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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Return Rate “Trending Over 30%”

Galaxy Gear

According to a leaked sales document, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch looks to be off to a very rough start. Seen inside of the document, return rates for the device are going above 30%, a number that is remarkably high for a device that has seen a ton of both positive and negative publicity. Although, most people who reviewed the Gear gave it rather low scores for lacking any real functionality or worth for consumers. That doesn’t even cover the fact that it’s $300. 

Samsung is reportedly asking employees that are on hand at Best Buy locations inside of the Samsung Experience centers to dig deeper and start asking consumers exactly why they are returning the device. Once Samsung gains enough feedback, maybe they can either fix its current offering or hope for better results with Galaxy Gear 2.

Has anyone here purchased Gear, only to later return it? Are we actually shocked by this high return rate?

Via: BGR | Geek

  • spfx

    A niche product at best for now. Great for early adopters and tech nerds. I see no compelling reason why the average Samsung user would even think about buying one of these. It’s going to take another two years before the technology catches up to this concept and people will need greater services/functionality than currently offered. I expect sales to be mediocre at best until then.

  • Erick

    Just use “gear superfixer” from the playstore and you can use it with any phone

  • @Seymor_Buccs

    And what’s super lame is the statements you all make about a fuccin 300.00 device. If you broke, jus embrace it and move on, if you feel that it’s not what you want to spend ya money on…move on. And stop thinking tha the gear is jus a watch, it’s a device that is worn like a watch. I’ve never even seen grown ass people hate on OTHRR people pockets and wrist.


  • @Seymor_Buccs

    Most of you don’t own the Gear, so I understand your “I jus want to make a statement to say I did” notions against Smart Gear. I will agree, the device is expensive…(to some) but is also the first of many. People these days are quick to bash “the first” of anything, quick to point out all the flaws… OR run the the comments made by others without trying out the objectin qquestion first. The Gear has room for more improvement, but I respect the gesture or attempt. Everyone can’t be perfect like you critics.

  • BellaBean

    I love my Galaxy Gear watch. I have an S4, I’m a nurse and can’t/don’t have time to be looking at my phone. This gives me a great “at a glance” so if anything important does come up, I can respond accordingly. It isn’t super fancy but I love the convenience.

  • RJ

    I bought it last might and I’m getting my Note 3 in two days. In the meantime I paired it with my Note 2 to check it out, not fully compatible with it yet, but still, I’m very satisfied already especially for its modest price! Can’t wait for my Galaxy Note 2.

    • RJ

      Galaxt Not 3 I meant of course.

  • Trace Norton

    I returned mine after 14 days, The camera constantly fogged up with moisture! It lost sync with my phone constantly so I couldnt even tell the time. While it was cool it just didnt have the functionality that it needs yet. I dont need a watch to tell me to look at my phone for FB updates I can pull my phone out and do that on my own. I would have loved to have kept it but to many bugs to spend 300.00 on…If version 2 is better Ill get one but this beta version just doesnt cut it Im afraid. To bad I had such high hopes 🙁

  • BB BB

    I went to the mall and Samsung was showing off the note 3 and gear. I asked them how to use it to track my running and it was ver limited with SHealth functionality tracking the number of steps. I asked them where is the timer? They didn’t even know and said there wasn’t one. I found the timer which is no better than a timex. While I think the Gear has some cool things like not having to check my phone all the time for notifications and perhaps not missing phone calls when I can’t hear the phone ring at this stage in the game I will wait to see what the Gear 2 has to offer. Not to mention the fact it’s not even functional with my s4 until I receive the update. And what if I have a custom rom? If they were smart they would integrate Google Now into this phone instead of lousy SVoice to let other android users install a gear manager app. Hell if they were really smart they would make it work with iOS. I don’t want a watch that’s locked to a specific OEM be it apple or Samsung. It should be cross platform.

  • whatsa2

    Dont know if the return rate means much….
    Im sure a lot of people just got it to play around and return
    as they didnt want one anyway

  • damion daily

    I returned my watch because of the battery life, blue tooth speaker, and price. Battery life was way to low. I had to take the watch off every night. Which I normally never take a watch off. This became a hassle having to charge it every night. Talking through the watch required me to hold the watch close to me while driving. Requiring me to drive with one had so I can talk and hear the other person. The engine and road noise made it hard to hear the conversation. All calls through the watch speaker is heard by all which makes for no privacy. I think this function should be taken off the watch since it does restrict two hands being on the wheel. Hopefully driving down price of watch. Maybe this would make room for a larger battery. If the take off the mic they might as well take off the camera because the camera would not record any sound with its video. This watch needs to be water proof. Nothing worse than working if you wash your hands you accidently get the watch wet.

