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New Moto 360 Likely Just Stopped Off at Bluetooth SIG

The new Moto 360 (2nd gen) may be right around the corner. A device, which certainly looks like it could be the next Moto 360, just stopped off at Bluetooth SIG to receive qualification and to make sure it complies with current Bluetooth licenses and specifications. 

According to a listing on Bluetooth SIG’s website, a product made by Motorola under the design model number BTMW03 was assessed yesterday. Of course, the listing doesn’t reveal many details, other than the fact that it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and is a “Motorola Android Device.” What we do know is that last year’s Moto 360 was listed under design model number BTMW01, which is too damn close to this product’s design number to be something completely different. It’s also listed as an “Android” device, so we aren’t talking about a speaker or headset or Moto Stream audio product.

I should point out that the original Moto 360 showed up at Bluetooth SIG in August 2014, days prior to Motorola announcing the device’s availability at a private event in Chicago. I don’t want to get your hopes up and say that Motorola is on the verge of announcing this one, but you also shouldn’t be surprised if they do. Google I/O pops off in a couple of weeks, and last year, the original Moto 360 was one of the stars of the show.

moto 360 2nd gen bluetooth sig

Via:  Bluetooth SIG
Cheers Justin!
  • RoboCop

    If the current version has a $120 sale…woooo

  • JG

    According to a listing on Bluetooth SIG’s website, a product made by Motorola under the design model number BTMW03 was assessed yesterday. [… ] What we do know is that last year’s Moto 360 was listed under design model number BTMW01

    The current Moto360 is BTMW01, the new is BTMW03… Wonder what BTMW02 is/was…

  • john

    Its the Motorola bionic we been hearingbsnd waiting for years.

  • John Davids
  • Rob Bushee

    Would I be crazy to buy a discounted original 360 now? Or should I wait till the new one?

    • yankeesusa

      Nope. As long as it’s under $170 and in mint condition. There’s always swappa. It’s good to start learning android wear and how it’s improving with every update.

  • I have held out for way too long. I have wanted to buy a Moto 360 ever since it came out. Flat tire or no flat tire, I WILL buy the second generation. I just hope the design is similar to the original.

  • d790

    I’ll just wait for the Moto 720! =D

    • morteum

      Moto One*

      • Julio Valdez

        Icy what you did there (; lol

  • KoTiell

    Flat tire only ‘gets in the way’ when you don’t have cards at the bottom. I find it actually helps create a nice bottom to the cards since the bottom of the circle is useless for reading anything.

  • Rodeojones000

    I know I’m not alone, but if they get rid of the flat tire this’ll be a day one purchase for me. And I say this as a current Moto 360 owne .

  • erikiksaz

    I wonder what the 02 version is. They skipped it.

    • Nick V

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Cool

      Hmm. Maybe it’s the smaller version?

      I remember seeing rumors of 2 sizes. Could be that.

  • epps720

    For 360 owners. – Have you been noticing depleted battery life recently, mainly since the last Android Wear update? I used to have about 30% to 40% left at the end of a 17 hr day now my watch barely makes it to the end of the day if at all. Then this morning it went completely berserk and after just 4+ hrs I was already down to 25%. Usage of the watch has not changed except that I did switch to an S6E.

    • apdimatteo

      If you mean the on phone app update then yes. If the new WiFi toggle gets turned on in the app and the watch hasn’t been updated to use WiFi yet then the battery drains like crazy.

    • aye_winchell

      both me and my wife had this issue, i have a moto x 2014 and she has an g2, but they had the same issue, but hers was worse. On mine i pretty much reset the watch and it fixed it, on hers, she had to turn location services off, once she did that it was fine, but with it on she was having the same issue, so you might try turning location services off for a bit a see how it responds. Or try uninstalling ware and connect, resetting the watch the re-pair with bluetooth and set up connect and android ware again.

