iSupr8 Vintage Video Camera App Hits Google Play, Brings That Old School Vibe to Your Videos

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Like every other day, a new camera app has hit Google Play for your Android device. This one, intended for the filmmakers among us, brings a retro Super 8 feel to your videos. The app is called iSuper8 Vintage Video Camera, and as the name suggests, the app’s main purpose is to make your modern videos look a bit more retro.

For the price of $0.99, users can process as much video as they want with the Super 8 filter, with no time cutoff like you see on IG and Vine. You may not be able to upload your long videos, but the app isn’t necessarily targeted at those service’s users. Instead, this is for someone looking to produce a short film and needs the Super 8-type filter.

Edits can be made to the filter, like film burn as well as different framing options. Of course, there are IAPs in the app which allows users to get more filters for producing different looks.

To get an idea of what the app is actually capable of, go ahead and check out the short film below. It’s quite nice, considering it was produced using this actual software.

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