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Download: New EK06 and EK04 Radios and Bootloader for the Galaxy Nexus


New LTE and 3G radios have been leaked within the last few hours along with a new bootloader for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. It’ll be tough to tell with Big Red’s 4G network having issues across the country, but these should help to improve your signal strength and call quality.  

Download:  403radios_btldr.zip


*You need to have an unlocked bootloader and should probably be rooted so that you can make a backup first. You can get all of the information to do this in our Guide to the Galaxy Nexus.

*Warning – Flashing these files while the network is having issue may not be the best idea just yet. I’m sure after doing so that your phone will have to resync itself with the network and that could pose a problem, basically leaving you without data. These files aren’t going anywhere, so you may want to wait just a bit before doing this.

1.  Download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.
2.  If you have not permanently installed recovery, head into ROM Manager and flash a recovery again.
3.  When that finishes, reboot into recovery.
4.  Scroll down to “backup and restore” and select it. Then choose “backup” to make a backup.
5.  When that finishes choose “install zip from sdcard.”
6.  Then “choose zip from sdcard.”
7.  Locate the “403radios_btldr.zip” that you downloaded and select it. Choose “yes” to install it.
8.  Recovery will now flash the .zip file which will give you updated radios (3G and 4G) and a new bootloader.

*If you are watching your screen during this process, you may notice that it appears to freeze up during the LTE portion. Just be patient and let it finish – do not battery pull.

9.  Reboot your phone and head into the About screen to check for the new EK06 and EK04 radios.

*Note – If this seems to break something, you can always use fastboot to flash the stock files that were released by Google. Those instructions are here.

Via:  MyDroidWorld

Cheers jnyce!

  • Amenemhat1

    Link does not work any more 🙁

  • Eddy G

    Found this from MDW: 

  • Drkoopa

    download link is dead

  • Verizon told me yesterday, Jan 10 – that the baseband should be 1515.10.  I had called to complain about bad reception, and I was told the new baseband was meant to fix that.  He told me to go into a local Verizon store to force the update.  My phone was rooted, so that wasn’t an option.  Where do I get 1515.10?

  • Micky Hunt

    Link to the Radio zip file is not working.  Chrome Browser

    Hey! What are you looking for? Well, its not here…Try again 

  • Anonymous

    Link is dead 🙁

  • I have installed the new radio files. It seems they really did not help with increasing 4G signal or staying on 4G when other phones have full signal of LTE. I did notice it improved latancy (ping times) and cut them in half and more in line where they should be on LTE and Wi-Fi. I hope this isnt what VZW is going to offer us with the next update b/c if so this phone is going back

  • Anonymous


  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Seems the files are currently unavailable.

  • I’m having problems with receiving incoming calls, especially ones from my wife. Now some guys would say this isn’t a bad thing that your wife can’t get a hold of you a million times a day, but we are expecting our first child so it is VERY important I get calls from her.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Mirror anyone .link down

    • cooter

      I was thinking the exact same thing.  I saw this yesterday but never grabbed the file and now I wish I did.

  • Link isn’t working for radio/btldr

    • cooter

      Yeah I just tried as well….ho-hum

  • I flashed this yesterday saw improvement in signal but today I am seeing an improvement in battery as well 74% after 7hr 10mins with light to med use, couple calls, email, some web browsing and even some gaming..anyone else seeing this?

  • Mikehen08

    Just did this. Went from 110 dBm 30 asu (yes thirty) to 93 dBm 2 asu. I also have 1 more bar on my signal meter, not like it matters. This was on 4G

  • Or does it just change the displayed signal strength??

  • Mikehen08

    Has anyone else had the issue where the other person you are talking to can no longer hear you after a few minutes, but you can hear them? Do these radios fix that problem?

  • mine is actually worse, not sure if it’s because I’m still on 4.0.1 or what

    • Jamdev12

      No, you are correct. This made my signal dbm noise to asu ratio go down. On the old radio files I was getting at least 12Mbps down and 5Mbps up and that is in a bad area (which is where I live). Updated to these new radios and I barely get 5Mbps down and 3Mbps up. I’ve heard issues that can be solved with a wipe, but these files some seems to make things better, they are much worst.

      Also since a new bootloader was included I thought maybe, just maybe, the phone lockup issue when connected to a charger and you turn off the phone would have been resolved, but that is not the case. The issue still persist. Not that it is a bother having to pull out the battery from the phone to make it responsive, but I would have thought this would have fixed the issue. Oh well. Time to go back to my backup.

  • I went from -116dBm 24asu to -93dBm 2asu. Improvement! 😀

  • Do you think we will see these updated radios in the 4.0.3 release? Any receiving that update yet? 

  • xxdesmus

    anyone already done the flash …result?  Significantly better? No change?

    • Jamdev12

      To me the change was worst, so I going back to my old backup.