      We even went to far as to reset her phone and it was still doing it with location services on. But we have received some updates to android ware since then and i dont think she has tried so im gonna get into it this weekend and see, i think they have been having issues with google play services and android ware, but we are both kinda waiting for the 5.1 update before getting too frustrated with it. good luck.

      • epps720

        Thank you, I appreciate it! Figured someone had to have a similar issue

        • aye_winchell

          Not a problem for more check out the “massive battery drain” thread over on the moto360 support forums. Its the one i started and there are some specific instruction on what to try, and what we have tried.

    • erikiksaz

      Nope. Battery life is still the same for me. Overnight it goes from 100% to 86% after 8 hours, which is exactly what I used to get when it first launched.

      Maybe it’s time for a watch reset?

      • epps720

        I did a reset when I switched to the S6E but you’re right might have to do it again. First testing out the location services but will inevitably do the reset.

  • bose301s

    Flat tire is fine with me of they go AMOLED and with a current gen, more power efficient SOC and possibly a bigger battery, as long as size stays the same, if they can’t get a bigger battery I am OK with just the more power efficient SOC.

    • RavnosCC

      ooo, amoled, can’t wait to have every number around the circle of the watch burned in to the screen?

  • Conditions required for me to buy a smartwatch:

    1. No flat tire
    2. Minimum 3 day battery life with average usage
    3. Smaller overall package than current offerings
    4. Ability to choose my own band from standard sizes

    • epps720

      Sounds like you’ll be w/o a smartwatch for at least another year or two.

      • I’m fine with that. I didn’t get an iPod until the 4th generation where all my requirements were fulfilled. =)

    • Kevin

      2 and 3 will be the tricky ones for now, depending on how much smaller you want at least.

      • CHRIS42060

        Yea 2 and 3 are kind of headed in different directions there since battery technology still sucks.

    • Infolite

      I don’t get the whole “multiple day battery life” issue I mean do you not sleep within the 24 hour day? Does not that sleep
      last for 5-8 hours and, also, after that 3 day usage, you’re going to have to charge it up anyway.

      I guess the 3 day usage is suppose to help with battery corrosion, I don’t know.

      • AngryBadger

        I think what these watches need (if they don’t have it) is quick charging tech to alleviate that dead zone possibility. Universal charging standard would be nice.

      • Suppose you randomly spent a weekend somewhere and you didn’t bring your charging dock. I’d like the peace of mind, that’s all.

        • JSo

          One does not simply leave on vacation without a charger. 🙂

          • Sometimes you just gotta say “f*ck it”. I mostly like to plan and be diligent with prep, but there’s nothing like picking up and going at the drop of a hat and living life as it comes.

          • JSo

            Well if that’s the case, good thing your phone does the same stuff. lol. That’s what a smart watch needs to do for me to justify throwing money at it. I need it to do more than just notify me of stuff

          • AngryBadger

            I have been on vacation, brought my charger… and still was without a charger for a day and a half… you carry your charger with you at all times?

          • JSo

            No but I’m not usually away from one for a day and a half either.

        • AngryBadger

          I remember those days. #BachelorProblems. 😀

  • Infolite

    Is it a deal breaker if the new 360 comes with a “flat tire”? To me it wouldn’t.

    • CHRIS42060

      It really does not bother me. I barely notice it anymore.

      • Infolite

        Me neither. I tried one out at a bestbuy store. For one: it’s small on my wrist (I have average wrists). It’s also light and the flat tire felt like it belonged. Sure in terms of seeing the whole watch face it kinda breaks into the watch face so you don’t see the whole picture but it felt right for the cards that’ll pop up from time to time.

    • Mario

      it will come with flat tire

    • lgreg64

      I dont think it will have the flat. Its easy for other to see what Moto did wrong and change it. Moto was the leader in the round wacth and this is there 2nd outting.

      • Infolite

        We will have to wait and see.

