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HTC Germany Posts Teaser, Says Something is “Alive Soon!”

HTC It's Alive

I guess I didn’t get the memo that today is officially teaser day. Apparently, HTC Germany has something big coming it would appear and it has to do with human hearts being attached to a circuit board or something. All we have from the image is, “Alive Soon.” Well, I am completely stumped.

As K and I both feel, this is so unlike HTC in terms of a teaser. This is the type of imagery you would see from Verizon and the DROID brand. This leaves us with a lot of questions rather than answers.


Via: Best Boyz

  • quadtronix

    This has my heart pumping and HTC’s DNA written all over it (literally)… lol

  • Ibrick

    Germans are weird..

  • flosserelli

    Perhaps they are referring to the HTC marketing department.

  • GettaMuss

    This must mean they are finally going to get rid of the Sense UI. *sarcasm*

    One can only dream…

  • Is that real?? It looks nothing like anything HTC has ever put out for an ad campaign. Looks pretty bad.

  • BrentD

    Now including a heart rate monitor/display watch

  • Maybe this will be the jean lu picard phone.. A 100 percent bad ass

  • I wonder if it has an sd card slot?

  • Assuming the heart is a representation of the processor, its a safe assumption they are trying to mention their quad core processors. (The heart has 4 valves.)

    • Tim242

      Their current flagships have quad core processors.

  • John Jenness

    It’s the new HTC Wolfenstein.

  • bull3946

    Behold folks, the bold new direction that will pull HTC out of their sales woes. Remember, they think most of their failing was in marketing. A bloody cybernetic heart marketing campaign will be SURE to sell millions.

  • George264

    I really hope HTC finally manages to launch M7 on all carriers with same look, and same name. If they can pull that off, they’re on their way to turn around the company. I remember hearing the CEO of one of the case companies at CES saying, the reason they make cases for iPhones more rather than Android devices is because iPhone only has one variation, and changes design every 2 years. With Android, there are so many variants for one phone, it’s not profitable enough. That’s why we’re seeing slowly cases for GSIII, there’s one variant on every carrier. It’s the same name, so it can gain traction, and with more cases, people see GSIII case in store, they might wander over to phone section buy phone and case. And there are plenty of companies who advertises their cases in trains, bus stops, etc(Speck, SGP) so I think if they can manage one model, they will be doing good. I’d buy full price. The DNA is great, I love it, but it is a tad bit too big for my 13 year old hands, which at the moment are the people who really make these devices popular. You see the phone in the school, like it, ask parents for it/ buy yourself if you can. 4.7 with a design that resembles a One X more would be heaven.

  • AMPthe13th

    Looks like LG and HTC have traded advertising styles.

  • NorCalGuy

    German edition of the DNA

  • matt

    4.2 for the DNA released to the Dev community?

  • IMO it seems to make more sense than not… DROID DNA/VZW commercial showed the phone getting implanted in the dude’s chest, no?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Yes, unfortunately that commercial did nothing to sell the phone to the masses… the regular folk who do not frequent Android websites/forums.

      Hopefully this will be the HTC Alive and the poster is a play on its name… guess we’ll see.

  • Dan

    Heart beat= Beats audio? Enhancements to make audio quality better on the new generation handset? Perhaps.

    • Tucker Nebel

      They’ve already done that…

      • Dan

        I know that…..they can still make it better though

        • Tucker Nebel

          Everything improves but I don’t think they are going to rebrand an ad campaign on something that’s not really new. We have all seen beats integration. I just think this will be something different. We will see..

  • Eh… Not interested.

  • Radgatt

    I hope it doesn’t fail.

  • PyroHoltz

    Looks like something from Nvidia IMO.

  • sc0rch3d

    HTC ThunderBolt has obviously set off a chain reaction for the HTC HeartAttack

  • JoshGroff

    Now presenting the HTC Pacemaker.

    • mustbepbs

      They’re gonna need it.

    • zwade

      With no usb port; inductive charging only.

    • Jason Brown

      HTC is coming back from the dead

      • New_Guy


        • michael arazan

          The HTC “Zombie”

    • Motorola_X_or_GTFU

      February 19, 2013: the Night of the living dead!

      Dead now. Alive soon.


      BTW HTC’s recent photography history infographics used HTC EVO 4G instead of HTC EVO 3D. looooool.

  • picaso86

    Another “HTC X” looking phone….No thank you!!!!!!!

  • Dustin Murphy

    I think that will be the name of the Euro “M7”. The HTC Alive. Follows the “DNA” naming convention of human connection.