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LG G5 Will Have an Always-On Display

Been wondering what LG would do to make the G5 standout when they stand on stage and announce it on February 21? Outside of the phone’s dual cameras, slideout battery, USB Type-C port, and premium build, it looks they are also planning to give it an always-on display. Through a GIF posted to the company’s Facebook page this evening, we get to see a glimpse of the always-on action.

The GIF below mentions the fact that the G5 will “Never go asleep while others do,” and that the G5 is “Always ON.” It shows a bunch of competitor phones all turning off as they sit still, but the G5 keeps a portion of its display always on to show you the time, notifications pending, date, etc.

LG G5 display

You may recall that the LG V10 had a similar feature thanks to its secondary ticker display. In fact, I raved about it in my review. This, though, appears to be an area smack in the middle of the main display rather than a ticker. Does that mean AMOLED? Does that mean another trick? I don’t know but I’m excited.

Always-on or Moto Display style features are some of my favorite in the history of Android phones. They allow you to see the time, notifications, and more, all without having to touch your phone. It’s one of those simple ideas that can help take a phone over the top.

With LG able to accomplish this, they are adding simple functionality that really is also really powerful. In a race filled with amazing phones, the little features are what can make the ultimate difference and help customers choose one over another.

Via: Facebook
Cheers MechaStark!
  • onstrike112

    Say goodbye to your AMOLED screen and your battery life. You’ll end up with a burned-in screen and a battery that doesn’t last more than 12 hours.

  • stanley

    As if LG’s battery life isn’t bad enough!

  • codelinx

    No one is mentioning unlocked bootloaders…. or even thinking about it openly. The main feature that keeps your phone mostly yours is locked by the likes of Verizon and ATT. If the boot loader is locked the rest of the phone doesnt matter….

    • Synacks

      Mainly because Android is finally becoming tolerable to where we don’t have to root and hack up some badass ROMs to make the OS speedier and have better battery life. You used to have to root and literally remove all bloatware and tweak the kernel and a number of other things to make several phones perform at a level that they should’ve out of the box. Namely every Android phone before 2013.

  • enigmaco

    Now I’m torn between the G5 and the new Moto x they’re working on with the fingerprint scanner (saw a article somewhere stating they would have it think it was on here actually). Anything to drop my S6.

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Also good that they are getting updates out to the G3 and G4. This is a nice touch if it doesn’t kill the screen or battery. All we need to see is burn in after a month and it will need to be switched off. How about keeping the knock settings?

  • seattle tech

    So droid life what looks better the G5 or the S7 ????

    • Synacks

      Droid Life wants the Samsung silver color on a 5″ sized G5 with buttons on the side with the navigational buttons on-screen.

  • V10 owner here. I was a huge supporter of notification LED lights…until I got the notification display. Now when I see lights going off on a phone I am wondering how I ever dealt with it constantly blinking. I love the second screen notifications on this thing and (much like the back buttons) I am hopefully never going to go back to the old way. Now, would I be able to deal with more than just the subtle/small second display? I don’t know.

    • See, I’m the exact opposite. I love the V10, but hate the lack of a notification light!

  • XvierX

    I’ve never liked the blocky design LG uses for it’s icons. I had the LG G3 and the stock dialer icon was such an eye sore. I inevitably end up using nova launcher but I like to go at least a few days using the stock launcher to give the software a test drive. The icons were some of the ugliest I’ve ever used.

  • Larry Simpson

    Honestly, I could care less. I really don’t need to have that crap displayed.

  • Dave S.

    I’m far less interested in the always on screen than I am with whatever is going on with the top-right and bottom-left corners of the device…something odd is going on there, but I kinda like it.

    • shelooga

      notification lights maybe?

      • Dave S.

        I think it looks like a sculptural aspect of the phone, like those two corners are rounded from the front…think Galaxy Edge, but just on the corners.

  • pyro74boy .

    They might as well just call this a battery drain feature.

    This is going to wreak havoc with the battery

    • Kofi Williams

      If the battery is QC and swappable it’s a moot point.

  • Sean Bello

    I wonder if this negates doze

  • trevorsalienarms

    Always on in that something is on the screen whenever the device is powered up regardless of notification status, or always on like Moto display that will pulse a notification or show the time if you wave your hand over the front but then goes back to blank/black?

    I liked moto display, not sure I want a display that literally always has something displayed on it just because. Not sure what the point of lighting up that part of the screen and drawing power is…just to be able to say it’s literally always on? So was my Moto X and N6, but I didn’t need my screen to be on 100% full time for me to know that.

  • Cael

    LenovoMoto needs to fire their social media intern.

  • Kyle Muir

    Am I the only person that thinks Moto Display/Always On/whatever you wanna call it is completely useless?

