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First Live Nexus Prime Photo Appears, No Physical Buttons in Sight

Are you looking at the first live picture of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) on the Samsung Nexus Prime?  It certainly appears that way.  The photo above leaked to GSMArena this morning, showing off a 720p HD display at 320dpi, a screen that looks slightly curved, and on-screen back and home keys.  The absence of physical keys has long been rumored back to the day we first heard that ICS would bring the best parts of Honeycomb to phones – this is the first time we have actually seen it.

Nice timing.  The day that the new iDevice will be announced.

Via:  GSMArena

Cheers Konrad and Charles!

  • Thelionsroar

    if it has no sd card slot….a huge no go deal breaker….if that is confirmed then I will be getting the GS2 like originally planned.

  • Anonymous

    I think this time we are in for a treat with this Nexus model.

  • Based on a pixel density of 320 ppi, and a resolution of 1200 by 720, the screen is a 4.3″ screen!

  • The home button or on screen home key or whatever is in the middle… is apple going to sue ? lol no but the Optimus 2 and the non-us galaxy s II both have their home button in the middle… F**k i forgot what i was going to say about that…. someone spit ideas out..

  • Ben

    Am I insane to say I still would prefer physical buttons to on-screen buttons? I just don’t see the need.

  • Haelstrom

    I’m sure the glare was intentional to make it look more real. Who would even use this picture. If it was real they would have taken more care to get a good picture that you could see clearly. The fact its a crappy image and has a glare just screams they hiding something. Maybe the real phone or actually ICS but I’m doubting both.

    On a side note I can’t wait to see the real thing. The iPhone 4S release just didn’t do it for me. Mediocre upgrades. Apples plan is obvious. Release a half baked release and sue the crap out of the only real competition to make sure they sell more.

  • wait wait wait, if the buttons are on the display, why are blacks so much blacker in that section of the screen?  Looks like backlit buttons to me.

  • stu

    I am confused.  those navigation buttons (back, home ect..) dont look like “on screen” buttons, but rather the normal capacitive ones used today.

    that is unless the screen is AMOLED and the background of the app is just a lighter black color.  otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the defined line between screen and soft key area.
    just a thought.

  • ScottyfromGA

    i thought they were gonna make it with a full screen and the buttons integrated into the touchscreen to give it a bigger screen?

  • Well IF this is real.

    And the DPI is 320, with a resolution of 1184×720, that would be a 4.32″ display.

    • ahhhr32

      you’re not accounting for usable screen space vs total screen space.  1184 pixels + top statusbar + softkeys = 1280 pixels.

      so yes, the full screen size is 4.6 or 4.65 or whatever, but the viewable area is closer to something like the DX, but much higher resolution.

      • My XOOM still says 1280×800 even though it has the system bar at the bottom.

  • Louie

    PRIME TIME BABBY! I just ice cream sandwiched in my pants

  • James_Ever

    Kellex, why is there a ghost in the background of your picture, dude looks menacing…

  • Philip Van Luke

    notice the screen is missing 96 pixels, i wonder why?

  • J Dub

    Fake as crap.

    Look at this picture of a Nexus S. Tell me that the rounded corners and rounded bottom aren’t the exact same. Tell me that the width of the bezel on the side isn’t the exact same. Tell me the bottom length from screen to bottom edge isn’t the exact same.

    • Anonymous

      That silver border around the phone in the supposed Nexus Prime picture is *not* the exact same.

      • J Dub

        I’m sorry, but look at the bottom. Its black. What looks silver is the flash on the black plastic. This is 100% fake.

  • Just looking at this little bit of the Nexus Prime makes me think this will be my upgrade from the OG.