  • GearFan

    Hey, you guys whining because none of you owned one. I have the Note 3 and Gear and loving them both. The Gear is convenient and saves having to take out the phone to see who’s calling, to have a quick look at sms, reminders and emails. I’m sure many more apps will arrive soon, to make it more fantastic than it is. Kudos to Samsung

    • Skittlez

      i hear that it only shows you the notifications and not the message. is this true? i would never get it anyway cause i don’t want a touchwiz device

      • Jonbo298

        Yes and No. It shows messages from Samsung’s apps like Email (Not Gmail), Messages, ChatOn but only says to view notifications on device for things like Facebook or Gmail.

        Hopefully it changes because it is a little annoying but not enough to make me return it. For now I let them come across so I know whether I should bother taking phone out of pocket or not.

  • cg

    I’m just going to say this: I stopped wearing watches when I started carrying a cell phone. Mind you, I even wore watches when I owned pagers (yes, I’m that old) but once I had a cell phone, I just stopped. Mind you, I can afford high-end watches like Tag Heuer, Omega, etc, just to wear for formal events, but I just can’t do it.

    So why the f— would I wear a watch that I have to charge EVERY day and it doesn’t even look stylish or cool?! Believe me, it doesn’t. I don’t need to know a few seconds early that I got a text message or email; my phone is always close enough to me. If I don’t want to be bothered, then my phone is somewhere else.

    Having said that, I bought a Note 3 and I love it! I didn’t get sucked in to spending $300 for a watch I’d end up not wearing. I didn’t need the many bad reviews the Galaxy Gear got to know that I just didn’t want an ugly watch.

    • whatsa2

      you have not bought the QI mattress
      I see
      (also negates the powerline issues if youre worried)

  • jepalau

    Clasp is terrible. Rather dumb then smart. Waste of time.

  • Patrick

    I have a galaxy note 3 and went last week to get the galaxy gear. I had the 1st gen Sony smart watch and liked it(felt a little cheap but worked) so I got the galaxy gear and have to say build quality is very nice. I like the device but not enough to keep with the price tag of 300.00. I will be returning it tom. S voice really sucks. And wish it had a small keyboard on it. Have to reply with s voice and it not understand half of everything I say just isn’t cutting it. Will return and wait for to see if Google makes one.

  • LaCrika De TuMai

    Why would I want to buy a tracking device for my wrist?

  • wmsco1

    After having one for 2wks now. One peave is Gmail but we all knew that! But on the other hand what we didn’t know is Hotmail can be read on watch, it happened to me. If the apps coming in November are like Watch styler their is a lot to look forward to. Love the calendar keeping me informed as well as D-day reminders. And really love the media controler. The S-voice is hit and miss as always for me. Sending Messages is only as good as S-voice. As far as sms Messages need a better app or open up to Android market to read all messages. Weather alerts could get better. Phone calls were convenient and delightful in car, never took hand off wheel. Video’s was Kool kind of stealthy. Price is to high, supply and demand as well as free market will bring it down.

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  • Matt rosso

    I own both the note 3 after upgrading from the note 2 and the gear smartwatch. I love both of these devices more and more each day. My opinion is that the note 3 is the best phone on the market, hands down and combined with the gear makes a great companion. Working construction… taking notes, changing the music in my pocket with a simple double click of the watch power/home button and a tap, answering phonecalls and messages without getting my phone covered in paint.Priceless! Taking pictures near instantly with my watch, when the occasion presents itself is just perfect. This watch will only get better and better as time goes by. I truly feel sorry for anybody who believes all the negative over analysis of this awesome combination of technology.

    • cg

      Matt, I like your defense of the Gear. I still 100% will never buy a Gear or advocate to others that they should buy one, but you present a nice counter-argument and that’s why I upvoted your comment. While your experience may be priceless, the price of the Gear, currently, is too high of a price for the convenience of mere seconds to about half a minute. I do find the Galaxy Gear to be aesthetically unpleasing to the eye, and I don’t like that I would have to charge a watch (I don’t care how smart it is) at least once a day. But if you’re happy with it, then I do not knock you, personally.

