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Google: USB Type-C Coming to Android Phones in Near Future

USB Type-C, featured on Apple’s new MacBook and Google’s new Chromebook Pixel, is coming to Android phones. In a video from Google which goes over the benefits of USB Type-C, product manager Adam Rodriguez states that the company is very committed to the new spec, and that upcoming Chromebooks and Android phones will see it in the near future. 

USB Type-C delivers power, display, and data through a single port, allowing device makers to slim down on the need for excessive ports and cables running from a machine. Unlike micro-USB, USB Type-C features a symmetrical design, enabling users to plug it into a device anyway they would like. No more plugging in your micro-USB cable the wrong way.

The video that Google published talking about Type-C has been placed below. To hear the part about Android phones, skip to the very end.

USB Type-C to be on next Nexus device? Quite possibly.

  • Razma

    ok so who INVENTED the USB Type C? Cause EVERY article I see says Crapple invented it. I find that kinda hard to believe.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    Hey do you have a charger?
    Yeah (whips out micro USB)
    Aw no man I got iPhone (lightning)

    Hey you got a charger?
    Sure (whips out USB type-C)
    Awesome! (Whips out new iPhone)
    (Instant friends)


    I wonder if some point down the line if actually powerhouse laptops can use just USB type-C instead of a AC power adapter brick thing.

  • hobogreg

    I somehow remember someone having a meeting about connectors and plugs and a date for it all to happen ‘n’ this must be it.

  • Dustin Strange

    They have been talking about this for a while but under its proper name, usb 3.1. Why are they emphasizing the connector type instead of the protocol?

  • Shawn John

    Apple will make a new revision with every device they put out, so the next iPhone will have USB Type D ports, and the cable costs $90.

  • KpomKwem

    Thank goodness for USB Type C. No need to plug-unplug-plug-unplug-plug a USB cable into my phone anymore, all in the name of plugging it correctly.
    Now, if only it was round (like the audio cable), then life would be 10 times better!! Maybe USB type D would be rounded!

  • Champion1229

    Even a Chromebook will have not one, but TWO usb type C connections.

  • creed

    Seriously!?! A thousand dollars for the pixel. Unreal.

  • theemptyhead

    With all the great hardware of s6, this one is another reason to get excited for note5.

  • Voltism

    Are all of these usb 3.1 as well? or are they usb 2.0 speeds?

  • See why couldn’t have Apple put two as Pixel did….

    and that head jack placement is so weird

    • Stevie Wonder

      The Macbook at its thinnest point is thinner than the headphone jack.

  • joseph carmine nero

    Xperia Z4 will hopefully have it

  • Bobby Wright

    “Android phones will see it in the near future”
    New Nexus devices? New Moto X?
    Yes please.

  • eAbyss

    “USB Type-C Coming to Android Phones in Near Future”

    Should I get vaccinated or will I be fine as long as I practice safe text?

  • Trevor

    It might be sad, but this excites me greatly.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Hope this makes its way to the G4 =)

  • Brien Gerber

    Both are very over priced but the ONE thing that the Chromebook Pixel did right is it put 2 USB-c ports. On the new Macbook you can’t charge and do anything else that requires a USB without another $80 adapter. (first party, third party is cheaper) You might as well add that to the cost of the Macbook because the average consumer will probably buy Apple’s adapter.

    • hkklife

      With all of the supposed space savings from Type-C you would think they’d find a reason to squeeze in 3 or 4 Type-Cs: simultaneous charging, video out, external storage volume and maybe one more for an adaptor for legacy USB devices.

      It is ridiculous to see connectivity choices dwindling on new portables. I had a POS netbook 7 years ago with 3x USB ports, VGA out, Ethernet card reader, audio ports, removable battery and upgradeable RAM & 2.5″ HDD.

  • zwash72112

    Time to buy all new cables again and I’ll still have to carry MicroUSB because everything else we all own (like portable bluetooth speakers, battery packs, etc) won’t have TypeC on them until new ones come out.

  • FknTwizted

    What im surprised is why they haven’t done the magnet chargers. We use them on our GPS units and they are fantastic especially if someone accidentally yanks at the cord it will just detach which keeps the charger or phone from having the ports destroyed or worn out.

    • hkklife

      Takes up too much space, most likely. The N10 had a POGO charger, remember, and it never even got an official cable. The N7 2012 had POGO pins and was just supported by the overpriced charging dock.

      • FknTwizted

        true, however, they could make the pin itself magnetic so when inserted it will stay. Never the who still a huge fan of the wireless charger.

  • evan brown

    USB-C all the things

  • starnovsky

    Now if only Apple to replace that ridiculous lightning port with USB-C (and why would they not?) then the dream would come true: universal accessories for every phone! Nah, they will not…

  • The Nokia N1 already uses USB Typ C charger.

    • charles greenwood

      ya but it has none of the benefits outside of being reversible because they went with usb 2.0. all usb type c benefits come from usb 3.1

  • fauxshizzl

    Do people actually have trouble plugging USB cables correctly on the first try? I mean it doesn’t change, they all go in the same way on any device I have ever owned.

