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Google Nexus Q Unveiled – Your Streaming Home Media Center

Nexus Q

Say “Hello” to the Nexus Q, a streaming media player for your Android life. We first broke the news on this earlier today, but Google has gone ahead and made it official by posting it to the Play store. For $299, you can connect your phones, tablets, and TVs and streaming all of your favorite media including movies, music, TV shows, and YouTube. Check out the video below to get the full picture. 

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Cheers to everyone who sent this!

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  • sirmeili

    Release a version WITHOUT the amp and I’m in. If ii’m going to use the HDMI out anyways, there is no need for an amp in it. I can see how the AMP could be usefull (porch for example), but not in all cases and it adds to the price unnecesariily.

  • Muzicman61

    Worthless if i can’t stream from my NAS storage or other SMB shares.

  • c4v3man

    This is pretty much an expanded software, less Wattage Sonos CONNECT:AMP which retails for $500. When you think about it that way, the pricing makes sense, but I don’t need an amp.

    I’d rather have an Apple TV competitor box with no amp, for $100. And generic, OS driven display mirroring would be needed for me to grab one.

    EDIT: Also, I do like the design, look and presence of the device. I just hope someone figures out a way to load this onto a GoogleTV Device, or heck, even run off a generic android device. I see no reason why this can’t be run off cheaper hardware.

    • I think Sonos price is insane, Nexus Q price is a way too optimistic.

  • BrianBrick

    What most interests me in the video is that its part of “Google play at home”. I wonder if it will be a Google TV rebrand, or just a name they like for a unified android home media experience

  • nightscout13

    Expensive…..Logitech Revue fate?

  • NemaCystX

    I love the device and mood lighting that goes with the music but $300 is too steep for what they showed it can do. Don’t get me wrong I know it can do more since there will likely be an API to control and access the Nexus Q but until they show more of what it can do i just see this being useless for me for that price anyway. I would love to have an NFC sync’d device that I just tap and then gain control wirelessly, I wonder if it uses Wifi Direct or if its Bluetooth, if its Wifi Direct, you got a LOT more range than Bluetooth

  • Jaque

    Pretty cool device +1 for Google making it in the USA. Since it has a micro HDMI, I could see this integrating more google tv features. iOS would be added seeing as how Brit is seen with a Crappletop in a developer photo. Home energy management would be the other cool aspect. Add a mic and you could have voice controlled stuff off of it. The same processor as the Nexus 7 tablet so that should allow a lot more than just streaming youtube and music.

  • better be on wifi when you fire that mother up

  • joe

    How do you find the phones i the play store

  • jeepguy04

    How long before somebody rips the custom android version running on here and puts it on a google tv, or rasberry pi or one of those many android system on a usb that have been surfacing lately?

    I think the playlist sharing multi room sync is cool. But not for that price. Get it to run on something in the 50-100 range and it would be awesome.

  • Pretty useless….why not improve on GoogleTV with all these features and call it a day. Nexus TV….

  • JBartcaps

    Okay people we get it, you think $300 is too much. But to be honest, thing this has so much potential in a market that isn’t utilized properly(I own an Apple TV and haven’t used it in over a year). This finally looks like a product that can take advantage of a wireless media ecosystem in your home. Example: You’re playing music from your Galaxy Nexus and you feel like cleaning and don’t want to hold your phone or have ear-buds so all you have to do is tap your phone to the Nexus Q and bam your music is playing through your sound system…wirelessly.

    I bet if you put the money down for this, that you won’t be disappointed.
    And not to mention that this is the gateway product and possibly the main product for [email protected]

    Plus I also think it’s a great example of the power of Android and the potential ecosystem capabilities that Android has.