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DROID Incredible OTA Update Coming Tomorrow/Today?

Remember that OTA update for the Droid Incredible we told you about that will include 720p video recording, a new boot animation, and a mobile hotspot app?  Well rumors have it dropping on your DI tomorrow/today.  Yep, tomorrow/today July 16th.

I can’t confirm the date, but I can confirm all of the goodies that are included.  Those screenshots above, yeah those are from my Incredible.  Let me just say that the new boot animation is a version of that first DI commercial that flashed all of its features and it definitely has 720p recording plus some mobile hotspot fun.  Skype is now included, a My Verizon app and some updated widgets.  It’s not Android 2.2, but it’s definitely going to bring this device up to speed with some of the rest of its competitors.

Everyone ready your Incs!

Rumor Source: Android Forums

  • Edbarnes_99

    no ….the ota is coming out on the 18th of august, I know a few more days shouldn't make a difference but I waited so long …that it does!!! I am very happy 🙂

  • Edbarnes_99

    no ….the ota is coming out on the 18th of august, I know a few more days shouldn't make a difference but I waited so long …that it does!!! I am very happy 🙂

  • Ed

    Well I just got off the phone with the veizon tech and he says, google just finished and released the 2.2 update for incredible last week, problem is it has to be tested, so this means we will not see it until late August or early September.

  • Jcrotinger3

    This is my first post. I just received a DI one week ago and am totally stoked at the performance. If the updates do come out then it will just be more “incredible”

  • Ean

    So much for this, what a damn lie

  • Imwf2003

    FYI, BRICKED my phone trying to use the manual update at XDA. Don't apply update twice, it WILL brick your phone

    • Chris Nimon

      if you cant boot into recovery then send Kellex an email through the contacts button at the top of this page. As far as we know there has never been an actual Bricked Phone.

      • Imwf2003

        WRONG! I have a BRICKED phone….. NO power. If I could get it to boot I could fix it, There are at least 2 that I know of.

        • Mrpicolas

          Need to leave it charge if its30% or under when flashing it has problems booting into recovery

  • droider

    late in the day on 7/17 …. nada

  • scorpion77

    what about N wifi ?? any list of things this includes ? what is this going to change on my droid ??

  • has anyone received this OTA yet?
    I tried looking under About Phone>System Updates and it says I'm up to date

  • Htcincredible

    5:45pm n cali no update.fel sorry for use that unrooted ur phone for this.You all think update is coming today or no?


    WOW no Di update kellex. or does it take all day to get to us n batches?

  • deladroid

    Did I miss something? This OTA is not Froyo? Did I miss if anyone stated (or asked) why an OTA is coming out before 2.2 Froyo? I confussed.

    • samh785

      HTC said that Froyo is coming out in December

      • SamK

        No, they didn't. They said that all of their phones would probably see an update to Froyo BY December, meaning that updates could come out any time between now and the end of the year, but they hope to have completed the rollout by December.

  • Jstn

    Just a question, when I do this update (no I have not gotten it yet) and I root afterwords with the new '1 click root' from xda, can I use the 2.2 rom that I read about sometime last week (possibly earlier)?

  • I'm wondering what I am supposed to do, I keep on checking the system updates thing on my incredible but nothing.. guess patience is a virtue.

    • Achpoques

      Same story for me.

      • Okay dude if i get the update i'll try and post it to you and vice-versa… hopefully if none of us get it Kellex posts something soon…

        • Achpoques

          Sounds good and I'll do the same. Let's hope this rumor is true.

          • Yeah i really hope because I've been waiting since I heard about froyo for an update, so this is going to be good. (even though we still have to wait for froyo)

        • Achpoques

          There are some Twitter users reporting they have gotten the update. Hopefully it's coming soon for us. 😀

          • Diggindude

            there is “ONE” twitter user reporting this…might be BS…

          • I bet it is… I was so siked! 🙁

  • 1bad69z28

    Does anyone know if the Droid X can play live radio??? Or is that part of the Adobe Flash upgrade that is coming?? Someone in the office just asked me and I don't remember.

    • 1lionmurrill

      Yes, my droid plays live radio. Tried it yesterday.

      • 1bad69z28

        Cool, so you get all of yuor local stations and everything,
        NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy Man 🙂

    • Mike

      Yes it has an FM tuner, but the antenna is not very strong so you will have trouble tuning into the far off stations.