    • Nick V

      Not to me. I have been with, listened to, and seen people with the watch, and not one complains about that feature. I find it funny that those who are so dead set against it, like that area will provide life saving information if it was whole, never used the watch. I haven’t heard or seen one complaint about the sensor feature in the Moto 360 at all, once the watch was worn a few days.

  • For me I want a better battery life and no stupid flat tire. Same everything else though please. I’ll take the non adaptive display and just keep it at full brightness. The screen dims out and shuts off after a few seconds anyway.

  • Such

    Love my 1st gen moto 360! Only complaint is the battery life. Hopefully moto addresses that in the new model.. I thought the black bar on the bottom was going to annoy me but I got over it and I don’t even care anymore.

  • King Lo

    MotoActv 2 please. Thx.

  • Yurp

    Meh, not excited. My Moto 360 is a huge disappointment to me. I understand if others liked it or loved it, but it’s very underwhelming and I’ve always regretted buying it at the price it first came out at.

    From dealing with the piss poor battery life of it when it first came out to the leather band looking like total crappie right now even though I don’t wear it much and all the things in between nothing about the new one can amp me up…

  • James Briano

    Much better battery or quit.

    • Colin Huber

      I get two days, easy. I’m fine with that.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    couple years ago we’d be looking at that screenshot like “What do they mean Export Ice Cream Sandwich”??? “Ohh I wonder what you see when you click Display Ice Cream Sandwich Details!”

  • Cael

    If Motorola is smart they will make one 360 with the flat tire and one without…

    • epps720

      Why would that be smart of them. It would cost more in production and if given the 2 options I’m sure 99 times out of 100 people would choose the option w/o the flat tire.

      • Cael

        Motorola is pushing customization. It would be a great Moto Maker option.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          That’s just sillyness. Not a customization option

  • dcdttu

    I’m hoping for same basic design, faster processor, better battery, and no flat tire. You know, what everyone else is hoping for. Oh, and an AMOLED instead of an LCD with higher DPI.

    • Marco Studenski

      No AMOLED for me please. I know it has its benefits, but the image on the screen is too similar all the time. Burn in, for sure.

      • bose301s

        AMOLED hasn’t suffered burn in problems in a long time.

        • She_Beast

          Tell that to either my 2013 or 2014 Moto X…

        • grayson360

          I actually have slight burn in on my Galaxy S6. I forgot to turn off “screen always on while charging” and now I have Lollipop notifications burnt in. They are extremely hard to see and don’t affect anything, but they still happened.

          • AngryBadger

            have you tried a burn in app to lessen the effect? alternates all the colors full screen for awhile.

          • grayson360

            I can only see it when I have max brightness on, direct sunlight, and I’m in gmail and even then you really have to look. So it’s not an issue at all. I don’t see it ever. Just stating burn in can in fact still happen 🙂

          • MastermindDrew

            They haven’t been on the market that long. Return it

          • Mike Aurin

            Replace that bad boy.

          • the_real_patrick_bateman

            Technically it’s probably not burn-in, because it may not yet be permanent. There are apps out there to check for and fix those things. I used AMOLED Burn-in Fixer, which turns the screen grey so that you can see whether you have any residual images that may later lead to burn-in. There’s a toggle that will invert your screen colors, and leaving it that way for 5-10 minutes fixed the issue with the on-screen buttons on my Nexus 6.


        • Jason B

          With on-screen buttons, yes, there’s burn-in. I’ve done my best to minimize it by forcing Immersive mode when reading for long periods, but it’s there.

        • Bob

          Go to a Verizon store and take a look at their Samsung devices that have been there a for a month of more…

          • +1 on this. Our Samsung display units at Best Buy’s SES suffer from some major burn in. But granted, those screens are ALWAYS on.

          • dcdttu

            Well, as long as you don’t leave your phone on for 24 hours a day for a year, I think you’ll be find. ;-P

          • MastermindDrew

            I try to stay as far from Verizon as I can. In all seriousness though; I’ve never heard of AMOLED burn in ever

          • NexusMan

            You mean the ones that sit in demo mode all day long? My mom did mo mode amoleds have been doing just fine, for years.

