Google Announces Google Play Music “All Access” for $9.99 Per Month (Updated: It’s Live)

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We have heard rumors up until this point, but today during their keynote, Google made their new streaming music service official. Google Play  Music “All Access” gives users the ability to search through Google’s huge amount of songs and the ability to play them instantly. An all new UI allows you to swipe away songs if you don’t want them and the ability to make radio stations instantly based on one song. The price of this new streaming service is $9.99 per month, but everyone gets a 30 free trial. If you are an early adopter and sign up before June 30 however, your price is only $7.99.

The I/O keynote is still going on, come and join us!

Update:  The service is now live! Get to it here(more…)

Google’s Music Streaming Service to “Have Very Positive Impact on the Business”

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According to music industry officials, Google’s plan of entering the music streaming subscription service is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. With Google’s already large user base with services such as YouTube, Google has a unique way of bringing content to customers. With Mountain View now looking to turn these people into paying subscribers, the industry couldn’t be happier.  (more…)

Google Might Be Looking to Beat Apple to The Streaming Music Game

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Before Google Music launched, Google and the music labels were said to have had a hard time working out the hard details, but they eventually reached an agreement. A recent report said that a few execs in Google working for the Android department have been in talks with music labels for expanding Google Music, wanting a Spotify-like streaming service. (more…)

Designer Puts Together What a Redesigned Google Music Could Look Like


Since the launch of Google Now, Google has been moving towards a certain design language with Android and it’s been well received by many people. The core Google apps have been slowly moving away from the Honeycomb look and more towards the Jelly Bean “Holo” feel. One app that still feels lacking, however, is Google Music, the dark backgrounds and highlights just don’t mesh with Jelly Bean well.  (more…)

Tip: How to Fix Poorly Matched Songs in Google Music, Explicit Ones Included

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On Monday, we first reported on the fact that Google Music’s new Scan and Match feature didn’t appear to be all that big of a fan of music with explicit lyrics. In fact, almost every album that users attempted to match to Google that contained explicit content, was being matched with the much more Sunday-friendly, “clean” version. Users complained, as expected, because a fix for the problem was initially no where to be found.  (more…)