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Motorola DROID RAZR M Review

The DROID RAZR M by Motorola was introduced last week as a mid-range device with, for the most part, top tier specs on Verizon. It sports an “edge-to-edge” display, dual-core processor, and Ice Cream Sandwich in one of the smaller packages we have seen in some time. Motorola was trying to give this phone something new by keeping the display itself big, but shrinking down the phone to make it much more manageable in one hand. They succeeded and then some. I may as well admit it now, that I’m a big fan of this phone even if the display is only qHD. Let’s talk about it. 

The Good:

  • Form Factor:  Even if Motorola doesn’t sell 10 million RAZR Ms, they have a winner in my book. Their vision of an edge-to-edge display is something I am 100% on-board with. When you pick up the RAZR M, you immediately notice how small it feels when compared to other devices like the Galaxy S3, but once you turn the screen on, none of that will matter. Since there is very little bezel, and Moto managed to toss in a 4.3″ display while keeping the overall package small, it doesn’t feel like you are holding a tank or two-handed device. It’s easy to navigate this phone with one hand. After making this my daily phone for the last 4 or 5 days, it has been difficult to pick up anything else without saying, “Damn these other phones are huge.” I also like it that the RAZR M doesn’t feel like Moto flattened or squashed the device just for the sake of saying, “Look how thin this is, even if it is the widest device on Earth!” Yes, I’m talking about the original RAZR.
  • Specs:  Aside from the RAZR M having a qHD display, the rest of its insides are top notch on paper. The 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 is efficient and powerful. The 8GB of on-board storage with expandable microSD slot gives you all of the space you could ask for. The 1GB of RAM doesn’t match the 2GB in the Galaxy S3, but should be enough for almost any average user. The 8MP camera sucks, but hey, at least it’s 8MP? It also has a 4G LTE radio so that it can connect to Verizon’s ever-growing network. The RAZR M doesn’t break ground on the spec front, but it also isn’t falling behind.
  • Battery Life:  The 2000mAh battery inside the RAZR M coupled with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor seems like a match made in heaven. Well, almost anything does with this processor, however, this phone seems insanely good with this combo. I have two screenshots to talk about below that have led me to this conclusion. The first one on the left is the RAZR M after I took it through a standard day of checking emails, Twitter, snapping a few photos, making a few phone calls, listening to some music, keeping WiFi off, and not doing anything that would completely hammer on battery life (like gaming or video streaming). As you can see, a full day of use was not an issue. The screenshot on the right is day of travel and over an hour straight of Granny Smith domination with Google Music playing in the background while on a plane. I still had 33% left and probably could have made it through the rest of the day if I needed to. Now, with my Galaxy Nexus, should I have played over an hour of any game with music streaming in the background, I would have been dying to find the nearest outlet so that I could toss some juice into it. This phone is incredibly efficient.


  • Display:  I’ve been hard on qHD displays for almost 2 years now, but I’ve got to admit that this qHD display on the RAZR M isn’t bothering me like others have in the past. It could be that Motorola selected the perfect set of wallpapers to show off color pops that distract me from picking out pixels or maybe, the fact that there isn’t blurring and ghosting at every turn like on the Incredible 4G and other qHD devices, that has me feeling good. Viewing angles are great, it gets plenty bright, and the size really does feel nice for such a small framed phone. Colors are vibrant since it’s an AMOLED and sensitivity is as good as any display I have touched in a while.

  • Performance:  The RAZR M has been a pleasure to use because Motorola has apparently fine-tuned their custom OEM skin since the Atrix HD, which runs a similar build. There are stutters or hiccups here and there, but for the most part, this phone flies, thanks to the Snapdragon S4 processor inside. We aren’t usually that big on benchmarks, but to visually give you an idea as to how this phone stacks up to the competition, we thought we would include a couple (Yes, it topped the list in Quadrant.). For a $99 phone, you can’t help but be impressed. It’s not perfect, but the few hiccups I saw can all be fixed by software updates in the future, which new Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside told us would be here before the end of the year.


