Yes, the Google Play Store has a Customer Support Line

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Our buddy Jigga_Z was doing some digging through the Google Play Store early this morning and came across a means of contacting a 24/7 help line for anyone having issues with the service. From Android applications, to Play Movies and Books purchases or basically any issue you are having in the Play Store can be solved over the phone with the help of Google technicians. Getting help is pretty easy – simply fill out their form with your name, telephone number, and a brief description of the issue and they call you in a quick manner. Pretty awesome, right?

We don’t know if this service is actually new with the Play Store, as services like Google Wallet have had this exact same customer help form for months now. Kellen took it for a spin when he was switching Wallet balances over from one phone to another before the app was capable of doing it automatically and found it to be useful. Has anyone seen this service before and used it? Now that you know it exists, do you plan on using it?

Update:  Yeah, this has been around for a while according to a handful of commenters. Sounds like it has been helpful to those that have taken advantage of it too.

Contact customer support

Cheers Jigga_Z!



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