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Videos Leak of Nexus 5 in Action, Pictures Too

Nexus 5

Two videos hit YouTube today, briefly (we stress briefly) showing off Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone in action. From the videos, we can watch the device be turned on, then the user playing with the N5’s lockscreen. The other video shows off the device’s screen-off animation, which looks to be the same as Jelly Bean’s (retro TV).Β 

Along with the videos, three pictures were also taken of the Nexus 5. One gives us a very crisp look at the device’s backside, while the other shows off the front. The third image captures a look at the boot animation, which appears to be the same the Google Play Edition device’s boot animation. As we can see, the device is clearly made by LG, which goes along with everything else we have seen from leaked images to reports out of the FCC.

As you may see and hear in the videos, it’s quite clear that the device was being played with at some high school party or at a bar. There is loud music, loud voices and is that a bong I spot?

From the amount of info we are seeing leaked, it’s safe to say we may be getting pretty close to an official unveiling.

Nexus 5Nexus 5


This video contains NSFW language.


Via: 9to5 Google

Cheers Nick!

  • BobbyG

    give me a big ass battery on that..pleaseeee

  • chris420o

    well…ima hold out for a n4 remake…i dont want a 5′ screen and i tv remote length phone

    • Jon-L Innocent-Dolor

      Dimensions actually physically smaller than the n4..but I get it if having a larger display bothers you though…

  • chris420o

    looks narrow…but wtf is up with that top n bottom bezel…the g2 is so small why couldtn this?

    • mjmedstarved

      Well, the notification bar is black.. and so is the navigation bar….. so you might not be perceiving it in it’s actuality, if you catch my drift.

      • chris420o

        Zoom in on the front pic u see where screen meets boarder

        • mjmedstarved

          Hmm.. I guess I see your point but, you need SOMEWHERE to rest your thumb……..

  • Steve B

    I’m liking that they switched the ICS/JB blue to white in the notification icons. It was a needed change.

  • JohanV
  • duckmanbill

    Please come to verizon…. Plleeeaaassseeee

  • MrWicket

    ear piece is interesting, looks like a circle in the front facing pic.

  • Mike Hilal

    Looks laggy

  • Deez Nutz

    Sorry if I offend anyone, but these videos are the equivalent of a girl just licking the tip.

    • Well said, where are the balls deep videos

  • StankyChikin

    Guessing that big ass number on the back gives away which employees phone that is?

    • duckmanbill

      would be funny if it’s that indian dude again.

  • Blake Curtis

    nooooooo……It’s Plastic

    • duckmanbill

      what do you expect for <$300? People hated the glass back of the N4 anyway.

      • JohanV

        I loved the glass back.

        • Jeff

          The glass back is what kept me from getting the N4. If the N5 had a fragile back like that I would have decided on a Moto X. Seeing that it’s likely plastic puts the N5 back in the race for me.

        • Steve B

          People loved the look but hated the frailty.

  • dannydarko

    I noticed the phone Google said wasn’t the new Nexus is.But, most importantly they didn’t know the pattern lock in the video. Is this Another lost phone at the bar scenario debacle nudge, nudge, wink ,wink.,

    • duckmanbill

      yep. another lost phone apparently.

  • crazed_z06

    Thanks for hypebeasting me into buying a Moto X, Droid Life!

    j/k.. im getting a GN3 tho

  • So, where the heck is the speaker(s) on that thing??

    • John Kiser

      Bottom mounted like the g2, the earpiece grill is also the circular disc that is front and center on the device…. (i find this interesting since it’s wider top and bottom wise than most phones would have but shorter side to side, it might lead to more focused clearer sound.. hard to say… )

  • Ryan Stewart

    Unless there was s some new magic in this one I’m not sure if I can be tempted from my N4. Its still an awesome phone.

  • Dave S.

    Anyone have any insight as to what the large ring around the camera lens is all about? When the first leaks came out, it looked like maybe the lens itself was larger…but now it looks like an average size lens with some large metal ring…? Is it a light sensor, perhaps?

    • Flat_Stanley

      I bet it’s for nothing. Aesthetics. Just for looks.

