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Reported Screenshots From the LG G3 Leaked, Confirms QHD Display

Even if Samsung apparently gave consumers the shaft with no QHD display on the Galaxy S5, and the company’s CEO denies any type of premium line of the device that features one, LG is wasting no time in making one of its own.

In new reported screenshots leaked from the possibly upcoming LG G3, a QHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 is all but confirmed. 

Besides the size of the shots, not much else can be seen. It appears obvious that the device will come running Android 4.4+ Kit Kat, and of course, come running LG’s custom skin atop it.

The below screenshots have been resized to fit your screen. To view their full size, click on them normally, then right click the screenshot and open it in a new tab on your browser. As you will see, it’s pretty ridiculous to think that this screenshot came from a phone that might only have about a 5″ display.

We know there are many among us that are waiting patiently for news on the G3 – is this getting you excited?

LG G3 screenshot LG G3 screenshot

Via: lgg3kopen
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  • Smartphone World

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  • mukul chhabra

    Now days LG smartphones are getting popular and popular in the market and LG might launch LG G3 in the second half of 2014 and with some features that might surprise all the brands in the market as seen on http://appinessh.com/lg-g3/

  • GJV

    VERIZON RELEASE THE KITKAT ALREADY. That is all. Sorry for the caps.

  • jimbob

    OK fellow geeks, random (and maybe stupid) question – To be that high-resolution even when zoomed-in as described, how many megapixels would the background photo need to have? I have an 18MP DSLR, but am not sure that I could get a photo that looks that good blown up in the method described (open in new tab, click to zoom). I’m also just learning and so maybe its just user error.

  • Karan Rawat

    there is nothing with the battery..!

    • LionStone


  • Tim242

    Yeah, screenshots “confirmed” QHD on the S5 as well.

    • Pretty sure we had benchmarks which pointed to QHD, not screenshots.

      • Tim242

        There were benchmarks, screenshots, and retail packaging.

    • LionStone

      Do you think they are waiting to put it in the Note 4?

  • Nett Bill


    First, the clock in status bar, is: 2:23 pm,
    Second then the clock in the left hand, Korea, 5:53, and the right hand then
    again, local (India) 2:23 Thursday, 13/3, Last: in the bottom of the screen:
    emergency call press hold.

    Second Picture, massage from Jxjcjdjt : Myself ,
    also the same in status bar.

    Say Thanks??

  • Fabrico Montini

    This haters try everything to downplay LG,last year wen the LGG2 came out they said its to gimmicky.
    Now that LGG3 is on it way,they say so much rubbish like why would you need better screen,but hurt are we?

    LGG2 had great screen,if you don’t know lg has been heavily researching on the battery front in 2013.
    I they will put bigger battery on that phone,LGG2 had great battery time now do really think lgg3 will have worse battery then lgg2,in worst case it will have same battery time.Some times you would think the haters get paid.

  • Hastekilled

    I just got the G2 after debating on waiting on the G3 or not. Personally hope it doesn’t come out too soon. Don’t want to regret not waiting. Haha! Love the G2 though!

  • Chippah

    At this rate why wait for Verizon to update the G2 to kitkat?

  • Jiggyb21

    My problem is those little dots that show through the screen!! Present on the G2 as well….the only thing that stopped me from keeping it. You can see them in the picture above!

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    i might be holding on to my Nexus 5 until one of these companies show me something good.

  • Drew

    LG makes the stupidest phones ever. Get the Moto X. I love mine.

    • Apostrafee

      What if I have both?

    • Nexoduss

      What I think you mean is that you love cockk in your ass douchebag

      • Drew

        You sound like a typical Moto X user.

        • Swifty

          Doesn’t that mean you’re insulting yourself? Get your insults correct if you’re going to type them.

        • Chris

          So you love cock in your ass?

  • 4g63mark

    I love the fact that LG has picked up where HTC left off. They seem to be blazing their own trail and I love it. Self healing back panels, curved displays, double tap to wake/sleep, OIS camera’s, QHD display, better button configuration, lots of development support, etc, etc…….. LG is kicking ass. And I’m proud to be typing this on my aluminum LG G Pad 8.3 that comes with expandable storage for $250. 😉 …….. Will the G3 get the Moto X out of my hand? Doubtful. But I’m a lot more excited for the LG than I am about Samsung or HTC.