  • Price:  If you don’t have $200 to spend on a phone, you should buy the RAZR M. At $99, it almost seems like you are robbing someone. The Incredible 4G, which doesn’t even stack up to this phone on any level other than the camera, is $149. Motorola’s new direction involves pricing phones in areas that can reach massive amounts of consumers, something the price point for the RAZR M clearly demonstrates. It’s a bargain-bin price for one of the better phones of 2012.
  • 4G LTE:  LTE is standard in all Verizon smartphones these days, so it’s no surprise that the RAZR M has been taking full advantage of the network while I’ve had it in my possession. Unlike some of Verizon’s previously released LTE phones, this one has no problem holding a signal. I’ve spent time in airports, between cities, on trains and in low coverage areas over the last few days and rarely ran into a lack of signal. If I left a coverage area, connection was quickly restored moments after returning to one. You see DL readers rave about Motorola radios in the comments on posts throughout each day, and there is a reason for it.
  • Blur:  During my Atrix HD review, I had mostly positive things to say about the direction of Blur. In fact, I still think this is the best version of Blur yet. With that said, Motorola needs to find a style or layout and stick to it for a while. This version of Blur is completely different than the ICS Blur we saw hit the original RAZR. We like innovation, but let’s try to find something we can build off of without having to completely flip the switch and start over. Likes:  In this new build, you can swipe left and find a new notifications panel which I really like. It’s a much better way to display this info than through the pull down menu. After that, you can swipe right to get to other home screens which don’t exist right off the bat. You have to add them by either choosing from a Moto pre-set layout or a blank screen. I can’t help but also admit that I really like how close this is to stock Android. Dislikes:  I am sad to see them already eliminate the quick preview windows that were included in the Atrix HD’s build, though. For certain apps like Phone or Contacts, you could swipe up on the icon and see a preview of information. It was handy, to say the least, but it’s now gone in this new version of Blur.

  • Jelly Bean Soon:  During the announcement of the RAZR M, Motorola announced that Jelly Bean would be available as an update before the end of the year. If you looked at a calendar, that only gives them a little over 3 months. They must feel confident in the process because it took them 8 or 9 months to get Ice Cream Sandwich out.
  • Developer Edition:  Motorola is trying to win over customers again after pissing them off for the last 2 years. In order to do that, they feel that they need to win back the developer community, by releasing “developer edition” phones. While these are a great gesture and idea in principal, very few will likely buy these as they can only be purchased off contract at full retail and likely without much of a warranty. Thanks for the option, I guess.
  • On-screen Navigation Keys:  Motorola is one of the few Android OEMs to adopt on-screen navigation keys, something that Google first introduced with the Galaxy Nexus last year. It’s no surprise that Moto has gone this route, since they are owned by Google and all, but since we have seen other manufacturers continue to use hardware buttons, we need to give Moto props. On-screen navigation keys will allow for a better Jelly Bean experience while also allowing for a smaller device profile and more screen real estate.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Style:  Look, I’m a fan of the front of this device along with the industrial accents on the sides, but Motorola, it’s time to do away with the cheesy kevlar backing. Every time I flip this phone over, I cringe. The kevlar really serves no purpose other than as a talking point during sales pitches. This phone, for the most part, looks like a step in a new design direction for Moto, until you get to the back. It was a fun gimmick while it lasted, but let’s go ahead and turn the page to something new, shall we?
  • Display:  OK, as much as I can handle the display on the RAZR M, it still is a qHD PenTile display. If you use Motorola’s wallpapers, you may come away thinking this is one of the better displays ever made, however, if you change it up and throw on something a little more subtle and less vibrant, you will immediately see text becoming less clear with pixels shining through. And no, it didn’t take a blown up macro shot for me to be able to see this, I am simply showing you this picture so that you can see the display technology at work. I wouldn’t consider this display to be a deal breaker, but just know that even if it is “edge-to-edge,” that it’s not as good many others on the market. Then again, you are only paying$99 for it.

