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twitter bookmarks android

Twitter Adds Bookmarks!

Twitter announced today that it has finally added a Bookmarks feature. For anyone who uses Twitter regularly, yes, this means you can stop liking everything to try and save it for later. You can probably edit your profile too, to remove that "Likes are not...
twitter android

Twitter Makes It Much Easier to Create Threads

If the character count increase wasn't already enough, and you still need to make a thread to share your sometimes esoteric views with others, Twitter is making it very easy to create threads. Before this change, users would simply reply to their previous...
V2 Tease

Vine Co-Founder Teases Vine 2

Twitter announced that Vine would shut down last year, with many across the internet quite upset about it. Today, though, the internet has reason to be happy, as one of the founders of Vine is ramping up hype for what could be Vine 2. In a tweet from last...