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New Root Method Released for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Running Jelly Bean

With the official Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) update out for Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S3, we can imagine that some of you may have lost root in the process. Thankfully, an updated method to unlock the bootloader on the device (if you haven’t already) and root it is available.

The steps in the XDA thread below are about as straight forward as it gets. You need Odin (to flash some of the files), current and older firmware files for the device, SuperSU, and custom recovery. If you can’t follow the step-by-step guide linked below, a video of the instructions is included as well. 


Via:  XDA

Cheers ItsASamsung!


  • jay

    what if I just want to root my device?

  • Funsekrt

    Does this method wipe any data?

  • Chris Williamson

    im having a problem…after my first odin flash of vralec bootchain.tar.md5 phone did not reset. Went to a black screen and wont boot nor will it reenter odin mode..seems bricked any suggestions

  • Scott

    If I made the mistake not to uncheck reboot after flashing clockwork in odin and now can’t boot into recovery, what can I do to get into recovery? I’ve tried to flash the clockwork again, but that didn’t help.

    • Game1

      I am in the same boat. Have positive custom counter, no root, no recovery, does not help to repeat the process with reboot unchecked. Factory reset did not help I posted on droid modder x page. I can think of riskier options to try, but the phone is still runnung JB and do not want to end up stuck with ICS indefinitely. I’ll be checking both forums hoping we can both get some good advice on how to proceed. Have rooted scores of times on multiple devices and this is the toughest one from which to find a way out.

    • Glen

      I was in the same boat. I was able to get out of it by flashing the other recovery (not the most recent recovery flashed) with the auto reboot box unchecked. I had flashed CWM, so I flashed TWRP with auto reboot unchecked and was able to boot into recovery. I pulled the battery and flashed my preferred CWM with reboot unchecked. I could then enter CWM Recovery and install the root file from my sd card. Triangle Away cleared the custom binary count. I am rooted.

  • William & Sylvia Peterson

    Took about 5 minutes. No biggie!

  • Jon

    Soo much steps… is there a one click root coming soon for 4.1 verizon?

  • e_droid

    Any major difference between the OTA JB update and VRBLK3?

    • Aaron Bouzek

      Other than it breaks a bunch of your applications when Vzw pushes it, so you have to root your phone to fix it?

  • Dingus

    Should have used these modded OTA updates that prevent you from losing root, among other things.


  • BrendonSF

    This method is much easier and works on JB: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1974114

    • It’s the same method.

    • Steve Benson

      SMH, yeah, it’s so much easier because it’s the exact same method.

  • John

    Love DroidModderX’s vids, but he’s gotta lose Visa

  • snowblind64

    I know the Verizon Galaxy S3 isn’t affected by the infamous Samsung kernel exploit but I just wanted to let all the Note 2 folks and others with Exynos processors that there is a no-root fix available. Link below.


  • fartbubbler

    it’s just that easy!

  • Dan Pasanen