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First Live Nexus Prime Photo Appears, No Physical Buttons in Sight

Are you looking at the first live picture of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) on the Samsung Nexus Prime?  It certainly appears that way.  The photo above leaked to GSMArena this morning, showing off a 720p HD display at 320dpi, a screen that looks slightly curved, and on-screen back and home keys.  The absence of physical keys has long been rumored back to the day we first heard that ICS would bring the best parts of Honeycomb to phones – this is the first time we have actually seen it.

Nice timing.  The day that the new iDevice will be announced.

Via:  GSMArena

Cheers Konrad and Charles!

  • Thelionsroar

    if it has no sd card slot….a huge no go deal breaker….if that is confirmed then I will be getting the GS2 like originally planned.

  • Anonymous

    I think this time we are in for a treat with this Nexus model.

  • Based on a pixel density of 320 ppi, and a resolution of 1200 by 720, the screen is a 4.3″ screen!

  • The home button or on screen home key or whatever is in the middle… is apple going to sue ? lol no but the Optimus 2 and the non-us galaxy s II both have their home button in the middle… F**k i forgot what i was going to say about that…. someone spit ideas out..

  • Ben

    Am I insane to say I still would prefer physical buttons to on-screen buttons? I just don’t see the need.

  • Haelstrom

    I’m sure the glare was intentional to make it look more real. Who would even use this picture. If it was real they would have taken more care to get a good picture that you could see clearly. The fact its a crappy image and has a glare just screams they hiding something. Maybe the real phone or actually ICS but I’m doubting both.

    On a side note I can’t wait to see the real thing. The iPhone 4S release just didn’t do it for me. Mediocre upgrades. Apples plan is obvious. Release a half baked release and sue the crap out of the only real competition to make sure they sell more.

  • wait wait wait, if the buttons are on the display, why are blacks so much blacker in that section of the screen?  Looks like backlit buttons to me.

  • stu

    I am confused.  those navigation buttons (back, home ect..) dont look like “on screen” buttons, but rather the normal capacitive ones used today.

    that is unless the screen is AMOLED and the background of the app is just a lighter black color.  otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the defined line between screen and soft key area.
    just a thought.

  • ScottyfromGA

    i thought they were gonna make it with a full screen and the buttons integrated into the touchscreen to give it a bigger screen?

  • Well IF this is real.

    And the DPI is 320, with a resolution of 1184×720, that would be a 4.32″ display.

    • ahhhr32

      you’re not accounting for usable screen space vs total screen space.  1184 pixels + top statusbar + softkeys = 1280 pixels.

      so yes, the full screen size is 4.6 or 4.65 or whatever, but the viewable area is closer to something like the DX, but much higher resolution.

      • My XOOM still says 1280×800 even though it has the system bar at the bottom.

  • Louie

    PRIME TIME BABBY! I just ice cream sandwiched in my pants

  • James_Ever

    Kellex, why is there a ghost in the background of your picture, dude looks menacing…

  • Philip Van Luke

    notice the screen is missing 96 pixels, i wonder why?

  • J Dub

    Fake as crap.

    Look at this picture of a Nexus S. Tell me that the rounded corners and rounded bottom aren’t the exact same. Tell me that the width of the bezel on the side isn’t the exact same. Tell me the bottom length from screen to bottom edge isn’t the exact same.

    • Anonymous

      That silver border around the phone in the supposed Nexus Prime picture is *not* the exact same.

      • J Dub

        I’m sorry, but look at the bottom. Its black. What looks silver is the flash on the black plastic. This is 100% fake.

  • Just looking at this little bit of the Nexus Prime makes me think this will be my upgrade from the OG. 

  • Flip74k

    I wonder if ics will have a pull down notification bar?

    • Anonymous

      For phones, yes it will.

  • Joshua Dudash

    They could have atleast tried a little harder…. for all we know, this could be a nexus s that got the soft buttons shopped out

  • mysticdarkhack

    Geez, what up with those round cucumber or sausage type phone, are manufacture being so cheap now-a-days?

  • Joshua Dudash

    check out the middle too… the actual screen is off to the left inside the bezel

  • Please be enormous, my hands and eyes need it!

  • Spickle

    does nobody else see the 3 buttons on the bottom? back key, home key and i can’t see the 3rd one. when i heard no buttons i thought it meant no buttons.  guess i was wrong.

  • there needs to be less unused space below the screen if the screen is going to be this big.

  • Anonymous

    those capacitative buttons look sweet!

