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Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Now Available for Android

The time has come, my friends. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now live for Android, running you $6.99 through Google Play. But buyer beware, as many players who are leaving reviews state that they are experiencing download issues with the game. We can’t say we are shocked, as every other release from Rockstar has been plagued before with release hiccups. Either way, lots of players are having no issues at all, so go grab it. 

San Andreas follows the story of a young street tough named CJ, through the streets of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. The map is quite large (nothing like GTAV), and should give gamers hours upon hours of good gameplay. If you don’t have one already, this would be a good time to pick up a Bluetooth controller from Amazon for cheap.

I’ll talk to you all later, I gotta go get my carjacking on!

Play Link ($6.99)

  • Reda Jabbare


  • spitta

    That bs why I cant get it on my galaxy s2

  • Mahesh N

    Watch this GTA san andreas Gameplay on galaxy s4 http://youtu.be/SweSouBZ-_4

    • Mahesh N

      Nice game

  • Mahesh N

    Watch this GTA san andreas Gameplay on galaxy s4 http://youtu.be/SweSouBZ-_4

  • novybajwa

    DOWNLOAD ANDROID GAMES at http://www.apknexus.com

  • Prem Halani
  • Uzytkownik4321

    Not available for Note II…

  • Karmjeet Singh

    gta thaxuuuuuuuuuu

  • Karmjeet Singh


  • Smeckle

    According to the reviews the game is now working with the latest patch. For some stupid reason Google doesn’t allow partial payments. I only have $5.87 or something in Play Store credit but I have to have the full $6.99 to use it, rather than just splitting the difference with my card. Oh well, I’ll use it for something else.

  • John Craft

    Checkout 99GTAguides for some nice guides and cheats.

  • novybajwa
  • LTE4G

    Nexus 7 & 10 neither works, did R * Test this on anything? or just release random bs and charge people for it, with no way to get a refund as the 15 min window is gone before the install starts

  • LTE4G

    WTF, first claims I did not buy it now goes through the loading bar and crashes on nexus10… POS rip off , scam!!!!

    • Ramses Garcia

      nvidea shield,same problem.

  • Kevin

    dang, my google opinion rewards balance isn’t high enough yet.

  • YourFriend

    Bahahaha, IAPs for a $7 game? This is why smartphone gaming should never be taken seriously as developers always put profits before playability, ruining the experience. They should have released this to the Vita and 3DS, which are much more worthy for a game like this. Sure, it’d be more expensive, but you get physical controls and no stupid IAPs.

    • Mr E

      To be fair, this is normally a $15 game on Steam.

    • Cheeseball

      There are no IAPs. Vice City has the same “In-app purchases” on the Play Store, but no IAPs in sight.

    • Captain Travis

      There are no IAP’s. Google play just gives it that label. Vice city has the same label and it has no IAP

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Probably one of the best games I’ve every played…. It was such a grand game for the PS2 days.

  • Justin Fosco

    Won’t let me open cause it says I didn’t purchase it…awesome…

  • Fadil Karim

    Does it have support for cheat codes like it did for the ps2? That’s what made the ps2 game so great

    • Big_EZ

      It would be awesome if we could use the pc mods it these android versions (I know they would all have to be re-coded)

      • Mr E

        Good question. I believe III and/or Vice City allowed for mods, right?

  • Smeckle

    I’m seeing that it has IAP. Wtf. Come on already. We all know the original version, what are they going to make us do, pay real money for more in-game cash? For cars? Ugh I’ve been thinking the last month or so that no matter all the other IAP games, at least GTA won’t have it. Guess I was wrong. I’ll check it out once they patch it and people can actually play. I’m tired of scrolling through one-star reviews about failed downloads…

    • Cheeseball

      There are no IAPs in the game. Vice City has the same Play Store label.

      • Smeckle

        Huh, you’re right. That’s great if so.

    • Yousaf

      Dude vice city for android also says that but there’s no Iap insight it is just saying that coz it links to rock stars Web page where u can purchase goods from them such as CUPS T SHIRTS and so on NOT IN GAME CARS STOP BEING IDIOTS!

      • Smeckle

        Dude, next time try reading the follow-up comments. Thanks for posting something that was already said two hours ago and which I already acknowledged. Also, when you type in all caps, have poor spelling and grammar, ignore the posts that came before yours, fail to realize what was speculation and not fact (types of purchases), and then confuse singular and plural, you make yourself look like the idiot.

        • anon

          You nailed him nice and smoothly. There will be always people with bad manners … they should get what they deserve.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Controller support?

    • phelsumania

      yep ive used a ps3 controller and xbox 360 controller no problems, touch screen controls on all phone games suck

    • ian capo

      ps4 controller works for me

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Already has a PS4 …

        Lucky son of a…..

  • EvanTheGamer


  • All the recent reviews at 1 star, looks like it’s not ready for primetime yet.

    • Col_Angus

      It’s telling just about everyone they haven’t purchased it… another Rockstar launch day F up.