    • John Kiser

      Look at the verizon variant of the g2 (posted on this site and i posted it above as well) It has the same ring and near the same size sensor. OIS ends up having a different housing that is metal and somewhat mechanical to move it and google may of liked the overall aesthetic from the verizon variant of the phone. If you ask me it kinda looks cool (i’d wage the camera will be between 8 – 10 mp.. keep in mind that doesn’t mean it’ll take bad photos at all in low light and low light is the telling point… The Nexus 4 takes fine indoor lighted and outdoor photos for most people)

  • proparham

    comparing to N4 its super ugly. but if u compared to G2 its pretty good.

    • John Kiser

      Only the back differs much and matte black beats a shiny glass finish for a good deal of people.

      • Jeff

        And it’s a heck of a lot more durable. Main reason I never got a Nexus 4 was because of the glass back.

        • John Kiser

          *blinks a bit* Glass is not more durable than plastic for any device than can be dropped. Plastic is cheaper to replace, less prone to shattering and only likely to get scuffed up if dropped. The nexus 4 can even shatter if you go from a cold to warm environment and set your phone down on ceramic tops etc…. I will say while it’s nice to look at and feels more “premium” it is not in fact more durable…. Saying it is in an electronic device is silly. It is purely done for aesthetic reasons and there is a reason consumer electronics are not made of all glass.

          • Jeff

            I was saying PLASTIC is more durable. That why I also said I never got a Nexus 4 because of the back.

  • justapotato

    also imagine lg wanted to get the G2 out at least a month early to get some sales.

  • J Dub

    If I can get this T-Mobile $30 plan worked out on the N4 I just bought for testing I would think about passing the N4 to my wife and getting this. Current T-Mobile data speeds with the N4 are horrible. So bad in fact there has to be something wrong on their end. My area is supposed to be covered by 3G. The phone shows 3G and H+ but the download speed is like I’m being throttled. 300-400 kbps down is NOT 3G.

    • justapotato

      i get great coverage and speed on tmo w/ my n4. but if i leave my town of 150k people its roaming on att which i get “G”.

      • J Dub

        When you look at the prepaid map for your area and zoom in on an area then click what pops up? Mine says 3G in my area. My phone shows H and H+ however I think the H+ is due to hybrid radio flash and LTE enabled via build.prop. It’s def. not H+ speeds. Not even H.

        • justapotato

          mine says 3g too. but phone shows H most of the time. H is tmo’s faux 4g anyway. i dont live in an area that has the LTE tmo band 1900. so its all the 1700. which is the same for 3g and H. I downloaded a game this morning that was 36mb in about 10 secs.

          • J Dub

            Man. It must just be my area. I went driving around today shopping for a few things. I ran several speed tests along the way where I had full bars. Fastest I got was about 1100 kbps down and 700 kbps up. This was the first time my down speed was greater than my up speed. Even though the town I live in shows it’s pretty well blanketed with T-Mobile 3G it’s terribly slow. I am going to the DC area this weekend where they have 4G and 4G LTE. Gonna see what kinda speeds I get there.

  • justapotato

    or just played w/ at Googles headquarters from what i hear its one big high school party

  • Hunter

    Help us Verizon branding, you’re our only hope…

    • not important

      verizon would rather sell you a new phone rather than update the firmware (remember the GNex?), so that’s rather doubtful.

  • pussydestroyer69

    Where the hell does this guy see a bong?

    • Gr8Ray

      I was wondering if he even knows what a bong looks like.

  • Chippah

    For those of us in the Rural US. – its Coverage or bust.
    We are STUCK with VZW = NO NEXUS aBOOO

    • John Kiser

      Well that will be up to verizon if they want to play or not…. Verizon were dicks with the galaxy nexus so yeah… They kind of hurt any relationship there …

      • Well, it’s not just VZW’s attitude, CDMA tech is a headache for the Nexus devices as well.

        • duckmanbill

          Nexus 5 has CDMA. Only sprint frequencies though. That points to Verizon being a dick.

          • No, it’s not only Sprint frequencies.