      • Jonbo298

        It’s kind of a niche thing currently but considering where we stand today, it’s a good first step to the potential that’s to come once curved PCB’s are functional with curved displays. All tech has to start somewhere (look at phones before the iPhone) or even ‘Smart Watches’ before the Gear. Most of them were crap but not all of them.

        I think overall Samsung’s attempt will jump start the ‘Smart Watch’ industry and things will only get better once companies produce better software. I currently have the Gear and it does have some definite cons along with some great pro’s in the software but it needs to not be so locked down. That’s where competition like Sony comes into the picture to try and fix that problem.

  • John Friend

    It’s a no brainer why people are returning them. They feel like they overpaid. Or there weren’t enough features. I didn’t buy one because I couldn’t for the life of me see myself paying the equivalent of full retail cost of a cell phone, just to have added watch functionality. If galaxy gear would’ve been offered back in September, along with the note 3, at say $399, I would’ve done that.

    I instead got the droid maxx.

  • Mikel Boyd

    I think when and if they add more app availability it will we more useful but for now it’s not

  • I am willing to bet its either non-compatibility and the not being able to read your notifications are 1 and 2 in either order.

  • d

    I’ll take a gear over a pebble any day, even for twice as much.

  • skinja99

    Battery life?

    • wmsco1

      I have one for 2wks now after 12.hours I still have 80% battery left on watch this includes using it for the media control and I also have 80% on phone using media player and Blue tooth plus normal use of phone note 3.

  • TheRobotCow

    Who does Samsung think they are? Apple?
    It would have been cool if they actually allowed more devices to be paired up with it instead of just their own.

    • Mark Mann

      actually if you are to believe apple, that’s EXACTLY who samsung thinks they are…i’m not a big fan of samsung, nor apple, but i see their point

    • jlb7569

      Apple? Samsung is so much better than them! LOL

  • Riyadh Karim

    is it even water resistant???

    • n900mixalot

      Yes. It is.

  • Nick D

    Bought a Note 3 and was curious about the gear so bought one to try. Used it for 2 days and really didn’t see the point so took it back. Limited functionality, low speaker volume and have to charge it every day.

    • nickie

      you dont need to charge it everyday the battery life works more than 24 hours. also the speaker volume is more than decent.

  • luncefry

    Looks like someone lives in Portland…

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    It’s a problem of awesome freaking advertising on a device that simply can’t deliver at this point.

  • chris_johns

    LOL…sorry…no im not

  • James Briano

    The Big News: Some people are actually buying and keeping these things.

    • n900mixalot

      70% according to this article.

  • It’s not as cool as the commercial makes it seem. It’s basically a watch that is a terrible watch and it plays music.

  • yummy

    I am guessing that when they
    tried it, they decided they would
    rather have $300

  • FknTwizted

    2 things are going to work against this and products like this.. 1st disposable income self explanation. 2nd what it can do. Simple fact is you are buying a watch that is simply a small tablet which is limited to either wifi or just bluetooth laddie freaking da… if it had internet access via a carrier that you can do all of what a smart phone can do it i think would sell a hell of a lot faster.

    • wmsco1

      And a extra data package!

  • Dustin Leon

    Just did training on it last week and it will have 70 new alps coming by end of November and full S4 compatibility next week as well as Note 2 and S3 compatibility by end of November as well. Also Google is considering allowing any of their 4.3 devices to be compatible with it. It will take a bit but it should do alot more in the coming months.

  • JMK

    I returned one due to the moisture in the camera. No way was I going to risk that much money and have it the camera ruined.

    • sfadfs

      the moisture in the camera will go away in a few days or with rice, also the camera still works fine even when the moisture has dried up. its in the xda forums.

  • WickedToby741

    I want Motorola to come out with a smart watch that basically packages Touchless Control and Active Display into a Moto Maker wrist watch. I love my Nexus 4, but I am envious of the Moto X’s feature set. Seems like a smart watch would be the perfect way to get that outside of buying a Moto X.

  • HarvesterX

    I’m surprised that Samsung isn’t paying celebrities to walk around on television wearing them. Seems like a logo al step for Samsung to take.

