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Galaxy S3 Developer Edition Goes Live on Samsung’s Site, 32GB and in Pebble Blue (Updated)

A landing page for the Samsung Galaxy S3 “Developer Edition” that will run on Verizon’s network has gone live this evening with a “Coming Soon!” tag attached. We aren’t seeing a price, but have already been told that it will retail for $599. If this page is accurate and the “Developer Edition” will sport 32GB of storage, then those who buy will actually end up with a deal. The 32GB versions sold through Verizon run $649.

As a reminder, if you are interested in this device, you have to purchase it directly through Samsung’s store. The version that Big Red sells is subsidized and comes with a signed bootloader. There are rumors of a possible software patch to unlock the bootloader on the Verizon version, but we aren’t ready to fully buy into that unless we hear it directly from a VZW executive.

For those that can’t live without a fully open Android device, but need to stick with Verizon, this is your option.

Update:  A 16GB version is appearing on Samsung’s site as well. I would guess that the 16GB version will run $599 and the 32GB version at $649.

Via:  Samsung

Cheers Anthony!

  • Jorge Castillo

    By the time it goes live the phone will be obsolete..

  • silk

    Does anyone know (and maybe it is obvious) if this phone will have a swappable SIM as well? I would like something I can use on VZW but also swap out the SIM when travelling internationally.

  • cadarn

    There’s a 16GB edition now on Samsung’s site.

  • luke

    first off the article is wrong. the phone will NOT be available for purchase through samsung only through verizon!!! sammy reps are saying purchase is only avaiable through verizon

  • Realistic87

    ugh, the blue/black one. I like the white

  • Immolate

    I’m not sure how this helps, unless the dev unit reveals the key to unlocking the non-dev unit. Is a development community going to form around the development unit, and if so, what does that mean for the huge majority of folks that don’t have a dev unit? And if the developers stick with the crowd, where does that leave those who purchased the dev unit?

  • cheezer88

    are 3 party insurance companies like asurion going to insure these?

  • Destroythanet

    Also, would a third party warranty provider like Squaretrade give better coverage for the Developer Edition since Verizon doesn’t want to?

  • Destroythanet

    Hmmm…this makes me think about selling the one I got on contract for like $550 and using those funds toward getting the developer edition. Anyone interested in an almost brand new white GS3? Haha!

  • I know this might be a stupid question but if someone buys the “Developer edition” does that mean there is a possibility to figure out how to unlock the bootloader to the locked one’s?

  • I wonder if there’ll be any other differences, like maybe its already unlocked for global use also, since the VZW versions are supposed to have a GSM radio inside. Maybe these can also qualify for the DropBox 50gb promo?

    Also, will there be any cosmetic difference, like “Developer Edition” etched onto the back battery cover?

  • Please come in white too! 🙁

  • BAoxymoron

    any chance for a trade in program?

    • flosserelli

      Sure, for a $30 upgrade fee.


      • Immolate

        Don’t think so. The phone will be available from Samsung… not sold by Verizon, so their is no subsidy or trade in of your existing SGS3 for a dev edition. You can always eBay your phone and buy the Dev phone.

  • Pebble Blue looks chintzy…make a black or dark gray and then we talk

  • Nick F

    I could buy a subsidized verizon galaxy s3, sell it and buy one of these with that money.

  • Hells ya

  • TheCheapGamer

    Warranty: 30 Days or until the handset has been altered by the installation of custom operating system software or other alterations to factory settings by the user, whichever period is shorter

    Couldn’t give at least 90 days? :

    • TheMan876

      Where do you see that? I see a 1 year warranty

    • T4rd

      Good catch. That’s garbage =(. I don’t see why they can’t just separate what the warranty covers; if the phone is bricked and they got to refurbish it and see that it has a custom recovery on it, then yeah, no warranty for you. But if your speaker or physical button breaks on it under normal use, then they should cover that.

      I guess I’ll wait to see if the subsidized version gets unlocked in the next couple weeks. I’m happy with my Gnex until then. About to flash JB on it tomorrow B-).

    • TheMan876

      Weird, they have 2 different warranty policies up.

  • Dude

    Impressed, that was quick. Verizon, your move..

  • Eric

    Haha, this comes one day after I asked Samsung in their forums to make something official on their website, so we can know for sure it’s coming for real.

  • Michael_NM

    Samsung: 1, VZW: the bootloader is in your court.

  • panzerapple

    Since I have unlimited data I have to pay full price anyways so if the price stands a 32gb for the price of a locked down 16gb very happy.

    • panzerapple

      Title says 32gb spec sheet says 16gb not as happy now.

      • michael arazan

        I just read that the Dev phone will be $699.

  • Sneeakysteve

    Im guessing the hopes of the possible update to unlock the bootloader are dim now for the subsidized versions… 🙁

    • Jake

      eBay and Sell…Sell…Sell!!