    • they’re not capacitive. those are on screen

      • Anonymous

        Even better!

  • Whatever

    I usually hate when people try to call fake, but wow. The text isn’t even on the screen, and if you look at the bezel where it says “Display,” you can see the screen kind of juts out and down. This isn’t just fake, this is badly faked.

  • Please be on Verizon… We already got screwed out of the SGSII and Nexus S. I really don’t want any other phone.

  • Interstellarmind

    i really, really hope that a little snippet photo of an upcoming android device overshadows the news of a 5th i*hone launch. haha, that would TOTALLY make my day.

    re the bezel complaints: I don’t know about you guys, but bezel is good. I want someplace to put my fingers when holding the device in landscape view.

  • I’m a little disappointed in the huge bottom bezel – anyone else?  I figured the screen would be edge-to-edge (or close to it) due to no buttons on the bottom…I’m excited either way, though

    • Anonymous

      thats what i thought too. it just looks like they sacrificed part of the screen for the buttons. i hope this will be good.

  • Anonymous

    This is a nice screen shot of a non-Verizon device lol

  • Anonymous

    Love it.

    I’ll take 2.

  • LamarTyrion

    The phone looks nice, but I still hate the fact that Samsung is behind this 3rd Nexus phone. They screwed up the Nexus S so badly, I really wished that a different manufacturer would step up for this one. I mean, no SD card, and just a rehashed Galaxy S for the Nexus S, that was ridiculous.

    • I’d argue that they did a better job than HTC with their Nexus. Seriously, if the Nexus S were on Verizon, I’d be using it. The only two phones I want right now are the SGSII and the Nexus S (out of what’s out). 

  • Anonymous

    i’m guessing those buttons will be accessible with a swipe up from the bottom – like wave launcher.

  • Sam Stone

    Wow, what a letdown.  Was hoping to get rid of the bezel and have a true edge to edge screen with the inclusion of soft buttons…

    • Anonymous

      You would have to hold it like a hot potato in order to not be constantly pressing something when just trying to read it.  At least that’s how I see it imagine by DX without a spot to rest my fingers at the bottom.  

      • Sam Stone

        I hold my phone on the sides, not at the very bottom of the screen….

    • John

      That’s a bad idea.

      1) nothing to absorb impacts.  Even gorilla glass will shatter when dropped, and you want a bezel to absorb the damage.  

      2) Depending how thin this phone is, you need a bezel to prevent inadvertent touches.. I too hold my OG on the sides, and even with this fat phone, I touch the screen sometimes.  I’d say a few mm bezel is a good thing

  • Djstar2k2

    i got a felling ill be disappointed

  • Chris G


    My OG is about dead but I’m holding on until I can get this.

  • Anonymous

    If this device is definitely coming to Verizon, I am all over it. Holy sweetness!

  • Interstellarmind

    sorry HTC vigor… but i just found my next phone.


  • I wonder if Google also built in support for phones that do have buttons, or if devs will have to do that on their own. I figure Google should already have it, so they can update the Nexus phones, but who knows…

    • Anonymous

      Honeycomb supports physical buttons – no reason to suspect that they’ll remove that in ICS.  Android is all about variety.

  • Nate Surber

    Very true.  Great point.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone brightened the image to make sure no physical buttons can be seen in the bottom bezel?

  • Nate Surber

    I was picturing an “on screen” button to be more widget looking.
    These look like digital versions of the same old buttons.

    • EC8CH

      sure but on screen buttons can be changed and configured.

      • Alan Paone

        and reordered! Anyone can have the (correct) back, menu, home, search layout! I just realized this 🙂

        • Tyrian

          Spoken like a true OG Droid owner

  • Anonymous

    With this phone’s launch, any phone after w/ physical buttons will be obsolete and show that the manufacturer is not dedicated to updating. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Like Mike Tyson says NIIICCCCEEEEE!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Timing +10000000
    Is there an event today?  Yes, it’s the day the Nexus got leaked.

  • Keith Sumner

    If my eyes are right, then that looks like at least 1 inch of bezel at the bottom :/

    • EC8CH

      I’d say 5/8″ to 3/4″

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to assume their was for product testing involved to make that decision.  For instance when you are holding the phone and not trying to press anything you need a spot to rest your thumb which for me is the bottom.  But maybe I’m just holding it wrong.

      • Anonymous

        To quote the ex leader of the sheep… “You’re holding it wrong”

  • LionStone

    Bring it!!! And I hear that it wont be plastic but with metal chassis…

  • John

    Hell. Yes.

