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This Week in the Life of DROID – 8/2/2013

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It was Moto X week, and boy was it busy. We got up our full review of NVIDIA’s SHIELD portable gaming console, plus we did a ton of comparing of this year’s top devices against Moto’s newest flagship device. We posted up an in-depth look at what Moto’s X8 Computing System exactly is, and were also surprised by Google when they announced their new Android Device Manager. If you missed any of the craziness (how could you?), take a peek down below and catch up.

Have a great weekend, folks!

  • Dylan Patel

    Only 3 non-Moto X posts! That is too damn many! I want MOAR MOTO X!

  • So it’s a few days after the big Moto X reveal and what do really know, that we didn’t know before?

    Contract pricing (big disappointment)
    AT&T exclusives on customization and 32GB model
    Unlockable except on VZW and AT&T, who are getting Developer Editions

    When will it actually be available? When do the exclusives end? Off-contract pricing? Nothing. Nada. Zip.

    Ok, they said “soon”, but I think it’s safe to say most Motorola fans know that “soon” could just as well mean its a year or more away.

    In other words, we still don’t really know much more about getting this phone in our hands than we did a week ago at this time. Big FAIL, Motorola.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    And in other news…… The HTC Rezound is $239 for a new one on Amazon now. A refurbished or used Droid Bionic can be purchased for $79 with $5 for each of the docks and $75 for the webtop dock. And Tilapia can be a very good fish if lightly breaded and sprinkled with lemon. Have a good weekend.

    • brendasmith3

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  • goldi taradipa

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  • rotard777

    how is the moto X magic glass rounded edge different than the DNAs glass that also is rounded on the side with that waterfall like effect?