    • Ryan

      4g63 EVO FTW LOL Im a Subie boxer motor guy myself tho.

      • 4g63mark

        Right on bro. I love fast cars in general. My daily driver is a Mustang GT right now

      • DSMguru

        4g64 with 63 head in my lil galant makes nice combo with 16g turbo 🙂

    • Chris

      Seek mental help

    • What a fantastic comment. Good on you, 4g63mark! It’s nice to see some positive talk around here.

  • Kevin Wallace

    No more love for the first LG?

  • Drew

    Who gives a crap about qhd when theres Moto x or nexus 5? This phone will be garbage just like g2. Give me a moto x over this,any day of the week. Beat,phone fot everybody, period. I love my moto x.

    • PoisonApple31

      Are you just copying and pasting these remarks at this point? Or do you waste time typing the same crap on every post?

      • chocolate8175

        If he can replicate those typos, time after time, then that is impressive!

        • jack nunez


  • buddyruff777

    If you just want what is needed in a good phone buy a moto x. If you want the best of the best ….looks like LG is now in the habit of making sure its flag ships will be just that and nothing less.

  • chris125

    And still that ugly UI. Come on lg fix some of those screens and colors.

    • LionStone

      Agree pretty much, however I do like the battery icon is vertical, saves a little space up there.

  • Pam Oakea

    Sign me up! Sounds awesome. Hope it comes soon. I heard they were moving up release to better compete.

  • Kane Desousa

    Interesting, although you can’t really tell the difference at such a small screen size… Annoyingly though theres still so many icons that aren’t even 1080p optimized yet nevermind this insane resolution…

    • Chris

      Yet another one who’s scared

      • Kane Desousa

        Scared? Of what? Overkill?

        • Chris

          4G is over kill. Large, and high color screens are over kill.

          Thank god you are not running things. 56k dial up and dot matrix screens everywhere

          • Kane Desousa

            Wow haha you’re a character. No. This is ridiculous you cannot distinguish the difference between 1080p and 1440p on such a small screen so it’s pointless and resource intensive.

          • Swifty

            Doesn’t matter if it’s useless and serves no real-world purpose. I’ll get behind it just for the sake of moving technology forward at fast speeds. The more devices that get QHD, the more mainstream it will become. Perhaps in a roundabout way, LG learning how to implement 1440p resolutions into their mass-manufactured cell phone division will also help their television division be more efficient, therefore lower the cost and raising the quality of QHD televisions? I don’t know, all innovations are good ones in my mind, practical or not.

          • Azn_Android

            It’s cute how you’re comparing the difference between 3G and 4G to the difference between 1080p and QHD. Nice strawman.

  • Trevor

    Is there a legitimate reason why we would ever need a resolution this high on a 4.5-6 inch screen? I presume the average human being holds their phone farther than 2.3mm from their face.

    • Chris

      Is there a legitimate reason why we need 4G or smartphones at all?

      It’s people like you who causes delays in technology.

      Too damn scared of new things

      • Trevor

        And you, my good sir, are a waste of human flesh.

        • Chris

          Right. Because I said something you disagree with?

          • Trevor

            No. It’s because your comments consistently make you out to be a complete douche.

      • Azn_Android

        Maybe at some point we will need higher resolution screens, but right now battery technology needs to catch up before we keep on adding more unneeded pixels.

      • MicroNix

        If it has a benefit, bring on the new technology. If it adds something the human eye can’t tell the difference on anyway, WHAT THE FREAK IS THE POINT? It’s people like you that are preventing bigger batteries from actually improving times between charges instead of powering more useless pixels the human eye can’t see.

        • Chris

          you do realize BOTH can be worked on together right? You do realizer that there are SEPARATE teams that work on many projects for a phone right?

          open your mind a little kid. theres a whole world out there….

          • MicroNix

            Step down son. If the extra pixels benefit no one, what’s the point? Are we building for an alien race or something that has better eyes than a human? BTW, there IS a whole world out there son….best spend some time looking at it than straining your eyes for the extra pixels you can’t see anyway.

  • So exactly what is the name of LG’s custom skin? anyone?

    • calculatorwatch


    • Muddy B00ts

      Gee Whiz.

