Report: Premium Galaxy S5 “Prime” Available in June

Reports of a premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 launching in the near future just won’t go away, even if Samsung execs would rather you try and ignore them. Known at this time through rumors as the “Galaxy S5 Prime” or “KQ,” a new report out of Asia Today claims that the phone will be ready for a June launch. Citing industry sources, this report expects the phone to carry a QHD display (2560×1440) and will be targeted at high-end European and American markets.  (more…)

Report: Google+ to be Dialed Back, Fate Unknown, Hangouts Team Moving to Android

The minute Vic Gundotra informed the world that he was leaving Google after eight years, the first thing most of us asked was, “What does this mean for his baby, Google+?” That question remains unanswered at this point, but a report out of TechCrunch gives off the impression that Google is viewing Google+ quite differently today than it did only a few months ago. Sources of TC would’t go as far as calling the social network “officially dead,” but did hint at its importance being drastically reduced.  (more…)

Report: Amazon’s 3D Smart Phone Will Feature Tilt Navigation Tricks

Last week, the first photos of Amazon’s rumored 3D-enabled smartphone leaked along with talk of multiple cameras and sensors that would follow your every move to present you with a potentially-gimmicky, yet semi-interesting user experience. Today, we are learning about more gimmicks, or at least rumored features that Amazon will try to use to create something unique in an industry needing inspiration. We are talking tilt gestures for navigating the device.  (more…)

Report: Google to Re-enter TV Space with Android TV

According to a report out of The Verge, Google is taking a 2nd swing (or is a 3rd?) at taking over your TV experience with a product called Android TV. Notes and screenshots from this report seem to paint the picture of Amazon’s newly announced Fire TV, but with Google powering it. In other words, it sounds like another box to hook up to your TV that has access to all of the major movie, TV and music streaming services, with a big poster-like UI, and a simple approach. Yes, another one.  (more…)

What is the Moto X +1? Leather Backs to be a MotoMaker Option?

Buzz surrounding future Motorola products has been quiet since they unveiled their smartwatch, the Moto 360, back in mid-March. We’re now just waiting for that watch to arrive for its summer launch, hopefully alongside the new version of the Moto X. According to industry leaker, @evleaks, something from Motorola is on the horizon that could potentially be talked about, titled Moto X +1, though we’re not exactly sure what to make of it.  (more…)

Rumor: Google to Release Overhauled Stand-alone Camera App, Address All Sorts of Issues

I think it’s safe to say that for years, our biggest complaint about Nexus devices and stock Android has involved their cameras or camera apps. From a confusing menu system to a weird viewfinder experience, the camera app that Google has shipped over and over again is not great. Pair it with sensors that do not appear to have been optimized and you are left with frustrating results. We keep hoping that Google will fix one of its longest standing issues, but even a camera-specific update to the Nexus 5 in Android 4.4.1 didn’t quite do the trick.

According to a report out of Engadget, Google is on the verge of releasing a new camera app that should address a number of complaints, while also opening up new opportunities for both developers and non-Nexus devices.  (more…)