So Many Ridiculous Nexus 5 Rumors Today…


You know you are getting close to the launch of a new Nexus product when retailers start trying to steal attention (and raise search engine results) by prematurely posting listings for a yet-to-be-announced device and the trolls start spamming off bait to inboxes of tech media outlets. Today, appears to be the king of days as Nexus 5 rumors are flying around these parts with media outlet after media outlet just blindly posting it all, because maybe it could all be true! (Or there are thousands of page views to be had. Yep.) Let’s address a couple, so that you’ll stop emailing them to us. :)  (more…)

HTC Sense 5.5 Screenshots Show Option to Turn Off Blinkfeed, New Camera Features, Other Tweaks

htc sense 5.5

Thanks to a series of screenshots post by blog Android Revolution HD, we may have first look at HTC’s soon-to-be-released Sense 5.5 Android skin. The screenshots show a familiar design language to the Sense 5 that was first introduced with the HTC One, but includes new options to help expand its polish. Most would argue that HTC has one of the better Android skins on the planet, and these subtle changes should only help solidify that claim.  (more…)

Samsung Reportedly Working on Google Glass Competitor, Dubbed “Gear Glass”

google glasses

According to a recent tweet from industry insider Eldar Murtazin, Samsung is working to bring Gear Glass, a Google Glass competitor to the market by April or May of 2014. The idea that Samsung wants to monopolize every single tech avenue is no surprise, but could they be any less creative with a name like Gear Glass? We assume Galaxy Glass would have been more fitting, but we digress.  (more…)

MotoMaker Coming to Verizon Moto X on November 11, According to @evleaks

moto x motomaker

According to famed tech leaker @evleaks, we could see the launch of custom Moto X devices through MotoMaker as early as November 11. We don’t necessarily have visual proof or word from our sources to help the story, but this man doesn’t typically Tweet something if he doesn’t believe it to be the real deal. So call it a rumor for now, but November was the time frame tossed around as a potential VZW MotoMaker launch shortly after AT&T was given the exclusive deal in August.  (more…)

Is the Nexus 5 Really Going to Feature a MEMS, Lytro-Like Camera With Incredibly Fast Autofocus? Eh, We’re Not so Sure.

The Nexus 5 from Google has yet to see an official announcement, but a recent barrage of leaks has started to paint the picture that we could see in an announcement later this month. Thanks to a 10MB log file that the folks at Myce and Android World continue to dig deep into, a new wild rumor has surfaced suggesting that the camera in the Nexus 5 could be brand new technology, with a camera that functions a lot like a Lytro camera only at a reasonable 8MP resolution. The camera module was discovered to have an included sensor under the model numer IMX179, which with a simple Google search returns a .PDF document that we have included below for the mems|cam.

What is the mems|cam? Let’s talk about it.  (more…)

Images Reportedly Show Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” UI Changes – New Dialer, Messaging, and More?

android 4.4 kit kat

Yesterday, the images we have included in this post were sent to 9to5Google as a potential first look at Android 4.4Kit Kat.” Are they real or are they fake? That’s the big question on the tech media’s mind right now. The images show a familiar wallpaper, newly redesigned flat icons, and new UIs for both the dialer and messaging application. So are they the real deal? I don’t think anyone really knows. They could be a brilliant troll job or they could be an early enough look at Kit Kat that shows all sorts of inconsistencies for Google to tidy up before launch.  (more…)

LG-D820: Nexus 5 or Just Another G2 Variant?


Last week, we caught a glimpse of what we believe to be the next Nexus device from Google, made by LG. During an unveiling of the Kit Kat statue, a Googler was caught using his unannounced Nexus phone to snap a photo of the statue happenings. As you can imagine, word and image proof quickly spread as Google buried the video, with the world eventually deciding that this was the “Nexus 5.” While the name is by no means official, this was indeed an unannounced Nexus phone used by a Googler, and that’s at least something to talk about.

Then days later, an LG device surfaced at the FCC under the model number LG-D820, with all sorts of signs that this could be the device we saw in the Kit Kat video. And then this morning, famed Twitter leaker @evleaks posted a couple of notes claiming that he believes the LG-D820 is nothing more than a CDMA variant of the LG G2, not a new Nexus. I’m not sure I’m ready to buy into his story, but he has been on-point enough in his history to at least be heard.  (more…)

This May be the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Damn is It Huge

galaxy gear1

According to VentureBeat, that right there is the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch that will be unveiled next week in Berlin. As you can tell from the pictures, which VB claims to have been snapped from a promo video of the new wearable gadget, the watch is quite large, possibly weighing in with a display at around 3-inches. That large size is likely due to all of the tech that Samsung managed to pack in, all of which we’ll try to get through below.  (more…)