    • Mike

      Looks Good

  • Ray

    LG g3 along with LG Nexus watch could be my next combo

  • M3D1T8R

    Considering the G2 only came out about six months ago, I’m impressed with how quickly LG is moving. While a QHD ~5″ display seems like overkill, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.
    We might end up with several good new phone options on Verizon this year now what with the new One, possibly Sony Z2, Moto X2, as well as the G3.

    • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

      Hopefully this time around all the carrier models are the same, instead of Verizon changing things up. So many good cases I had to pass up due to the added wireless charging and the smaller rear buttons.

      • Allen K

        Only if they add wireless charging across the board. After the G2, I don’t think I could get another phone without it!

      • chris125

        Well I would take wireless charging over “some more cases” any day of the week

      • Dominick White

        I will take wireless charging over case selection any day of the week

  • Rob Wisz


    • Droid 1967

      that was ATT the lg g2 on Verizon did not have carrier IQ.

      • Rob Wisz

        Correct, however im on AT&T

        • Droid 1967

          something you’d have to wait and see. they snuck it back in but it may be out again since people found out about it.

          • Rob Wisz

            I’m not holding my breath.

          • Droid 1967

            yeah i wouldn’t either but when it first came around it disappeared from every phone than they tossed it back noone was looking for it at that time next time it will be the first thing checked and posted so att may be wise to remove it. I know that they say us here are a minority but this minority had it removed before and i believe will again, well just have to wait and see.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Skeet skeet

  • The Narrator

    Oppo and LG doing it right. I’m excited for this year.

  • csd5

    at this point in the phone game is all about battery life and camera, after a week ur not gonna notice anything else

    • Liderc

      Exactly, people can’t seem to get that through their heads but it’s 100% truth.

      • Sooper Genius

        Exactly, the screen is the least used aspect of a smartphone.

    • The Narrator

      You’re right, bring back 400×300 resolution! Screw screen resolution!

      • csd5

        not saying screw it but buying a phone with a better resolution over better battery life is just like really?

        • The Narrator

          Like I’ve said many times. They always add a bigger battery and it’s worked perfectly fine. I don’t see the problem.

          • Azn_Android

            Should we be satisfied with average battery life though? I don’t want to have to ever be concerned about the battery on my phone over the course of the day. I’d rather them keep the resolution at 1080p and increase the battery life. Improve the screen quality through new power-saving enhancements, thinner and more responsive displays, improved color calibrations. Adding a couple thousand pixels that I can’t see isn’t going to do anyone any good other than being a market gimmick and saying “oh look at us we has even moar pixelz!”

          • The Narrator

            6-8 hours on screen battery is average? Mind blown.

          • Azn_Android

            By todays standards? No. But, according to your logic, why should we stop improving? Explain to me how much of a difference there is between 1080p and QHD.

          • The Narrator

            If you have good eyes, it’s very clear.

            720p to 1080p was a huge improvement.

          • Azn_Android

            You and Chris really love false equivalence don’t you? How far from your face are you going to hold your phone?! 720p to 1080p WAS noticeable because screen displays were becoming larger than the pixel densities were starting to fall below 300 ppi. 1080p phones typically have a density of around 320-340 ppi and increasing the density to 400+ ppi on a 5 inch screen is not going to make a difference significant enough to justify the cost to battery.

          • The Narrator

            It will actually be 5.2-5.5.

            Whatever floats your boat, we’re all entitled to our own opinions

          • j

            This. Not to mention the cost to performance. Driving massively higher number of pixels is more difficult for gpu/cpu and affects performance. The nearly imperceptible or totally imperceptible gain from this ppi bump cannot possibly be worth the losses to battery and performance.

          • Cory Pitkavish

            this pixel density on the average 1080p phone IS over 400+ already. what 1080p phone has a 320-340 ppi?

          • Alexandros Karageorgis

            1080p phones at 5 inches got about 440 ppi.

          • Ryan

            The G2 did that with great battery life. I have never had to charge my phone mid day. I think your judging a phone before we know more about it. If LG can offer better battery life with a QHD display im in.

          • Azn_Android

            That’s exactly my point… will they be able to increase battery performance? I personally am not satisfied with battery life numbers on current phones but maybe that’s just me. If they increase to QHD, either performance, battery life, or both will suffer unless they implement a more efficient processor. If LG is able to increase battery life without increasing the size of the phone anymore, more power to them. If not, I’d rather they stick to 1080p.

