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Devs Already Porting Google Now to Ice Cream Sandwich

You just cant keep the Android community down. When they want to get something done, they do whatever it takes. It has been no different with people’s demands to see Google Now brought to their non-Jelly Bean devices. Developers over at XDA are beginning to bring the new service to Ice Cream Sandwich devices, and they are getting close.

As of right now, there is an APK available that is in the  early stages of development, however, devs are making progress as you read this. You have to be rooted at this time in order to do this as it requires removal and installation of /system/app files. Voice is still broken, but everything else apparently works at this time.

If you want to follow the action or try out the test build, check out the via down below.

Via: XDA

Cheers Garrett!

  • Seriously, given how horrible the Android update process is, Google should make an official release of Google Now if it really wants to become a leader in the personal assistant race.

  • Knlegend1

    This was one of the major features I wanted with Jelly Bean. If I can get this on my Razr I can hold off on trying to get Jelly Bean. Although I want that butter!!!!

  • skyskioc

    The donate button to the developers these guys are amazing

  • Lambo_21


  • Unfortunately it’s useless to me until it can work on a Sense based rom. It will happen in time I’m sure…keep up the good work devs!

  • I never rooted/unlocked my gnex. But based on how long it took Verizon to approve the 4.0.4 update, I may have to do so as soon as a solid JB update is out on XDA. I really want those features yesterday.

    • KleenDroid

      Why XDA? I’m not sure if you realize it but there are better places.

      Also Axiom Engage is very solid. I much prefer Jellybean over Gingerbread. But if you have been stock all this time you would be amazed at even the Gingerbread Roms.

      I promise once you get used to flashing Roms you would never go back. You have a powerful tool that is still sitting in the shed. It is itching to be used at its full potential… 🙂

      Posted from my Jellybeaned Nexus.

      • I had a Fascinate before my Galaxy Nexus. I rom’d that all the time. I currently stayed stock with my Gnex as I had no reason to care about leaving stock. It worked perfectly and was fine. However, with Verizon taking months to approve the stock update when every other Gnex gets it right away… well that’s kinda annoying. And now with JB there is a real reason to not want to wait. I tend to not rom unless I really really want to as it also seems to always include various issues. With the fascinate, those issues were greatly outweighed by the phone’s stock issues. My GNex stock has no issues currently. So I’d have to find a JB rom that is perfect.

        • KleenDroid

          Sounds reasonable.

  • Trevor

    Oh man, the Clovers are losing to the Flames again!

    • summit1986

      Top of the ninth… rally cap time

  • me and the wife were sitting around talking about this ‘party mode’ and figured out its just a matter of time ,with all those cameras at a party taking pics and they all going to the same place, its just a matter of time till someones drunk ass gets caught doing something they shouldnt be doing and someone gets a pic and everybody knows…lol

  • You guys think they’ll be able to do it for non-rooted people?

  • was just looking at the pre view of ios6 over on the apple site, they are going to have navigation with voice directions,,wow lol and face time over their cell phone,,lol all the things they are showing android has had for years lol

    • Jacob121791

      Since when has android had Voice Navigation???? Google probably stole the idea from Apple cause I’ve never seen it before!! #Sarcasm

  • DanWazz

    Man, it would be sweet if they could get it on non-rooted phones.

  • frstsaxman

    I hope they get a version out that doesnt require rooting. I really want to put this on my RAZR and I really dont want to root

    • Robert Crotty

      um…xda does have a version for ics that does NOT require root.

      • Josh Flowers

        thanks for the post.
        no voice response yet. still, it’s better than nothing.

      • Read that thread and no where do I see a mention of it not requiring root. I think you’re mistaken.

      • that’s the exact thread that is linked in the article

    • Sp4rxx

      I used to be worried about rooting too, however, if you use the RAZR boot utility 1.7 by matt (that’s what it is basically called) you can root your RAZR in no time flat.