    On a related note, I read an article this morning about a new device. It’s called Samsung Galaxy Aide. Basically they are Android powered hearing aids. One application they demoed was an app that allowed you to strram music from your phone/tablet and the hearing aids would play them as if they were ear buds. To change tracks, you either tap once to move forward and twice to move backwards into your left ear. By performing the same taps inside your right ear, you can adjust the volume. Galaxy Aide. Pretty cool eh? SMH

  • Jeremy Case

    My local Verizon store is giving early upgrades for the Note 3 if you buy the Galaxy Gear with it. Wasn’t eligible for an upgrade till next year but they pushed it through. Had no want for the galaxy gear but it went on eBay as soon as I got home. If they’re doing this they must be hurting on getting them sold.

    • n900mixalot

      Wait, WHAT????!!! They let you upgrade early?! How’d you do that? Where?

      • Jeremy Case

        Yeah I went in my local Verizon ready to buy the Note 3 at full retail. They asked if I wanted the watch too. Told them I wasn’t interested, but he said well I can push your upgrade through early, sell you the watch and phone for $299 a piece. He said it was because their Samsung rep told them to push the watches if they could and they were.authorized to give an early upgrade if you bought them in a package deal. It was my local store here in Spartanburg South Carolina.

  • Josh Fischer

    They made a mistake only making it compatible with select phones, and the price is a bit much. I think the price range needs to be in the $125-$150 range for something that is an accessory and not a standalone device. Considering many spend 50% or more of that on a nice bluetooth headset, I think that would be reasonable. The camera would be better if it was on the face of the watch to use with Hangouts, but I don’t care about having one on the strap.

    BTW, I’m not looking for a standalone phone/watch, I actually prefer the watch as an accessory for my phone. I know many others want a truely standalone device, but I would expect to pay much more than $300 for something with the technology of today’s devices condensed into a watches size.

    • Adam Truelove


  • joejoe5709

    And it’s not for a lack of advertising. The commercials are actually pretty great. But this thing just isn’t the “must-have” that a smartwatch needs to be. I’m glad someone (meaning one of the major OEM’s) is finally put some time and money into this idea. But it’s pretty obvious Samsung screwed the pooch with a half baked project.

    On a completely unrelated note… it’s 2:00pm on the West Coast which means it’s past 5:00pm in the East. I think we can pretty much call it. NO NEXUS/KIT KAT ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY. I think I’m going to take a weekend break from tech sites. This sort of obsession isn’t healthy.

  • IDLE0095

    I still have mine but I wish they had all the colors at launch. I hate black. I want rose gold. I might return mine for the gold.

    • nick

      as its the rarest color its finally in stock now in amazon but is the most expensive one as well as they tend to be ouf of stock often

  • Balansi Kherwyn

    Maybe for $50 I might even think about buying it.

  • krcossin

    i returned the first one due to moisture on the inside of the camera lens. I never got it wet. The new replacement I am wearing is fine, I left the protective packaging tape on the inside of the camera on the strap, haven’t have any issues. As far as functionality, it would be nice if it did more, and I expect it will sooner or later, maybe?
    Best feature for me is using it as a hands free device for driving, speaker is good, my voice sounds good to who I’m talking with and text messages are displayed, I can reply with voice that is converted to text. I don’t regret buying it, I just would like more options.

    • IanKellogg

      I keep seeing a lot of these. I wish it did more comments. I am curious as to what more could be added. I know there isn’t a lot stock but side loading apps and the new ATN app from xda it is doing everything I want.

  • DroidzFX

    Dick Tracy would not even buy this.

    • Pedro

      That’s just because he wouldn’t be caught with a Note 3.
      Not detective cool.

      • cg

        I’m not voting for you, or your comment, Pedro.

  • KChristainsen

    I think this and any smart watch is stupid. Just a gimmick. Plus way to expensive.

    • James_75

      My Motoactv is quite useful.

      • kixofmyg0t

        The Motoactv does more than the Gear does too.

        Hell people have even thrown custom honeycomb ROMs on it.

      • BSweetness

        Anyone who downvotes your comment has probably never fully used a MotoACTV for what it’s intended for. It’s a fantastic device. I’m still using mine just about every single day.

        I wouldn’t really classify it with the wave of smartwatches that we’re currently seeing since it’s much more of a device targeted towards fitness. But it definitely was slightly ahead of its time with much of what it offered.

        • Blue Sun

          I have gotten a ton of use out of my MotoACTV & have found that it has met or exceeded my expectations. Motorola support for it was far better than my Xoom or Droid X. The price point that I jumped on my MotoACTV was at the $200 USD. I’ve bought the belt clip, large watch strap & arm strap. Each has gotten moderate use without issue. I’m hoping that Google will use this as the foundation for the Google smartwatch. No watch “needs” a camera either.