    • Jprime

      I agree completely. First, it allows for constant pocket app opening issues, and all it tells you in a graphic instead of a LED is that you have a message. You still have to touch it to see what the message is, or interact with it. Who cares if normally you have to touch the power button first?

      • Synacks

        I liked being able to see what types of messages (text/email/FB) and the time. If I had a text or FB message, normally I would peek at the message from the Moto Display screen. If I didn’t need to respond then I would do nothing, but I still got to see what the message was and who it was from without ever even really using the phone.

        • Jprime

          You are using the phone.

          • Synacks

            Hardly. I’m pressing down on a single icon to peek at a message. And then lifting my finger if I choose not to action the message.

            Alternatively, on other phones: Press button to turn screen on. Click notification. Unlock phone by swiping or PIN number. Wait for phone to load app for the notification. And then finally view the notification.

            Newer versions of Android allow you to pull down your notification to peek at the message. This still involves pressing a button to turn your screen on and then pulling down the message to view it. Twice as many steps to accomplish the same task.

            Not to mention that the Moto Display allows you to see the types of notifications you have without even touching the phone. If I have an email I mostly won’t even bother peeking at it unless I’m expecting something.

            There’s a huge difference in time and effort to simply look at a notification.

            I don’t own a Moto X anymore, but holy crap was Moto Display an extremely useful feature.

          • Jprime

            Sounds killer and really kept you using the Moto X

      • Ian Case

        By your description/explanation, it sounds like you’ve never used it. Moto Display knows if its in a pocket and doesn’t activate. There are IR sensors and light sensors to figure that out. I’ve NEVER had to touch the power button for it. You pick the phone up and the active display lights up. You wave your hand near it, it lights up. You then touch the screen to get the expanded view. Thats it.

        • Jprime

          From your response, it looks like you didnt understand what I wrote. I had the moto x 2013 for a year and it constantly went off in my pocket if I put my hands in there. I accidentally changed the time on my clock, emailed people, and called random contacts– just to name a few issues. I implied that when you look at the display it does not tell you much till you touch the icon–same as seeing an LED for the most part. If I have to touch the power button on a regular phone, or the screen on the moto x–what’s the real difference? Great I can see I have an email, but I have to press the picture of the envelope to preview it, might as well just turn on the screen.

          • Synacks

            I think your issue was that you don’t place the phone in your pocket with the screen facing outwards from your leg like most people do. If you had done that I don’t see why your screen would ever turn on and accidentally change the time and email people.

          • Big EZ

            This may be the case because I’ve never had that problem. Or maybe he has a dud, or the sensors have dust over them.

          • Matthew Merrick

            people put their phones in their pockets scree-out? how does that even WORK? o_O

          • Synacks
          • Matthew Merrick

            =O heresy

            seriously though, most phones have some sort of curve to the back, and a flat glass sheet on the front. flat makes sense against your leg, rounded and curved away from you makes sense facing out.

            at least, it does to me.

          • Synacks

            I agree, some phones (not many) have sharp curved backs and it would be odd to have that against your leg instead of the screen.

          • Synacks

            Screen does not react to heat of your leg if it facing outwards

          • Ian Case

            You’re using the 2013. The 2014 and newer don’t have that issue because they have the IR sensors that the 2013 didn’t have.

          • Big EZ

            The 2013 version doesn’t have that problem either. Maybe he has a dud, but I’ve never had that issue with my wife’s and I have to carry it in my pocket all the time.

          • If it works like the V10, the display does not wake up in your pocket. There is a sensor (you can even get it to shut off with your finger over it) and it does not activate or wake up until it is back out in the open.

    • Bobb

      I was always a big fan of LED notifications (even back in my BB days), different colors for different messages/notifications etc. Been using an MXPE for the past month and the Moto Display is nice, its different but I enjoy it. I like be able to see the message without unlocking the screen and directly open the message as well.

  • MechaStark

    If they’re keeping the LED notification, then I’m in. I don’t like the Ambient Display on my N6.

  • jrbmed08

    This combined with the side buttons is really making me want this phone. Please please please let it have a smaller screen than 5.5″…

  • Desertwhale

    Moto display is by far my favorite feature on Droid Turbo

  • jbdan

    Please stick with the superior LCD display LG makes. The shape looks like a ‘premium’ 5X. Very excited

    • staticx57

      LCD needs to go away. If they focus on OLED they can advance much faster and fill in all the gaps where OLED still lacks. OLED is a better technology and will surpass LCD in every regard if developed enough.

      • Supraman21

        Its basically there! All they need to do is reduce the power it takes to produce whites and the whole short lifespan of the blue led.

        • Matthew Merrick

          as someone who has used amoled devices for years… the blue LEDs dying thing is really just a myth. its barely noticeable 2.5 years later compared to an almost-new unit of the same device.

