Episode 80

Virtual Reality with Ron

I know that today is Wednesday, but when you have special guests available for a special show (this is number 80), some times you break away from new traditions and return to an old tradition. That’s right, the Droid Life Show is going down at 3:30PM Pacific today because our very good friend Ron is able to join us. Yes, that Ron. You know you have missed him. We have all missed him. I’m sure he has plenty to say. I’m sure Tim has plenty of “subjective” things to say back to him.

Topics for the show include the newest in Android 5.1, our thoughts on the Apple Watch now that it is 100% official, and if anyone actually cares about VR. It should be a fun show.

At 3:30PM Pacific (6:30PM Eastern), won’t you please join us? 

The Droid Life Show: Episode 80 - Virtual Reality with Ron



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