Question of the Day: Uncommon Apps You Use Regularly That Might Surprise Someone?

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Forget all of the Google apps you use all day every day. Forget Instagram, Facebook, Hulu, the official Twitter app, ESPN, and Netflix. In today’s question of the day, we want to know about all of the other apps you use on a regular basis – the uncommon apps, the third party alternatives, and those that may surprise someone.

It could be a mail alternative like Mailbox because you don’t like Gmail. Or maybe you hate Google Photos, so you use QuickPic. Since the official Twitter app is a confusing pile of meh, I can imagine that plenty of you use a Twitter alternative – which one do you use? Is there a particular file manager that you have settled into? What about a fitness tracker? 

To help kick it off, here are a few of the uncommon apps I use regularly.

  • Diaro:  This is a fantastic cross-platform journaling app that may have a silly name, but makes up for it by having a modern UI, web access, syncing, and the ability to attach multiple photos to an entry. I don’t know why every single journaling app decided that people would only want one photo attached to an entry, but it’s the most ridiculous limitation I’ve ever seen. I ditched them all a year ago for Diaro because of that simple functionality and never looked back.
  • Sunrise:  Of course, Microsoft owns this company now, but before that happened, I had fully committed to Sunrise as my calendar of choice. The UI can be a little wonky at times, but I love it because I can attach all sorts of other apps to it. For example, I get invited to all sorts of events through Facebook, yet I don’t use Facebook. Those event invitations show up in my Sunrise calendar, where I can respond without having to open Facebook. It also tracks my favorite artists and when they are playing in Portland through a Songkick integration and even gives me the Portland Timbers calendar. Like Diaro, it also has great cross-platform action.
  • Others I’ve mentioned before:  Cabinet Beta as my go-to file manager, Fenix as my Twitter app, Plex as my media manager, and UP as my fitness platform of choice.

Your turn – give us a couple of potentially uncommon apps that you use regularly.



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