          • RICK RUDE

            Actually I think the camera would be the best feature. Seems it would be easier than pulling a giant phone out of your pants, unlocking it, opening the camera app and taking a picture.

        • Ricolas P

          I think there are a fair number of us who would love to see a MOTOACTV revival. One of the better devices I’ve owned, and still a worthy contender despite coming out in late 2011. Wish google wouldn’t have killed this product….

      • n900mixalot

        Agreed. It needs a mic though, so I can use voice typing. Plus, using it with my arm bent is unpleasant after a few minutes.

    • zurginator

      I don’t think it’s too expensive – it just looks terrible and tries to do too much. I would gladly pay $300 for a smartwatch I could wear with a suit.

    • sguyx

      Well think about me. I have phone called Note 10.1. I dont carry it in my pocket. I carry it in my bag. I have a bluetooth headset for sure, in my pocket, but usually I dont hear my phone ringing (inside my bag, traffic noise etc.) or notice sms…

      Been waiting Gear months and what did I get? Nothing, because it is incompatible with Note 10.1 (gtn8000). The one phone model Samsung has and definitely needs an accessory like Gear to be able to use better, Samsung has not give any info about possible updates for the “old” Note 10.1 and hence Gear is useless for me. It would interesting to get some explanation from Samsung what they are thinking. Offering compatibility for pocket sized phones but not their tablet sized phones!?

  • aBabyPenguin

    I am not surprised at all, I thought the Gear was a pile of junk since Sammy announced it. I am a little cheesed that Samsung is causing people to think smartwatches are crap. I think the Pebble is a much better option.

    I was in a tough spot when one of my friends bought the Gear. He is one of those people who just buys things because they are new and sound cool. I really wanted to tell him that it wasn’t worth the money and he should return it, but I had to put on a smile and pretend to be happy for him. Let’s see how long it takes for him to stop wearing it…

    • MJ

      If it was my friend I would have told him it’s a waste of money, then if he still got it I would have laughed at him. Isn’t that what friends are for?

      • aBabyPenguin

        Haha this is what I would have done if he told me BEFORE he got it :p

    • Mark Mann

      friends are to tell you that you have salad between your teeth, not to just let it be and smile to your face about it…some friend

      • aBabyPenguin

        The guy bought a toy I didn’t like, no reason to criticize his choice in devices. I didn’t want to make him feel dumb for buying something I wouldn’t. I do the same with iPhone fans, I let them buy what they want.
        If my friend had a REAL problem then of course I would call him out on it, and I’ve done so before with other friends. Don’t judge my character on a crappy watch.

        • Mark Mann

          if you knew it was a crappy watch, did you express such to your friend? there’s apparently more to the samsung galaxy gear being a “toy i didn’t like”…you stated “i really wanted to tell him…” so why didn’t you?

          • aBabyPenguin

            It is only a crappy watch in my opinion. The guy had just bought it and was super excited about it. I wasn’t about to piss him off by telling him I thought it was dumb. That isn’t being a good friend, it’s being an ass.

            What you want:
            “Hey! I got the Galaxy Gear, you like it?”
            “Nah, it’s a piece of trash”

            What was actually said:
            “Hey! I got the Galaxy Gear, what do you think?”
            “Cool, did you check out the pebble at all? I also heard that Google is making a smartwatch.”

  • MikeSaver

    Samsung can bite my gonads

    • DroidzFX

      Insult or invite? not sure..

    • Pedro

      To each his own.
      I prefer no teeth.

  • anthony jones

    heck, i’m surprised it’s that low.

  • Adam Truelove

    It’s one of those “It looks cool, but it’s mostly useless.” products.

    • Ian

      IMO it doesn’t even look cool

      • porter86

        Agreed. The Pebble looks much nicer, understated – http://versus.com/en/samsung-galaxy-gear-vs-pebble

        Not only that but it is half the price and has more features. Samsung just rushed this to market so they could say they did it before Apple!

        • Michael

          More features? The Samsung is stainless steel, super AMOLED screen, color, multi-touch, has a camera, larger display, 320X320 vs 168×144, has a microphone and speaker to place calls, voice control. I’m not buying either.. I’ll wait to see what the next generation has to offer but don’t misrepresent the facts. What are all these features the pebble watch offers other than working with more devices (which is just pathetic Samsung)…?