          • The CDMA radio in the N5 works on the 850 MHz band. Both VZW and Sprint use the 850 and 1900 CDMA bands (though Sprint actually uses only the 1900 “PCS” band). Verizon calls their 850 band “800”because 850 is (obviously) in the 800 range… but Sprint’s 850 and Verizon’s 800 refer to the same band.

          • duckmanbill

            Ok, well you agree, it has CDMA. The lack of LTE band 13 points to it not being on Verizon, so that kinda suggests Verizon is being a dick then.

  • RXG9

    y u no have removable battery ;(

  • joejoe5709

    That… was not as awesome as the title made it seem. It’s actually less revealing than the statue announcement “leak”.

  • :(

    Only thing we can conclude: Nexus 5 needs regular charging πŸ™

  • Bob G

    Looks more like some boys found it charging on a table and took a vid of it while having a high orgasm.

  • shecalledmejay

    Not going to Lie, this would have probably be the one time I would have been excited to see that Verizon Tattoo on front of the phone lol

    • michael arazan

      Or the back, I’ve been looking at the back of all the leaked devices to see that Verizon check mark and lte letters.

      What happened here to the site when we take leaked devices now being the final versions. It used to be when we see leaked devices they were construed to be prototypes and demos of devices and not the final versions. Now it seems any leaks are assumed to be the final version of a device.

    • not important

      that’s not going to happen any time soon. verizon has no interest in pushing out timely updates (as evidenced by their galaxy nexus) and google doesn’t need that screwing up the nexus branding.

      • shecalledmejay

        I just want to know what Apple is doing because Verizon doesn’t delay their updates

        • ninjawarren

          Apple is the only OEM making an iPhone. If Google were to try and force Verizon to do something, they’d just promote another OEM’s phone and Google couldn’t do a thing about it. It’s one of the problems with an open OS, though the benefits far outweigh the problems.

  • Adam Truelove

    They got rid of the new clock style (the one with the bigger hour number)? WTF!?!?! So they’re just letting the whiners win?

    • iheardulikemlg

      It’ll probably be in the options.

    • NexusMan

      That ish was/is ugly.

  • mcdonsco

    Where do you see a bong? I see limes…?

  • TheRobotCow

    What’s with the lag?!?!?!?!

    • BCoils

      so bad

    • Gr8Ray

      Looks exactly like what my phone does with the “Make pattern visible” option disabled in the lock screen settings, ie, only shows the incorrect pattern, AFTER it has been entered. Not lag at all.

  • Andrew Remmers

    Still don’t see any speakers, Piezoelectric sound!

    • John Kiser

      Bottom mounted speakers probably and if you mean the ear piece grill if you check closeless at the center of the top what people were thinking is a light or camera it is evident that there are several holes in it which leads me to believe that is the earpiece there

      • Andrew Remmers

        I think the thing in the center on the front of the device is actually behind the glass, from the looks it doesn’t protrude in the front, nor does it look like there are edges around this feature. Pictures of the back, and bottom have lead me to believe this is untrue. There are no holes for sound to escape from the device, even below the camera. That is why I believe that it will have a front glass panel as its speaker. There are no speaker grills insight.

        • John Kiser

          Look at where i said there is clearly holes right around that white ring in the center or there is a stippling pattern of some sorts there. Also where did you see pictures of the bottom of the device (when i say bottom i mean the bottom bottom not the back) None of the leaks have shown the bottom of the device that i has seen nor the top of it. We also don’t know if this is full on finished right now

          • Andrew Remmers

            Here is why I don’t think the white dot is a “speaker” It appears to behind the glass, no where for sound waves to escape, just like the front facing camera, it also features the same stippling pattern around the camera itself. Now the white dot could very well be an earpiece for talking, could likely be using bone conduction as a full “screen speaker” would be silly to use in a phone call.

            Yes the phone is based on the G2 but even then we have seen the back panel of this device removed entirely in FCC filings. There very well might be speakers on the bottom due to the glossy nature of this phone and the horrible focus, but I think you’d still be able to see small details even if they weren’t very sharp. Just like any of the other pictures in this FCC filing that were take, you can clearly see details of external features including even the divet for the micro SIM slot tray.


