Stack the States Launches on Android, the Perfect Mix of Education and Fun Times

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A very fun game hit Google Play this weekend called Stack the States. The game has been featured on iOS for a long time, so it’s quite exciting to finally see it launched for Android. The game features a few different modes to play, but the trivia mode was always my favorite that I would play with my nephew. 

The game asks you certain geography questions pertaining to the United States. When you select the right answer, you get to use the state as a stacking block to reach a designated line in the game. Depending on how high the line is will determine how many questions and states you need to get right. It mixes basic geography skills with some good hand eye coordination to do the stacking. If you have sons/daughters or nieces/nephews in your life, they will love it. And even if you’re a grouchy old grownup, you might like it too.

Go check it out on Google Play for just $0.99.

Play Link ($0.99)



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