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Google Hangouts Receives Update to v2.0.2 – Fixes MMS Issues, Includes Import Option, Group Messaging Toggle

An update to Hangouts was pushed through Google Play this morning as v2.0.2. It doesn’t bring anything massive like full Google Voice integration, but it does tidy up MMS sending/receiving issues. You’ll also find a toggle for using MMS to send group messages and an option to import other SMS messages that may not be showing in your conversation list. 

The official changelog says:

  • Fixes for MMS sending/receiving
  • You can turn off group messaging (MMS) in Settings to send SMS to multiple people

Play Link

If you’d like to sideload it ahead of time while flipping the bird to “staged rollouts,” grab the apk here.

  • just passing…

    Does anyone know if you are charged for mms and video calling on this app?

  • joe c

    Mine still doesn’t recieve mms

    • mike

      Neither does mine HTC 1

      • Sam

        Galaxy s4 here and mine doesn’t do anything at all really, kind of sad, really.

  • Abraham King

    Still no fix for Hangouts SMS feature hijacking the SMS messages for VM to Visual Voicemail though. It would be nice to be able to setup an exception for the SMS messages from Sprint’s VM system to pass-though through to the native messaging app so Visual Voicemail showed up instead of coming across as a SMS with a number to call.

    • jsanteler

      Does this on Verizon too. From what I understand, this happens when any 3rd party texting apps are installed. Super annoying.

    • jsanteler

      I also noticed that when I tried to use Google Voice as my VM it broke my MMS messaging so I couldn’t group text or picture text people on other carriers. Stupid Verizon.

  • Brian

    On my nexus 5 it wont give me the setting for the group messaging yet im up to date on the app itself and kit kat.

  • Someguy

    Nothing is fixed on my Nexus 5 running stock 4.4.2

  • faganm24

    What I hate is that when I am chatting with someone and want to call them I have to independently find their number, because the contact image (unlike in every other area of Android) doesn’t bring up the preview of their contact image. It takes you to their Google+ Profile.

  • abhele

    they need to fix that swipe to delete thread [email protected] , pisses me off when i accidentally swipe and gets removed

    • alarson83

      Agreed! At least make an option to disable it.

      • Bear_it

        Doesn’t it have it set to archive on swipe? You can always click the settings button and then click archived hangouts to view what you just archived.

  • Still no lockscreen notifications.
    Fail. {{-_-}}

  • AlexKCMO

    Does anyone know if they added text message notification functionality that exists in standard messaging? I love me some hangouts, but damn, do I hate opening the app all the way to send a reply or mark a message as read.

    • Thought I was alone here… {{-_-}}

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        This is actually keeping me from using Hangouts for SMS right now. Not to mention I’ve gotten really used to CM’s quick reply feature.

  • Lonski

    couldn’t find the feature anywhere, can you personalize contact notification, like having a select tone for select individuals?

    • Manthas

      Nope. This right here is the big thing keeping me from swapping off of HandCent.

  • Cowboydroid

    HAHA, I commented on the MMS issue recently on here and was told that I’m delusional. Glad to see we have an educated base around here.

  • Intellectua1

    Works great on my S4 it’s the only messaging app I use now.. I love Hangouts.. The part that sucks is I got all my friends to switch to BBM for instant messaging when that came out then right after Hangouts integrated text/mms now I want people to only message me on Hangouts.. But I don’t want to be a pest and say it

  • Bob G

    Why would anyone want to disable group messaging?

    • Anon

      sometimes you want to send a text to different people without them knowing, rather then sending the same text multiple times

    • BigInJapan

      I don’t think any US carriers do this, but mms can be billed at a higher rate than sms in some regions of the world. For those users, it’s preferable to send everything as sms.

      • Bob G

        That makes more sense than Anon’s sneaky ways.

        Side note, both your usernames coupled with the answers are quite fitting.

  • Chris

    Does this still break the voicemail app on the EVO LTE? Right now I don’t get a notification when I get a voicemail, but rather a text wanting me to call a 600 or 670 number to listen to that voice mail.

    • NathanDetroit

      I get the same thing with my HTC ONE. Had to disable Hangouts :/

  • Ryuuie

    None of these changes seem to be on the Nexus 4.

  • g2gsr

    What about popup notifications like the old messaging app? (Or are they already there and I’m just an idiot?)

    • Daniel

      This is one of the major reasons why I’m sticking with Handcent SMS for SMS/MMS because I’m addicted to the pop-up notifications that I can reply to directly without even going into the app or unlocking my phone

      • g2gsr

        No joke! I wish email would do it too!

      • Steven Berger

        I like the chat head idea better…which is why i used facebook messenger for sms, but since their newest update i can no longer send sms via facebook messenger

    • Intellectua1

      They’re not there but yes you are still an idiot.. Lol sorry I had to say it..

  • Nathan D

    I think the “wireless alerts” feature is new, isn’t it?

    • Ryuuie

      No, this was around since 4.2, Google has to have it in due to some regulations from the US government about presidential messages and weather warnings from NOAA.

      • Nathan D

        Oh, my bad!

    • Matthew Scott


  • Matt

    How about the Moto X Active Display app update; just a bug fix, but what this always in the play store?

    • Weber


    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Active Display was added to the Play Store following one of the OTAs (don’t remember if it was the first one or 4.4). Just goes to show the power of modularizing your platform when it comes to updates/bug fixes.

  • Grizzy

    Does anyone else get a blurry picture when an iPhone user sends a screenshot?

    • Nathan D

      Is it only in the Hangouts app? My guess it has to do with one of the carriers wanting a smaller file to send.

      • Grizzy

        Ya, I used to get them fine before Hangouts. We’re both Verizon users. It works fine with other androids. Just not iPhone users.

        • robniep

          Doesn’t Verizon compress data? Maybe it’s more strict on iPhone users?

    • MistaButters

      I used to get this with my One X on AT&T. What was happening was the photo was being compressed to some stupid small size and looked blurry on the other end. It was only iPhones and only screenshots that would do it.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Hangouts still works like crap.

    • Booyah

      What phone are you using? Works great on my Moto X.

      • Ethan Besbris

        Works great on my Nexus 5, 0 lag! My only complaint is that texts and Hangouts from the same person are in separate threads. That really needs fixed.

        • Devon

          They forgot voice action support. “send hangout message to…” doesn’t work but you can send message through text “send text/message to…” drives me crazy

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Yeah, I am waiting for the Search/Android API update that allows you to “send message via ____”. Until then, SMS will just have to do. Luckily I don’t message very many people regularly.


      Yeah it’s a big laggy on GNexus devices and older. I thought the same thing until I got an S4. Works perfectly now.

      • T4rd

        I think what bogs it down so much on older phones is all the useless emoticons. A lot of times it bogs my Note 2 down a lot just loading them all up, which I think is absurd considering the Note 2 still has decent specs.

    • Jon Kruse

      Works great on my Verizon 4.1.2 S3

      • Trey Granato

        works awesome on my tmobile 4.3 s3

  • Tirionfive

    Kellex, You post too much! Take a break! 😉

    • No! He must work through this! 🙂

    • rthvk



  • alarson83

    Does it let you attach a photo (and convert to mms) after entering text or does it still force you to do the photo first?

    • crazyg0od33

      this is extremely annoying. Could also use a quick reply but the picture thing is more annoying.

      • jbegs

        I hate this as well. They at least fixed the issue with sharing a photo and not being able to add text. That was a pain.

    • sodsavage

      THIS, please fix this…