            Yes, this may be a far fetched rumor/thought that the next nexus device won’t have any speakers officially. But whats the harm in that? I’ll own up and say I’m wrong if I end up being wrong in the end anyways, this speculation has been running in my mind since around April, when I unofficially played with a prototype Google device. In the end one of us will be right!

          • John Kiser

            What is that even a picture of there? There is no way for a phone to out and out get rid of a speaker at this point. Does anyone saying bone conduction even grasp how that technology works directly??? The phone would need to be in contact with you at all times. Tons of people use speakerphone or consume media on these devices so a complete and utter removal of speakers would make this a no sale for pretty much anyone at all. The casing isn’t even glossy in these photos outside of the inside of the case due to cut outs in the case and all we see here is a big gap in the case that could realistically be where the speakers will go (odd placement but yeah…)

            The dot itself while under the glass also has a rather specific design to that stippling that almost looks like a honeycomb (cereal) shaping to it. Also from the cut outs it is possible for both of these to be speaker inlays given that the top and bottom both have them it is impossible to tell what is going on with that butchered up FCC photo and it’s a shame that the bartender didn’t take a picture of the way top or bottom of the phone too. Hell this still may be prototype casing over the thing entirely or just a shell… We won’t know until google officially says anything though,.

            My money would be on a non bone conduction method though, it is just not nearly “there” to put into a device fully as it’s main earpiece unless it is something securely held in place 100% flat on the area it needs to be and also there will be speakers because otherwise it’d just be asinine and pretty much NO ONE would buy, christ you wouldn’t be able to tell if the thing was ringing unless they make vibrate ridiculously strong so think about that

          • Andrew Remmers

            I never did say Bone Conduction was going to be the way that the phone used sound for everything. For a phone call it would make sense if you had it against your face. I think the front panel will be a speaker itself, for anything but phone calls, and the phone will be smart enough to switch seamlessly between the two. I to am skeptical of this fact, simply because I don’t know how touching a surface will effect the sound, but I still don’t see any external speakers ports on this thing. Except for the possibility of that little white circle on the front which again appears to be behind glass, and not actually able to emit sound out. Other than that it still seems up in the air.

    • Kavin Nguyen

      I think it’s that small circle near the camera.

  • Eric
  • Nick Klenchik

    notification light on the top center?

    • guest

      yeah what is that

      • John Kiser

        earpiece grill at a guess

  • Well now we know for sure that KitKat won’t be much of a leap forward visually from Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

    • Nayners

      There’s a chance that this thing is running 4.3 to test the new hardware. Maybe..

    • Frettfreak

      we have NO idea if that is kit kat or just 4.3. MORE than likely its 4.3.

      However, i would have to bet that KK wont be much different visually or they would have gone with a 5.0 numbering scheme. I mean, look at teh history of android, and anything that was a point release was never much visually different from the previous version. Which is severely disappointing if it turns out to be the case, but we will know in month or so i am assuming.

    • Steve B

      Well, we know they made a switch from blue to white in the notification icons. That’s a pretty big visual change.

  • Al-Burrit0

    If this nexus has a good camera it will probably be my next phone. I was really considering the moto x, but their camera is a deal breaker(at first honestly thought it wouldn’t). Unless i here about a camera software update soon.

    • Gnex

      There’s a leaked 4.3 build for the T-Mobile Moto X over at XDA that supposedly has improved camera software/drivers.

      • Zacisblack

        Software isn’t going to fix a crappy sensor.

        • Gnex

          It actually seems like an alright sensor (low-light photos are still shlt, though). Pictures taken with the X look over processed and under-saturated. Both of those issues could be fixed with a software update.

      • Al-Burrit0

        thank you friend πŸ™‚

  • eazy

    DAT back though..

    • D9

      Exactly!…If I get one of these, I’ll have to stop taking the piss out of everyone who has a Samsung!