  • Jeffgallop

    Can someone please tell me what a good or exprcted dbm asu numbers should say? For instance i am seeing 100dbm 1 asu and i havent seen anythingother than 1or2 asu ever and my dbm stays around 100-105. I know my 3g is a lot slower than my old tired og was getting
    Also whatshould happen when i plug inthe phone to a computer ionly can hook up as a camera device not media device.
    Thanks for helping.

  • Herpderp

    Galaxy Nexus fanboys are worse than iFans. From here on out this phone will make it easy to spot all the stupid fuckk insecure nerds.

    • Bert336

      u mad bro?

    • Vaglvr

      haters gonna hate. go back to using your nokia.

  • Anonymous

    I installed to new radios didn’t notice much at first but i ran a speed test before and after flashing speeds are a little better with the new radios. The one big thing that i noticed  after a little while was that i stayed connected to 4g longer and it was not switching from 3g to 4g as much. I live in central Connecticut so your experience might be different

  • pete

    Man if anything can be done to improve the battery life on this nexus , i will be happy yo do that! With 55% discharging its running at 1h59m28s.

    • go into you setting and stop all the auto upddatin,,,email  etc

      • Flyinion

        Sounds like the OP either has a misbehaving app, or is on the edge of 4G and is getting killed by trying to acquire a signal.  I haven’t shut off 4g, and leave all of the Google stuff set to auto sync including contacts etc. (facebook and pop emails are set to not sync automatically though) and after 12 hours I had about 45% battery left.  Thats including taking some pictures, uploading them to and playing on facebook, and probably a good hour broken up into 3 session of angry birds seasons.  Then just random playing with the phone.  This is on the stock battery btw.  

        edit: I also have wifi, bluetooth, and gps shut off though.

        • pete

          U knw wat, i think imo some people are having terrible battery life(i m one of em) and some r havin very good results! In other post somebody posted a screen shot with 28% discharging and abt 15h smthing on the battery. Thats amazing result. Nw i dont want to exchange my device coz then i will get the used one instead of a new one which i dont like coz i paid for a new one and its not my problem if its not working.

          • Stephen

            I have background syncs on and 4G on all the time, and my battery lasts at least 12-13 a day.  This past weekend I had a full charge before going out (7:30ish) and when I woke up the next morning around 10 or so, I still had 54% left.  I didn’t put it back on the charger until almost 18hrs later.

            Now obviously this was not heavy use, but I’d say that there were several texts exchanged that night, Status updates on the football games, a few phone calls, and a quick check on Gmaps to make sure we werent lost.

          • pete

            By doin just that i got mine upto 11 hrs but i took some pics also.idk smtimes its good but smtimes it just flows downhill.

          • TC Infantino

            My head started to ache just from trying to read your post.  I realize that some people use that abreviated ‘text speak’ to save time and typing when they are texting their friends, but it seriously makes you seem like half an idiot.  While I cannot speak as to your mental capacity or your education level, I can say that if you really want people to take you seriously, you might want to completely spell out what you wish to type in your post.

    • Bert336

      turn off GPS feature as well. with average use i get around 10hrs of life

  • I have spent 48 hours trying to root my phone.  Got it UNLOCKED – but no matter what I do my PC isn’t recognizing adb when I type in that last command: adb push su.zip /sdcard/

    As an alternative, even though I put the SU.Zip file on the phone, I also can’t use the recovery method where you “install zip from SD card,” because the phone doesn’t find the SD card.

    What do I do nowt??  “Help!” as they say.

  • steve clarke

    anyone notice the screenshot still doesnt have any signal with the new radios lol

  • and now I cant log onto the 3g network.

    • Ryan

      after flashing the new radios?

    • Mike Woods

      takes about 20 mins

  • Ryan

    flashed the new radios without a problem… havent really noticed a difference yet.

  • Marc

    I have 2 quick off topic questions that I’m sure someone can help me with.  #1, do live wallpapers kill the battery much quicker than a standwallpaper?  #2, is there a setting that I’m missing to get the screen to come on when its asleep when I receive a text.  Like a lot of phones, at least my iphone, if I received a text the screen would light up for about 7-10 seconds with a preview of it then go back to sleep.  Is there a setting for this on the nexus?

    • Stewie

      1. could affect it.
      2. SMS popup, available in market.

      • Marc

        Thanks for the reply

        • Bert336

          #1 more likely yes because it’s a running process, just like when people run the task killers from the market.
          #2  no, but thats why you have a Notification light, which theres an app on the market for you to change colors of the notification by event.

          • Marc

            Actually your #2 was partially correct but Stewie answered my question. I think you missed my point or didnt read it clearly enough.  I didnt care about the notification light.  SMS Popup is what I needed.  Thank you for #1 though, I suspected that.