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With AdBlock Plus Removed From Google Play, Creators Release It Independently

adblock plus

Thanks to a removal from Google Play last week, Android ad blockers have been forced to take to releasing apps independently of app stores. The first to do so is Adblock Plus, one of the most popular. In a blog post this morning, the company has posted an .apk file for you to sideload onto your device should you wish to continue to block ads from your mobile device. Since the app is gone from Google Play, this new version will also allow updates to be pushed, so that you’ll constantly have the newest version. 

Here is the full changelog:

  • Implemented automatic updates
  • Added a dialog to help with the manual proxy configuration
  • Separated filtering and proxy activation settings to avoid loss of connectivity after manual configuration
  • Switched to the Holo user interface theme
  • Improved icon hiding
  • Implemented a workaround for a Chrome issue causing blank pages
  • Fixed an issue with URLs containing apostrophes

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Via:  Adblock Plus

  • AdAway is what I use. It’s still on the play store.

  • zwade

    I’d like to see how many of these people who are against the ad blockers skip commercials on their dvr.

  • nightscout13

    You cannot oppress us Google! We shall prevail!

  • ive used AdFree since the OG days. one app that hasnt failed to preform except that it hates adfly links.

  • coolsilver

    it sucked anyway

  • Just downloaded it, and it doesnt really do anything. The five seconds or 15 or whatever it takes for the ad to go away is still there, it just doesnt play them….so we still end up waiting for the ad to finish anyways. Ive tried all settings and its not working as good as ad away used to. Maybe I’m doing something wrong with it, and if so some help would be appreciated.

  • jrshermz

    Installed it on my rooted Vzw Gnex. Few hours later I check my data usage and this app racked up 2.5 GB of data. Thanks goodness I still have an unlimited plan. Anybody else seeing this?

  • bananatroll

    should I feel guilty for using two adblockers at the same time now? Lol these things are working overtime to give me black squares in all my games and chrome.

  • duke69111

    Any word on bigtincan’s plan for Ad Free?

  • mustbepbs

    Speaking of ads, this site is the worst. They’re practically shoved into my eye holes.

    Ouch, Kellen, you’re hurting me. Ouch.

    • Futbolrunner

      Better the eyes than..

    • Chris

      I have Adblock Plus so I’ve literally never seen an ad on here lol

      • michael arazan

        If I have the adblock on my phone already, do I need to uninstall it and sideload the new one to get updates on it or is the original one I downloaded from the market fine to use still?

        • mfzero

          “Even if you already have Adblock Plus for Android, please install this version manually, or you won’t get any updates in the future, because Google removed us from the Play store.”

        • Chris

          Yeah, just like mfzero said, they ask that you uninstall the current app and reinstall it via the .apk to take advantage of the new auto-update system.

  • Oi, people still crying over blocking of Ads, look you can add ads into your apps all you want but if no one clicks on the ads you wont make a dime. I never click ads, EVER, therefore when I block them they arent losing anything.

    I guess those people crying also think it is ok for PopUp Ads and intrusive Page Redirects on websites too?

    • DroidDrool

      What if you’re not on an unlimited data plan? Aren’t these ads adding KBs of “data”?

      • Rich

        Yes, its safe to assume it would, it is data being transfer so you can see them and or so the refresh with crap…

    • Advertisin’ Boy

      Most graphical ads pay on load, not click (as silly as this sounds). They are, technically, losing some money once you block the ads.

  • DW

    Great job, only wished it worked for 4g lte on non rooted device!

    • Joey

      What does 4g LTE have to do with this?

      • DW

        They say it does not work on 3G non rooted figured it would not work on 4g non rooted either

        • Joey

          hmm….to my knowledge it does not work on non-rooted devices due to the fact that it needs to manipulate the hosts file. I don’t think 3g-4g has any bearing, but this would be the place for me to be corrected 🙂

          • Raven

            AdBlock Plus does not work by manipulating the hosts file like AdFree does. ABP actually creates a web proxy that all web traffic is then filtered through and processed. Depending on your OS level this may work for all connection types or only WiFi and it may be automatic or it may require manual configuration.

          • Joey

            Ah yes, I have AdFree, hence I was thinking of that. Thanks for specifying the difference.

      • Basically, this app runs a proxy server on port 2020 on your phone. The Wi-Fi settings have a way to specify a proxy server to use for web traffic, so you can point the Wi-Fi connection to your phone, thus filtering this traffic for ads. Apparently, there’s no proxy setting for cellular traffic.

        • bananatroll

          Use deepnet. Tor!!! Install torbot and you can anonymously do more things than you realize. I’m surprised it hasnt been removed from the play store, as it truly hides your cellular data traffic, masks your IP, and then bounces it around the world dozens of times before hitting your carriers IP records.

  • What were the point of these ad blockers? Didn’t it cost dev money who didn’t charge for their apps, but instead use ad base model to make money.

    • atari37

      I think that’s what a lot of people don’t get. The developer learns to code on his free time or goes to school to learn (invests is time). Sits down for hours to code something that people want to use or buy, submits the software to the playstore but wants people to have access to it in two simple ways. Pay $3.00 or get it for free with ads.

