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Download: Motorola DROID 4 Update 6.13.219


Moments ago we noticed that the first DROID 4 update had been approved as build 6.13.219 and would be arriving in the near future. And then moments after that, we received the update file from a friend and have it for you below. It weighs it at around 18MB and can be applied over the top of 6.13.215 (the current build). You will notice that build number in the title of the file, but that’s how Motorola does it – they always name their update files with the the build you are coming from, not the one you are going to. 

Download:  Blur_Version.6.13.215.XT894.Verizon.en.US.zip


*No root required.

*We have been told that Voodoo Rootkeeper will keep root and that other root methods work as well after updating.

1.  Download the file to the root of your SD card.
2.  Turn phone off.
3.  Press both Volume keys and Power at the same time to get to the bootloader menu.
4.  Scroll down to “Recovery” and press Volume Up to select it.
5.  When the Android and exclamation mark appear, press both Volumes at the same time.
6.  Scroll down to “apply update from sdcard” and select it with Power.
7.  Scroll down to “Blur_Version.6.13.215.XT894.Verizon.en.US.zip” and select it.
8.  Watch the update install. Reboot when it finishes and enjoy!

  • Mszitar13

    I have tried this update and have been getting errors everytime. I am on a stock rooted system. No dafestrap installed. Gives me a bookphone.odex error. Any feedback would be cool

  • For those of you having trouble downloading, here is a direct link:

  • Gregory McGill

    some nice guy on xda posted this dropbox download link  http://db.tt/YIiI5SU3

  • Gregory McGill

    file removed from mediafire..  any mirrors?  

  • Jonathan Fuchs

    +1 on the link…

    • I love how this article is getting enough attention to have new posts every minute. 🙂 With luck, someone will post a link in the next few moments.

  • Can someone please post another link? I’d like to try flashing this, but the download seems to be down.

  • Marc Hernandez

    Is there a mirror download link? Mediafire has removed the file from the link everyone seems to be posting. 

  • JimR

    Need a new link!

  • JimR

    Alright who moved my cheese? The link does not work can we post an alternate someone?

  • Too bad that update can’t get rid of the pentile display.

  • Bhain3s

    hey buddy wanna re upload da file

  • Drooiiddd

    wait, there’s a droid 4?

  • smellyfeet

    what idiot would buy this steamy pile of crap?

    • Blackmagick20

      What idiot would go out of his way to comment on something that clearly doesn’t concern him? Oh yea…you would…loser

  • Still no GSM functionality. I am not impressed.

    • David Parrella

      No 4G phone in the world has GSM functionality, don’t put all the weight on the Droid 4 haha. It’s Europe’s carriers that aren’t converting their network, nothing really we can do about it.

      Even so, you can’t just give a phone GSM functionality through a software update, it requires extra hardware.

      • Anthony Palumbo

        luckily it already has the harware, we need the software to utilize it

      • Platt

        Do some research. It has the hardware but Verizon forced Motorola to disable it through software because Verizon can’t get their network to work well.

        • David Parrella

          Yes but you can’t just go walzing into Europe and expect your US 4G sim card to work on their network! Even if it did come in an update you would need to purchase certain things to get it to work.

      • First, I don’t see how LTE is related to them not enabling the GSM transceiver. I don’t really need LTE itself, just the GSM part.

        Second, quoting.
        The world’s first publicly available LTE service was opened in the two Scandinavian capitals Stockholm (Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks systems) and Oslo (a Huawei system) on 14 December 2009, and branded 4G. The user terminals were manufactured by Samsung.
        Scandinavia and Baltic states are currently mostly LTE-capable within their GSM carriers’ networks. There are several devices (like Galaxy S2 LTE, ZTE variants, and others) that provide LTE capabilities while in those networks.

        Therefore, surely you are right, no GSM phones in the world support LTE, and no European carriers provide LTE connectivity.

    • Blackmagick20

      I’m also not impressed with your small children’s cartoon picture there…but…that’s also not my problem

      • I really hope you won’t let your “small children” watch it. Not quite sure which rating it would get in the USA. (Extreme gore and violence, obscene language, nudity.)

  • robertpaul21

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  • PyroHoltz

    It may be helpful to note; the update should be moved to the root of your external sdcard, not the internal phone memory.

    • Sam

       Thank you…I tried it from the internal memory and it wouldn’t work. I’m guessing if I don’t have an external SD then I’m SOL

      • PyroHoltz

         Wait for the official OTA or go scam a microSD card from somewhere.