          • Clift

            Well the LG G2 has above average battery life and it has moar pixelz

          • Azn_Android

            It has the same amount of pixels as any flagship phone out right now. And yes I’ve used a G2 before (albeit only for a week to try it out) and while I do agree it does have better battery life on average, I don’t think that’s a reason for us to just settle and be happy with it. I’d rather phone manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of battery life than add in marginal and nearly unnoticeable increases in pixel density on screens.

          • Clift

            But you’re basing your arguments on the assumption that they will only increase screen resolution. There’s no way to tell or even assume that they won’t improve the battery performance.

          • MicroNix

            The point is this. Going to QHD isn’t going to be anything the human eye can determine is better quality than a 1080p phone screen no matter what Narrator’s misinformed comments portray. Rather than producing a battery to power all those extra pixels, would it not be better to stick with 1080p and put all that new battery technology into even better life than just the status quo?

          • Clift

            I remember this same argument when going from 720p to 1080p… If you don’t like it move on.

          • Azn_Android

            No there was actually more of a push to move from 720p to 1080p. I myself was enthusiastic and looking forward to it since 5 inch plus phones were starting to look grainy on 720p.

          • Swifty

            I get your point, but for the record, the difference between 1080p and 1440p isn’t “a couple thousand more pixels”. It’s approximately 1.6 MILLION more pixels. It’s pretty simple math as long as you know the dimensions.

          • MicroNix

            “I get your point, but for the record, the difference between 1080p and 1440p isn’t “a couple thousand more pixels”. It’s approximately 1.6 MILLION more pixels.”

            Its too bad those extra 1.6 million more pixels won’t be able to be processed into better quality by your eye. They will however, suck more battery.

          • Swifty

            Well, the G2 has never had a problem with battery life, so I think we’ll be fine. I believe that regardless of whether or not the QHD screen is actually useful, it does make a statement about where we are in mobile technology. They’re all stepping stones, and QHD is just another one. The more devices that branch past 1080p the better, as they’ll make QHD more mainstream in all technology.

          • Azn_Android

            That honestly only supports my point even more. Humans already can barely process than difference between 300 and 400 ppi. The difference between 400 and 600 is going to be even more miniscule.

          • Swifty

            In a roundabout way, the G3 having a QHD screen will likely make QHD televisions more mainstream. The more power the better. Not to mention having a 1440p screen will require LG to boost EVERYTHING else about their phone. It essentially makes SnapDragon 805 mandatory, which make 3gbs of RAM reasonable, and makes a GPU improvement convenient. Besides, phones will have to make the QHD jump eventually. They can’t just stay 1080p forever. Why not begin the future today?

          • Azn_Android

            Why do you assume that phones MUST make a jump to 1440p eventually? If phones stay the same size and people continue to view them at similar distances as they do today, I don’t see any reason why screen resolutions will ever need an increase on phones. 1440p will NOT make a perceptible difference in screen quality.

          • Swifty

            Come on, you can’t honestly believe phones would somehow still be 1080p, 20 years from now? Take a look at the entire history of products themselves. They will ALWAYS get better regardless of whether or not it’s needed. In 2016, all cell phones will have 4k screens (twice as much as 1440p) and they’ll all have octacore processors. It’s best to quit fighting it and embrace the inevitable. Manufacturers have never stopped at what’s actually useful, and they never will.

          • Fabrico Montini

            So you know it is going have average battery life…….

          • Ryan

            Agreed. The G2 battery life is great. I doubt they would change that for the next device since that received a lot of praise.

          • JustSaying

            “Great” is subjective. If battery in the G3 were (hypothetically) able to power a 1080p screen for, say, 15 hours of screen on time (totally ballpark in here, insert your own numbers), but could only power a QHD screen for 10 hours, both of those numbers would still be “great” when compared to other phones, but that doesn’t change that 15 hours is better than 10. So if the (scientifically imperceptible on a 5.5 inch screen) difference is shaving off a significant amount of battery life, then it is redundant and counterintuitive.

        • Chris

          You do realize there are multiple teams who work on the phone right.

          Open your mind a little kid

      • michael arazan

        Probably get a weeks worth of battery with 400×300 like on the original Razr Flip phone

    • Droid 1967

      This may be true and if so than that’s another + as the LG G2 had one of the best camera and battery life available.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      Tell that to Moto X owners 🙂 That is one unique phone.