  • EC8CH

    Big radii and slightly curved bottom… very “Nexus S” looking perimeter.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    fake.  Last 2 lines… the text is off the left side of the screen.

    • Jak_341

      Good catch. Also, the white text between top and bottom is a slightly different shade of white.

      • Adam Wiggins

        Some of the text at the top is also off the left side, specifically the t in “touchscreen”. 

        I can hardly wait for real pictures, sigh.

        • Anonymous

          Yes I see it now. This is definitely some Photoshop work.

    • Anonymous

      Last 3 lines actually, unless you believe that thin strip of black is the screen, not the bezel, look at the top half, it appears the strip of black at the edge is part of the screen.

    • palomosan

      This image might be fake but the phone itself it’s coming next week, so I don’t care if this image is fake or not, it made my day.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        I have no doubts there – it’s piqued my interest as well… I just question the validity of this photo.  😉

    • GJB

      It could just be a glow effect from crappy Mr. Blurrycam (although, admittedly more Mr. Zoomycam here) paired with the curved screen.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        Perhaps.  Maybe a shadow cast from the angle he’s holding it at… who knows.  Next week, we’ll all know tho… I’m not too much a fan of the super-rounded Palm Pixi-esque corners tho if this is real… to be nit-picky about it all.

    • pezjono

      I’m not debating if it is legitimate or not, but the black edge along the “D” in Display Metrics is further left leaving me to believe that it might be some weird thing going on with the flash and that the last line only looks to be overlapping when the actual edge might be further to the left.
      But who cares? Just release the phone so I can retire my OG with respect!

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        That’s possible.  I’m not of the mindset here that I’m right — just my observation, and what I think it ultimately means.  Kellex is probably getting a little chuckle out of us being so picky on it… 😉

      • JDub

        If you look closer you can see the edge still. There’s a reflection giving the illusion the display looks like its too far to the left. As far as the lettering overlapping the edges I believe Toys explained this correctly. The camera used to take the picture caused the lettering to bleed over.

    • This could just be “pixel-bleeding”. The image is low-res. When you take a low-res picture that has high details (in this case, the high res display), the low-res picture can only capture limited details of the original, and pixel-bleeding will happen.

      To make it easier to understand, imagine there are 10 “conceptual” pixels in the original object, 2 of them is black and 8 of them is white. Now, your camera can only capture these 10 conceptual pixels into 1 pixel. Those 8 white pixels will over-powered the 2 black pixels, and the camera will end up capturing a very bright pixel.

      • Adam Elghor


    • Anonymous

      yeah, definitely looks like it’s coming off the edge.. I’m gonna open in in PS and see if I can reveal anything, :/

    • Anonymous

      looking at it in PS I think it’s just pixel bleeding cause nothing really stood out as Photoshopped. the last two lines appear to go off edge but they really don’t and the edge next to ‘Display Matrix’ is caused by a reflection. of course it could just be a really well done Photoshop job ;P

    • gearmonky

      not fake (at least, not fake based on what you’re saying).  what you’re seeing is a combination of two things: first, as anyone who has ever done dev work (hardware, not software) can attest, there are plenty of times when text starts on the leftmost pixel.  it would never be that way in a finished product, but especially when you’re firing something up for the first time and do the obligatory “hello world” or a diagnostic display, you will see text starting at the very first pixel.  second, the camera is being held at a slight angle to the phone, which cuts off the first 2-3 pixels as a matter of perspective.  text starting at the first pixel looks weird enough, but if you take even 2-3 extra pixels off of it, it is going to look like it does in the shot above

      not saying its real (actually i’m not claiming either way), but i’m saying your observation probably isn’t grounds for dismissal.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        Fair observation.  Less than a week, we’ll know.  I’m still excited, real or fake…

  • Anonymous

    the back and home key graphics are ugly.

    • ahhhr32

      Good thing they’re built into the software and can be modded 🙂

  • I like, you like?

  • EC8CH

    Who likes Nexus Pics…. I do!

  • Anonymous

    So is that may 1280×720 but because of the buttons on the bottom you lose some of those pixels, knocking it down to 1184? Or am I interpreting that wrong?

    • And don’t be confused by the strange 1184 x 720 pixels resolution that appears on the system info. That’s just the active area of the screen, with the status bar on the top and the three soft buttons on the bottom not counted. The Samsung Nexus Prime will surely come with a regular 1280 x 720 pixels screen.

