Report: Samsung is Creating a VR Headset to Pair With Its Phones and Tablets

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According to a report out of Engadget, Samsung is currently working on a VR headset that will pair with its phones and tablets to potentially bring you an intense gaming experience. Similar to the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus from Sony, a VR headset tries to insert you into a game in the most immersive way possible. The content is in your face, looks as if it’s surrounding you no matter where you turn, and reacts to your movements – it’s as if you are in the game. VR headsets are all the rage these days as a potential, future game changer. 

The details are scarce on Samsung’s supposed headset, but sources claim that Samsung will try to undercut both Oculus and Sony on price in a rush to market. The device will also connect with phones and tablets (via wire, not wirelessly), so that your Android games will enter a virtual world. Of course, developers would have to build out games specifically for Samsung’s headset, since current games wouldn’t exactly work properly or in any way different, even with a VR headset on.

And that’s about all we know. The report states that this VR headset will arrive some time this year and is different than Samsung’s rumored Google Glass competitor.


Via:  Engadget | IMAGE



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