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Yes, the HTC One Will Also Come in Red (Updated)

Red HTC One

We had a few readers point out that listed on HTC’s site is indeed, a red HTC One. While they didn’t seem to make a big deal about a red-colored variant of the device at this morning’s press event, I find myself strangely attracted to this device. Red is hot. 

At the time of launch, we don’t know if all three color options will be available for each carrier, but fingers crossed that it is. I say we have had about enough of the same old black and white color schemes. Time to change it up.

We have reached out to HTC PR on the red’s availability and will update the post once we hear back.

Update:  The red version has been removed from HTC’s U.S. site, but it still remains on their global site. So we may not see a red version here in the States, however, they clearly took the time to create red press renders of the device, something companies usually don’t do without good reason.

Via: HTC

Cheers Tim and Caleb!

  • Nick Norman

    Maybe if HTC named it the Droid DNA Deluxe One+ X+ it would have made the cut on Verizon. If only…

  • Detonation

    Anytime info leaks or something comes out by mistake, a company will always say it’s false or was an error. Until they are ready to announce and sell it, they want people only focusing on what’s available now. People waiting on something that might come out = people not buying their product right now and possibly not later either.

    Both this article and the android central article are just speculation, the only real answer is that Red is not available at this time.

  • rodney11ride

    Would never own another HTC again.. washed out screen colors. Bright as hell, but washed out.

    • Tim242

      You are on crack. HTC phones have a lot of faults. The display is not one of them. They have the best displays on the market. You must be a fan of Samoled’s over-saturated colors. HTC’s displays are true natural colors. I have the Note II. If not for the setting that allows me to tone down the colors, I couldn’t handle it.

      • Ronaldo

        Or, maybe the phone he had was washed out. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THAT, TIM242, YOU CRACKHEAD?!??!?!!!!??

        Lemme guess, your opinion trumps his because he’s “doing it wrong”? People like you ruin comment boards. It’s OK to have a divergent opinion, Tim Coulter. He didn’t like the screen. It looked washed out to him. You like the screen. It looks natural to you. THE WORLD WILL NOW END BECAUSE HE DOES NOT SHARE YOUR OPINION!

        • Tim242

          It is a proven fact that Amoled screens are over-saturated. It is of the opinion of every single tech reviewer that HTC displays are the best. If he had a washed out display, he had a two year old phone. The One X and DNA from 2012 are the best displays, not by my opinion, but fact.

          • Ronaldo


      • rodney11ride

        Yes I’m on crack. My eyes must be muffed up!

    • Washed out? You mean “realistic”? If you’re comparing the colors to the gaudy colors of Samsung’s AMOLED screens, then you need a reality check.

  • Steve Benson

    This lineup of HTC phones with soft keys would be amazing. Instead we get an ugly ass HTC logo where the home button should be. Ug. HTC taking a step in the wrong direction. This is why they’re a sinking ship. Google needs to buy HTC 🙂

  • Sweet, my first tip made an article.

    • Tim242

      Too bad it’s false. HTC says no red option. It was a mistake and pulled.

  • Tim242

    Ewww that red is ugly!

    • Ronaldo


    • TylerChappell

      I’m, sorry Tim, green is my fav color but I think red looks beautiful on devices of all sorts! Ranging from my Razer Pro|Click mouse, to the red HP dm1z laptop, to the red accents of the Droid DNA and EVO 4G LTE, to my garnet red Seidio case.
      Who wants to be like boring Apple and only offer black and white?

  • Emily

    VZWs DNA might eventually get the new Sense software if they ever approve it. Other than that there’s no real reason for them to carry it. Slightly better cpu which no one would notice in day to day. The dpi is only higher cause the screen is smaller. From a business perspective just the “ultra” camera isn’t enough for them to just write off all their stock of the Droid DNA for a phone that is only marginally better. And people are stupid, VZW employees will be able to convince the average customer that the DNA is better because it has an 8 MP camera and a bigger screen. People are slowly smarting up to bigger isn’t always better, but not fast enough.

    • JoshGroff

      Big phones for big hands I guess.

  • Kheir Francis

    happy that its coming out, not to happy it wont be for verizon

  • Jeromeonchrome

    Why couldnt verizon give the htc dna the color option of red? I wish the htc dna came in the metal outside case of the one and had a Sd card slot. To me that would have been the ultimate htc phone. I hate the two button, the live feed, and new htc sense of the one. They almost got it right, but im stick with my htc dna. Its like everytime that htc try to hit a home run they end up hitting a double or triple. SMH

    • Tech Pro

      They did, employee only.

      • Jeromeonchrome

        Yes thats true, but it was only the back cover of the htc droid dna, I love how the htc one had what look like part of the front, all the side and back red. plus i love that metal casing around the htc one, just wish they took those few features and added them to the htc droid dna.

  • am i the only one thats excited for this phone?

    • Tim242


      • Ronaldo


    • JoshGroff

      Considering it’s basically a spec bumped cross carrier DNA, there’s not much of a wow factor. It’s a great phone and all, but not with many people on this site being on Verizon, there’s not much excitement going around.

    • rodney11ride

      Yes. lol although im not an HTC fan.

  • chris125
  • trwb

    If I get this version of Sense on my One X+ I will wipe my ass with my phone.