  • Notorious

    I just got my Droid Incredible yesterday. What concerns me is that I get one bar, but I'm still able to make calls and the Internet, over 3G, is blazing fast. I think this is more of a GUI problem. Can anyone confirm if the OTA update fixes this problem?

    • Ulnek75

      i'd rather be understated rather than overstated bars like the iphone lol

  • Recordingmusic

    Newb question. Do updates occur over wifi? Meaning if I'm connected to wifi, not on the 3G connection, will the update install anyway?

    • Mrpicolas

      it will tell you you have an update and ask you if you want to install yes as long as you are not in airplane mode you will know

    • You cannot update over wifi for obvious reasons (reason being Verizon would have to hack into your wi-fi network to push data to your phone). OTA updates will only happen over verizon mobile (data) network

    • 1lionmurrill

      I downloaded swype for my wife's droid incredible over wifi. The swype website actually suggested wifi over 3g. I don't know why other companys would be able to do it and verizon can't.

      • Recordingmusic

        I think what meant by Parthas statement is VZ is pushing an update to its users. Your scenario describes your asking for a download via your wifi connection. If VZ had it available for download in a manual form, you could do that over wifi, just like any other file you download. I hope my explanation helped?

  • Sodders

    Even tho I just ordered a new, bigger battery for the DI, I wonder if the update fixes the battery drain issue. I just got the DI a few days ago and noticed the battery just…goes down when NOT in use so fast.

    • digitalicecream

      I had this problem. Try turning off your phone this evening to charge it and watch it go from 6am to 10pm tomorrow without a recharge. Also, I'm not sure how much I believe this but, the phone is calibrating the battery for the first few recharges. Give it a week but definitely power off to charge it at least once and you'll know what I mean. Hopefully the OTA updates the last 10% issue.

      • 1lionmurrill

        Me and my wife tried that with her DI and it went day and half with out charging. When the phone was plugged in, it showed fully charged. When we turned it off it showed it was not fully chared, weird.

        • Jmdearras

          When you turn it off, let it stay connected to the charger until is once again goes green. Then turn it back on, and you will see much improved battery life. A bug in the charger code when the phone is on.

  • I heard no mention of the Incredible “Droid Eye” in the boot up.. I know they mentioned that the incredible was to get it's own “Droid Eye” but IT wasnt mentioned in artile and wondering if that was still gonna happen?

    • digitalicecream

      Yup. the Eye is the equivalent of the camera. flip your phone over and you'll see what the boot screen represents.

  • tehpwnerer1918

    Can I install the OTA update with my unrevoked3 root and reflash recovery installed or will it brick the phone?

    • digitalicecream

      Just unroot, OTA, then root.

    • Jmdearras

      unrevoked says to wait for them to test before applying this update.

  • palomosan

    Kellex, where's the zip file so we can update manually???

    • digitalicecream

      The zip file is in XDA Forums.

      • Derick

        i wouldnt recommend manually updating.. XDA forums states that if you do the manual update, you cannot go back to stock and it may prevent future OTA updates from verizon from reaching your device.. I'm waiting for the VZW OTA first. here's a link to Thread on XDA Forums:


  • Romma1

    Any idea how long this update will be rolling out? INothing on my phone yet..

  • It would be great if the Incredible, D1, and Eris ALL got their OTA's on the same day. I'm starting to get a little antsy about this Froyo update that's taking so long to arrive.

  • palomosan

    So does that mean that if we don't get the update over the air, we should see it (the file) soon on this website, just like the other's had been made available, right Kellex?

  • ctmaines

    Did anyone actually get the update on their DInc yet? I'm rooted…will I actually see that there's a system update? Or do I have to do something else to get this? Sorry…I'm pretty new to the Droid world.

  • nick o

    i have the droid x so screw it!

  • BADNEW2003

    Yes 720p on my DI is pretty nice. F droid x an its bootloader love my root.

    • nick o

      u can still root droid x and there is a good chance that with a lot of time and hard work we will get the bootloader unlockeD!

      • Guest

        I really doubt it. Remember the Milestone?