  • Camera:  I have been disappointed with the 8MP camera in the RAZR M. It seems to adjust lighting at freakish rates even when it doesn’t need to, leading to below average stills. Pictures with controlled lighting also rarely seem to come out as clear as you would expect. I was able to capture some decent outside shots in the sun, but anything inside turned out noisy and plain bad. I figure the camera is probably the same sensor that we saw in the original RAZR, however, it doesn’t come close to performing like it.

  • Bootloader:  The bootloader on the RAZR M that you will buy from Verizon for $99 is going to be locked down. This means hacking is going to be a pain in the rear, unless you want to fork out $549 and buy the developer edition directly from Motorola. Verizon will continue to come up with excuses as to why they are locking down their phones from the “hackers and tinkerers” that even Motorola has realized are important, and we will continue to tell them how wrong they are. Verizon, you are wrong, again.
  • Bloatware:  My official bloatware count reached 23 on the RAZR M. Now that Verizon has partnered with Amazon, their suite of apps easily adds 6 or 7 to Big Red’s ever-growing list. They also aren’t letting you uninstall these anymore, so if you want them gone from your app drawer, you have to go into Settings>Apps>All and disable them. This new Amazon partnership is definitely a step in the wrong direction in the battle of bloatware.

Unboxing and First Look:



The Verdict:

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a huge fan of the DROID RAZR M. The form factor with the edge-to-edge display has been a treat. You still get a big beautiful screen, but without the extra baggage that normally comes with one. At $99, the price seems more-than-reasonable, especially when you consider that it packs many of the same specs that high-end phones are launching with these days. The RAZR M is a great option for those who have been frustrated by the mega-phone movement.

  • dcont

    Kellex: Here, you say the RAZR M specs are “top notch on paper” but on the Droid Inc 4G LTE review you blasted that phone with awful specs. Um, the difference is 0.3Ghz in processor speed and .3″ in screen size; bigger screen sizes are user subjective even. That’s it. Anyhow, we clearly don’t have the same values in smartphones.

  • Bob Gladrey

    Not sure why I’m not moved by the RAZR, though I’ve heard the battery life is great. I’m on 4GLTE (AT&T’s) at my Atlanta hair salon, and I need a phone to last from the first appt. i book to the last; appointments make my schedule, all day long. I can’t have my phone die.

  • Alex

    This was my first smartphone (not counting my Samsung Jack, as dumb as they get), and it’s hella good. Camera’s decent too, though I do wish for a physical camera button. Feels pretty sturdy for the size and thinness, although compared to my old phone battery life sucks (play some games on the way to school and check email a few times, and it’s at <33% when I get home).

  • benhc911

    for all the talk of edge to edge, this badboy has a big chin… every other dimension has a wonderfully small bezel, but that two toned chin kills it for me… if the capacitive buttons were on the black section instead of on screen maybe I could understand, but they are on screen, so get rid of that space!

    /he says knowing full well that there are engineering limitations too, not just design decisions/

  • Awesome Display clarity

  • Wife got one. awesome device… but is there a dock for this thing yet?

  • Bloated, to many colors and shapes and textures going on. Plus that MotoBlur, Yuck.

  • DAngelo8

    This phone is the PERFECT SIZE and has great specs = I want one. However I’m on at&t. I hope this phone makes it to at&t.

    • DLF

      No chance of a CDMA Droid phone being on AT&T or T-mobile. Sadly, as I love the size of this one too!

  • Does anyone know if the camera in the M is the same one the Razr/Maxx HD will have? Deciding between the GS3 or the Razr Maxx HD. Need the long battery but want a good camera.

  • small phone, great size screen, excellent battery, android 4.1, great processor. This phone is awesome.

  • Hank

    I’m pretty sure the Kevlar back is there to give a more premium feel than plastic, without interrupting the cellular signal like metal backs have a tendency of doing.

    I’ll agree fully that it looks hideous on this phone, but to say its completely useless is to be a bit disingenuous. I also think it looks much better with the black model, as compared to the one in your review.

