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Full U.S. Roll Out of Google Fiber Would Cost Google $140 Billion

According to Goldman Sachs, the best estimate for how much it would cost Google to have a complete Google Fiber roll out to the United States would cost roughly $140 billion. That’s $140,000,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros. Technically, Google’s yearly budget for such projects is $4.5 billion, which means we could be waiting quite some time before others outside of Kansas City experience 1Gbps download and upload speeds.

Other estimates were done to see how much the cost would amount to if they decided to only light up half of America, which still equaled to about $70 billion. That’s just $25 billion over the amount of cash that Google has on hand during any given day of the week.

Come on, Apple. Lend a helping hand?

Via: BGR

  • Considering that everyone has electricity via power lines, establishing great infrastructure is worth it. I think if you combine Google fiber with TRUE 4G wireless than you can get everyone connected in America. Google would be dumb if they didn’t do this. Similar to General Electric created the power-lines creating a new demand of electric products, Google could capitalize on ALL COMMUNICATION. Considering that we are in the information age, it seems only natural.

  • They will get a 10X return, easily…. as they basically eviscerate the market share of Verizon / Comcast / TimeWarner / etc. Do it Google, pick an actual major market (Kansas City really?!) and watch the returns come in. You don’t have to light everyone up at the same time.

    • …. and based on intense statistical analysis…. a 10X return would equal roughly 1.2 Trillion dollars

  • George264

    I’m fine with that. It still means I’m getting Fiber in the next couple of years. 😉 New York is a popular place. If it doesn’t come in the next couple of year, hasta la vista New York.