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Koush Releases ClockworkMod USB Tethering Application For Mac, Linux, and PC Users – No Root Required

Have our rooted users been taking advantage of the WiFi tether ability that our phones are capable of?  Are you non-rooted and wishing you could have 4G LTE speeds on your PC without having to go through the trouble of rooting and the risks associated with that? Well our good friend Koush has released ClockworkMod Tether Alpha, which is a USB tether application that you can install on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine which requires no root permissions from your phone.

Once you install the program, you simply install the adb drivers for your select device.  Then just hook up your phone and hit, “Start.”  At first, I was having troubles with the program ‘seeing’ my device, but after closing the program and reopening, everything was great.  USB tethered 4G LTE is boss.  The program is programmed to stop working on January 7th, so stay updated on the latest versions by following Koush on Google+.  Go grab this now and let us know if you have any issues down below.  For downloads and tech support, head over to Koush’s Google+ page listing for all the info.

Via: Google+

  • Barbarella

    The installation of clockworkmod went ok but I cant download the phone drivers from my PC because I have no internet connection on my PC so now what can I do?

  • Jason

    can i use this app to connect my andriod phone to my asus transformer? if so ill get it

  • this is good.. Nice Work

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  • JL

    Nice to know we have options, but after 3 consecutive attempts using this vs. WiFi tether…. the results is a bit disappointing….
    Tether down stream 0.17Mbps upstream 0.3Mbps
    WiFi tether down stream 15.3Mbps, upstream 8.25Mbps
    Above was a 3 attempt average with out switching cell towers

  • Hey Tim, can you please change the title of this article to read “Mac, Linux, and Windows Users”? I can’t believe that we are fighting to get Android phones to be called Android phones and not “Droids”, and yet everyone still insists on using PC to mean Windows-based PC.

    •  PC = windows. get over it lol
      mac =/= pc

      been that way for YEARS.

      • Anonymous


      • Yep. I use my Mac and my PC.

      • Anonymous

        Let me guess you also call that big box that is the computer a CPU. 

      • Anonymous

        No… I’M a PC

  • Could not find phone on my Mac. and Yes I am debugging  and yes it on charge only using Bionic

    • bbalz

      Best bet is to post to Koush on his G+ thread… he’s quick to reply and assist.

  • balls

    “trouble of rooting” is super one click really that hard for the masses?

    • PC_Tool

      Do we really want it to be?  😉

  • Anonymous

    Windows7 64 bit PC. 
    Error message: There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

    Could not install this on my PC laptop

    • Dude

      Same thing happened to me, wouldn’t install on 32 bit Windows 7.

  • Mattnphuron

    And this is why we dont have unlimited data

    • James

      The rooted tetherers already got rid of unlimited for us.

      • Anonymous

        You can thank all those who asked Verizon to get the iPhone for unlimited data being eliminated. One Verizon got the iPhone it was just a matter of time. Thankfully I still have my unlimited data plan on my RAZR. 🙂

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        It has nothing to do with tethering. It has to do with Verizon wanting to make more money for it’s shareholders. When they average it all out the average person only uses about 2 gig per month…

        Those that tether for free is a small percentage. And a very large percentage of those that have tethering installed very rarely use it. And when they do it is very little. 

        The very rare person who takes advantage of the system and abuses data ends up being throttled anyway.

        Most of the time I don’t even install the tethering app since I don’t use it much anyway.

        Also I don’t know if you have read this or not but Verizon’s 4g data is very cheap for them. It is cheaper than data on their 3g network. Data is cheap and they are making a fortune on all of us paying $10 monthly for our unlimited data…and some $30 per month.

        If you have been a Droid-Life reader for long you are probably taking advantage of the $10 per month unlimited data plan.

        • Anonymous

          been reading for a year and a half (when DX first came out) — what is this $10/mo unlimited data plan of which you speak?  Everyone I know has the $30/mo plan…

          • Anonymous

            I did a few searches but I can’t find it, but it is back there somewhere. Many on the board have the deal that we read about here and probably even Kellex. Maybe he can help find the old article. It was about a mailer that went out to a small group as a test. However those of us on the board saved a copy of the flyer and by calling in got the deal also. It was not a plan that was available to everyone, just those that knew about it. Like I mentioned you are no longer able to get it but those of us that have it will always have it. One of the requirements was that all lines on your account had to have the data plan so I have 5 lines all with unlimited data. The bill shows $30 but then discounts $20 per line so each line has unlimited data for $10 per month.
            There are tons of us on the board that took advantage of this deal, maybe one will see this and help locate the article. I don’t remember exactly when it was but I will keep looking. Kellex would know what I am talking about.

          • Anonymous

            Ok I found it finally. You have to read it to understand what it was about. It gives you unlimited data on every line up to 5 lines for only $10 per month instead of $30!  By quickly glancing at the info you might not immediately see it, but if you study it and the comments you will see. It says each additional line is $19.99… subtract the normal additional line charge of 9.99 it leaves you with unlimited data for only 10 more!  Read the comments and you will see!  Many of us took advantage of the deal and still are on it, however the deal no longer is available to anyone else since it is too good of a deal.  I am sorry you missed it when it was available…


    • NotRelevent.