    • michael arazan

      It needs to have functionality as a stand alone device when not connected to your phone. Granted you won’t receive calls, text, emails, accurate weather. But there needs to be apps that can run on it away from the phone, like music player, heart monitor, pedometer, barometer for weather changes, maybe a gps.

      Also would love to see a medical function one for people with diabetes, or emergency alert for elderly or disabled that will alert your phone to call 911. A medical styled system would be very useful for all types of medical needs.

  • Ej McCarty

    I’ve had it for almost two weeks and love it. Is it worth $300 just based on functionality? Maybe not but you have to remember that it also looks really nice on the wrist. Something you pay a lot for with just a regular watch. And the call functionality is useful especially in the car and with apps like watch styler showing the potential of the apps made for this device, I can only see it getting better with time.

    • Jeff

      Gotcha, $300 for a fashion accessory with limited functionality and even more limited compatibility. I’d rather spend that $300 on a Nexus 7 and a nice regular watch.

      • Ej McCarty

        Sorry I dont have to worry if I want one or the other you ass. I can and do have both along with the note 3.so while you’re scrounging for change I’ll just sit back and relax with all my new top of the line gizmos

        • Jeff

          Whatever man, no reason to resort to name-calling, unless of course you don’t feel comfortable in your purchase and are getting defensive about it.

        • Butters619

          What happens when you move on from your Note 3? Your limited functionality accessory becomes a simple $300 digital watch.

          • Ian

            …that you must charge each day :p

          • Butters619

            And considering most Li-Ion batteries, twice a day in 18 months.

          • jlb7569

            Why would you need to move on from your note 3? Nothing out there can even come close to comparison to it! As far as the Gear Watch goes, I like mine and I think that it’s pretty cool.

        • Ian

          That attitude will get you far /s

          How long till the trust fund runs out?

      • Ej McCarty

        So you’re finding a nice watch for $50 haha. We obviously have two completely different lifestyles and goals we’ve accomplished

        • Wow’d reader

          Wow Ej McCarty, you sound like a douche. Yes Jeff’s comment was degrading to your decision to purchase a product but your reaction is condescending and egotistical. You’re not better than anybody, you just chose to use your resources differently.

        • Butters619

          You know some of the richest people in the world wear some of the most basic watches?

          • db053772

            I love a quality watch. People use their money on things they like. But for me, it has to be quality. I was thinking to get this watch, but my expectation is that its just a blue toothed synced device such as an earpiece. So a $300 earpeice that looks cool. Now, if it could replace my $159 Nike Fuelband that would be cool!

        • jose

          You must ooze douchejuice through your pores. Those that brag the most are usually the ones that are most full of feces.

      • n900mixalot

        And some women spend thousands on a single purse, or a pair of shoes.

    • n900mixalot

      Haters gonna hate. I’m looking forward to getting one.

  • Higher_Ground

    Probably just people deciding it’s not worth the money.

    • David Narada Brown

      $300 is a lot to swallow.

      • rutgersjaffo

        That’s what SHE said.

        • David Narada Brown

          I knew someone would do it.

  • Tony Byatt

    I’m going to say that one reason is that people don’t know the limited device compatibility before purchasing…

    • WickedToby741

      I would agree. Probably a lot of S3 and S4 owners buying it without compatibility yet, not to mention those who may be buying it who may not even own a Samsung or Android phone.

      • sguyx

        Sammy do not forget us who has Note 10.1… We would buy it, if only Samsung would update our barely year old devices. We have only Android 4.1.2 and hence incompatible with Gear.

        I think I get Sony Smartwatch 2. It’s getting ridiculous that Samsung offers updates for phones carried in pockets but doesnt give us an update and we are carring our phones in bags. At least I dont have so huge pockets that i can put my 10.1 inches there… Looks like Samsung totally has forgotten us and their 10.1 devices… If i had a phone like S4, would I even consider smartwatch? Propably not… Gear costs 350 euros here so it should have something special to add / with my phone.

        Now because I have a tablet sized phone, I was waiting Samsung to release Gear and what happened? It’s not even compatible with Note 10.1. Whaaaaat!? then I have been waiting to get some info from Samsung will they or wont they update my phone. It is frustrating.. I think this was enough for me.. And it wasnt only Gear, but Samsung also made new SNote version with a new file extension that barely year old devices (10.1/8/2) cannot handle and hence you cannot share SNote files anymore… Premium devices? Flagships? Only premium was the price you paid… so sad…

        • loisscott325

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    • mack7984

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