  • This gadget is in a “must have” category. Berita Teknologi Terbaru and Segala Yang Terbaik Indonesia

  • I like the kevlar on mine. I know its just a marketing gimmick, but I think it looks cool!

  • RicoDelicioso

    Don’t like. Won’t buy. Will wait.

  • dezignstuff

    This phone has some nice aspects, but it’s seriously FUGLY. Looks like 1970s calculator. The screws don’t help, the camera and the back scream cheezy. Amoled pentile? better than the Dinc4G?

    I do like the accessible slots for sd and sim. I do like the edge to edge. I do like the 4.3″ in the size of a 4″ package. Software is software, and it should all be replaceable. The fact that this is going to be locked down doesn’t do it any favors either.

    The comparison to the Dinc4G shows some ugly bias on your part. Razr M does have a couple of advantages over Dinc4g, but being out several months later, I would expect it to. The processor (1.5v1.2, meh), storage space, camera, (NFC?), have no advantage over the Dinc. And the Dinc feels cheap?!? Geez. Why do I read these reviews anyway?

  • Serpico

    I like the Kevlar backing! Ssssnot cheesy! White phones, now that’s cheesy.

  • Farbicz

    Any idea how to get this phone to Europe? (Czech Republic – Jagr….) …. I don’t want the “razer i” with sh*t non compatible intel processor….

  • jamaall

    I really hate the physical buttons. They are a waste of space and I ALWAYS hit the home or back button while playing a game, extremely annoying! Thank God that they got rid of those on the Razr M.

  • liquidfusion

    My Original Droid with Peter Alfonzo’s FRK76 rom runs cool at 1.1GHz. Has ability to put apps on the sdcard. Decent 5 megapixl camera. LCD display great for watching Netflix. Why upgrade?

  • soni manutd

    i thought i was the only who thought the kevlar back-cover was cheesy…. but overall, especially from the front, the design is improving

  • I picked up the Razr M for my Girlfrends first smart phone. I have a Galaxy Nexus and I’m pretty impressed. The bloatware is a little on the annoying side. The gallary app is the one that kinda irks me. I installed a bunch of apps for her and she was happy I got her the Zappos app. I decided to go ahead and let her think I put it on there. Really the Amazon Apps don’t bother me half as much as Verizon’s tinkering.

  • sneeakysteve

    yall dont know how many times i want to yell “That’s What She Said” reading through the comments

  • wickets

    saw this at verizon store today….absolutely blah….seriously, not one thing that says WOW!

  • RoadsterHD1

    Kellex did the phone get hot while reviewing it?

  • zUFC

    First off, thanks Kellex for replying to my e-mail. But i don’t know how you can like the “swipe left-setting screen”. I love to be able to scroll any way and through all my screens. Now it’s like that stupid “left swipe” I-phone search screen. That is what makes android great. having as many screens as you want and swipping as you like. I think that is a total fail. I need the MAXX for batt life but i think that will ruin it for me. Never a perfect phone (for me). I must be picky i guess. But i can’t see anyone liking that. it should at least have a feature to disable.

    • abqnm

      Can be easily solved by installing a different launcher like Apex or Nova.

  • MikeSaver

    Not buying any phone but a Nexus phone. Hell, I’ll even switch carriers if the Nexus two years from now isn’t on Verizon!

  • BenBNYTimes


  • Hmm….

    Excellent review, apart from the juvenile comment about “cheesy kevlar.”

    • DLF

      Yeah, what next, “Cheesy Carbon Fiber”?

  • John

    You & those damn blue shoes =P

  • LionStone

    Hmm…the M is practically the same phone spec wise as the Inc4 yet it gets some nice praises here while the Inc4 got treated like a red-headed stepson!? The M has a tad bigger screen and battery but the Inc4 has better camera and the ppi is a little better.

    The M gets a worthy note about its form factor but with the Inc 4, it totally gets dismissed? “The Incredible 4G, which doesn’t even stack up to this phone on any level other than the camera, is $149”. Huh!? Well, I actually did that, stacked them side by side on PAs comparison tool and pretty much the same dimensions and specs! I would definitely pay the $50 buck difference just for HTCs camera.