      VERY easy and VERY convenient

    • Knlegend1

      Yeah like Sp4rxx said use matts tools. I haven’t rooted my Razr yet but I have in the past. Very easy it just gives you access to things otherswise that are locked. I plan on rooting tonight to trick my phone into letting my buy some Madfinger Tegra 3 games while they are still cheap.

  • frstsaxman


    • Guest

      Of if Google could just release a version that would work on ICS

  • Champion1229

    Hopefully google won’t block it like when devs tried to port Siri to other iOS devices.

    • Greg Morgan

      I doubt that would happen bc that would go against open source as well as put them in league with apple.

      • TheWenger

        It wouldn’t be on the play store anyway, so they can’t.

  • ddevito

    Why stop at Google Now? Port Jelly Bean itself!

    • trixnkix637

      All in due time my friend lol

    • feztheforeigner

      Already been done, my good friend

  • Livin2bFree

    Far as I’m concerned the can keep it. Day JB hits my device is the day I figure out how to get ride of Google Now. To many folks just don’t grasp the idea on how much personal info they are giving away using this stuff, just like all the personal stuff they post on social networking site, clueless #SHEEP following the crowd I swear. And then they will be the first to bitch there privacy was invaded . Wake up ppl this type of stuff needs to stop and people not being so darn lazy every day of the wk.

    • ddevito

      Simply turn it off and move on dude. The rest of us enjoy it.

      • Livin2bFree

        You honestly think just turning things off stops them from collecting info on you?
        That is like me saying turning off my device means they can’t track it, WRONG!!

        To each is to there own.

        • ddevito

          Hey – then remove your Google account altogether and move on. Quit bellyaching.

        • will bartlett

          dont own an android device then?

        • Suralin

          Might as well disconnect from the internet, too. Your very IP Address is kept in various routing tables, all pointing to you.

        • Data

          Lol. Just, LOL.

          You honestly think data capture starts and stops at mobile devices? Get real dude. Your “data” is being captured regardless.

        • John Galt

          Yeah bruh. Get a landline and a flip phone if you’re so worried about it.

          • Jacob121791

            And you might want to start walking everywhere because most likely you will drive through a surveillance camera if you drive anywhere….

        • summit1986

          Nobody wants to track your boring 9-5 ass… get over yourself.

    • trixnkix637

      Preach much? Why troll this if you don’t even plan to use it?

    • msnight04

      You do realize that Google Now is an opt-in service right?

    • KnowYourEnemy462

      That’s a nice tinfoil hat you got there.

    • Scott Willenborg

      Your tin-foil hat is on crooked…

      AH MAN!! Someone beat me to that joke!! Nice work NYE462!

    • TheWenger

      If a server somewhere in Googleville knows that I ate dinner at CiCi’s Pizza last Thursday, who cares?

    • I prefer the personalization. I don’t see how my search history is anything I care about. Everything else (location, calendar, docs, photos, videos) are already on Google’s servers too and with one button click I can have it all removed. meh, I prefer the amazing personalization.

  • David Hayden

    It says “AOSP ICS”, does that mean I have to use CM9/AOKP or can I just use any ICS ROM? I’m on the Rezound, so I don’t have CM9/AOKP.

    • trixnkix637

      You need cm9 or aokp or anything AOSP based. Sense roms I’ve heard don’t work.

  • trixnkix637

    I found it’s potential to be great even with voice not working. Since I rarely use voice search anyway, the weather, traffic, & sports cards that it updates automatically based on my usage are pretty f-ing awesome.

    That being said, if the ability to use voice search overtakes what this app can do besides that, then this isn’t for you.

    Voice search is really more of a feature instead of a function. The app works perfectly without it.

  • Greg Morgan

    While I’m sure it’ll be a WIP for sometime, you’ve got to give major props to the devs out there. They’re quite talented.

  • It sucks, switched to CM9 from Sense on my One X to try it, only to find out voice doesn’t work, and without voice it’s quite useless,

  • edit: Woops sorry read right over you saying that there was an APK for it at your link I thought that you were just saying progress is getting started

  • This is what I want on my SIII on July 10th!