  • AranelAlasse

    I’m new to rooting and ROMing and such…  Does an update (particularly a downloadable zip of one) get us closer to having fastboot files?  or is this a fastboot file?  (where do fastboot files come from?)  Does this zip file let us flash back to stock, if we brick our phones?

    Also, if I have safestrap, do i need to do something special when applying the update myself?  and if i wait for the OTA, do I need to do something special then?  (i happen to have safestrap, but i didn’t flash a rom. still using stock)

    Thanks for any comments that help this poor noob…  😉

    • Drooiiddd

      here’s an idea..  ask this question on development forum.  not on a news website.

      also, don’t call yourself a noob

  • Jonathan Fuchs

    Gotta love this line at the end of the Verizon instructions document –
    “If the system update fails to install, you will get an error screen. However, this only means the software did not install properly. Remove and re-insert the battery and power the device back on. The device will power back on with original software and will prompt you once again to install the system update.”
    Pretty sure if I remove my battery I’m voiding a warranty.

    • Diablo81588

      I thought it came with a tool to remove the back cover to get access to the battery? Or is that to insert the 4g sim?

      • AranelAlasse

         that’s just to insert the SIM card and micro SD card.

      • Blackmagick20

        I thought that if you didn’t own the phone, why does it matter to you so much that you come in here and comment on it?! Carry on

        • Diablo81588

          I have to own this specific phone to comment on this article? I think your confusing me with your average gnex owner. Just asked a simple question, tool.

      • Richard Chao

        It pops off the back cover but the battery is non-removable. It’s just for the sim card and microSD

    • Blackmagick20

      Well…if you have common sense, then you just hold down the lock/power button and the volume down button, which acts the same as a battery pull. Nice try on being smugly clever and failing at it

      • Jonathan Fuchs

         Well, you know that, and I know that, I just find humor in the things that get past people who write “official” documentation like this. 

        • Jonathan Fuchs

           And finding someone without common sense in the world is about as likely as finding someone who likes to be mean on the internet.

  • John Clay

    Installed and running smooth. Yes I kept root with voodoo

    • PyroHoltz

       Good to know, thanks for reporting.

    • PyroHoltz

       Can you do me a favor and try and update your SU binaries? After applying the update, I went to voodoo and restored root but then SU wanted to update binaries(something I’ve never had a problem w/ in the past on any phone) and it failed, saying it can’t locate the currently installed binaries.

      I haven’t tried to re-root using other tools.

      • Afox1208

        Sounds like you voodooed wrong. You should make su backup than temp unroot phone than install update than restore root. Youll have to reroot with motofail.

        • PyroHoltz

           I used the root tool to install voodoo initially, prior to the update and had no issues.

          To regain root after the update I just re-rooted with the windows tool with no issues, and voodoo seemed happy again. Not sure what the hiccup was.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Better question is will this install in the nonsafe side of safestrap? My teammate has a D4 and I do all the phone related tasks for my team since im the only one who knows how. I dont deal with the non safe side much anymore since im running Gummy ICS on my Bionic.

      • AranelAlasse

        I’m wondering this, too…  How does the update interact with safestrap?  and will the answer to that question be different for the OTA update?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sigh…. all these updates for Verizon phone…. NONE for the Galaxy Nexus… Screen Re-drawing issue… random shutdown (only happens once in a while now) . . . lag in the recent apps menu… on screen buttons disappearing randomly…. Good Stuff!

    • Azndan4

      Update is your self and stop allowing renegade apps to take up all your ram. User error if I ever heard of it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Evrything I listed is are well documented issues. Use your Google phone and Google it chump.
        Saying its “User Error” makes you sound like a ass.

        “Stop letting renegade apps take up my Ram? Thats Androids job! I should have to go digging around for these so called renegade apps. Its reasons like yours that will eventually have the average users that make Android ssuccessful turned off.

        • Blackmagick20

          No…it makes lazy people like you that want everything else done for them sound like people we wish would just own an iphone and stay out of our comments

  • Masta Marc

    if i attempt to install this to OG Droid.. what would happen? 😀

    • Josh Groff

      Magic, or a bricked phone. 🙂

      • Masta Marc

         lol i thought OG droid was unbrickable.

        • David Parrella


        • Josh Groff

          Maybe, I know most HTC devices are. Or at least really freaking hard to brick.

  • Sam

    Does this update affect the ability to root like the other recent Motorola updates?

    • Michael_NM

      Perhaps this was hard to read in itallics: *We have been told that Voodoo Rootkeeper will keep root and that other root methods work as well. 🙂

    • Jake

      Read and ye shall see…

      Yes…it’s in the article dude.