    • Anonymous

      The screen size is the screen size. The buttons on the bottom count as part of that. So, yes, this is not actually true 720p (1280×720). It definitely seems to be more 5:3 than 16:9.

      • Anonymous

        Not if you read the original article.  It clearly says that the notification bar and the buttons are not included.

        • Anonymous

          Read the original article? What is wrong with you? Who does that?

          But, yeah, I was too busy nerdgasming to that picture to be able to click any further links. I think my mind would explode if I learned anymore about this device before next Tuesday.

    • Anonymous

      If the buttons disappear when watching video will you care?

      • Anonymous

        I thought about that, but how would you get back? Tap on the video and they appear superimposed? Honeycomb definitley gives up some screen real estate for those buttons, even when video is playing. 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I’m guessing something new like an overlay.  Even though it’ll derived from HC I have to imagine/hope they thought to optimize it for the small screen.

  • Anonymous

    Stoked to finallly see this phone and more stoked to go out and buy it next month!! it is quite obvious why pictures leaked today tho lol

  • Anonymous

    Definitely real.

    • EC8CH


  • Sboman32

    that large Bezel is HORRIBLE!

    • Missthetrain

      Yep, can’t stand wide bezel either, makes it looks like something from Fisher Price out of the 60s. Typical lack of engineering IQ, splashed it to the side in order to achieve the desired thickness or thinness. Hats off to Moto for their “as thin as possible” bezel design.

  • The info seems to make sense, but I am still skeptical on the pic.  Is it just me, or is there something fishy about the left edge just above “Display Metrics”?

    • Anonymous

      If you look really close, it’s just the glare that’s producing that trick.  I know what you are thinking, the screen isn’t lined up, but it’s just the glare.

      • I think you are right.  I am trying to not get too excited.  The more I see of this sexy beast, the uglier and slower my OG Droid seems.

    • Anonymous

      I think its just the glare 

  • Anonymous

    buttons don’t look on-screen to me…?

    • Exactly what I was saying. They look exactly like the buttons on every other phone to me, unless I’m missing something…

      • Anonymous

        Check out any screenshot of honeycomb, it has buttons on screen that look similar to this.

        • I agree the actual buttons look the same, but these look like they’re on the bezel not the screen.

          • Anonymous

            Turn up your brightness or look down at your screen, you can see where the shades of black change from the screen to the bezel, it is a distinct line.

          • Nick

            Yup, and thus the beauty of Samoled, a true black screen that blends in perfectly with the black bezel.

    • I think you can see a slight difference in shades of black between the on screen button background and case of phone.

      • EC8CH

        exactly.  screen black is slightly brighter than the bezel.  those buttons are definitely on screen.

    • Anonymous

      I would be surprised to see them get rid of the standard row of physical buttons due to the number of new devices being released (bionic/photon/GSII/Vigor/etc…) that will likely want to be upgraded to ICS in the coming months after release. I think we’re in for one more iteration of physical buttons, at least.

      • EC8CH

        get ready to be surprised then 🙂

        • Anonymous

          How do you think they will handle devices which already have physical buttons? Maybe the OS will allow the OEM to choose between on-screen and physical to bridge the gap?

          • EC8CH

            That’s be my guess… I’m sure there will be an upgrade path for older devices with physical buttons.  They may miss out on some functionality due to the flexibility of the on screen buttons, but they’ll get some form of ICS.

          • Anonymous

            If the device has physical buttons, it should be in the build.prop I would guess and the OS would not include the onscreen buttons. The Nexus S leak with ICS had buttons so it did not need the onscreen buttons.

          • Anonymous

            That’s likely why this had an odd size display as that bottom part is “extra” so the main part of the display will be equal to phones with physical buttons.  The part not displaying buttons will have an aspect ratio equal to the button phones.  That’s my guess.

          • iCS will support physical buttons. People get this thought that no phone will have buttons its not true

      • I think Google has stated that ICS will include support for physical buttons should the manufacturer’s decide to include them on the hardware. Otherwise, they’re simply no longer required.

      • Nick

        the difficulty of using the physical buttons with ICS on those phones is likely low. So, its not suprising that there are no buttons.

      • Justin

        I feel like that makes no sense. Manufacturers will continue to make phones with physical buttons so long as the OS requires them and there will always be new devices with those physical buttons.

        What would make more sense would be if the OS knew when a device were older and had physical buttons and knew not to include the soft keys.

