4G/LTE all day, watching videos, texting, browsing message boards, and more. What a damn shame that the trolls won this time because the Bionic is an amazing device.

        • Mctypething

          Completely agree. It’s truly an amazing phone and I’ve never seen why people bash the screen. It’s a shame droid life doesn’t talk about it anymore.

          • Keith Sumner

            Yep, a damn shame. It’s incredibly fast and powerful, I can have a live wallpaper running while watching youtube and jump back to home to another app instantly, not only that, the phone doesn’t even get warm and I could be on it for 20 minutes straight. Not to mention it has the reliable/excellent signal strength and call quality of all Motorola radios, a scratch resistant, smooth as glass gorilla glass screen, durable overall build quality that we always get from Motorola. This phone will suit me well for the next couple years.

          • Mctypething

            I’ve never had luck with live wallpapers. They either bogged down performance, killed battery life, or both. This is on my previous OG Droid and Xoom, I haven’t tried one on my Bionic yet. Can you recommend any you’ve had good luck with? From my understanding, live wallpapers are universally thought of as performance draggers.

          • Keith Sumner

            Hasn’t made my Bionic suffer, I use “live wallpaper from Nexus S”

          • Raven

            I love “collecting” Live Wallpapers, I have tons for different themes and occasions, but I always end up going back to my favorite: PhotoWall on Fade Layout with a 5 second interval against my collection of nice photos that I have downloaded and taken myself.  Almost no noticeable battery or perfomance drain on my Droid 2 Global

            The main thing if you are concerned about battery life is not to run the crazy 3d Live Wallpapers that force the CPU to do full screen updates every 1/30th  of a sec or more.
            Ones like PhotoWall that just fades a new photo into a collage every 5 seconds have very little impact.  Others that do simple 2d animations are not that bad either or Wallpapers that only move when touched also limit the battery drain.

          • Anonymous

            I still use the Bionic as my daily phone, just not much to say about it. Developers didn’t adopt it because it’s locked. Most ROMs aren’t actually enhancing the performance of it at this time. It’s a really solid phone, but just like the Inc2, DROID3, and every other phone out in the last year, there isn’t much else to say about them unless they receive updates.

            We ran a review, told you how to root it and bootstrap it, and are now waiting for the massive bug fix that’s coming in November. It hasn’t been forgotten, there just isn’t any news related to it.

          • Mctypething

            Would be nice to see a return of the app of the day feature, or at least some more app reviews.

        • Dominick DeVito

          Mine had the radio bug and VZW refunded me without sending me a new one. They told me to return it or keep it until the November fix was released. That would’ve been impossible since it couldn’t keep a data connection.

          But I did like it otherwise. I agree it’s a shame you don’t hear about it anymore. And when the HDSpyderRAZR is released then it will completely be an afterthought.

    • Mctypething

      The Bionic has been long forgotten on this site. After constant articles about it pre-release, post-release it’s basically disappeared from droid life’s radar. Would be nice to get some articles about things other than rumored phones, but that seems to be the direction this site is taking.

  • Kevin

    yeah unless google music offers unlimited storage like amazon i’m not interested. amazon mp3s are already perfect imo

  • Ravnos CC

    Been loving google music “beta” for months… I could be persuaded to buy music from them, if the price and ease is right!

  • HerroMoto

    Do people actually buy music?

    • Yup, every now and again.

    • Some Random Dude

      they sell music?..

    • Anonymous

      I do for indie artists and bands I like.

      • Anonymous

        do you then listen to/download music you don’t like? 😛

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, bands I like “less” 😛 Or bands that are total industry whores who wouldn’t miss my contribution.

    • Warden Chinbach

      Yep, when I want to support an artist.