    Oh, I was really surprised to see a rumour (A software promise to Jellybean by Moto by end of year) as one of the “good” things? It wouldn’t be the first time Motorola said one thing and done another, right? After all, we all know how expedient VZW is with the software updates.

    • zUFC

      thats because there are a ton of Moto fans on here. I can’t stand them myself but thats just me. I love HTC but haven’t seen one i love of late. I would of killed for the oneX.
      Plus the one other thing this has over the Inc4 is onscreen buttons. (but thats just me again. I love those)

  • am I the only one waiting for all of sanjay’s blurred phones to be done with so we can get to the moto-google good stuff?

    Not to say I don’t like my razr, but the thought of a vanilla ICS/JB device is exciting!

  • niuguy

    Ugh, unboxing video. 🙁

  • Every review I’ve ready so far talks about how bad the camera is, but when I look at the pictures I don’t see any problems…what am I missing?

    • ebinrock

      Exactly. And I really just skip over the camera reviews, honestly. If I’m taking that critical a picture that HAS to look good, I’ll just pull out my DSLR. Because I don’t care how good a camera you have in your smartphone, it’s still a smartphone camera. The lens and the image sensor are impossibly tiny to begin with, and the optics are cheap. It’ll never substitute for a good APS-C size sensor or larger, and it certainly won’t substitute for good glass (such as by Nikon, Canon, or Zeiss).

  • Matthew Merrick

    So… this or Incredible LTE?

    • r0lct
    • LionStone

      Well they are pretty much the same form factor and specs. The M has a 4.3″ screen and the Inc4 a 4″…the M has a 2000mAh and the Inc4 1700mAh…the M a 1500Mhz while the Inc4 has a 1200Mhz, underclocked some which makes up for the difference in battery, so they both will have great battery life. I can’t vouch for the M and we didn’t get any screen on screenshots, but the Inc4 has been well documented for its high performance while giving great battery life. It pretty much comes down to on screen buttons on the M if you really care about that but, to me, thats negligible. I’d rather have the f2.2, back illuminated sensor on the HTC camera.

  • What is that wallpaper? I’ve been looking for it but can’t find it.

    • OfTheDamned

      It is stock wallpaper for the phone. It is in the market though.

  • durangojim

    I think you just reviewed the iPhone 5. Except the camera and screen will be better.

  • nobody72

    Bit odd you don’t compare it directly to the razr or razr max (last generation phone).

  • Terence Jackson

    I need an app suggestion. I have a Razr Maxx, that after the ICS update has had performance issues, VZ replaced it, but it’s still doing the same thing, it locks up, randomly reboots and is generally laggy. Any thoughts????

  • Daniel Maginnis

    I’m ordering it tomorrow and it will be in my hand by weeks end. D1>d3>RAZR m

  • Walt

    This may have been answered before but what is the widget with battery, time and weather? Can I get that for my maxx?

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Its a blur widget. I think a clock widget skinned it but using it was a pita. I think it was called one more clock widget. And was a pad app.

      • Justin

        I have it, and its not bad, but its not as functional as Motor’s. No flipping the circles to get more info/settings.

    • “Circles”

  • RIP Webtop 🙁

    • Daniel Maginnis

      I would love a web top w/ this since I started school and only have a nexus 7. My chrome book died on me and my other laptop has a dead battery.

  • nightscout13

    Why does everyone ignore the fact that this phone has a double chin? How can people give Motorola credit for an edge-to-edge screen, if it has that massive double chin???

    • Daniel Maginnis

      No one has. Just read comments from previous posts.

      • nightscout13

        Ya comments, but none of the site contributors are mentioning it. Instead they are focusing on the horizontal edge.

