Monday Poll: Enjoying More – New Hangouts or New Google Music All Access?

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Now that you have had four or five days to fully dive into two of Google I/O’s biggest announcements – Hangouts and Play Music All Access – we thought it was time to see who is garnering most of your attention. I’ve fully committed to the new Hangouts and am already figuring out how to convince friends and family to make the permanent switch over. All Access on the other hand is sitting in limbo on my devices, since it is not compatible with the Nexus Q for the time being. See, I use Google Music quite a bit in my office, but only through the Q, so I’m unable to take advantage of my free trial at this point. I’d certainly like to use the hell out of it – just can’t for now. Tim on the other hand, is an All Access machine and couldn’t stop using it the entire time we were at I/O.

So what about you? Are you using both? If so, which is taking up most of your time?

Enjoying More - New Hangouts or New Google Music All Access?

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Video: Overview of New Google Play Music and All Access

play music all access

Now that Google I/O is wrapping up here in San Francisco and we finally have a chance to take a minute and breathe, we decided to sit down and do an overview of the new Google Play Music app along with its accompanying All Access service. Announced on Wednesday as a subscription-based Pandora and Spotify competitor, All Access is an important piece to the media puzzle for Google. The future of music appears to be in streaming services.  (more…)

Nexus Q Officially “Incompatible” With Latest Version of Google Music (Updated)

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Not only did we not get a new version of the Nexus Q yesterday at Google I/O, but to make matters worse, anyone who has one of the original versions from last year has found that they can no longer use the media center with the newest version of Google Music. Once the new version of music has been installed on your phone, there isn’t an option to switch over to the Q. That’s right, the number one reason to own a Q is now not even an option.  (more…)

Google Announces Google Play Music “All Access” for $9.99 Per Month (Updated: It’s Live)

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We have heard rumors up until this point, but today during their keynote, Google made their new streaming music service official. Google Play  Music “All Access” gives users the ability to search through Google’s huge amount of songs and the ability to play them instantly. An all new UI allows you to swipe away songs if you don’t want them and the ability to make radio stations instantly based on one song. The price of this new streaming service is $9.99 per month, but everyone gets a 30 free trial. If you are an early adopter and sign up before June 30 however, your price is only $7.99.

The I/O keynote is still going on, come and join us!

Update:  The service is now live! Get to it here(more…)

Google’s Music Streaming Service to “Have Very Positive Impact on the Business”

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According to music industry officials, Google’s plan of entering the music streaming subscription service is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. With Google’s already large user base with services such as YouTube, Google has a unique way of bringing content to customers. With Mountain View now looking to turn these people into paying subscribers, the industry couldn’t be happier.  (more…)