      • jnt

        Maybe so, but we’ve been hearing that for a couple of years now and it still has QC / consistency issues, even on top flagship devices.

      • jbdan

        They do that with their new TVs. It’s worked on and developed plenty. I agree it’s the display tech of the future, however, it’s just not there yet. It is also, at the moment, preference based. I prefer LCD on my phone. Oled, even top tier Samsung mobile displays, has quite a ways to go

    • Matthew Merrick

      the hell are you smoking? going my a note 4 to a V10 was a MASSIVE downgrade. I couldn’t see a single pixel on the Note 4, but the V10 often looks like its rendering in a noticeably lower resolution. It doesn’t get as bright, is unusable when it’s dim (as compared to AMOLEDs, which excel in low light), whites don’t look as good, and blacks are hideous. light bleed from the second screen is also painful to see at night, though that’s not especially relevant.

      The V10, and the G4 before it, were and still are beautiful devices. But to say they have “superior displays” is flat out wrong.

  • i9


  • Joshua P.

    I hope that moves around. Amoled burn is real.

    • Dane Carpenter

      It moves around on the Windows 10 phones

  • ceruleanblue

    A 5.3″ AMOLED screen. Removable battery. Expandable storage. More durable construction. Now I’m interested.

    • Synacks

      Where do you see 5.3″? Now I’m interested for once in an LG G#

      • Travis Walls

        LG G# actually sounds cooler for some reason…

        • Matthew Merrick

          G Pound? G Hash? G Sharp? G Tic Tac Toe?

          • Travis Walls

            I read it as G Sharp.

      • ceruleanblue

        That’s just part of the rumor mill. That particular one I believe was supplied by evleaks.

    • Kofi Williams


      • ceruleanblue

        Having an “always on” feature implies some type of OLED screen because LCD’s would draw too much power.

        • Tyler

          Moto x 2015 is LCD tft panel and pulses the display so it doesn’t need to be amoled but it would certainly help.

          • ceruleanblue

            Thanks for the info.

            While the lower power draw of OLEDs are an advantage, it’s the true blacks (high contrast ratio) which get my hopes up that LG is moving toward them.

        • Kofi Williams

          Moto x, v10 and n5x are all LCD with always on type features.

  • Tyler Durden

    I turn it off. Probably doesn’t impact battery but whenever I had the Nexus 6 it constantly came on.

    • TriguyRN

      But if its always on….

      • Tyler Durden

        Which is dumb.

      • It probably shuts off when the sensor is covered like the V10. For putting in your pocket, etc.

  • senor_heisenberg

    If LG is going OLED, then that would put their phones back above Samsung for me.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Rumor is Samsung will also… Might as well.

  • trwb

    Doesn’t my N6 already have this? The N6 was released 1.5 years ago.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      And the Moto X was released before that… It’s now a native feature they can take advantage of. It wasn’t before.

      • netanil

        Yep, the Moto X had it almost 2.5 years ago.

  • hyperbeatser

    Although I’m used to the 5X now, reminds me how much I miss AMOLED for Moto/Ambient Display

  • moew
    • Patrick Smithopolis

      You could have just said Active Display on Moto X from 2013.

      • Lolol

        it’s a feature to save LG from bankruptcy!

        • Just going to post this across every site with this article?

    • Craig P

      The Nokia team just needs to make an Android phone already

      • Me


      • bhayes444

        Well their phone business is owned by Microsoft now, so it’s really up to them…

        • Me

          Not true.

          • bhayes444

            Then what did Microsoft purchase from Nokia for $7 billion because I sure as hell thought it was their phone teams?

          • Me

            Nokia is separate. That deal ended in 2015, so technically Nokia can make a android device this year. They just need someone to build it similar to their tablet last yr.

  • BryceAlmighty

    I wonder if that’s gonna cause burn-in later on. Interesting idea though for sure!

    • Marc Perrusquia

      If it’s not an AMOLED screen there will be no burn in.

      • niuguy

        But, if it’s an LCD display even a black display is lit in darkness. Hopefully they go AMOLED.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          That’s true, but the V10 did the same thing with the ticker display and that only took like a 5% hit on the battery. LG traditionally doesn’t even use AMOLED, at most they’ll use in house P-OLED, like on the G Flex line, or short lived G watch Urbane 2nd edition LTE. I doubt they’ll switch to AMOLED, it will be a bit of a power drain, but I think LCD’ have become efficient enough that it’s possible it could still have decent battery life. The always on display will obviously be at minimal brightness and might even dim the backlight. Ambient display on the Moto X 2015 and Nexus 5x while admittedly not always on didn’t tax the battery too much, and allegedly the Moto 360 2nd gen with an always on watchface didn’t guzzle battery. While not as efficient as AMOLED, it’ll probably still be passable, and have the benefit of no burn in. The biggest drawback is probably going to be seeing the milky gray representation of black.