        • Joe

          A true “edge to edge” display would have to use curved glass or maybe a 1mm bezel. While this would look cool, for a phone it isn’t that practical. When you set the phone down on it’s face, you don’t want the glass edge to be resting on a hard surface. Your fingers would also cover up too much of the display if there was no bezel at all. You also need a place for the ear piece and mic on the top and bottom.

          • nightscout13

            Hey i’m not the one advertising the phone as edge-to-edge. They should have used a different term. Tell this to Motorola

    • abqnm

      I think that is actually nice to have. I feel that it would be much harder to hold and not accidentally hit the bottom buttons if the chin were gone.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Let’s start including the full retail for us that are keeping our wireless plans, Kellex

    • VZW unl reach around

      There’s a way around that IF you have already have a family plan. I have a family plan with 3 lines, 2 smartphones with unlimited data and 1 regular phone no data. I checked with VZW and I can use the upgrade from 1 of the smartphones lines to the regular phone. I would need to add the $30/mn 2gb data to it. I then can change the new smartphone line back to the regular phone and the data plan would be taken off. I now have a new smartphone that I can put on either one of my other 2 original smartphone w/unlimited data line.

  • Colin Vesper

    Honestly, I like the kevlar. I really wish the camera was better.

    • abqnm

      Seems like the same 8MP camera they have been using since the Droid X…

      • Colin Vesper

        Which is exactly what worries me since I’m still using a Droid X 🙁

        • Droid X has a camera button. Camera buttons are amazing.

          • Trevor

            THIS THIS THIS!!!

            I don’t understand why every phone manufacturer all of a sudden started hating on physical camera buttons.

          • Colin Vesper

            Since it’s a horrible camera, if you press the button, it actually causes you to slightly move the camera, which results in a terrible, blurry picture. I use the on-screen button because of this.

  • Mark2134

    You know I’m a fan. 🙂

  • droyd4life

    This phone is amazing for only $99.99. I like motorola’s new approach

  • Jigga_Z

    The pentile part bugs me a little, but the resolution doesn’t. I can’t imagine having a 720P display on a 4.3″ phone. I think qHD is right for the screen size, though I’m all for better screen tech.

    • geedee82

      There are several phones that have been on the market for a while now with a 720p 4.3″ screen, rezound is the first one that comes to mind, and that dropped like last november.

  • Butters619

    I feel Moto may have hit a ignored market with this phone. Powerful phone in a small package at a great price. Now if only it was available on all carriers.

    • LionStone

      DROID Inc4 already did this a couple months ago…well, except the availability on all carriers.

      • Butters619

        Inc4G LTE was an ugly phone and really not that small considering a 4″ screen. Also the $150 price point was too much when the top tier phones (SGS3, One X) were $200. It also wasn’t really marketed much.

        • LionStone

          Regardless of your personal opinion on its appearance, and weather it was marketed that much, it still stands that HTC delivered a small, powerful phone. And as I mentioned, the $50 buck difference is definitely made up with the better camera on the Inc4 as compared to the M for $99.

  • Moto Nexus Plz

  • azndan4

    It is not an “edge to edge” display. Look at the gigantic bezel on the top and the bottom of the phone. Also, qHD pentile in Sept 2012? Give me a break. Wake me up when Motorola releases something that isn’t outdated at the time of release.

    • Butters619

      Most 4.3″ phones are still qHD.

    • Trevor

      You have to remember that this isn’t considered a high-end phone. Us phone nerds demand the best, but Moto/Verizon are targeting a different audience with this phone.

      • carlisimo

        Some of us want and are willing to pay for the best phone possible with a 4-4.3″ screen. In terms of hardware that’s probably the iPhone5. If it weren’t for the HTC One S and now the RAZR M, I’d probably throw my hands up in defeat and make the switch.

    • geedee82

      Thank you! I can’t stand that thing being called “edge to edge”, the bottom bezel is HUGE. Anyone who thinks that is what an “edge to edge” display should look like has been duped by Motorola’s marketing dept. I don’t see anything special about this phone at all, I realize it is not supposed to be high-end though.

      • abqnm

        If it said edge to edge to edge to edge, then maybe I would agree. They only cite two edges in the marketing and that is what we see here.

