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Wild Blood Goes Live in Google Play, Hack and Slash Comes to Your Mobile Device

Nothing is quite as satisfying in a video game than just picking up a giant sword and mowing through waves after waves of enemies. Luckily for us, we can all get that satisfaction to-go with the launch of Wild Blood on Google Play. Gameloft has called upon the power of the Unreal game engine that is used in countless console video games to power this story that lets you “Live the unforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot as you never have before!”

While the “re-imagined story of Sir Lancelot” might be a bit of a stretch, the game looks to make up for it in gameplay. 10 levels filled with 20 different enemies will test your reflexes and giant boss battles look to keep you on your toes. Gameloft promises epic battles, but with a price tag of $6.99 for the game, we hope that the Unreal engine will be able to deliver.

Play Link – ($6.99)


  • Doesn’t work on droid razr maxx HD either . Agh fragmentation !!!!

  • $6.99.. Yep, not gonna buy it.

    • vitriolix

      If it was a high quality game with no ads or IAP why wouldn’t you? I buy Xbox games for 10 times that much…

  • duoexo

    Can we pass 26 billion downloads now? I’d jump on this for 26 cents!

  • kixofmyg0t

    Compatible with my Bionic and Xoom….. Not compatible with my device.


    • Buckoman

      Most likely because of a lack of processor compatibility.

      What phone do you have?

      • kixofmyg0t

        It’s S4 powered, and this game doesn’t work on my RAZR M either so I’m gonna think that’s it.

  • Why do so many cutting edge games endup not supporting the latest devices like the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700)? So frustrating! Why did I even bother getting an expensive HD device when barely any games endup supporting it? 🙁

    • vitriolix

      Hmmm… was thinking about picking up an Infinity soon… you running into this a lot? That would annoy me.

      • Well…I’m mostly running into this issue on older games which makes sense since this tablet’s got a higher screen resolution and dpi than most. But what frustrates me is when a NEW game is released that doesn’t support it. Some examples from the past few months including Wild Blood, Mass Effect Infiltrator and The Dark Knight Rises. Sure Mass Effect was released a few months before the tablet came out, but I really wish I could play that on the tablet. Dead Space is another older game I wish would get support for the Infinity since I loved playing through that one.

        Some games have been released without support for the Infinity, but ended up adding support in a later updated, like Asphalt 7.

        That said, I looooove the tablet and the games that are available for it are pretty awesome (and look amazing): Dead Trigger, Horn, Infinity Warriors 2, NOVA3, and even Draw Something is fun to play on such a nice screen 🙂

        • vitriolix

          Maybe things will pick up on that front if the Nexus 10 with insanely high res screen rumurs are true

  • DainLaguna

    i hope it runs smoothly. gameloft is awful about optimizing for jb and ESPECIALLY tegra 3. unreal engine does deliver, look at infinity blade and horn. and thats just moble!

  • Mark

    How’s the story? Does the main character have a personality?

  • Sirx

    Does this work on Non-Tegra? (Galaxy Nexus)

    • Runs on my GNexus running JB no issues very smooth. Downloading now for my TF300 see how that goes.

      • Sirx

        Sweet! Thanks for the tip 🙂

      • Justin Swanson

        Any IAP?

  • Does the game support controllers?

    • Would also like to know if there is controller support!

  • New_Guy

    Just played it for about 5 minutes and I’m already in love. Controls are super easy and runs without a hitch on the Tegra 3.

    • DainLaguna

      does it really? because if so, this is the FIRST gameloft game to support tegra 3 properly. every gameloft title i’ve purchased runs awful on my nexus7. (tegra optimized games do not however. they run great.) i wonder if its because unreal engine needs additonal hardware acceleration?

      • New_Guy

        I will admit that the framerate is not as smooth as I’d expect with the an Unreal engine running the show, but it is nowhere near as bad as some others like NOVA 3 and Modern Combat 3. This is very playable. I was all set to hit the refund button as soon as I saw the God-aweful lag I’ve become accustome to from GL, but was happy with what I played so far :).

        Playing on TF300 on performance mode.

        • DainLaguna

          no such mode on my n7. well there is…its called overclocking 😉 but i shouldnt HAVE to do that. i downloaded it for both my gnex and n7…it runs smoother on my gnex. sad. not unplayable on the nexus7 but not where it should be.

  • JoshGroff

    Speaking of Unreal Engine. 🙂

  • vincet3

    So how much are the in app purchases?

    • Sqube

      We snark, but I’m serious. Since the game costs $6.99, am I going to be able to have a total experience with the game as-is? Or am I going to need to need IAPs?

      If it needs IAPs, this is an absolute non-purchase without any further thought. If it doesn’t… well. Things just got a whole lot more interesting.

      • If it’s like some of their other games, it’s probably playable without, but they’ll be sly places to buy better equipment or upgrades.

      • vitriolix

        Agreed. I’m totally over IAP. Especially if its a non-free game… F2P with IAP is at least justifiable, but if I buy a game and then get nagged to buy coins to proporly advance, I’m pissed.

        Google needs to add a flag in the play store descriptions if an app is using IAP or not

    • New_Guy

      been playing it for a while and haven’t run into any. I thought there were some at first but you actually by items with coins picked up in the game.

      • TheDrizzle

        What a novel concept 🙂