          • Kofi Williams

            V10 hardly shows a milky gray black. G5 should be similar or better.

          • Matthew Merrick

            oh come on. the second screen is awesome but the light bleed and gray background are so ugly at night i actually have to put it face down to sleep. i always had a daydream clock running on my note 4 at night, it was fantastic. perfect black, just thin pale lines of light in the darkness, not an awkward sad little triangle of bright gray light.

          • Kofi Williams

            I was referring to the entire screen being black. Test have shown it’s the most capable of showing true black on an LCD thus far.

          • Kofi Williams

            I was talking about the main screen only.

          • Matthew Merrick

            The screens are exactly the same in every conceivable way. In fact, by many criteria they are the same screen. What applies to one automatically applies to the other

          • Kofi Williams

            I think you misunderstood. We’re only talking about the level of black shown within an image on the main display. They were able to reach record contrast for the v10, even more than the G4, although still not to the level of the s6. The second screen light bleed is a different subjective issue.

          • Marc Perrusquia

            The V10 and G4 had excellent contrast for LCD’s, I probably should have phrases that better I mean when compared to an AMOLED panel.

      • BryceAlmighty

        There were two parts to my comment-
        The first is that, yeah, it’ll presumably have an amoled unless they have found some other incredible screen technology that won’t suck up power line crazy.
        Second is that people are actually complaining of burn in recently on the g4, which I have, on the XDA forums, so apparently whatever LG does to their screens allows burn in on LCD. :/

  • Cory Wilson

    Hope its not shaped like that…

  • TypoCorrecto

    RIP IPS.

  • The Doctor

    I don’t like that at all.

    • pol

      Well, you can probably turn it off.

      • The Doctor

        That would mean I would have to buy the LG G5. No way. I’m getting the S7 edge.

        • pol

          I don’t blame you. It looks a helluva lot better than the G5 from leaks of both phones.

          • Matthew Merrick

            as someone who’s gotten really fed up with samsung software, loathes the concept of a glass phone, wants a removable battery, and even bought a V10 instead of a Note 5….. I agree. That 5.5″ S7 Edge is looking like the phone to beat out of 2016.

      • JLV90

        then it wouldn’t be always on

      • OligarchyAmbulance

        No, no. It says it’s always on.

  • Will

    So basically its gonna be a skinned version of Ambient Display..

    I’m not upset considering how hit or miss ambient display is on stock android devices.

    Does this mean the ticker is gone?

  • WickedToby741

    I’ve always wondered why more manufacturers haven’t ripped off Moto Display, especially Samsung since they pretty much exclusively use AMOLED. It’s such a great feature and isn’t hard to implement.

    • moew

      Didn’t nokia do it first with LCD and no noticeable battery impact?

      • Eric

        They did, but it’s Nokia and people only care if somebody rips off an Android manufacturer.

    • Joshua P.

      It’s built into Android 5 and 6

    • jnt

      The Galaxy S4 had a feature similar to this – wave your hand over the phone and it would light up showing notifications, etc.

    • Jérôme Besnard

      Don’t forget Google itself! Ambient Display is a joke.

      • Ian Case

        Seriously, they owned Moto, but didn’t take that when they had the chance?

        • Jérôme Besnard

          I KNOW! Most missed feature on the Nexus family.

    • Jprime

      Cause an LED light is better?

    • RiceCake

      Didn’t Samsung say moto features were gimmicks?

    • Jason B

      Not sure, but it does take some engineering resources to get right. Moto Display runs off of the ultra-low power DSP in a type of micro-OS outside of Android. Any time you interact with Moto Display, nothing is output in the Android logcat. So, this is how they keep the main SoC in sleep mode to save power.

      AMOLED screen completes the power savings, but with so much white in Android now, it seems like a wash overall.

  • BobButtons

    Hopefully they release a 5.2″ish option but not holding my breath. G2 was the perfect phone size to me.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Aren’t most of the rumors pointing to a tiny 5.3″ screen?

      • RXG9

        There are conflicting rumors, some say 5.3 others say 5.6

        • Marc Perrusquia

          The vast majority of the reports have been 5.3″ there’s been like 2 reports saying 5.6″ from less reputable sources. I’d prefer a 5.6″ screen out of the two but I think a 5.3″ is more likely considering we’ve heard it from nearly the start of the rumors and it keeps popping back up.

          • RXG9

            Personally I hope it’s 5.3

            I’m looking for an upgrade from my G2. (Which had the perfect dimensions IMO)

      • “Tiny” lolz

        • nao quero publicidade, disqus

          that’s shaquille o’neal right there.
          anything bigger that 4 inches is huge on a mobile phone, for average people with average hands.
          if one can’t use with one hand, it’s not a phone.