        • geedee82

          Oh please dude. Almost all phones have very small bezels on the left and right sides, in fact, the only ones that didn’t were the RAZRs, they had huge ugly bezels on the left and right sides, thats probably what motorola wanted to make up for. I’m looking at my Galaxy Nexus right now, and the screen is practically edge to edge on the left and the right, there is hardly any bezel on the sides at all, I’m sure its not as small as the bezel is on the razr m, but it is definitely small enough, it really doesn’t even need to be any smaller. No one is asking for manufacturers to make those teeny tiny bezels on the left and right sides smaller, (except on the razrs) but people have been asking for years to have smaller top and bottom bezels, you know “edge-to-edge” displays. That term has been talked about for a while now, and the whole point of an “edge-to-edge” display was for the entire top of the phone to be all screen, with hardly any bezel around all four sides. That’s what that term means, it doesn’t mean just left to right, if it meant just left and right, then we have practically already had edge-to-edge displays for years now – so don’t even try to give me that, its one thing to believe the marketing, but if your going to stick up for it and argue for it and try to back it up like that, you have been fooled even more than you think.

          • abqnm

            I would not buy a phone with no bottom bezel. Sure the top could be smaller (probably at the cost of the front camera though), but the phone would be beyond difficult to hold and not accidentally touch the screen without at least a bottom bezel. And if you compare the physical size of this device with every other 4.3″ screen phone on the market, the actual device size is narrower.

          • geedee82

            I agree with you on everything you just said. It wouldn’t be very practical to have a completely “edge to edge” display, I’m sure thats the main reason why we have yet to see one, although it would be cool to see one made. I just don’t like the fact that Motorola is using “edge to edge” as a marketing term to sell this phone, when it is clearly not…it just seems like something Apple would do…

    • Diablo81588

      Stay asleep.

  • Trevor

    Seriously, how crazy is it that we no longer consider a phone with a 4.3 inch screen a “mega-phone?” Just goes to show you how rapidly mobile technology is evolving.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      I think 4″ is perfect but will have to go w/ this. The 4.7″ craze is too much and hopefully the minimized bezel makes it great to handle.

      • UrDoGG

        I agree, 4.7″ is too much. I have owned an HTC Evo, a Thunderbolt, and a GNEX. Though I love the size of the GNEX’s screen, I always thought that the Thunderbolt and Evo had the perfect size screen at 4.3″. (Though, if you subtract the space used for the on-screen nav button on the GNEX, it is about the same size as both the Evo & TB). 4″ is good, but I personally think 4.3″ is the sweet spot.

        • Loki

          Too Big? I want a phone in my Nexus 7! C’mon xda, crossing fingers. Need a way to put my antenna in a N7 from my gnex.

    • gimme a 5″ moto-nexus and Ill be the happiest sh*t head ever

      • Trevor

        Haha nice. The only way I’d be able to deal with a screen that large is if they REALLY minimize the bezel. I like the GNex screen size a lot; I really don’t need any larger than that.

        • possomcrast1

          S3 uses space so efficiently you don’t even notice that it’s almost 5 inches.

        • shadowdude777

          Look at it this way; the physical dimension of the Galaxy S3 (4.8″ screen) are almost identical to those of the Galaxy Nexus. That’s because they minimized the bezel so much. Now, if they removed the capacitive/hardware buttons, they could EASILY extend the screen to 5″ in the same exact body.

      • ebinrock

        Agree on all points, except that I think 5″ is a tad too big. Somewhere between 4.3″ and 4.5″ is the sweet spot for me. And it needs to be a REAL Nexus, without an ounce of bloatware or carrier control (read: delay) of OS updates.

      • agreed

    • r0lct

      With the shrinking bezel and dimensions they just aren’t massive any more.

      • Trevor

        Yeah, less bezel definitely helps in that department.