    • sagisarius

      A lot of them are reversed, so it’s not consistently up or down. For example the Nexus 9 goes the opposite way as the other Nexus devices.

      • fauxshizzl

        I was referring to standard USB cables, not micro which I can completely understand. I should have specified.

    • Tyler Durden

      It’s not just that, this is also way more powerful. MicroUSB is just flimsy and blah

    • jstew182

      Where it isnt the hardest thing to figure out, it is kinda annoying that different manufacturers install them in different directions. The Moto X (’13 and ’14) are both opposite of Nexus devices, which does make it annoying when I go to charge my Nexus 7.

  • spk4life

    I’m skipping buying any new smartphone till one with USB-C comes out.

  • Mike Richichi

    Oh, and by the way, new Chromebook Pixel. Hopefully it will cost less than the new MacBook.

  • Pat F
    • ohshaith55


    • Trey Mitchell

      Normally I would agree but by virtue of this being a USB standard I think it will see adoption.

  • Any chance of the USB chargers auto stopping once the device I’d fully charged?

    • FknTwizted

      Your phone should have that built in once it hits full charge.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Man, my GS6 is going to seem outdated in no time.

  • Mordecaidrake

    So you’ll need an adapter for normal micro usb, kind of a hassle but I’ll make the switch.

  • hkklife

    IMO, this should have been out a year ago and the N9 and N6 would have been perfect debut devices for this. I’ll be first in line to upgrade, despite the pain and cost of conversion but it’s WELL worth putting up with any early adopter pains. Off the top of my head, the first microUSB product I had was the RAZR 2 V9m back in 2008 or so. It’s well time for a new standard for connectivity & especially charging.

    I honestly didn’t have any issues with the microUSB 3.0 connector used on the GS5, Note 3, and Tap/Note 12.2 but everyone else seemed to detest them.

    Hey Google & HTC, how about a mid-summer N9 refresh with Type-C, 32/64GB storage variants, 3GB RAM, and a $100 price drop? Maybe a N6 refresh with an SD810, Type-C and a beefier battery too? And bring out a new N5 while you’re at it. I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • Am I the only one that feels the S6 should’ve came with Type C? I’m almost positive this will come on the Note 5.

    • sagisarius

      When HTC and Samsung were announcing stuff I kept thinking “buy the time these things come out, everyone is going to be asking why they used type B”.

      • hkklife

        Ditto. Samsung should have saved face, kept on plowing ahead with microUSB 3.0 after the Note 3 & GS5 until Type-C was ready for primetime. Regressing to an older, slower, flimsier connector before the next-gen is ready just is silly.

        • imo microUSB 3 didn’t have much benefit to me… aside from the fact that I had spear one from my external drive… I kept falling back to USB 2 since I had so many of those cables which defeated the purpose of having it….

          So from Samsung’s view it might have saved some money to go back and keep it 2.0 until Type C came out since acutal benefit from a standard jack that would be out of style in few years wasn’t that much bigger.

        • Sporttster

          Still use my USB 3 on my N3. Charges fast but it’s a bit finicky on the speedy data transfer. It times out too quick for some reason. Seems the PC wants to SHUT IT DOWN!!! too quick when using it. Not sure why that is but it will not let you keep it connected at 3 speeds for long without shutting it down to 2 speeds.

        • charles greenwood

          especially since the storage in the s6 has record speeds and they limited to usb2.0.

    • KingofPing

      Hopefully with the M10. It’s been added to the list of “won’t buy without…”

    • KpomKwem

      Same with the Nexus 6.

  • Tony B

    Progress…Can’t wait…

  • Ryan N

    USB Type C… Sounds contagious…

    • Tyler Durden

      I hope it spreads and infects every smartphone, tablet, etc.

      • eric

        i hope it infects the 2015 nexus

        • guest

          looking forward for a 6.2″ – 6.5″ display

          • Ryan N

            It would be hard to get that into a phone comfortably… Unless… Galaxy S7 Perimeter. 360° display.

          • guest

            they can slim bezels on N6 frame and squeeze 6.2″ easily, and if they make the screen slight curvy 6.5″ is also possible in the same frame.

          • Ryan N

            True. But we all know if Samsung had the technology readily available, they wouldn’t hesitate on a full wrap screen. Just to say they did it.

      • Ryan N

        Ha. “We’ve got the test results… Your tablet is USB Type C positive”.

        • T_Dizzle

          Oh no, I am going to schedule an appointment to be checked for type “C” myself.

  • Suicide_Note

    Bring it on, Google.

    • Old Homeless Guy

      You mean “Apple”?

      • Suicide_Note

        What does Apple have to do with it?

        • Old Homeless Guy

          Apple released the 2015 MacBook first

          • Suicide_Note

            Sorry, but the Macbook isn’t even available yet, whereas the new Pixel that Google announced is. So, uh, no, Apple didn’t release their machine first. All they did was announce it would be available at some point.

  • Maxim∑

    shocking…………. surprised it wasn’t out this year

  • Michael Graef

    Lack of backward compatibility is always a pain point on something like this.