  • cakekilla
    • “We’re told that was there in error, and it’s since been removed.” Funny because it is still an option for me…

  • Has anyone noticed HTC has since pulled the red option from their site? http://www.htc.com/us/smartphones/htc-one/

    I think that that’s a hint that the One will come to Big Red sometime in the future. The team at Pocketnow said that they bet that Verizon made a deal with HTC that they must sell a certain amount of Droid DNAs before they will offer the One. That’s the only thing that I can honestly say makes since of this Verizon fiasco we have on our hands. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Tim242

      Verizon never gets red phones.

      • Ronaldo


  • dsass600

    The button layout of this phone is so bad, it’s actually discouraging me from getting it.

    • Yeah I’m curious how a button design like this can get through so many people/departments and still no one said, uh maybe this is a bad idea…

  • Austin Warren

    Looks like it’s someone’s time of month.

    • How?

      • Austin Warren

        Forgive my childish ways. It looks like blood red.

  • steve james

    It is not coming to Verizon according to Anand tech.

  • Randy Luna

    it would look good with it coming to big red since it should be a verizon product and also verizon’s logo is a big red check mark

  • kennyloh

    Who knows when the HTC one is coming out and how many inches the screen is?

    • trubin

      Where have you been the past 10 hours

  • Trevor

    You can cover a turd in marshmallows and sprinkles, but it’s still just poo.

    • Daveydog

      Oh gross, I hate marshmallows and sprinkles

      • Trevor

        Haha, nice.

  • Rodeojones000


  • Wait a second. Didn’t we ask the rep if it’d be coming in Red? Seriously, Kellex and I joked about it coming to Verizon in Red. The rep was dismissive, but didn’t flat out say no.

    • Tim242

      Verizon never gets red phones. Period.

      • Ronaldo


  • john


    • Tim242

      Verizon doesn’t get red phones.

      • JoshGroff

        When they do, it’s employee exclusive. >.>

      • Ronaldo

        Your logic is flawed.

  • JetBlue

    So will we be seeing a review by you Tim whenever you guys receive one?

  • TylerChappell

    Everything is sexier in red. Just look at how hawt the Seidio case is in “garnet red” on my Droid DNA:

    • Red is the only thing that case has going for it. Yikes.

    • LionStone

      That’s pretty fly phresh Tyler, nice!

    • “the DNA breaks all records with it’s thin designs and light weight” up next, a 5 lb case to protect this fragile little phone

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I find myself attracted phones in any color other than black or white. HTC 8x for example is a nice looking phone. I even saw someone in the wild with one in yellow at school, got a little jealous (Tech envy is a curse)

  • look the color but not a fan of the front.

  • johnc7995

    I’m not a fan of the way the front of this phone looks

  • JetBlue

    Is there a back picture of it in red?

  • Alan Burnstine

    Maybe red is reserved for Big Red? Please!

    • Austin Warren

      I like big red gum

    • Tim242

      Verizon does not get red phones.

      • Tony Allen

        Yes they do, all of the employee exclusives have been red.

        • Tim242

          That is employee phones. Verizon does not sell them

          • Then why in my Verizon store I have a red droid razor a red numia and red DNA the DNA is employee only but the other Verizon sells.

          • Tim242

            The “red” Droid RAZR is only accented in red around the border. The Lumia is a bit more red, but not the whole phone. DNA is only in red for employees. Regardless, HTC has removed it from their site. They say it does not exist.

          • Ronaldo

            I WANT TO BELIEVE.

          • They sold a red Incredible 2.

          • Ronaldo


  • Verizon exculsive? If only…

    • Austin Warren

      No logo no chance

    • master94

      According to Engadget no One for VZW. On a side note, how do you multitask on this phone?

      • tyguy829

        double tap home button…not even kidding

        • master94

          lol wow. Thanks

        • mx

          That seems strangely familiar. Kind of like that iPhone thing everyone seems to hate so much around here. And by kind of, I mean exactly.

          • john

            and guess how you access Google Now. I will give you a hint. It’s the exact same way you access Siri on an iPhone.

    • I have a theory that that 8x looking device that we thought was the M7 is going to be announced at MWC and possibly be a verizon exclusive version of the one

      • LionStone

        Crank up the hype beast train again! 🙂

      • I have a theory that Verizon would have to sell every DNA they have for .99 cents if they released the One now, it won’t happen, Verizon has NO interest in this phone at all

      • George264

        Nope. It was an early prototype for the one. They took the popular 8X and tried it out. But it never got out of the prototype stage. There was a multitasking button back then now. It’s ok to tell this now since the product is out. That prototype is never coming to market.

  • Please let this be Verizon’s

    • Tim242

      Verizon does not sell red phones.

      • Ronaldo

        YES THEY DO.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      It’s not.

  • The_Afterbirth_Tycoon

    Just rubbing it in the face of Verizon customers…

    • michael arazan

      Verizon already rubs it in our faces, we can’t take much more.

  • Scott Hammerslag

    Maybe that’ll be our Verizon exclusive color this summer…after enough time has passed since the DNA was released so that there isn’t a riot.

    • Dave

      There will always be a riot.

  • KleenDroid


    • Finally, your Amazing comment has some freakin’ context! This IS amazing lol

      • KleenDroid

        What do you mean? You don’t find the rest of your stories Amazing? 🙂

        • Thomas

          LMAO !!!