        • Jared Denman

          Try telling that to my nexus 6

        • Tyler

          I have 3 devices all which have burn in issues. These include: a Moto X 2013, a Droid Razr HD, and a Galaxy Nexus. The areas where there is burn in is in the notification bar and navigation bar.

      • Burn in is such a minor / non-existant issue. And the benefit of being able to have the screen on ALL the time, is such a major feature — I don’t get this sentiment.

        • Taglogical

          Because if I buy a watch, I want to keep it, not throw it away… but AMOLED is designed/engineered to be thrown away. No thank you : ) LCD ftw!

      • Taglogical

        Definitely a BIG NO on AMOLED for me too please!

    • Ryan N

      And a monolink from day one, so Kellen can’t tease us with pics like above.

    • blakjakdavy

      Or mirasol instead of amoled… 🙂

    • TSY87

      I really think the current display takes a lot away from the current model. AMOLED and higher res would make the m360 so much more premium looking.

      • RuthLPhinney

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    • BeerOnTap

      The moto 360 has an IPS display right? Whenever I research PC monitors, IPS is always said to have better color production and viewing angles. What would make AMOLED better on a watch? (Serious question)

      • dcdttu

        I am not sure if the Moto 360 is IPS or not, but check out the latest AMOLEDs from Samsung that are on the GS6 and Note 4. They beat the IPS LCD in every category. Not just some, or most. All. Viewing angle, brightness, battery life, color reproduction, color gamut.

        AMOLED are winning the race currently, at least the really good ones made by Samsung.


        • Duffman

          I will agree with you that they have come a long way, I still prefer an IPS LCD. The pentile arrangement drives me nuts looking at AMOLED. Why Samsung hasn’t gone back to the AMOLED+ is very confusing… The S2 was the only AMOLED I could stare at for long periods of time.

          • dcdttu

            You’re talking as if the pentile arrangement of the GS6 and Note 4 are a DPI similar to the Nexus One.

            The diamond arrangement on the GS6 is an ultra-dense 577 pixels per inch. Good luck seeing any pixels. At all. Anywhere.

            The Apple Watch also has a retina AMOLED. You can’t see the pixels either.

        • Taglogical

          That is an OLED-centric site… In any event, they are trying to get you (the masses) to buy TVs based on this garbage… OLED’s luminance comes from burning carbon, unlike Plasma display tech, this is a high-loss process. OLEDs will continue to get dimmer the more they are used; they were originally designed to be a disposable display. Think of OLED as the thin-filament light bulbs of display tech = ie we can make a lightbulb that lasts forever, but where’s the $$$ in that? LCD on the other hand will run all day every day for 30+ years and maybe the power supply will go out on it before you have an issue with the display.

      • JG

        Black pixels on AMOLED screens are off & don’t draw power. So if your watch face is mostly black, you’ll be able to save a fair amount of juice.

    • EricMayBell

      That and built in GPS. That’s a big one for me

    • tardis 13

      @dcdttu:disqus Ditto that!

    • michael arazan

      Can’t wait to buy a Moto 360 for $50 used when the new one comes out.

  • Qbancelli

    It is mine!
    I sold my first generation 2 months ago in anticipation to this.

  • Ryan N
  • Wish price came down

    • Kayungjoo

      Price is quite reasonable. If you can’t afford it then maybe just grab the 1st gen 360 when the new one comes out. Lots of watches out there for sale that are just a watch and they sell for well over 250.

  • Suicide_Note

    Please, no flat tire, and I’ll purchase on day one. Please, no flat tire, and I’ll purchase on day one. Please, no flat tire, and I’ll purchase on day one.

    • yeah right

      what if the flat tire was 50% or 75% smaller? would you bite then? (i have no insider sources just genuinely asking a question)

      • SeanPlunk

        No, it shouldn’t exist. It ruins the design aesthetics of the device.

