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Netflix Removes Device Check, Should Work on Most Android Devices (Updated)

We just threw up a post about the latest Netflix update which brought support to the original DROID, but what we failed to originally realize is that the update removed the device check which means in theory, that it should be able to work on all phones.  Well, guess what?  I loaded it up on my DROIDX2 (which is “not” supported) and it installed just fine and is now streaming a video.  I’m loading it up on other devices too, but wanted to make sure you all knew.  Feel free to grab it below and install – let us know how it goes!


Download:  Netflix.apk

*Note – this is not a hacked version.  This is 100% the market version.

Update:  Works on Thunderbolt (rooted 2.3), DROIDX2, DROIDX (2.3), and Xperia PLAY.

Update 2:  No XOOM support though.

Update 3:  Looks like it’s pretty hit or miss.  Definitely sounding like it’s not working on stock Thunderbolt which is a damn shame.

Cheers Brandon!

  • Meganmary Mb

    I have the netflix app on my phone but I am dying to figure out how to stream it to my home television.. any suggestions?

  • Givesuhe11

    I can tell y’all it works on an Archos 7o Tablet (Firmware 2.4.80 (Android 2.2.1)) and a SonyE Xperia Pro (Android 2.3.4)… Lovin it!!

  • David Barreda

    I can hear and see the subtitles, but still no video – Droid X with MIUI

  • Mike49mr

    Will this work on a droid 2.2 tablet?

  • Xshadowcainx

    I have a Sony Xperia Play and it works on my phone. Do get a green bar at top of screen and a double image on some things, but its not flaggy at all.

    • Xshadowcainx

      Lol, laggy

  • ben

    Works for my droid 2 global

  • Rbroun

    Netflix is now showing in the market for droid 2 and working flawlesly.

  • Rbroun

    Netflix is now showing in the market for droid 2 and working flawlesly.

  • Gnaegele1107

    i dont know about others but netflix is now working on stock Thunderbolts…

    • Gnaegele1107

      at least its working on mine,

  • John

    Netflix on thunderbolt WORKS. Just wait for the update. (it took mine like 5 minutes before it realized there was an update)

  • Dew4metoo

    Netflix moved their stuff to new servers today (7-17-11) after the move however, they nerfed the droid X2s from being able to connect. Does anyone have a work around for this?

    • Marvin Bermudez

      Same here, Droid X Gunerbread. Service unavailable,

  • Fastfreddie831

    No netflix or hbo go for my Asus transformer

  • this worked on my out of the box unhacked huawai m835.  Can I say I love you guys yet???  Yes…  Yes I can.

    I might add here it would NOT allow me to download the app through all the regular ways AND I got advanced app kiler to help the stream be less choppy. Works like a charm. It asks for the update, but it would not update, so i cancel it everytime i open it. i have been stressing over this for two days as the man who sold me the phone insisted netflix would work on it before I bought it. Buyer beware.

    Oh and this is on 2.2 not 2.3

  • Hooblah

    Thanks sooo much, works great!

  • Ddrbarf

    Ugh how hard is it to make this shit work on all devices.

  • Slayertxp

    I’m running on stock Verizon Droid X2 firmware. I bought the phone 5 hours ago from a Verizon store and this APK is working perfectly. It continues to ask me if I want to upgrade but I’m assuming it may break the app or fail the upgrade if I try. So its a minor inconvenience as long as I can watch movies until they fix this officially.

    Thank you for this file! It works great.

  • Netflix is back up working now, for the htc evo 4g, you can now, download Netflix on the Android Market
    Sprint did a another update for the htc evo on 6-22-2011

  • Netflix is back up working, for htc evo 4g..now you can download netflix on the Android Market Now

  • Foxy_6105

    I am have a htc HD from etlus mobility in Canada..I downloaded everything as you said but I get an error everytime I try to use it…tells me that I theirs an update yet it won’t let me know it and then it tells me that my date and time is all wrong…..PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Foxy_6105

      oops that should say Telus not etlus…hehe

  • Guest

    Does not work on Motorola DEFY

  • zsnowangel

    No go on Droid 2 Global. Installed and looked like it was going to play, but then didn’t

  • Anonymous

    Watching movies now on my DRIOD X. Thanks guys

  • Anonymous

    Just downloaded app and now watching movie on my DRIOD X. Thanks guys

  • Jcalavera

    Works on Coby Kyros 8024

  • Works on my original Droid.

  • Jjkarr

    does anyone know if it works on the global?

  • JackMehoph

    works on Droid Inc.

  • matt lepoff

    it works on my droid x stock with the 2.3 update woo hoo 🙂

  • Thomasbrown513

    get  the apk it work