Amazon Announces Cloud Music Service and Player on Android, Your Music from Anywhere

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Talk about awesome midnight news out of the Amazon camp.  How does a new cloud music service sound?

So here is the deal – it’s a new cloud-based music service that allows you to purchase music and decide to upload it to the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere, or save it directly to your device.  Obviously the smart thing here is to attach all of your purchases to your personal Amazon cloud so that you can later download them onto any device of your choosing.  Here’s the catch though; you only start out with 5GB of free cloud storage space, but can quickly up that to 20GB just by purchasing an MP3 album.  You can also upload your current music library to the cloud using Amazon’s uploader.

Here are the pricing plans for additional Cloud storage:

We’ve got that whole process for using the cloud detailed for you in pictures below.  

When you open the new Amazon MP3 app, you get to decide if you want to shop for songs or head straight to the player to play any music that you have in your cloud.  It will also let you play music stored on your device and is really an all-in-one kind of guy.

If you decide to shop, you can decide after purchasing if you want to save your songs to the cloud drive or directly onto your device.

Here is what the cloud music player looks like after saving your purchases to your cloud drive.  Oh, and it also includes a button to allow you to download to the device you are currently using.  Yessir.

More info here, here and here.  Download Link.

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