  • Tony Byatt

    Easily my next phone…

  • Charlie

    posted this in another spot, but it probably fits better here…

    i know the D820 model (which everyone is convinced is the N5) will not work on VZW. but, has a consensus been reached (i know there’s no ability to confirm anything at this point) that the D821 model that went thru the FCC isn’t a VZW variant that’s different than the G2? in other words, could the D821, since its model number is so close to the N5, be a VZW N5 variant, and not a G2 variant??

    i know, i’m grasping at straws here…

    • Trysta

      I know it isn’t conclusive evidence but there was a post by one of the androidcentral readers showing a pic of the D821 going through the Brazilian equivalent of our FCC. (The pic had an image of the phone w/ the D821 label and was all in portuguese and everything). So I think there is a higher probability that the D821 is the international variant of the phone.

      • Charlie


        well, i hope the G2’s BL gets unlocked, or they come out with a Dev Ed – otherwise, looks like i’ll be waiting until Feb/Mar to upgrade from the GNex.

        thanks for the info!

      • What makes you say the 820 won’t work on VZW? It has a CDMA radio and supports Band 4 LTE, which VZW will be going live with very soon. Not saying that it will work with VZW (probably a bit of a stretch to say so), but hardware-wise it should technically be compatible.

        • Steve B

          It might work in about 5% of American because when it’s not connected to Band 4 LTE it would have zero network to fall back on. The CDMA radio it does have is only compatible with Sprint’s network.

          • The CDMA radio is certainly compatible with VZW. Both VZW and Sprint use the 850 and 1900 CDMA bands (though Sprint actually uses only the 1900 “PCS” band). Verizon calls their 850 band “800”because 850 is (obviously) in the 800 range… but Sprint’s 850 and Verizon’s 800 refer to the same band.

          • True on the band 4 front, though. They are focusing on just major cities for their AWS deployment, and only expect to have 5000 sites upgraded by year’s end. No band 13 to fall back on would be a problem.

    • acras

      according to this , the D821 is actually a GSM G2 , not a CDMA G2 variant , but at this point , who knows. http://www.androidauthority.com/lg-d820-d821-nexus-fcc-confusion-268304/

  • C-Law

    They can’t seem to unlock it and the battery is dead. Is this a stolen device? Also, I didn’t see a bong and I looked really hard, lol

    • Dave

      droid life is trolling i cant find the bong

      • EricRees


      • OreoMan

        I see it, but I’m also watching the video from Colorado…so there is that.

        • C-Law

          Everything could be a bong in colorado πŸ˜‰

    • D9

      End of the second video….Look just below and to the right of the Marlboro Light pack….There’s your ‘bong’ ….which is in fact the side of that glass ice bucket

    • End of the really short video, there appears to be something that looks like a glass bowl and the downstem. Just what it looked like with a brief glance.

      • Butters619

        Also in the first video. The black thing behind the glass also looks like it could be a bong as well.

  • possomcrast1

    I don’t know how to feel. On one hand I’m pretty content with my One, on the other this looks awesome and I probably won’t ever have a chance to get it.

  • Tobias FΓΌnke, M.D. Analrapist

    *skeet skeet*

  • p0k3y

    Cool, it still supports unlocking by pattern. And it even checks to see if you draw it right. Yay!

  • samosa king

    Half-Life 3 Confirmed guys

    • 4 upvotes minus 1 downvote…

      • Butters619

        Dave Chappelle is returning to television?

    • roxy

      dont lie fagget

  • Nayners

    Is it just me, or does the battery icon look brownish? Like, say, chocolate?

    • mrbirdman

      battery is dead, its that ! icon.

      • Nayners

        Damn, you’re right. I bet we get a color change though..somewhere.

    • Steve B

      The notification icons have been changed to white for Kit Kat.

      • mec

        except the second video clearly shows the radio icon being blue, still.

        • Steve B

          Ah, you appear to be correct.

  • mrbirdman

    Where’s the Spigen case?!?! WHERE IS IT.

  • Speakers are the the bottom? That front centered speaker looks ugly BTW. If that’s a speaker.

    • Zacisblack

      How do you reckon that’s a speaker? It’s obviously the front-facing camera.

      • Camera is at the left.

    • John Kiser

      I notice 3 things on the front of the device. LED notification light (on far side) your camera on the other side and then your ear piece in the dead center. They took a rounded approach at a thicker style as opposed to the long flat thing that is usually done from what i can tell anyways…

  • Michael swaim

    That boot animation looks like a GPe animation.

