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How to: Root the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi

If you bought a Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi this weekend, hopefully you didn’t try to root it the same way we all did with the 3G/4G version because there is a chance you would have bricked it.  This is slightly different, but not all that difficult if you have a decent grasp on adb commands.  Yes, adb commands.  It’s time you all start to learn these and get your Android SDK setup properly.  Update:  1-click method added.

All credit to the members of XDA forums for this method.

1-Click Instructions:

*WARNING* – This method is pretty much untested.  Proceed with extreme caution.  Read the support thread below first.  We don’t want anyone bricking their brand new XOOM.

1.  Download this file:  RootMyXOOMNOUNROOT.zip
2.  Unzip the tool and all of the folders and files into a directory.  (i.e. c:\xoom )
3.  Run the Xoom One Click EXE tool and follow the instructions. Read the prompts carefully.

Full support for 1-click can be found at this XDA thread.

Manual Instructions:

*You will need the newest Moto USB drivers. [Download]

1.  Download this file to your computer:  xoomwifiroot.zip
2.  Unzip it and drop all files into your Android SDK Tools (or Platform-Tools) folder.
3.  Open a command prompt from within the Tools folder.
4.  Unlock the device’s bootloader with these commands:

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot oem unlock
adb reboot bootloader

5.  Once it boots back up, enter the following commands in adb:

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot reboot
adb remount
adb push bcm4329.ko /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko
adb push cifs.ko /system/lib/modules/cifs.ko
adb push tun.ko /system/lib/modules/tun.ko
adb push scsi_wait_scan.ko /system/lib/modules/scsi_wait_scan.ko
adb push su /system/bin
adb shell ln -s /system/bin/su /system/xbin/su
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
adb push Superuser.apk /system/app
adb push vold.fstab /system/etc/vold.fstab
adb reboot
adb shell

6.  Enjoy being rooted!

Here is a video tutorial which starts after you unlock the bootloader:

YouTube Preview Image

Full support can be found at this XDA thread.

Cheers Chris and everyone else!

  • disgruntled

    lot of use this is since US government have bricked the download links

  • Guest

    Step 4, not working for me… please watch Vid. and help! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bROUZh7GRI

  • paul44

    any one know where i can get one click rooting tool

  • Anonymous

    Just got my wifi xoom on sunday & have struggled with whether or not to root. Have had my ogd1 rooted for quite a while, & love that, but i’m wondering how much support there is for honeycomb. Also, does anyone know if doing this will wipe your data? I’d like to maybe have drocap & titanium backup, but not sure if I would have a need for many more root-only apps.

  • Ekessick

    This Worked great!!! Keep up the Good work!

  • Jwtyler

    Raah! Thanks for mentioning my tool. * cough * ( heh hehe I said my tool. No I never did grow up… )

  • Will rooting my wifi xoom stop me from getting future updates? The only need to root would be adfree, droid overclock, set cpu, or dropcap… not really worth doing if I wont be able to receive the update that activates the micro sd slot in my opinion…. if someone knows if the update is coming or not would help… but im not ready to root yet… hopefully soon someone will make a root/unroot app similar to z4root to make it brainlessly easy to unroot.