  • does anyone know what the buggles beast v0.4 tool kit is for? its not like the jrummy custom scripts so i dont really understand how to use it

  • Yes just read to get the right one I had to have cm 6 on then dwn load zip to SD card then rommanger select apply from SD card find zip and select don't wipe I posted this few days ago

  • DroidFab

    Check out this shirt, WANNA BUMP? haha.


    • thats funny i would definitely get that to walk around and be a nerd haha

  • digitalicecream


  • xmetl

    this really makes me want to get a droid incredible, i prefer this to the Droid x just because i like the HTC sense

    • Rizzidy

      No kidding. I wish they would have released the EVO on Verizon – best of both.

  • No 2.2 yet? Awww. I was looking forward to making it a little faster.

    • Scotty89

      in time, friend….in time. At least we are finally getting this much from them. (hopefully.)

  • FrenchToast

    Hey everybody, was just watching some TV and saw the new Droid X commercial. You know, the one they had the day before launch? Anyways, they just removed the intermittent “tomorrow” and actually show one of the people pulling a Droid X out of the rock in the final shot. Pretty sweet commercial imo 😀

  • Rizzidy


  • http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/2048-thememo
    can someone go to the link i just posted above and tell me if they have tried this theme for the new cyanogen froyo rom i wana try it cuz it looks gorgeous but i honestly have no ecxperience with meta morph so i wana c if anyone has tried this theme and have used meta morph before

    • Looks nice. Its not often you find a rom with color menu icons. Black notification bar is a must for me too. Check out bugless beast 0.4 and get the nexus theme. Toss in Chevy lv 1.1ghz 7 slot kernel and you will be happy. I guarantee it 🙂

  • andrewcweaver

    It's mainly to a address an issue where the phone will sometimes not ring when receiving call. All reps I spoke to confined 3G Mobile Hotspot too.

  • Jgoitom26

    man i believe it when i see it cause when it comes to verizon and update we all know how that goes remember all us incredible owners use to be blackberry tour owners and we know how that update pleyed out.

  • LobbyDizzle

    What ever happened to Droid 1 getting 2.2 this past Wednesday?

  • Any updates for Bluetooth? I'm having trouble getting my Jawbone headset to connect.

    • digitalicecream

      There may be some updates for BT as well… which Jawbone do you have? I have both Prime and Icon and they connect fine however I notice that when I holster the phone I do lose connection… are you keeping the phone on the same side as the ear you connect the headset on?

      • Youngdrake

        Dude, Plantronics is where it's at. Although the jawbone packaging is pretty sweet, if highly irresponsible from an environmental standpoint. And bluetooth should not be interrupted by which side of the body you keep your phone.

      • Jawbone icon. My Dinc does not recognize it when i try to pair it. I tried to pair it with an old Motorola Bluetooth and it at least paired but then said it couldn't connect. Any thoughts?

  • Lwl209

    well that's great. I just rooted with unrevoked3… if this update is legit, how will I update my rooted inc?

  • I just got my incredible today. Perfect timing i guess.

  • Schindler557

    I can's say how happy I am that I find this sight shortly after getting my Incredible. I am new to android and Rooting and loading the ROMs, but you have helped me so much! It has been amazing – I still have not successfully rooted – hoping to tomorrow after I get the OTA update with your new directions (THANK YOU). It really is a wonderful community and I am in awe of your abilities!

    • Schindler557

      And then being so excited about your post – I typed like a moron – ha ha!

      • kellex

        Welcome to the site!

  • Qmartman711

    hahah kellex, you rooted your incredible too early:)

    • kellex

      I know dammit, had to unroot to update heh.

      • nick o

        lmao right when u get it rooted u have to unroot but did they release the update !

  • David

    Will this update fix the signal bar inaccuracy?

  • Allstar5101

    Wasnt the droid eris suppose to get an update tomorrow

  • skltr21

    so close!

  • Keke

    i wish i had a smartphone 🙁 im holding out for the holiday phones. DX too big for my liking, and i heard its not THAT up to par

    • keke where did you hear that? Gizmodo? Droid X is the best phone out only flaw is that the blocked bootloader

  • Froyo please? Haha

    • Denniswrly

      New to site i also have DI and hope to get update. i still trying to figure out the root thing i guesss i don't need it if i don't understand it..anyways gl to ur droid2 and phased out droid 1 🙁 but big fan of site.