      • mike

        I’ve seen a leak of a supposed 2nd gen and the flat tire was there but much smaller.
        I’ve held off on every and all 360 deals so far, hoping for v2 announcement by I/O.

        • Nick V

          I’ve been busting at the seams with these sales. I wish they would announce and release it already

      • braindead360

        Nope. I’d either hold out for the 3, or purchase the Huawei.

        • yeah right

          The flat tire does serve a purpose, it enables the exterior to have minimal bezels.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            But it’s ugly… and it takes up screen space that a circular screen already can’t afford.

          • braindead360

            I respectively disagree.

          • The Bilderbergers

            that watch is so damn beautiful

          • braindead360

            I understand the purpose that it serves, but I’d still prefer it to not exist. Someone did a mock up with a 360, with a true 360 degree display, and included lugs for the the display drivers to go while keeping the bezels thin, and it looked amazing. I would be perfectly happy if they went that direction.

          • Cory S

            All watches have bezels. There is no reason not to continue that.

      • Suicide_Note

        Probably not, because it would still be present, just smaller.

    • gallen408

      After a day or two of use it was near invisible to me. The adaptive brightness also made it totally worth whatever inconvenience it was.

      • 4n1m4L

        Agreed. That and having wireless charging make it still the best out there.

      • Suicide_Note

        I’m too OCD with stuff like that, otherwise I’d have bought the 360 already. If Moto keeps that design flaw intact, I’ll be buying the Huawei Watch instead.

        • gallen408

          I wouldn’t call it a design flaw, it supports an essential (to me) feature.
          Funny how preference can vary like that. I think the Huawei Watch is amazing looking, but I really don’t like the idea of having to move through the menus to adjust my brightness everytime I changed rooms.
          If the crown were a brightness dial though…

          • Suicide_Note

            I’m the type that sets the brightness on his phone and never changes it. I don’t like the screen dimming or increasing in brightness unless I make the change myself.

          • Jdib

            @Suicide_Note:disqus @gallen408:disqus – I forget it even has the flat tire and believe it or not not one person that I ever show it to even says a thing about it.

          • Duffman

            Same here! No one has ever noticed it. I just get compliments and shocked reactions when I show them how it works.

      • vkjbsdkjb

        I hope they use a solar cell type of ambient sensor. The Apple Watch is able to do this because the sensor is behind the screen.

        I do hope they make a smaller 42 mm model. The current 46mm is unwieldy, I know there are plenty of watches that are larger than the Moto 360 but the 360 is still a piece of tech, it sticks out instantly.

    • Taglogical

      On the leaked images that DL posted a while back, showing the new watches in the briefcase (with the band mounts and the smaller lady’s version), I thought I was seeing the flat tire on each visible watch-face. You’ll have to take a close look at those images. That said, the flat tire does not bother me one bit 🙂

  • Motorola announced the Moto 360 WAY too early. We were waiting months and months for a release date, by then a lot of the hype was gone. I don’t see them making an announcement that far in advanced now, unless they want to hurt sales of the current 360.

    • yeah right

      i am pretty sure ANdroid Wear’s release cycle will be at a faster clip than Android flagship phones ( we are in the 9 month territory for Moto 360 its about time for a successor.

      • I’m not so sure. I think right now, releases are fast since it’s a new product and Google and manufactures are throwing lots of ideas out there to see what consumers like, but I don’t see that continuing. Smart watches are never going to be as fully features as phones, so in the not too distant future I think we will plateau at what users need on their wrist. The rest will simply be design changes to follow the trends.

        • yeah right

          yes but the chances for fashion choices are near infinite with watches, whereas phones really only have one form factor that works right now.

          • I guess my point is more towards the hardware itself, I can see an Android Wear watch being able to last longer than smartphones from a hardware standpoint.

    • MistaButters

      I could see them not dropping the ball this year and actually releasing it right after it is shown off at I/O.