    I guess that’s the price of progress. But that’s little consolation to my current drawer full of dusty, unused MINI-USB cables.

    • Suicide_Note

      Well, if they’re dusty and unused then this will be pretty painless for you.

    • sagisarius

      I suspect it will be a $1 adapter on amazon with a couple of months. Short term pain, long term gain.

    • TC Infantino

      All of the chargers I have purchased in the last couple of years, wall outlet and car charger both, were a unit that plugged into the wall/cigarette lighter with a USB port for you to plug your cable into. I don’t think it should be too expensive to buy new cables to go between the charger and the device. The most expensive part of the equation is the part that plugs into the wall/car.

      • Michael Graef

        You’re right — not expensive. But still incredibly wasteful.

      • John Smith

        yes but the new Type-C will be the same style on both ends of the cable. so the USB port blocks will go away too. i’m sure they’ll be adapters and adapted cables with mix and match but to future proof you might as well buy cables with Type-C male on both ends and you want power blocks with a Type-C female port.

        • TC Infantino

          I have to ask you to provide some link or other support for that information. Because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to have the type C connection on both ends on all the type C connectors. Why would they not have cables that have regular USB on one end and type C on the other?

          • John Smith

            lazy. you could’ve easily Googled it yourself. here you go –

            It’s easier to plug in

            No more fiddling with the cord to make sure it’s plugged in the correct way every time, because both connection ends are the same and there is no “upside-down.” Hopefully this means fewer scratches all over your device’s charging port area from trying to plug it in with the lights off.


            The cable itself has USB Type-C connectors at both ends — it’s all one connector.


            now go now and spread the word and sin no more.

          • TC Infantino

            Ah LOL. I see the confusion. No, both ends of the cable are not required to be the same. When they explain that the connection is the same they mean that it has no up or down. It is the same right side up or upside down. This is what they meant when they said no more fumbling around to get it plugged in the correct way.

          • John Smith

            Read it again. both clearly say BOTH ENDS of the cable ARE TYPE-C. in addition to the flip. READ IT AGAIN.

          • TC Infantino

            Following one of those links leads to an article that has this in it…

            “Backward-compatible but adapters required

            Type-C USB and USB 3.1 are backward-compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. In a pure Type-C USB connection, the Type-A ports and plugs are no longer included. However, for compatibility, you’ll find compatible Type A to Type C cable. On top of that there will be adapters to make Type C hosts and devices work with existing USB devices.

            This is the first time adapters are required with USB, and likely the only time, at least for the the foreseeable future. USB Implementers Forum, the group responsible for the development of USB, says that Type-C USB is designed to be future-proof, meaning the design will be used for future and faster USB versions.

            It will take a few years for Type-C become as popular as the current Type-A, but when it does it will simplify the way we work with devices. There will be just one tiny cable needed for any device, for both data and power connections.”

            You will notice that it says “However, for compatibility, you’ll find compatible Type A to Type C cable.” This means that Yes, there will be USB Type-C cables with the big Type-A plug for plugging into computers and USB chargers. So to reiterate No, both ends of the cable are not required to be the same. We will be able to use our current wall and car outlet chargers as long as they accept USB type-A plugs.

          • TC Infantino

            Ok, here is the link to what I read and where I copied that quote that shows my point. It was a link off of the first article you linked to.

            I am done arguing with someone who can’t do the basic act of fact checking. So why don’t you READ IT AGAIN.

  • Tom Luley

    Damn it! Now I am going to have to buy new cables for all the Quick Charge 2.0 adapters that I bought..

    • KingofPing

      That $20 is really gonna hurt…

    • KpomKwem

      Don’t worry, you’ll be glad you did down the road.

  • Josh Martin


  • Tyler Durden

    Good. I hate microUSB

    • Miguel

      Not only that but this means true display (mirror through cable) capabilities on our phones since the Type C can do all this things with no hiccups.

      • BobButtons

        Another thing for carriers to deactivate and charge extra for?

    • Old Homeless Guy

      I love Lightning port

  • Carlos Lopez

    Sweet hopefully by next year!

    • turdbogls

      we’ll see them this year for sure.

      • Absolutely.

      • Tyler Durden

        I’d say Q4 of this year.

        • I’m guessing next Nexus phone, tablet, and Note 5 will have it. Just a guess.

        • turdbogls

          does the Zenphone 2 have type C? i thought I saw that somethwere, but can’t find the source…everyone says its just regular USB 2.0

      • hkklife

        Nokia/Foxconn’s N1 tablet already has Type-C. I think I read that the first batch sold out in China and it’s being readied for a global release soon (hopefully with the full Play Store & GAPPs onboard).

        • Tyler Durden

          That won’t make it far, unless Apple decides to not sue them.

          • hkklife

            Why not? I doubt Foxconn would risk sh111tting the bed with Apple since they are Apple’s largest contract manufacturer. Now, I personally don’t see the N1 rolling out globally or at least in the USA for the simple fact that Nokia has nearly no distribution channel or real name clout in the USA in the wake of the Lumia/Microsoft acquisition.