      Don’t know about you, but I still have my unlimited data 😛

    • “we” as in “you”?

    • Mayze23

      Still got mine 🙂

    • PC_Tool

      No.  You do not have unlimited data because the carriers realized they could get more money from their customers.  Tethering is an excuse. If tethering wasn’t possible, you would easily find something/someone else to blame.

      Here’s a thought:

      How about blaming Verizon?

  • Riky

    Would this work from phone to tablet? Like to the transformer prime?

    • Anonymous

      Not sure about the prime but i’m tethering my iPad to my RAZR just through the Bluetooth. No root required. Also I’ll stick to pdanet, I’ve had it on 3 phones now no problems. The OG Droid, the Droid X, and now my RAZR.

      • Blood

        Are you using this one to bluetooth tether or pda net? 

        • Anonymous

          I’m using the RAZR’s own bluetooth to tether my ipad.  I use PDAnet to tether my laptop.  I’ve had PDAnet for 2 years now with no problems.  PDAnet is currently on the market, occasionally it gets pulled by verizon.  but you can google the apk file.

          • Granted

            Or just go to the developers website, he always has it there, it’s June Fabrics something.

    • No. This requires software on the client (a.k.a. the pc / tablet). Currently, this will only tether to the platforms listed in Koush’s post (Windows, OSX, Linux).

      • Granted

        Oh bummer, that is what I wondered if it had to be those clients only, because I really wanted something for my DX to Galaxy Tab 10.1. Sadly I was never able to get the PDANet Tablet edition to work for me. But he said as much in the app description that it did not work for a lot of people, really hope he figures out something for tablets soon.

  • Gary

    Anybody tested on US G-Nex????

    • Koush did (I’m sure)… it works.

  • Bluebanzai

    How is this different from PDANet?

    • Anonymous

      I am wondering the same thing???

      • Guest

        He had to charge money for DeskSMS since it has to run of his servers.

    • Marlan

      You really have to ask? It’s the same USB tethering concept except from another developer. Something called competition. I would have thought Android users would know that concept. PDANet doesn’t work on all devices and maybe this would work better for them. Plus, the free version of PDANet is a trial version that stops supporting secure sites (ie. https) after some time. PDANet supports Bluetooth DUN but that’s less likely to work than their USB mode. Maybe Koush’s implementation would be better.

      • Anonymous

        I thought the same thing initially about PDANet being trialware. But keep in mind, DeskSMS was free during beta, and then Koush disabled it and started charging $5 a year. Definitely worth it, but that’s besides the point. If he begins to charge for this after the beta, it would basically be nothing different than PDANet, except maybe a little cheaper.

        • Guest

          He had to charge money for DeskSMS since it has to run of his servers.

          • Anonymous

            True, but then why would he disable this beta after a short while if he didn’t have similar intentions?

            edit: Also, just so no one misunderstands me — I love Koush. Great guy. I have nothing against him charging for these kinds of things. I just don’t want people to get disappointed if/when he starts charging for this.

          • SomeDude

            To prevent people from using outdated versions which would save users and himself headaches.

          • Anonymous

            In reading what exactly he wrote on the source Google+ post, I’m starting to think this is probably correct.

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    • Well I think its free for one right? Plus you dont have to install it on your phone, so you dont have to worry about Verizon blocking the updates like they did with pdanet and easytether. 

      • Anonymous

        Free for now. But if Koush says this will be disabled soon, he’ll likely do the same thing as he did with DeskSMS, and start charging after the beta period.

    • Well, even thought the real answer is that it is simply a competitor app, but really, this is the only app to my knowledge that acts a proxy… read Koush’s post.

      • islandak

        Exactly! This is a big deal.

        • Incidentally, do you know if he routes everything through a proxy server or if he repackages the network packets using the file he has us install? This is probably a better question for him though…

  • TheApprentice14

    Will this work with Google chrome Cr-48?

    • No it will not, it currently requires software to work, which cannot be installed on CrOS.

      If you’re rooted, and have a kernel that supports RNDIS, this app will work. http://bit.ly/w2ot4t

      • TheApprentice14

        Thanks for the reply,

        I’m not rooted (yet), im waiting to see what Motorola Update with ICS has to offer

        then hopefully Root my phone…

  • tgd398

    Any word on Bluetooth PAN support?

    • He said he’s working on adding Bluetooth support soon.

    • Steve

      I prefer PAN over DUN. Hopefully he uses PAN.

    • Jesus

      I’m hoping for this too. I want tethering methods that only requires software that is already installed my PC. That only leaves WiFi and Bluetooth. With Bluetooth 3.0, I’m hoping for better battery life than WiFi. Too bad I don’t have any way to test that theory. I tried using PDANet’s Bluetooth mode but I never got it to work.