        • Anonymous

          That’s exactly what will happen. It will recognize in the OS build. It’s not like if you got a Bionic that you are stuck on Gingerbread forever. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m zoomed on my dx and I see a slightly lighter shade on the right side. the left might look darker because of the person’s shadow.

      • Anonymous

        I think you are right on that…When I clicked to get a closer view, I see a distinct line on the right hand side.

  • Anonymous

    I can has on VZ?

  • MFG

    I reallyyyy hope ICS is more than Honeycomb on a phone. 

    • Where was it ever stated that it wasn’t? ICS was meant to be a unification of the OS forking (Froyo/Gingerbread vs Honeycomb) with some extra under-the-hood stuff as well.

  • Anonymous

    i*hone can suck it!!

  • Those are on screen?

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  Those buttons look like the same old captive buttons we’ve had on most phones the past year or so.  If those were on screen buttons the black behind them wouldn’t be so dark and would not match the bezel.

      • Anonymous

        Have you ever tried S-AMOLED? If it has to display something black it just switches the pixel off, so it looks really black and flushed with the bezel.

        Those are definitely on-screen buttons.

        • Anonymous

          Makes since.  Maybe they are soft buttons.  I’m still not totally convinced though.

          Wouldn’t that Display Metrics page be using a black background?  It looks dark gray in the picture (probably looks darker in real life but the flash and camera make it appear lighter).  But why would they make that metrics app use a dark gray background and not a black background?  So if the app is truly using a black background then how would the background behind the soft buttons come across darker in the photo than the app background.

          Just a thought.  I could be totally wrong though. 

          • EC8CH

            Screens can only get so black.  Even the best Plasma TV’s can’t get as black as their bezels.

          • Anonymous

            its definitely on screen. on the right side of the photo, under the buttons. you could see where the screen ends and the bezel starts. have you used a honeycomb tablet? those buttons aren’t part of any app. they are integrated into the OS. they are always there and always on a black background, no matter what color the screen is.

      • wcurr

        you have clearly never experienced super amoled.  I could not see the edge of my droid charge when it was black, really is amazing.

  • CB3FSU


    • Anonymous

      Okay, I’m confused. If the dimensions are 1184 x 720 at 320 dpi, this is NOT 4.65 inches. I’m getting 4.33.

      Edit: Nevermind, I’m assuming the app he is running to check display characteristics is not counting the row of buttons at the bottom and the display is actually 1280 x 720. The bottom row taking up 1280 -1184 = 96 pixels? Well this at least confirms that this should be equivalent to any 4.3 inch phone but where the screen extends over the soft buttons, right?

      So that would mean 1280 x 720 at 320dpi, now I’m getting 4.59 inches.

      • Anonymous

        That may be the display the OS has to use with the buttons present?

        • Anonymous

          I realize that, I’m calculating diagonal inches with resolution and dpi.

          Edit: sorry meant to reply to the comment below.

          • Anonymous

            I was saying that maybe that is the resolution of the home screen launcher area and not what the display is capable of. If that makes sense. So maybe that’s why the calculation is off. Unfortunately I never bothered looking at the formula so I have no idea of my point is even relevant. 😛

      • Warden Chinbach

        4.65 is diagonal

      • ahhhr32

        you’re forgetting the status bar area at the top as well, i’m not sure what the normal height for status bars are, but if you find out and do the math, i’m certain the numbers come out to 4.65.

        • Anonymous

          I think the calculations are fine regardless of the status bar. I used 1280 x 720 because that is the supposed resolution of the actual display, status bar or not, and any little square/rectangle you measure on screen will have the same dpi as any other part of the screen or even the entire screen, so we know it will be 320 dpi, that’s how I calculated 4.59 inches.

          In Honeycomb, the resolution is 1280 x 800, but the bar at the bottom for the buttons and notifications takes up 80 pixels making the resolution 1280 x 720, so assuming there is a notification/status bar, and it isn’t included in the 1184 pixels listed, that area and the area at the bottom for the buttons will collectively take 96 pixels, however that is distributed.

          • Anonymous

            I think they rounded that “densityDPI” number up.  The ppi for a 4.65″ 1280×720 display is about 315.8.  I don’t get those “xdpi” and “ydpi” numbers though…  They should be exactly the same.

          • Anonymous

            Well, yeah you’re right that they do sometimes round these numbers, but that’s usually for marketing purposes. In an app like this that’s actually calculating it, it would only round to the nearest whole number. The calculations I did were based on 319.96 dpi, and got 4.59 inches.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I almost called this yesterday….Should have…

  • Nice.