Amazon Prime Video Brings Premium Subscriptions Including Showtime and Starz

In the never-ending battle for streaming video subscribers, Amazon announced the Streaming Partners Program, aimed to bring more on-demand content to Prime members. If you are one of the Amazon Prime members who often forgets the streaming video included in your membership, like myself, Amazon is offering discounts and benefits on premium subscriptions like Showtime and Starz.    (more…)

HTC Dot View Application Receives Update, Brings Themes and Notification Options

One of the more interesting Android accessories that we have seen over the past year came when HTC introduced the Dot View Case for the One M8. A weird looking accessory that is also strangely functional, it certainly gives the One M8 a distinctive look in comparison to other “smart” cases and covers.

Today, the app that controls the Dot View Case received an update through Google Play that brings a few new features inside.  (more…)