  • jbonics

     and thats why i have bought everything he puts out. wont use this but maby inhe future for a week or so once the tegra3 comes out. D2 3500 quadrant [email protected]

  • Bewara2009

    This will not on the nexus because its cheap plastic…

    • df2rools

      this comment will not because of sense…

      • Anonymous

        you mad, Bro?

    • balls

      damn, oh well ill just use the app on my cheap plastic phone

    • Guest

      I will use this on my cheap plastic phone with an unlocked bootloader and no Verizon crap. Oh and android 4.0

  • Anonymous

    Is this any better than the Wireless Tether option for rooted GNEx users?

    • Essentially, yes. This serves as a proxy, so technically, it is less detectable by your carrier. However, since this is only the case because carriers are not looking for it yet, not because it is not possible to detect it. So if this becomes really big, then there would be no essential difference.

  • NoRoot

    I hate “no-root” solutions because it taps into all the noobs that are too lazy to research and root there phones. 

    • Guest

      I hate it too. Now people are going to abuse this, thus causing Verizon to do away with “grandfathered,” unlimited data.

      • NotRelevent.

        Don’t think such is possible legally.

        • Peter Kelly

          Let’s see what VZW does ‘legally’ when you sign your next contract.

          They can’t change your existing plan, but they have no legal requirement to extend it less than 20 months from now.

          • yep, if they keep tiered plans, our grandfathered data will end one day 

          • LionStone

            All good things come to an end it seems. I’m just happy that I was able to get my unlimited back after I stopped data on my personal line about a year ago. I then had unlimited on a business plan that went south and was bummed because I wasn’t sure if they would reinstate it on my personal line at this point, but they did and life is good again!

      • Anonymous

        I understand what you are saying… but

        I don’t think that just because they have the ability to tether that they will use it enough to cause a problem. I am rooted and can install tether but I very rarely use it. 

        I don’t think people will be just sitting there watching movies… And those that do take advantage of their data plans will get throttled by Verizon anyway.

      • Granted

        Yeah because they weren’t aware of all the rooted users tethering free wifi, or using PDANet, until this post and new people enjoying it broke the secret to them. Haha!

    • John Davids

      Awww. Does it shrink your e-peen or something? Oh noes! The general public can do what I have been doing for years! I feel less important now!

      • Anonymous

        No, its because it can get into the hands of stupid non-root users that will abuse it and Verizon will take more measures to get rid of it all.

        • Steve T.

          Too bad that’s not what Mr. NoRoot was talking about.

          • Anonymous

            Too bad Mr. NoRoot is actually Ms. NoRoot

      • Granted

        Haha! Hilarious and so true. It’s that elitist mindset coupled with the mindset of “I only like bands that no one else listens to, I’ve been a fan since before they even formed the band, and once they become well known I’ll start screaming sell-out and chastise all the new fans that didn’t listen to them before the lead singer was born, like I did”.

    • In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to root our phones to do everything we want them to do. Having root-free options puts us in the right direction, even if that means people you consider “unworthy” get the benefits too.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize not all phones can/could be rooted?

      • Anonymous

        And which phones would you be talking about? Correct if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure current Android phones can be rooted. If you’re thinking about the bootloader then you are correct. Motorola has encrypted theirs while other manufacturers simply lock them.

        • Anonymous

          New phones can normally not be rooted right away.

          Droid X GB update killed original root for many as well.

          • Anonymous

            the Droid X GB was rooted, I know because I had the DX and it was rooted.  Here, this is how I rooted and unrooted my DX.  

          • Anonymous

            Did you read my post?..

            I was saying how you can lose a root, not that it can’t be rooted now.

          • Anonymous

            your 1st post claims that not all phones can/could be rooted and I was simply stating that the current phones are rootable.  Of course when a new update gets released, it will do away with root.  I had my DX rooted on Froyo, updated to GB and lost root.  It only took a couple of weeks for a root exploit to be found.

          • Anonymous

            It was longer than a couple weeks for the OTA GB to be rooted once again.

            I don’t currently own every Android phone, but I’m sure there are still a few without roots. Some people don’t want to tackle since they are not simple one clicks as well. The point I’m making is there is a need for non-root tether applications.

          • Anonymous

            got a friend with an xperia play – not sure that they ever found a permanent root for that (been months since I’ve checked, though)

          • Just Lurking

            My daughter has a Xperia Play(CDMA) and so far cannot be rooted.  The GSM version has an exploit. 

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone wants to root THEIR phones and not everyone needs to root THEIR phones to enjoy them. It’s a big world our THERE so don’t be so judgmental about those folks who don’t root THEIR phones.

      • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

        I really like what you did THERE 😉

    • I prefer not to root for security purposes and especially now with google wallet, my extreme personal info isn’t encrypted with root, So until that is fixed, I prefer non root methods.  You might want to let your personal info to the wind, but I dont

  • Connor12

    Does this bypass the $30 hotspot feature you pay for through Verizon? If so, be sure not to torrent 100tb of pr0n

    • JSK

      It should.  It functions as a proxy and not as a NAT