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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receiving OTA Update IMM76Q? (Updated)

A member over at XDA is claiming to have received a notification this morning to update his Verizon Galaxy Nexus to Android build IMM76Q. As you can see from the shot, the size is only 945KB which is fairly small in the OTA update world. What could be included is anyone’s guess, but if it is real, then we would immediately wonder if this has to do with dumbing-down of the Search functionality that Google must do in order to continue selling the device in the States. So far, no one else has been prompted to install this.

We will update this post as we find out more.

Update:  As was pointed out, the phone picture above has a serial number up top and is likely a test device. If that’s the case and this guy is a tester, it would be surprising to see it within the next few days or even weeks for that matter. Well, unless Verizon wants to continue selling the phone, then they’ll push this thing through.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Tim!

  • still waiting….(august 18th)


    i work at verizon and this update is a fix for the purple tint at low brightness levels. But We are expecting Jelly Bean to roll out within a few weeks.

  • Got my phone two days ago off of Amazon, and received this update as soon as I activated. Definitely not JB.

  • PadraicThePrince

    It’s funny that they can push an update out so quickly that caters to Apple and their sales, considering the Rezound was promised ICS in “Early 2012” as a selling point, and its July, I left that phone for a Nexus, so screw Verizon. I’m not updating anything. Jelly Bean all the way!

  • Sean Cahill

    Just another reason to be unlocked, rooted, ROM’ed… and free of this BS. Cheers!