      Sounds like a very cool way to sell software to the masses however, some people think it’s absolutely selfish of developer to want compensation for their work. We are so used to “free”. I can understand people wanting to remove ads from paid apps but how many apps are like that? I can also understand why people pirate (though I don’t agree) software they can’t afford but I can’t understand why people want to pirate or not pay apps that are already super cheap.

      • cortesjues

        I agree with you, but the problem is that some of the developers are making apps heavily intrusive and basically forcing you to click without meaning to.

        • atari37

          I’ve seen apps like that before but the solution is to get the paid version or find a different app.

  • Steve

    these Ad-blocking PLAY apps and Chrome extensions make me feel a bit sad. 😐

    Google is an AMAZING company which invests tens of thousands, millions and BILLIONS of $ in R&D and innovations to make great >>>FREE<<< products, to buy companies and technologies, receives hundreds of patents every quarter to be ABLE TO MAKE MONEY FROM THESE PRODUCTS FURTHER.

    Google makes money on Ads.
    If you block Ads, you don't understand Google and don't LOVE Google.

    • That is incorrect.

      If you DO NOT CLICK ON ADS, you don’t understand and don’t love Google.

      Google loses nothing (zero) if I block ads that I do not click on anyway. I have never clicked on a single ad in the years I have had Android phones.

      • Advertisin’ Boy

        This is a really common misconception! A lot of the text ads you see on Google are pay-per-click, but most other ads you see on the web are pay-per-view — i.e., the advertiser pays for the ad once it loads on your device, whether you click on it or not.

    • mos0ne

      How can you be so fan boy? Verizon makes money on vznavigator ….does that mean I gotta buy into that crap too? I paid Verizon for my Samsung phone…not Google. It wasn’t free…it surely wasn’t charity from nice guy Google. Wake up.

  • normmcgarry

    Yeah, Admob is how Android makes Google money. You shouldn’t be blocking the ads. Bad for Android.

    • Steve

      Google will add WOW Motorola to its FREE products and essentially INFINITE its profit growth.
      Google = WOW.

      • rt


        • justincase_2008

          i was thinking the same thing.

      • Steve, you sound just as intelligent as a loaf of bread.

    • zwade

      Ads only pay out when clicked on. I’ve never (intentionally) clicked on an ad and I’d rather not look at them cluttering up my app’s screen.

      • normmcgarry

        There is a lot more to it than just clicks. For example, when companies purchase a homepage takeover on YouTube, they pay a (very expensive) flat price, not just based on how many clicks they receive. This is Google Adwords. I’ve done production for a lot of movies, and they do massive media buys that include Admob ads. They don’t pay per click. And they care a lot about impressions. The success of those ads reflects on Google’s ability to advertise.

        • zwade

          But whether I actually see the ads or not, they will never be “successful” on my phone because I have no intention to ever view or buy anything I see in an app ad. Even the few ads that slip through the cracks go unseen by me because I ignore them anyway.

          • Advertisin’ Boy

            But that’s simply not how the ads make money, whether that makes sense or not. I work in advertising — most graphical ads on the web (i.e., not text ads) pay a rate per each ad view, period.

            The smarter advertisers also measure whether the ad has the intended effect, but this is harder on mobile, and it’s not always tied to the cost.

    • Champion1229

      I personally don’t care to look at ads especially on a free to play application however some apps use vulgar and explicit ads that I do not want on my device and I especially do not want others (a family member using my phone, showing a colleague a cool new app, etc) to see! I would rather block them all just to avoid the one out of ten that might contain material I DO NOT want on my device.

  • ArrowCool

    I have a legitimate question. Why did they remove it from the play store for mobile devices, but leave the Chrome extension available in the Chrome Web Store? I don’t see the difference.

    • atari37

      Android developers who make money of ads can’t make money if people are using adblockers. Adblockers in chrome blocks ads on all websites (paid sites or free). BIG difference is that Google must protect its’ interests (developers). Google doesn’t have control over the world wide web, only their ecosystem. It doesn’t have a say in ads on cnn’s website. I hope that helps.

      • Mike Reid

        IMO Google does NOT care about developers, except indirectly and in aggregate, for the benefit of Google.

    • FelisLachesis

      Chances are, it’s just a matter of time. Once they get The Play Store settled, they may be looking at Chrome extensions soon after.

      • I’d disagree. I’d say Google realizes that on the web, there are many ads that warrant blocking. Pop ups, spam, those annoying flashing you won banners, all of these are just garbage and there is a definite need to be able to block them. On Android, the development community monetizes using the ad model that Google made popular and blocking ads has a much greater impact.

        • mx

          And what about when I am surfing the web using an android device?

  • Mack

    No surprises here. AdAway is available from other sources as well. You can get it from XDA, F-Droid or build it from source yourself. Only thing I’m jealous of is Adplock Plus’ built in update feature.

    • BubbleSort

      Doesn’t F-Droid allow updating?

      • Mack

        Yeah but I’m picky haha. I didn’t feel like installing it just to keep one app up to date. I just F-Droid’s site every now and then on my phone, works great I would just like the option to be even lazier. 🙂

  • r0lct

    With the speed of devices and LTE this has become less of an issue for me. Plus many apps have worked around them. Then with legit things being blocked and no way to control what to block I actually prefer not using one on my phone now.