      • jnt

        And the camera, while improved, is still one of the biggest complaints, and battery life is hit or miss as well. 🙂

    • Chris

      A third one who’s scared of new things

    • Ryan

      True. But most customers do not know any better. All they know it was they see on TV and what has higher specs. Customers I talk to do not want the X for the small screen and 720 display or the HTC One for the 4mp camera. Phones get judged on specs before they look at other things.

      • Intellectua1

        I try to say that all the time.. When it all boils down it’s about what’s on paper..

    • Doesn’t say much for the Moto X lol

  • I like what LG did on the G2. I’ve been eye’n the 2014 HTC One as my next phone but if LG can get this to stores in a reasonable time frame, I’d probably be willing to jump ship.

    • Sqube

      Thought about that Z2, though? It looks mighty impressive — even moreso if you’re into custom ROMs.

      • Ryan

        I was looking at that but the Z1s screen is washed out and camera could be way better. The G2 is better than Sony lineup ATM.

        • Sqube

          Preliminary reports on the Z2 say that they’ve fixed the screen issue. It’s looking interesting. I’m not a fan of the buttons on the back of the G2. I know they’re likely to stick with it for the G3, but Sony… man, they’re giving me a two stage hardware camera button. I haven’t had one of those since the Droid X.

          I miss it.

      • NorCalGuy

        Unless your on tmo not very easy then, the phone is nice but if almost feels fragile in your hand, I felt like I had to keep it in a soft case so non of it would scratch. But the camera was amazing even in low light. The con’s out weighed the pros so I went with the n5 the pillow effect is just to good to pass up.

    • athorax

      I wish they would of held the G Pro 2 release until this was ready and released at the same time with similar updated specs.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    My goodness the settings menu looks better.

  • N345H

    Nice, I wonder how long we will have to wait until it hits the shelves….

  • mustbepbs

    Yeah, because really high resolutions and gargantuan sized Android customization worked out so well for Samsung and their LagWiz devices, LG has decided to throw their “me-too” hat in the ring, except give us a totally useless resolution to screen size ratio.

    Good form.

    • The Narrator

      Except, this isn’t Samsung. It’s LG, and they do it much better.

      • mustbepbs

        That’s debatable. I had an LG G Pad 8.3 and the software on that thing was garbage. It made it run like crap, and that’s with a 1080p screen and an S600 with 2 gig of RAM.

        • The Narrator

          Must have gotten a bad batch. The time i spent with it was great. Much nicer than my Nexus 7.

        • Jkdem85

          use a g2 and a s4 for a few days, and get back to me

    • I guess if you live in a world where the glass is consistently half empty, then I see what you’re saying, for sure. I think LG’s continuous march to push the smartphone to the next plateau is a good thing.

      • mustbepbs

        My glass is always half empty for Android software customization. Only Motorola pulled it off for me with the Moto X.

        • Most Android skins are crap, no doubt about that lol

        • malcmilli

          i disagree. yes a lot of them don’t hit the mark 100%… but without android customizations the best camera phone we would have would be the one on the nexus every year. Touchwhiz, Sense, LG have all contributed cool customizations that have eventually made their way into stock android. Also for some reason, batteries seem to be better optimized on some skinned devices.

    • Jkdem85

      LG skin is no where near as intrusive and heavy as T-Wiz

      • mustbepbs

        It certainly was on the G Pad. It was every bit as bad as my Note 10.1 2014.

        • Guest

          Troll get out. Go have some hateraide somewhere else.

  • cizzlen

    Bah gawd LG with no regard for Samsung and HTC

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Is there a rumored time frame for release? Last I heard was April…ish. Not a huge LG skin fan, but I thought the G2 was a solid device.

    • Eric R.

      If it’s released in April, then it won’t have the S805

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Is it rumored to have the 805? Between the 800, 801 and 805 I couldn’t really careless which is in there to be honest. Don’t think it’ll make much of a difference in actual usage.

        • The Narrator

          If its 2K, it’s almost guaranteed. LG knows how to do it. No need to be worried.

        • Michael Bassett

          But you will notice the difference between this screen and the Galaxy S5 screen?

          • Chris

            Of course.

          • Diablo81588


        • calculatorwatch

          If it’s only an 801 it probably won’t perform as well as the GS5 thanks to the extra load from the higher-res screen. Of course touchwiz is an extra load of its own and it’s not like there’s gonna be lag on either phone anyways.