  • bkosh84

    I’ll just leave this here.

    • EricRees

      Hypetrain comin’ in HOT.


      I see that Reddit mentality and terminology have spread to Disqus.

      • bkosh84

        Hmm.. First off I don’t visit reddit so if that was supposed to insult me you failed miserably. Secondly, I’ve been throwing that up for about the past two months or so since the whole Nexus 5 rumors have started. So yeah…

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          πŸ˜€ It wasn’t an insult. Also, I find it hard to believe you don’t visit Reddit. Not even once?

          • bkosh84

            Eh, unless someone links me to something.. I’m more of a fark.com fan myself.

          • Anonymous

            4chan guy here XD

          • Anonymoose


          • meijin3

            I don’t visit Reddit myself.

        • Steve Ballmer

          Not sure why you got so defensive over that comment. Maybe you need to step away from the interwebz for a while.

  • Ryan Gullett

    These “leaked” pictures of devices are just free advertising for them. Why wouldn’t they want this to happen. For a normal consumer, when the product launches, it will be a surprise. They are not reading these tech blogs. And for the more hardcore consumer, we always want to know whats next. I am pretty sure this is exactly what they want.

  • samosa king


    • EricRees

      So doge. So cate. So cute.

      • samosa king

        samosa for you and your cute kitty πŸ˜€ if your cat like samosas

  • KenBarnum


  • samosa king
  • Caveman

    Why Verizon, just why.

  • Chippah

    Looks like this was filmed in Canada or Europe, by the Marlboro light cigarette pack.

  • Is someone moaning on the background? Is the new nexus that good?

    • samosa king

      LOOOOOOOOOL!!! Imagine having an orgasm over a Nexus Phone πŸ˜€

      • Butters619

        Just did.

        • samosa king

  • interstellarmind

    This has to be a Google/ LG sanctioned “leak.”

    I think that barcode/ serial number sticker on the back would be a dead give away to Google and LG on who the owner of this device is (why else have such an obvious identifier?).

    Not that I’m complaining. I’m pumped to see what Nexus 5 will have to offer!!

    P.S. Google and LG’s marketing – from the first “leaked” image via the now gone Kit Kat statue unveiling video a day or two before the iPhone unveil to this- has been brilliant.

    • Its pretty much the same thing a lot of companies do, heck Apple said on stage that you might have already seen the new iPhone online..like they weren’t hinting that they let a few small leaks go through. *Wink-Wink

    • It was captured by a person at the bar. Check 9to5Google.

  • Chippah


  • Carlos Lopez

    At this point i think Google’s just trying to torture us

  • JT

    Where’s kit kat???

  • nvitone23

    I’m the Nick and yes I want a cookie!

  • jp

    Probably staged,,,but good none the less. The date says August 30 on the screen.. Unless whoever had it was sitting on it.

    • jp

      oops August 29.

  • JasonWhite

    Does that bar code mean someone is about to get in biiiiiig trouble? Or is it on there for reasons other than to know which tester has which device?

  • Stephen D

    DId they get rid of the ugly bold faced clock? That would be good news.

  • 1234

    It looks ugly and like it’ll be a stain magnet

    • Qbancelli

      Yeah, not digging the look at all.
      I rather just go ahead and get the LG G2 and put CM10.2 on it.
      Better phone with a much better camera.

      • Raj Bhatt

        I gotta admit, my rooted G2 is awesome. I’m a vanilla Android or AOKP kinda guy but LG has actually added tons of useful features to their skin.

      • vs8

        Yeah, because everyone knows this is a production model and we all know all the specs and we have seen the camera in action…..

        • Qbancelli

          If you think that LG is gonna put the same awesome camera in the much cheaper Nexus 5, you’re insane.

  • Raj Bhatt

    What!? Yes this is exactly what I needed on this awful Monday! Thanks Kellex!

    • You’re ever so welcome.

      • Warwick

        *Tim, lol

      • Greg Morgan

        Always a brides maid… lol πŸ™‚

    • coolsilver

      Thanks for reminding me what day it was… ugh.

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