    • Seth Crain

      I remember reading a Droid X review on Engadget a while back where they said that the phone was a niche product because of its “massive” screen. Haha times have changed haven’t they

    • Maccabeus

      Agreed. I want a phone that it manageable in the hand. I do not like these 4.8 inch screens. They are too large and cumbersome. 4.3 is just right.

  • Ren

    it’s a sharp looking phone….I’ll give Motorola that.

    • New_Guy

      It is, but I kind of feel like they cheated a little bit by calling it “edge-to-edge” since what they actually did was wrap the plastic housing around the front by s much as they shrunk the bezle.

      • abqnm

        Not true. The orginial Droid RAZR has the exact same size screen, but is 8mm wider than the RAZR M. That means the bezel is actually 4mm narrower on each side on the M. Also if you look at them side by side, you will see that the plastic case wraps around the front almost exactly the same amount (it is easier to notice on the white versions) but the bezel between the screen and the case is much smaller.

        • New_Guy

          not necessarily 1 of the best examples when using 1 of the widest phones pound for pound as your comparison…

          • abqnm

            If you are not comparing it to the RAZR, then what are you comparing it to when you say “…they shrunk the bezel”? Shrunk compared to what?

          • And a better comparison would be? They took the Razr’s screen and thinness, they took the guts from the Razr HD, and then they shaved off the other dimensions. That fact that your instinct is to say these phones aren’t comparable is a testament to how impressive this new form factor is.

        • There are drawbacks to this design. more screen = less “impact absorbtion” between lcd and edge of phone.

          • abqnm

            This is true, but Moto seems to have wrapped the plastic housing around (even if just slightly) for this reason. My Galaxy Nexus is worse off in this scenario since it only has a very thin ridge of plastic around the edge of the glass and even slight drops are known to shatter this screen to pieces because of that.

          • MonkeyWork

            That’s what the warranty is for. I’m not trying to be a dick, but I’ve never had a problem with any of my phones on the impact issue. I have even tossed my phone across the kitchen due to relationship issues (one phone about my girl, another about my dog), and only ever called in the warranty once over the usb charging port becoming loose (my third phone).

          • MonkeyWork

            P.S. – The girl is gone forever, my dog is still here. And my phone is.

  • RoadsterHD1

    The QHd display looks better than in the past cause of ICS. I noticed a huge difference on my Bionic.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Its also a different pentile

    • UrDoGG

      The Bionic has to have one of the worst screens that I have ever seen. I feel bad for all those that got cursed with that phone.

      • RoadsterHD1

        No, not so anymore. it looks amazing with the ICS 4.04 233 leak.

      • its not that bad. That wasn’t even the crutch with that phone anyways… more likely the major software bugs it had at release. That is what botched the bionic. No pun intended. Otherwise a very solid phone that is quick and gets great reception.

  • Captain_Doug

    Unlocked bootloader and a non-pentile screen would have me drooling. Oh yeah, and the kevlar. ugh.

  • I’m going to give it a try. We’ll see what happens.

    • WAldenIV

      I’m also interested. I can’t seem to upgrade my device and change my wireless plan at the same time on the website, though. I can only do one or the other. I end up with some ridiculous limited minute plan with a standalone data package if I upgrade the phone. If I select one of the dreaded “Share Everything” plans, as I’m resigned to do, I can’t upgrade the phones.

      • WAldenIV

        FWIW the support person at VZW that I spoke with today was stumped doing a walkthrough on the website. I had to change the plan then upgrade the phones as two separate transactions.

  • Pete

    How much it is at full retail??????

    • I believe it’s $549 full retail for the locked version.

      • Yep $549.

        • disqus_SCHBYq1Om9

          Yes $549 I just ordered mine and paid overnight shipping and screen protecters for $564.98

        • WAldenIV

          Kellex, thanks for the review. I can honestly say that your review was the catalyst for me to upgrade my wife’s DInc and my DC to the RAZR M. Her phone was dying, and my battery wasn’t doing so well. I was waiting for a great phone that didn’t cost a fortune that we would both like. So far I’m thrilled with the phones. I wouldn’t have even considered it if not for your review.